Thursday, 2014-03-27

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wchrisjelight: you around?13:01
elightwchrisj: barely13:01
wchrisjI'mbooked this morning, but am good this afternoon - want to talk modules then?13:02
wchrisjelight: ^^13:03
elightI can be free around 4pm13:04
elightDefine “talk modules”?13:04
elightwchrisj: ^^13:05
wchrisjduring our meeting yesterday, I suggested we have a (brief) discussion on how the modules needed to be laid out for OSC elight:13:06
wchrisjelight: code organization overall so everything works correctly13:06
elightwchrisj: okey dokey13:06
wchrisjelight: Considering a new approach to enable connect to Identity. Overall idea is:13:16
wchrisjelight: this ends up connecting to a proxy class for identity (identity.rb) that uses discovery to connect to delegate to the real identity class (v1/v2/v3)13:18
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elightwchrisj: Sounds a bit klugey. I realize that you’d need that proxy though because of how Fog instantiates services. But… ick.13:19
wchrisjelight: We can discuss later today13:19
elightwchrisj: I’m not a fan but because we’re building on somewhat poor architectural decisions to begin with. It means ours become worse.13:19
wchrisjelight: but hopefully we can convince fog folks at the summit of need to connect to
wchrisjelight: ... rather than connecting to Identity explicitly13:20
wchrisjelight: THAT's the right place for proxy/discovery IMO...13:21
elightwchrisj: Problematic. That implies that Fog is an OpenStack abstraction library instead of a cloud abstraction library.13:21
elightWe should still shoot to support Fog::<service>13:22
wchrisjelight: Maybe so... hmmm.13:22
wchrisjelight: good thought.13:22
elightwchrisj: I guess I’m a little more here… ;-)13:22
wchrisjelight: good!13:22
elightwchrisj: Sort of. After the past 3 days of non-stop peopleness and walking, I feel like I’ve been at a conf. I need a half a day to sleep.13:23
wchrisjelight: OK if I ping you after lunch?13:23
elightwchrisj: This sounds promising. ;-)13:23
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mfergood morning folks14:25
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mhagedornwchrisj elight krames… found something disconcerting about OSC #authenticate
mhagedornwchrisj elight krames… TLDR -> our authenticate doesnt appear to allow unscoped tokens… very un Openstack like15:06
mhagedornor rather it requires lots of network access if all you wanted was an unscoped token....15:06
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mferycombinator I updated the documentation on running the PHP SDK test suite. nice catch.17:01
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mhagedornwchrisj elight krames… question… do we support tenantName and tenantId logins in fog?  or is tenantName sufficient17:43
kramesI have only encountered the tenantid17:45
krameswhen would you use a tenant name vs a tenant id17:45
mhagedornkrames vanilla openstack -> tenantName17:47
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mhagedornkrames.. sounds like both are needed based on your response17:47
kramesmhagedorn I just double checked and the rackspace service catalog only has tenantId17:50
mhagedornkrames (wchrisj as well I guess) which implies that OSC::Identity needs to redefine :openstack_tenant -> :openstack_tenant_id, and :openstack_tenant_name (‘cause tenantname is assumed now)17:50
mhagedornok both them17:50
mhagedornkrames  HPC,keystone appear to support both… although the docs just show tenantName… wierd (both seem to work)17:51
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mhagedornkrames.. ok said it wrong… HPC and Keystone do in fact support tenantName and tenantId…. (not appear.. they do verified)17:52
mhagedornkrames just being clear....17:52
mhagedornso the answer is… support both17:52
mhagedornkrames.. so what if somebody gives us both :openstack_tenant_id and :openstack_tenant_name?  i guess we assume tenant_id ‘cause rackspace doesnt understand the tenant_name element?  thoughts?17:56
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kramesis there a 1-1 relationship between openstack_tenant_id and openstack_tenant_name?18:02
bknudsonthe project name is unique in a domain.18:05
bknudsonthe v2 api doesn't allow you to specify the domain. The default domain is always used18:05
bknudsonwith the v3 api if you specify a project name then you also need to specify the domain18:06
mhagedornkrames there isnt any such element in OSC currently, only openstack_tenant..  but there is an ambiguity there18:14
mhagedornkrames.. we need to know what that openstack tenent is.. cause it changes the json you emit (tentantName versus tenantId)18:15
kramesright now rackspace does not have a concept of a project18:17
mhagedornkrames does that change any of this tenantName/tenantId stuff?  I would think you just write your authenticator (that we inject into OSC::Identity) so it only emits tenantId…. yeah?18:20
kramesI believe we would be okay18:21
mhagedornkrames.. I am writing at the moment the HP specific authenticator.. so thats why if you wonder why you havent seen this.. its in process18:21
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mhagedornkrames elight wchrisj current implemention of injected authenticator ->
mhagedorn(for extension layer purposes)18:44
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wchrisjelight: just found a small issue with the fog-core pr...19:37
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elightwchrisj: Did you want to meet now/soon?20:08
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wchrisjI'll fire up a hangout elight:20:13
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wchrisjelight: dangit, I forgot to ask you about that spec you wrote yesterday re: Identity; we'll have to discuss that one later23:06
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