Thursday, 2014-04-03

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etoewsmfer: i don't know if you can comment on it but is there any progress in getting someone from HP working on jclouds? i know there was someone in the pipe but i haven't seen any activity.16:08
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mferetoews yes... sorta. i should have clarity in days rather than weeks16:15
etoewsmfer: nice. thx.16:15
mferi just came back from a conference so i'm not up to speed on most things right now16:16
etoewsfyi, i'm off to apachecon next week so i'll be out for the early part of the week.16:16
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wchrisj_krames: yo18:49
wchrisj_krames: got a sec?18:49
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krameswchrisj I have about 5 minutes before my next meeting18:53
krameswhats up?18:53
wchrisj_krames: in your service_catalog class, what is the intent of the "service_net" keyword?18:57
wchrisj_krames: looks like you are handling two types of endpoints - public and internal18:58
kramesservice net is our internal network18:58
wchrisj_krames: BUT - we have a third admin18:58
wchrisj_krames: 'adminURL'18:58
wchrisj_I think we need to genericize this18:58
krameslet me look at the code again18:58
wchrisj_krames: for ex, here is the keystone endpoiints returned from the SC:18:59
wchrisj_- endpoints:18:59
wchrisj_        - adminURL:
wchrisj_          region: RegionOne18:59
wchrisj_          internalURL:
wchrisj_          id: 33acf98719aa45b09334f413458b066518:59
wchrisj_          publicURL:
wchrisj_        endpoints_links: []18:59
wchrisj_        type: identity18:59
wchrisj_        name: keystone18:59
wchrisj_krames: I'm a bit concerned b/c this is breaking change (likely)19:00
kramessomething tells me we should switch that over to symbols19:01
wchrisj_I think we should pass in the symbol for each: :public, :internal, :admin19:02
kramessounds good to me19:02
wchrisj_I'll tackle it19:02
wchrisj_we can discuss in our meeting if necessary19:03
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wchrisj_terrylhowe: Do you understand the distinctions between publicURL/internalURL/adminURL in keystone?21:48
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terrylhoweYeh, I definitely would *not* claim to be an expert on that wchrisj_22:07
wchrisj_terrylhowe: np22:07
jamielennoxwchrisj_: what do you want to know?22:13
wchrisj_jamielennox: What's the purpose of each one?22:14
wchrisj_admin = admin, I get that jamielennox:22:14
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jamielennoxpublic is intended to be user exposed22:14
jamielennoxinternal is intended to be a local network address22:14
wchrisj_jamielennox: what's internal for?22:14
wchrisj_why doe it matter? jamielennox:22:15
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jamielennoxhonestly i'm not sure it probably could have been done with just fixing the routing tables internally22:15
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jamielennoxbut there are times like for service -> service communication where you want them on the internal network only22:16
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jamielennoxor you don't have that address exposed to people at all22:16
wchrisj_jamielennox: OK, just trying to understand use cases for each22:16
wchrisj_jamielennox: so likely no permissions diff between public and internal?22:16
jamielennoxAFAIK there are only a couple of places where it's actually supprted22:16
jamielennoxno public and internal are supposed to be the exact same endpoint just different addresses22:16
wchrisj_jamielennox: and obviously differences between internal/public vs admin...22:17
wchrisj_thx jamielennox22:17
jamielennoxyes - for v2 API - for keystone v3 admin == public22:17
jamielennoxand for every other service we are saying 'please never implement a different admin service'22:18
jamielennoxi don't think that anyone does22:18
wchrisj_jamielennox - so only one "permssions" scoped url for v3?22:18
wchrisj_jamielennox - if admin = public22:19
wchrisj_jamielennox - right?22:19
jamielennoxwell the endpoints are all the same, i can't remember if we say you should set the admin URL to internal or public22:19
jamielennoxbut the v3 client really should use the public endpoint22:20
jamielennoxwell the public or internal endpoint22:20
jamielennoxbut yes, all 'permissions' are done via the roles in the token in v322:21
wchrisj_jamielennox - makes sense22:21
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