Friday, 2014-04-04

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wchrisj_krames Kudos on the admin_request suggestion - excellent idea!15:06
wchrisj_krames Just pushed an update that refactors that15:06
wchrisj_krames made me feel like, 'doh, why didnt I think of that???' <facepalm>15:07
krames its funny that some times you just can't see that stuff when you are neck deep in it15:07
wchrisj_krames Exactly why I actually love peer reviews.15:13
wchrisj_Gets that stuff out15:13
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elightwchrisj_: At least tokengeek is paying attention now. 👍16:32
elightOh that was krames! Agreed, re: admin_request16:32
wchrisj_elight and making some good comments too! excellent16:32
wchrisj_elight - Mike and I especially liked the comment on using bundle_gemset16:33
elightwchrisj_: That was a new one to me16:33
wchrisj_elight - ... yeah, have always wondered how to handle stuff that was more oriented toward programmer preferences16:34
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mhagedornelight krames wchrisj… finally wrapped my mind ‘round an extenstion layer scheme built on top of the latest identity refactor… PR to come18:00
wchrisjelight krames - do you think the effort on Identity is close to something we can work with going forward?18:01
elightwchrisj: If I said no, I’d be contradicting what I wrote on github earlier today so…. ;-)18:02
wchrisjelight - haha! just clarifying... I'll take another pass thru and make sure I addressed everyone's concerns, and then someone else can merge.18:03
wchrisjelight - question around the hashes that get returned when you authenticate...18:03
elightLink to section of code?18:04
elightI use an emacs package for that. :D18:04
wchrisjlet me ask this question in the PR - sorry elight18:04
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wchrisjelight - didnt realize I was SOO far behind in emails - just saw your comment at 12:30 -> "Overall looks very good."18:09
elightwchrisj: that’ll learn you18:09
elightwchrisj: Clearly you don’t work at Rackspace18:09
elightwchrisj: One of my jokes to people is that all new hires should be given this meme as part of their new hire packet:
wchrisjelight ;-)18:10
elightwchrisj: One way to troll a Racker is to suggest that we need to create a new mailing list for something.18:11
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wchrisjelight - Just asked a question in the PR re: returning hashes to caller18:19
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elightwchrisj: I’m subscribed to get emails from the repo. I know. ;-) Already responded.18:36
wchrisjelight - just realized 2 items that I missed - 1) re-auth on token expiration, and 2) auth via Identity_v118:42
elightwchrisj: Well… there was a lot of stuff commented out.  And we already know this PR is still a WIP. No worries!18:43
wchrisjelight - I'm also going to nuke the adapter pattern based authenticators code... it's cruft now18:44
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mhagedornelight… wchrisj krames.. ok I have to do a PR on an in process branch so its gonna look like a big change but its only a one liner.. honest19:42
mhagedornwhere the base code base is the v2 refactor ....19:42
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