Wednesday, 2018-10-03

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add metavar for name parameter in subnet create
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openstackgerritAndriy Shevchenko proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: fix tox python3 overrides
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Split advanced networking services into a job
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mlam I able to trigger a recheck myself or do you have to reset the workflow?12:13
mordredml: you can - but hold off for now- the issue that's happening is the test node running out of memory12:13
mordredml: I'm trying to fix with - if it fixes it, I'll probably just squash it into your patch and merge it that way12:14
mlalright, I'll keep an eye on this change. thanks for your work12:15
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rosmaitacdent: have an api question for you when you have a few minutes13:31
cdentrosmaita: i've got time, for you, right now13:33
rosmaitacdent: thanks! can you take a look at /13:34
rosmaita(meant that to be a ? at the end)13:34
* cdent looks13:34
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cdentrosmaita: okay, I think I'm caught up on the text of the spec and the comments13:41
cdentwhat's the main issue you're concerned with?13:42
rosmaitacdent: whether i'm right about us having to introduce a new json-patch mime type for this13:42
rosmaitaand whether that's a good idea13:43
smcginnisMimes are never a good idea.13:43
rosmaitasmcginnis: i can't hear you13:43
cdentyou both need to go sit on the naughty step13:44
cdentrosmaita: I'd say the issue here is that the validation_data is being marked out as a separate in the representation. If checksum, os_hash_algo, and os_hash_value are legit members of the representation of the 'locations' attribute, then just pass those and _in_code_ be aware that they are validation bits13:47
cdentotherwise you are not truly doing a replace operation (from a json-patch standpoint)13:47
rosmaitacdent: tjat13:47
rosmaitathat's the key issue, we aren't doing a replace13:48
cdentit sure looks like you are :)13:48
rosmaitathe locations attribute has a 'metadata' property, which is a json object iirc, but it doesn't have individual checksum, os_hash_* properties13:49
rosmaitaand we don't really want to leave 'checksum' as a location metadata item, we want there to be only one true checksum, as an image property13:50
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rosmaitacdent: but that's probably too much detail.  i guess the key thing is that a json-patch replace operation should actually replace stuff or fail (and not do weird side-effect stuff like we're proposing)13:51
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cdentyou say in one of your initial comments " because the "validation_data" object does not exist in the image/location schema; it's sort of an instruction, really, that produces a side effect (the population of other properties on that image)". Can you just populate those properties?13:52
cdentyes: if you're using json-patch replace, it should do json-patch replace, not some special glance-only magic13:52
rosmaitacdent: yes, that's the alternative (but those properties are currently read-only in the schema, which is a sticking point)13:52
rosmaitathe issue is that we only want these properties to be settable under one specific circumstance, and never at any other time13:53
cdentmaking them writable during certain states is probably OK13:53
cdentrosmaita: Have I helped or just made it worse?13:58
rosmaitacdent: thinking!13:58
rosmaitacdent: last question ... if we make these writable under one tiny circumstance, then we have to remove readOnly: true from the schema for them, right?13:59
cdentI think that depends on how you are using and publishing the schema. In my mind schema are a validation tool used indepdently for each method:resource pair, not a contract in an of themselves14:01
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rosmaitacdent: thanks, that is helpful and will give us something to think about14:03
cdentyou're welcome14:03
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Luzimordred are you there?16:37
mordredLuzi: *sortof* - I'm at a conference so I'm in and out16:37
Luziokay, short question: it is planned to use openstacksdk in more projects right?16:38
Luzilike nova and cinder maybe?16:38
smcginnisNothing active that I've seen, but not out of the question.16:39
mordredLuzi: yes - it's already in use in heat, senlin and masakari16:42
mordredLuzi: once the 1.0 is cut, I'll start poking at making patches for folks to make that possible16:42
mordredLuzi: I don't know that the various services have agreed that they want such a migration yet - but from my/sdk point of view, once 1.0 is out it's a great idea16:43
smcginnismordred: Forum topic?16:43
Luzimordred, thank you for now :)16:44
smcginnisToo late now to be proposed, but we may be able to find a time for it if there is interest/need.16:44
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mordredsmcginnis: yah. I was supposed to talk to nova about it in denver - but I missed the irc ping16:50
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Split advanced networking services into a job
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kmallocmordred: how far is SDK away from being ... usable say, in lieu of keystoneclient?19:35
kmallocmordred: i kindof want to leap early towards dropping ksc to the curb (new stuff only in SDK)19:36
* kmalloc is asking your opinion and will make a personal assessment.19:36
mordredkmalloc: we're very close to a 1.019:37
mordredkmalloc: as soon asI can get the tests to stop OOMing19:37
kmallocmordred: re-stating what i said in -keystone19:38
kmallocmordred: because i want to jump early like we did for OSC as the cli19:38
kmallocmordred: i would love to draw the line in the sand this release and say "all new stuff goes in SDK, ksc is deprecated and will see no new changes except for compat/security if an API is materially changed [see security reasons]"19:39
kmallocmordred: specifically... for new things like oslo.limit19:39
kmallocmordred: so.. yay!19:39
kmallocmordred: and boo OOMing19:39
mordredkmalloc: yes - I tihnk we're in a good place for that19:40
mordredkmalloc: I don't know that we're at feature parity for the existing thing19:40
kmalloccool. I'll make my -1 a little less soft on forklifting in ksc into oslo.limit19:41
kmallocand say "lets use SDK"19:41
kmalloc(referencing this convo)19:42
kmalloc if you want to weigh in19:44
kmalloccommented on it saying it's better to add support to SDK if needed than lean on ksc at this point.19:44
kmallocit's a super small set of API calls.19:44
kmallocwe use there.19:44
mordredkmalloc: I _certainly_ think it's valuable to start new dev that way. adding comment now19:44
mordredkmalloc: well, and you can just use the rest layer worst case19:45
kmallocyeah, i said in my initial comment, use KSA not KSC.19:45
kmallocbut figured I should talk here before firming up the -119:45
kmallocnow i'm saying "SDK"19:45
kmalloci will also push hard that all new stuff will be in SDK vs in KSC.19:45
kmallocit does mean we'll need to look at how hard it will be to re-write our ksc-plugin for OSC under SDK.19:46
kmallocshould be... doable19:46
kmallocif we can make our plugin SDK, then i know everything else could lean on SDK and be 90% parity19:46
kmallocand 90% is good enough imo to deprecate (freeze) ksc.19:47
kmallocand that saves us the headache of fixing ksc's weird session stuff that is there for compat19:48
kmallocmordred: in the interest in sharing eyebleeding patches... because... well we can19:50
kmallocmordred: ::will make your eyes bleed::19:50
kmallocmordred: but that is the worst forklift of keystone -> flask19:51
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dtroyerkmalloc: it's very easy to change commands to use the SDK, have a look at the network commands for how to use it directly, specifically security groups which handle both neutron and nova-net show how to hop between two at the same time21:05
kmallocYep. Was looking at it just now21:06
kmallocAbout to embark on a "strip ksc from osc" crusade :)21:06
dtroyerthere are also some uses of sdk-network in the compute server commands IIRC21:06
kmallocIf osc is on SDK for keystone, I can make the case ksc can die a slow death of bit rot.21:07
kmallocAnd all new things go sdk (carrot) for keystone.21:07
kmallocSimilar to how ksc command line did a while back.21:07
dtroyersecond verse same as the first…21:08
* dtroyer now has Herman's Hermits singing away in his head21:10
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kmallocwoo, just got a new mechanical keyboard, and loving it22:04
kmallocyay cherry silver switches22:04
kmalloc(and my other one for my workstation is cherry clears)22:04
* kmalloc has a mechanical keyboard problem.22:05
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