Tuesday, 2014-03-25

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wchrisjelight: Just pushed an update now that all specs are passing; any desire to doa last minute check before I merge this?00:43
wchrisjelight: there is no discovery stuff in here - commented it out to get this big cut merged ASAP.00:44
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elightwchrisj: sorry friend in from out of town. No time tonight.04:05
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wchrisjkrames: Good Morning!13:41
krameswchrisj morning!!!13:41
wchrisjAppreciate the code review. To be clear, this was more of a code reorg to get the versions of Identity in place; not much refactoring took place, by intent.13:42
wchrisjAll good comments13:43
wchrisjI'd rather not change any more code in this PR if that's OK13:44
wchrisjkrames: ^^13:45
kramesgoing back through it...a lot of it seems like its old code that needs to be refactored right?13:46
wchrisjexactly, but given the changes to implement diff versions of Identity, Evan and I agreed that we would just rearrange the code in this PR and do the refactor in the next one13:47
wchrisjkrames: ^^13:47
wchrisjkrames: this code reorg touched almost evey file in Identity, so it would make for yet another huge PR if we went ahead with it all in this PR13:48
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briancurtindtroyer: in api_discovery.py, i have a change suggestion to the ApiVersion.__repr__ that would be a rewriting of it. can i submit a patchset of my own, or would you rather a comment?15:53
briancurtinbasically using getattr with a default, versus hasattr and duplicating the params for each case. part of the reason i ask is because i've never contributed a patch set to someone else's review15:55
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dtroyerbriancurtin: it's fine to push up a patch.16:10
mferycombinator did you get a chance to start the md -> rst change on the php sdk?16:10
ycombinatormfer: not yet, but its on my list; traveling this week18:12
ycombinatormfer: I'll try to do one tonight18:13
mferno rush. i just wanted to see if I could be helpful18:13
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briancurtinFYI, python-openstacksdk meeting in 5 min in #openstack-meeting-318:55
elightwchrisj: I’m back. I’ve got a few hours before I head off to ARUG19:03
elightwchrisj: Lemme merge the minitest PR then look at identity.rb19:04
wchrisjno need - already done - if we are talking the same thing elight:19:04
elighto rly19:04
elightwchrisj: I guess you needed that sooner than expected?19:07
elightwchrisj: Wait, no. https://github.com/fog/fog-core/blob/master/lib/fog/identity.rb still needs to change, yes?19:08
wchrisjahh - sorry - you are correct elight:19:10
wchrisjbrain fart19:10
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jamielennoxdtroyer: no i don't like subclasses overriding private methods - it's more a question of support though20:02
jamielennoxprobably doesn't matter for now20:02
dtroyerthere are certainly some methods that should/could be private20:05
jamielennoxdtroyer: i've just gotten paranoid about everything being public lately20:08
jamielennoxi'm defaulting to having a real use for a function before making it public20:08
dtroyergood point…it's always easier to unmask something...20:09
briancurtin+1 jamie20:13
edleafejamielennox: Every public method becomes a contract with the SDK user. I default to starting methods with '_' unless I intend on having devs use them.20:17
jamielennoxedleafe: ++ but variables as well20:18
jamielennoxmy classes start to look like a sea of underscores now20:18
edleafeimplementation details20:18
elightwchrisj mhagedorn: If there’s a God, I hope he forgives me for what I am about to do. You’ll see in the PR. And I want a Fog 2.0 now a bit more.20:19
wchrisjelight: when will we get to see this ungodly mess? ;-)20:29
elightWriting specs now. Hang on….20:29
elightHave to account for how we (Rackspace) namespace Identity wrongly without mentioning us so….20:30
elightWe’ll want to fix this in Fog 2.0 too20:30
elightAll providers will namespace things the same way or else.20:30
jamielennoxdtroyer: did you see that nova came up with a new URL discovery format?20:31
dtroyerno I didn't20:36
jamielennoxjoy :)20:37
dtroyerthats unser a compute/2/content URL, are they making it retro-active to v2?  ugh, given they were considering making v3 into v2.1 I wouldnt be too surprised20:38
wchrisjelight: I saw that namespacing for Rackspace Identity and wondered...20:39
elightI don’t even….20:39
elightsee above re: namespacing or else. ;-)20:39
elightgoing forward20:40
wchrisjEvan the code Nazi...20:40
elightI prefer “lord of order” ;-)20:40
wchrisjdefinitely much more PC fer sure... elight:20:41
wchrisj... "your Lordship"... <bowing>20:41
jamielennoxdtroyer: i'm not sure, i read the first part realized it was different and closed it in frustration20:48
jamielennoxdtroyer: they do have the mime-type so you can get the old mode - but serious WTF20:48
dtroyerI need to look closer later, but that may not be new…20:50
dtroyerA couple of summits ago (Portland maybe?) there was a version discovery session and someone did write up some stuff20:50
jamielennoxreally? i looked prior to writing that wiki page but couldn't find anything20:52
dtroyerit was in an etherpad, the great un-indexed repository of design summit knowledge20:53
elightwchrisj: The new spec before refactor. https://github.com/fog/fog-core/commit/21d68b81d45ee9bf2c7f84132a3e5d680dfc65d921:02
wchrisjelight: I'd like to discuss with you, maybe in the morning. New stuff to me in that spec...21:07
wchrisjlooks good as far as I can tell - would like to understnd better what's going on21:07
elightwchrisj: FYI spec only specs existing Identity behavior. But, yes, the test set up is “exciting”. :-/21:08
wchrisjelight: THAT's what I want to discuss21:08
wchrisjinteresting take on things21:08
elightwchrisj: The spec setup? Understandable21:08
elightwchrisj: I’m not thrilled with it. But I also don’t see too many good choices. Anyway, you’re busy now, yes? And I need to log shortly anyway21:09
elightwchrisj: Tomorrow morning works21:09
wchrisjelight: works for me21:09
elightwchrisj: Feel free to tell me I’m insane in the soon to be posted PR21:11
wchrisjlol will do elight:21:11
elightwchrisj: https://github.com/fog/fog-core/pull/3021:13
wchrisjelight: just added a few nits on spec vs test syntax...21:17
elightsaw and replied21:17
elightTL;DR: I favor xUnit assertions21:17
elightwith spec nesting21:17
elightDislike matchers.21:17
elightNow that’s me.21:17
elightIf the cabal decides we use matchers, I’ll suck it up.21:18
elightThough the rest of fog-core uses assertions because I ported it. ;-) ;-)21:18
kramesif we are voting on it...I like matchers21:18
kramesI think they read better than asserts21:19
elightkrames: FWIW, it’s bigger than the 3 of us. It’s all of fog eventually.21:20
mhagedornelight… composition effort on identity is turning in to a lot of sadness and pain21:20
elightkrames wchrisj: But, for now, it’s internally consistent in fog-core21:20
elightmhagedorn: Sounds like we’ll pair on it tomorrow then.21:20
elightmhagedorn: Maybe I can help?21:20
elightGotta run shortly. ARUG.21:20
mhagedornyeah as my former boss used to say.. its pretty much a shit show21:20
wchrisjelight: krames: I prefer matchers to asserts, but dont see why we have to pick one over the other, TBH. For certain things, I'm a pragmatist.21:22
elightwchrisj: *shrug* It’s minitest. They can coexist in the same test.21:23
elightwchrisj: But I’m opening it up to the fog summit cabal for comment.21:23
wchrisjelight: krames: as long as there is good test coverage, I'm good.21:23
wchrisjelight: krames: that should be the litmus test, no pun intended...21:24
elightwchrisj: Personally, I’d prefer consistency. And I’ll be fine if the consensus evolves to “use matchers”. But let’s see if we can get the Summit people to arrive at a consensus on something pre-Summit. ;-) ;-)21:24
elightwchrisj: Besides, good exercise leading up to mid-May. :D21:25
wchrisjelight: given Paul's predeliction toward minitest, I suspect he's going to side with you on assertions21:26
wchrisjelight: how do we handle the version issue in your PR? You sidestep it altogether...21:29
elightwchrisj: *shrug* He’s just one guy. There are many of us.21:29
elightMust go now21:29
wchrisjelight: (it appears)21:29
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