Friday, 2019-03-29

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openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: DNM - Start building pdfs of docs
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ITD27M01mordred: If you have a second can you review a small change it is very important for us08:26
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mordredITD27M01: wow, it's a field that takes a stringified-json? I suppose I shouldn't ask why it's not just actually a dict type in the mistral server-side09:07
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ITD27M01mordred: Generally, I have no answer to this question. All attributes on mistral api side are strings. This also applies to input [1]. There comment about this from briancurtin [2]10:03
ITD27M01mordred: Special method to_dict() has created for convertation [3]10:04
ITD27M01mordred: [1]
ITD27M01mordred: [2]
ITD27M01mordred: [3]
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Adds missing "params" attribute for creating a Mistral workflow execution
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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Allow replacing service implementation
brtknrhello, how do i check openstacksdk version?14:43
brtknr`python -m openstack version` is great but i'd like to get the value from code14:45
dtantsurbrtknr: maybe query pbr, like in ?14:49
brtknrwait, sdk.version.__version__ seems to cut it... is there a "proper" way?14:49
gtemabrtknr: print(openstack.version.__version__) works for me14:56
gtemathe only possible problem with it, that for openstacksdk==0.10.0 this does not work14:56
brtknrgtema: works for me too! im just wondering if there is a proper way..14:56
brtknror this is good enough14:56
gtemawell, this is good enough and used also in Ansible to detect sdk version14:57
gtemaif you look to - you will see this is just a short-cut to a longer "proper" way14:57
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brtknrgtema: you're right :D15:14
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brtknrgtema: I cant find any examples where a comparison is made against openstacksdk version within Ansible openstack modules15:33
* brtknr facepalms15:35
brtknrgtema: I decided to only look inside `ansible/lib/ansible/modules/cloud/openstack`15:35
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brtknrDoes this look okay:
mordredbrtknr: yeah. that looks good on a quick look (conferencing today) - I assume the tags= parameter will just be silently ignored so we don't have to be fancy with avoiding sending it on earlier sdks?15:55
brtknrYes earlier sdks still accept tags, but do nothing15:55
mordredcool - then yeah, that looks good to me15:56
gtemaoh mordred, we need to speed up clearing ansible PRs15:57
mordredvery much so15:57
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brtknrmordred: please ship the updated version... just thought that the check should only be made if there a tag specified at all16:07
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brtknrgtema: to be fair, only 50 of 1664 open PRs are openstack related :P16:11
gtemayes, but they are very long pending16:12
gtemasome of them are even mine16:12
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brtknrgtema: yes I was just looking at os_server_tags.. which another person also appears to have implemented... i wonder how many are dupes16:18
gtemathat's why we need to clean things up16:18
brtknrgtema: what happens after shipit tag is applied?16:18
gtemaI would need to reimplement os_server_tags to support currently implemented SDK bindings16:18
gtemathere should be 2 shipits16:19
brtknrgtema: oh okay16:19
gtemaand then it is automatically merged. But only special guys can apply shipit16:19
brtknrgtema: gtema ok cool16:20
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larsksWhinge of the day: I wish that the output of the get_* functions in openstacksdk could be used as input to the set_* functions. I'm trying to migrate quotas between two environments, and I wish I could simply new.set_compute_quotas(old.get_compute_quotas()), but of course that doesn't work.17:10
dtroyerlarsks: ++  I've wanted to do that in some cases with OSC, the REST APIs themselves do not always work that way17:26
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dtruongmordred Can we get merged and then get a new openstacksdk release?17:42
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openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Moved skiptest to setUpClass in order to avoid failures in test_snapshot and test_volume_transfer due to presence of openstack commands within setUpClass
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mordreddtruong: I was sort of hoping to get some sort of feedback on that plan from the release team - have you heard anything further?21:19
mordredlarsks: that's the goal. it will actually work with the resource layer objects - but we've got some unwinding to do and we haven't ported quota support down into the resource layer21:21
mordredlarsks: which is to say, I agree with you and I am sorry it's not there yet21:21
dtruongno, i haven't heard anything21:26
mordredhrm. well - yes - in theory I'm fine moving forward with that plan. let's go poke people again real quick21:27
dtruongok, let me ping them in the release IRC channel21:29
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