Thursday, 2019-03-28

dtruongmordred Would it be possible to cut a new openstacksdk release off master branch?  That would fix the connection leak problem for Senlin.00:31
dtruongI also send an email to openstack-discuss with the same question:
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mordreddtruong: yes, I thnk that should be no problem06:46
mordreddtantsur|afk: boo to that being broken. :(06:49
mordreddtruong: oh - I say that - doing it as a release for stein might be harder because of the various freezes.07:02
mordreddtruong: I'm going to ask the release team what they think07:06
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add support for generating form-post signatures
mordredtimburke: ^^ thanks! nice catch07:48
mordredShrews, dtantsur|afk: ^^ timburke found a bug in that. I fixed the bug and added unit tests to actually exercise the methods in question which would have shown how horribly broken they were07:49
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Move set_temp_url_key logic into resource objects
gtemamordred, dtantsur: can you please do a next quick review on (split
gtemaI only did a "rebase"09:01
gtemaI would like to ask you to try to integrate it soon, as rebasing in it is a terrible mess with each new change09:01
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Remove and rearrange object bonged proxy tests
mordredgtema: +2 from e09:16
gtemathks mordred09:16
gtemabtw, I would like to modify service_descriptions.__set__ and __delete__ to be able to be able to override default descriptors (you know OTC case with the DNS implementation)09:18
gtemaare you ok with that?09:18
mordredgtema: I *think* that should be ok - although my brain isn't super functional today, so I might be missing an implication :)09:20
gtemaok, will prepare patch. My problem is that in a particular cloud a service might differ from upstream. We currently do have possibility to add service implementation in runtime, but not to "replace" the ones delivered in SDK09:22
gtemaso for me DNS implementation should be replaced09:22
mordredof course, insert obligatory grumbling about clouds having incompatible services ...09:22
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dtantsurgtema: sure thing! btw, how did you visa application go?10:03
dtantsurand unrelated, but we need to fix the masakari job:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Split OpenStackCloud into reasonable pieces
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Make PATCH a first class operation and support it for baremetal
gtemadtantsur: thanks. Visa is there. And I was really surprised to get it on 3 days after interview11:59
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dtantsuryeah, it's nice :)12:06
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ITD27M01mordred: My name is Igor, can you please do a review on (missing "params" for mistral workflow execution) we are developing some utilities on-site for mistral and blocked on this change. Thank you!13:26
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dtantsurmordred, gtema, when you have a second, I had to rebase:
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gtemayupp - done13:54
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openstackgerritRodolfo Alonso Hernandez proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add "name" filter in "list" call when retrieving a single register
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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Cleanup split of openstackcloud
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ricolincdent, edleafe elmiko Hi any chance we can get your help on ?:)15:21
cdentricolin: I'll punt to edleafe and elmiko on that. I'm not as involved in the api-sig as I used to be15:22
edleafericolin: I was going to bring that up at the office hour that starts in about 40 minutes15:22
ricolincdent, thanks for the help:)15:22
ricolinedleafe, nice! where will the office hour hold, here?15:23
elmikoricolin: taking a look, but i agree with edleafe15:23
edleafericolin: yup15:23
cdentdr, I concur15:23
ricolinwill try to join you guys if I can:)15:23
elmikoah yes, i remember this email. i was kinda curious about our response15:23
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mnasermordred: how do we go about updating patches to Ansible modules for code that recently landed in openstacksdk ?15:49
mnaseri.e. brtknr has landed but it depends on a patch in openstacksdk15:49
mnasergiven we haven't released one (yet) afaik that includes it, do we hold off, do we push anyways and release openstacksdk when people yell?  I'm a bit stuck on that15:49
mordredmnaser: well, we've also got a request from dtruong for an sdk release containing the taskmanager patch - so I think in this case the next step is "cut an sdk release" - at which point the ansible features needing that release can check for the version and whatnot15:56
mordredmnaser: in general we're generally pretty responsive to just cutting new sdk releases when needed - we happen to be in the middle of release freeze this week so it's slightly more complicated15:57
mordredmnaser: I mean - I have no problem landing the ansible patch before we release sdk as long as it's protected by an "if version" - so we might want to ask brtknr to add in a check for sdk version and only add tags to the kwargs there if sdk isn't going to vomit - and maybe throw a warning if sdk is too old and tag is in params15:59
edleafeThe API-SIG Office Hour is now underway! Have your tickets ready!16:00
* ricolin is holding his wonderland ticket16:00
edleafedtantsur: around?16:01
edleafeWell, let's get started16:02
edleafericolin: has brought up the email sent to the WGs/SIGs16:02
edleafeI would be happy to respond to point #1 with the requested info16:03
elmikoi think #1 is the most important for us16:03
elmikowe have been pretty stable for awhile and i don't think there is a ton of "we need help on this!" type work out there16:04
edleafeAs for #2 (the "Help Most Needed"), do we need to add anything to that?16:04
elmikohehe =)16:04
elmikomaybe we could re-state our position about guidelines growing out of needs in the community where gaps are found?16:04
elmikoa call to action for anyone who might have a need16:04
ricolinedleafe, #2 it's still something we encourage people to put in since that doc itself just recently created16:04
edleafericolin: as elmiko mentioned, we don't have a lot of activity that we undertake16:05
edleafeWe are here these days mostly for clarification of existing guidelines, filling in missing things, and adjudicating API disputes16:06
edleafeWe've tried to act as a guiding force for SDKs, but none have really stepped up to work with us16:06
ricolinThe help most needed also can point to some features/help that you think it's really really important but just can't get projects to join16:07
elmikoimo, the help most needed might just be a call for more folks to consider what the sig has done and reach out to us if questions arise16:07
edleafericolin: sure, but as elmiko said, we are more of a responsive group to the community16:07
elmikoi'm fine with pushing more a message as the "what do we need help with" as opposed to asking for direct help on something that doesn't quite exist16:08
edleafeIf the community isn't clamoring for API guidance, well, we aren't going to just do things to keep busy16:08
edleafeelmiko: sounds like you're volunteering to add something for #216:08
elmikoi'll give it my best =)16:09
elmikoassuming ricolin is ok with the approach i am talking about16:09
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edleafeAs far as #3 is concerned, I don't really see our work as being suitable for a community goal. Thoughts?16:09
ricolinedleafe, I don't think to list out needed most means you have to put yourself in that action. It might be some statement/goal for other teams to know that the community should reach16:10
elmikocommunity goal is definitely for folks to know about the guidelines, and how to reach out for help when needed16:10
elmikoso, i could see 2 and 3 intermingling a little16:11
ricolinelmiko, yes, I'm totally okay:) this should be whatever SIG itself needs or a suggestion goal from SIG to community16:11
elmikook, cool16:11
edleafeI see community goals as something that the TC is leading because OpenStack needs to do it. Moving to Python3 is a great example. But we've clearly stated that we do not expect teams to change their existing APIs to match the guidelines; in fact, we would consider that a very bad thing16:11
elmiko++, awareness and spreading knowledge have always been our pillars, we don't advocate for action in the project teams16:12
elmiko(unless asked)16:12
elmikowell, i guess, edleafe should you and i take some actions to get these filled out by next week?16:14
mordrededleafe, elmiko: with the exception of when there is something _Additional_ we'd like for everyone to add to their api that can be done in a backwards compatible manner16:14
elmikothat's a good call out mordred16:14
mordred(that being a time when a community goal *could* emmanate from api-sig work - but I generally agree, it's not the primary or normal output16:15
edleafepreach, brother mordred!16:15
* mordred just wants everyone to have sane version discovery documents come hell or high water16:15
elmikoricolin: looking at i am really not feeling that our group's activity merit an entry there16:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add image.service_info resources
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elmikoi feel like our community goal is "make sure everyone knows where the api guidelines are at and how to get help" does not seem to fit the same level of completion that the others have16:25
ricolinelmiko, That's fine if we don't think any of API SIG goal match community goal (request #3)16:25
elmikoricolin: i will read through the "help most needed" list to see if we have an addition to propose16:26
elmikoedleafe: you are going to reply with the info from item 1 ?16:27
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edleafeelmiko: typing it up as we speak16:28
edleafe...and we're only halfway through the office hour! :)16:31
elmikoso productive!16:31
ricolinedleafe, that's quick:)16:31
cdentapi-sig, can you guys help me automate translating the placement api to graphql or grpc? this http rest-like stuff is too old16:32
edleafeHey, we don't mess around!!16:32
cdentor soap16:32
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elmikowhoo-boy, that's a big ask cdent16:32
mordredcdent: grpc ftw16:33
elmikomight i propose a binary socket with completely custom message types? have you considered that approach?16:33
cdentI only want it if I can automate16:33
dustincso I have been working on moving Nova-Ironic interaction from using the ironicclient to using the SDK and have found a lot of funkiness in field mapping between client/SDK/API16:33
edleafecdent: first print it out onto punched cards...16:33
mordreddustinc: you can blame me for a lot of that16:33
dustincgood to know, but not here to lay blame :)16:34
mordreddustinc: :)16:34
elmikocdent: i do have a project for arbritrary code generation from openapi specs16:34
dustincjust hoping to get some insight on how best to solve this16:34
dustincthose are my notes16:34
elmikowhat are the issues you are having trouble with?16:35
dustincmy main concern is that currently we pass kwargs off to the client with any keys we didn't pick up, which means that somewhere there may be existing code using the key names in client that would cause issues if we dropped in SDK without some sort of wrapper or something to fix the key names16:35
mordreddustinc: for things where the sdk is missing something, it's easy - we should add the things that are missing16:36
dustincthere are basically 2 or 3 things missing from SDK, but the issue I am seeing is the mismatched key names16:37
mordredfor things where the names are different ... that's a bit trickier and we should probably think about the best way to handle it16:37
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dtantsuredleafe: sorry, has to run to the post office to fetch the lost delivery16:37
mordredbut basically dtantsur can solve all of the problems just by being magical16:37
elmikogood luck dtantsur !16:37
* dtantsur applies magic16:37
* dustinc stares in wonder16:37
dustincI *could* just put use a map to convert them, but that's obviously not ideal16:38
dustincand really shouldn't make it through code review ;)16:38
mordredyeah - it's a thing where I'd love to be able to capture things appropriately if it's a general problem16:39
dtantsurThings like instance_id vs instance_uuid and maintanance vs is_maintenance are by design..16:39
mordredin general, the sdk already knows how to map the server-side names of things to the sdk property name (has to be able to do a bi-directional mapping to be able to deal with the server json)16:39
dustincare they?16:39
dtantsurI mean, it sucks that ironic uses uuid where many services use id.. but it's a bit too late to change.16:40
dtantsur"a bit"16:40
dtantsurand SDK-level consistency is the very reason openstacksdk exists and we're migrating to it16:40
dustincok that is good to know...I am pretty new to stack and didn't even realize those were different16:40
mordredthe sdk strives for consistent parameter names across the sdk vs. being consistent with the remote json names - so for instance booleans start with verbs - and then the ironic id vs. uuid thing16:40
mordredyeah. what dtantsur said in less words16:41
dustincok I see16:41
edleafedtantsur: you could be like nova that uses both a uuid and an id :)16:41
mordredbut - since I think the sdk already knows how to deal with remote server-side names, if you're dealing with **kwargs things we shold PROBABLY be able to figure out some way to have the sdk understand what you're wanting to do16:41
dtantsuredleafe: does it? O_o16:41
mordrededleafe: you're purposefully trying to hurt our brains :)16:42
edleafeUnfortunately, that got carried into placement as well. :(16:42
mordreddustinc: we may not be helping a ton here16:44
dtantsurI'm not sure it really blocks the migration, but I do agree it can be confusing16:45
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elmikocatch ya later folks, have a good weekend =)17:00
openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Cleanup split of openstackcloud
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openstackgerritIan Y. Choi proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: DNM - Start building pdfs of docs
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Make PATCH a first class operation and support it for baremetal
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elmikoedleafe++ i like your response to the email18:30
edleafeelmiko: well sure, because I spelled your nick correctly. :)18:30
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dustincubnt 8-port20:23
dustinclove browser-base clients...sorry20:23
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