Friday, 2014-03-28

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wchrisjelight: I hit a snag last night that you may be able to assist with...14:30
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wchrisjelight: krames: anyone got a few minutes to look at something with me?16:22
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edleafeOK, I know it's Friday afternoon for most people, but I want to put this out there as a starting point for some more discussion about the Python SDK.19:21
edleafeI have a Blueprint registered at, which links to the wiki page:
edleafeI'd like to have everyone review this, and possibly comment/update before next week's meeting.19:21
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bknudsonedleafe: one issue we had with the 'managers' classes in current clients --20:24
bknudsonthey have a reference back to the client20:24
bknudsonso now the client isn't collected easily20:25
bknudsonand connections stay open20:25
bknudsonmaybe jamielennox|away could explain it better.20:25
edleafebknudson: my current client does that, too, because the HTTP stuff was in the client20:25
edleafeonce I separated it out, it really wasn't necessary20:25
edleafethe client initialized the manager with the info it needed20:26
bknudsonone of the proposed solutions was weakrefs from manager to client20:26
edleafewhy would that be necessary?20:26
bknudsonthen when the client was released it could be cleaned up20:27
edleafemost of the use cases I've seen have been long-lived: clients and managers created early in the app's life, and persist while the app does20:28
edleafeI haven't seen a case where they are created/destroyed repeatedly20:28
bknudsonthis was affecting Horizon.20:29
bknudsonI should be able to find the bug...20:29
edleafeAh, well, identity is really a separate case, especially for Horizon20:32
edleafebut managers really shouldn't need a reference to the client if they are created properly20:33
bknudsonedleafe: is resource going to need a reference to the client, to do resource.some_method() ?20:33
edleafeThey will need to have the reference to the manager20:34
edleafeIOW, client and resource call the same method of manager20:35
edleaferesource simply passes itself as the entity to act on20:35
elightwchrisj: Sorry. Been doing outreach all day today20:44
wchrisjelight: np20:44
wchrisjelight: Do you have a few minutes before the end of the day? I need to overcome an issue in order to get velocity back...20:45
wchrisjelight: or are you outta here?20:45
wchrisjelight: understandable if so...20:46
elightGive me a few minutes...20:46
wchrisjelight: yeah, I'm in a mtg ATM too20:47
wchrisjelight: ping me when you are free20:47
elightwchrisj: Ugh. When is your meeting over?20:47
wchrisjelight: I can bail anytime20:47
mfersamchoi ycombinator glenc jamie_h note, the first PHP meeting will be April 9th20:53
mferI updated the wiki20:53
mferycombinator thanks for pulling all those things together20:53
samchoiThanks for the heads up. It makes it difficult for me to attend meetings if the invite is sent out very late since I usually begin work after our meeting time...20:54
ycombinatorthanks mfer20:55
ycombinatorsamchoi: you should've received a recurring google invite from me20:55
samchoiyep, got the most recent one, thanks ycombinator20:55
ycombinatormfer: I'll be on vacation that week but I'll try to hide from my wife and get on IRC :)20:56
mferycombinator ha. really, don't do that20:56
samchoimfer: that sounds like a Rajeev thing to do20:56
mferycombinator is there a meeting calendar for all openstack meetings somewhere?20:56
ycombinatormfer: yes, one secon20:57
ycombinatornot sure if thierry has had a chance to update it with ours yet20:57
mferycombinator who manages that one?20:59
ycombinatormfer: Thierry Carrez20:59
ycombinatorlooks like he did our meeting to it20:59
ycombinatoradd our*20:59
mferok, i need to run to dinner. have a good night20:59
mferycombinator i see that. thanks20:59
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