Thursday, 2018-10-04

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dtantsurmordred: OOM killer, w000t10:00
dtantsuralso my question re raising the minimum version was not exactly about raising a version of an existing service10:00
dtantsurI'm writing a smart proxy for bare metal API, and I wonder if it's possible to not implement all 46-something microversions in it >_<10:01
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cdentstephenfin: what's the issue with pytest?11:21
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stephenfincdent: IIRC, nose and pytest share the same problem: they're a-ok as test runners but its their use as a test library that raises objections12:49
cdentthat's a shame12:49
cdentpytest is so much _better_12:49
stephenfincdent: I'd suggest discussing that with mordred. He cares a *lot* about this stuff :)12:50
cdentyeah, I'm not meaning to badger you, just wondered if you had some insight12:51
cdentI ran up against similar resistance when creating gabbi. I didn't want it to be unitest-based12:51
cdentbut lifeless and a few others were super clear that I'd never get anywhere in openstack if it wasn't12:52
stephenfinYeah, mordred has explain his arguments for using it pretty well a couple of times but, alas, I never recorded them and can't find them now (maybe he should write a blog?)12:56
stephenfinFwiw though, while I enjoy the clever assertion handling, I'm really not a fan of the fixtures/markers. They're confusing and utterly unlike anything else I've seen in Python12:56
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cdentstephenfin: I agree that pytest lost its way13:04
cdentI got into it in 2008ish, and back then it was very very very simple and I _loved_ it13:05
cdentnow, there's too many magics13:05
stephenfinmagic, yeah, that's the word13:05
stephenfinIt took me days to grok what on earth the Sphinx tests were doing and, even now, I'm carrying code for my own tests that I don't full understand. I blame pytest for a good chunk of that13:09
cdentwhen I added pytest support to dynamic test generation in gabbi, the very simple yield-based strategy that I had used back in 2009ish had been deprecated in favor of something insanely inscrutable13:18
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* dtantsur follows this discussion with interest, since he was asked about pytest when giving a talk about unit testing python at the local user group14:04
cdentyou can still do non-magic in pytest, so it still has going for it14:05
brtknrI'm using python-openstackclient with python 3.7 and im getting this:14:06
brtknr(OS) ➜  osc-lib git:(master) openstack server list14:06
brtknrissubclass() arg 1 must be a class14:06
brtknri can still using nova list14:06
brtknri also didnt have the issue with python 3.614:07
smcginnisbrtknr: I'm not sure we are fully ready for Python 3.7 yet.14:24
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brtknrWell, it appears to work when I make this change:
brtknrBut I also saw this pending change on gerrit:
brtknrLast updated 30th August....14:30
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brtknrLooking at the number of changes relating to this issue, looks like its a touchy subject...14:31
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brtknrfor e.g.
* dtantsur recalls something about issubclass becoming more picky in 3.714:31
fricklerbrtknr: our target for this cycle is to get all things working with 3.6, so 3.7 is still a bit down the road I think14:32
brtknrAnd this:
brtknrdtantsur: who are you? why do you speak in 3rd person14:34
* frickler likes that link14:36
* smcginnis laughs14:37
* brtknr says Oh...14:38
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brtknrmy py37 tox test is passing when i change issubclass back to isinstance...
brtknraccording to this patch15:03
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brtknron the other hand, its failing without the patch:
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brtknrIt also fails for py27 without the patch!15:04
brtknr... wait no it doesnt15:05
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brtknr... my bad15:05
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openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/os-api-ref master: tests: Support Sphinx 1.8+
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stephenfindhellmann: Would appreciate your Python-fu on the above. I'm not sure why a mock decorator on the class isn't working15:14
stephenfindhellmann: Specifically
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mordredcdent: oh - yeah, I can't stand py.test15:29
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mordredcdent: but that's not why I'd suggest not using it in an openstack context - the main thing is that we have a bunch of infrastructure that's based around subunit streams15:31
mordredcdent: so far attempts to make a subunit output plugin for py.test have all died on the vine15:31
cdentyeah, that's my recollection from early gabbi too: can work however, as long as it can output subunit15:31
dtantsurmordred: out of curiosity: why can't you stand py.test?15:32
mordredI thinik it would be good for the world if someone would write a good subunit plugin for py.test15:32
mordreddtantsur: I find the way the magical fixtures work impossible to read/follow15:32
mordredin talking about it as a unittest library15:33
mordredbut also - the 'I'm a test runner and also a unittest library' annoys me since there is a unittest discovery protocol in core python - so nose and py.test mixing the two concerns is annoying15:33
cdenti think the original assertion with py.test, long before it became so magic, was that unittest (as mode and as a library) is entirely unpythonic, which I agree with15:34
mordredwhen we write tests that follow the standard unittest discovery protocol - then people are free to use py.test or stestr or nosetests on the command line as they feel like15:34
cdentwhen it moved on from holger it got a bit out of hand15:34
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mordredmany things do15:42
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support firewall service for SDK
mordredml, dtantsur, Shrews: ^^ I squashed the test fix patches into the firewall service patch - that should be green, we should be able to land it and then the gate should stop being broken15:47
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dtantsurI'm not sure what I think about squashing the fixes with a huge feature patch. Is it your way of forcing us to review it? :)15:47
mordreddtantsur: :) ... no, it was just to avoid rebase pain since the fwaas patch also adds job config that touches the same jobs15:49
mordreddtantsur: I could unsquash and try rebasing it into a different order if you want though15:50
dtantsurI'd prefer the gate fix separate, to be honest, and the fwaas patch on top of it15:52
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Shrewsditto. these large changes to review are just not fun15:56
Shrewssmaller the better15:56
mordredkk. I'll take a stab at that real quick15:57
edleafe /me notes that API-SIG office hours have started16:00
edleafewell, office *hour*16:01
* dtantsur is semi-around but may leave earlier16:04
edleafedtantsur: don't worry, I'll try to keep up with the volume of participants :)16:05
cdentdid you all see the discussion with rosmaita yesterday or so?16:06
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Clean up python3 test and split networking into a job
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support firewall service for SDK
* cdent finds link16:06
mordreddtantsur, Shrews: ok - that wasn't as painful as I thought16:07
mordredI still merged the two testing update patches since they're both just basically updating .zuul.yaml16:07
dtantsurmordred: ok, I think this is fine16:09
mordrednow here's hoping I id it right :)16:09
edleafecdent: no, didn't see that16:10
dtantsurokay, actually. My head refuses to do any thinking more. I guess I'll go for some jogging instead.16:10
* cdent needs that kind of habit16:10
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smcginnisIf I were to work on adding more Cinder commands to python-openstackclient - is the plan now to put things in openstacksdk or other lib first, then expose it through osc? Or just use cinderclient within osc?16:11
* smcginnis seems to remember half paying attention to some long term plan discussions16:11
mordredsmcginnis: the plan is to move osc to using sdk and off of python-*client - and hopefully we will be in a position to start doing rip-and-replace in a few weeks16:29
smcginnismordred: So if I were to look at adding some commands, I should first look at adding that functionality to openstacksdk?16:31
mordredsmcginnis: that would be the bestest choice - but also python-cinderclient is also currently being used, so I wouldn't block yourself on that transition16:35
smcginnisGreat, sounds reasonable.16:35
smcginnisI'll see what works best, considering the long term plan I would like to avoid creating later work if possible.16:35
openstackgerritLogan V proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add networks to Limestone vendor
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dhellmannstephenfin : is mock failing because of import ordering or something?17:15
dhellmannstephenfin : if you have a version of a change that wasn't working, I could poke at that a bit17:16
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mlmordred: thanks for the fix. any chance you can restore +2 CR?20:34
openstackgerritMatthias Lisin proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Implement FWaaS wrapper methods.
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