Monday, 2014-03-24

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wchrisjelight: Concerned about the tone of tokengeek's comment re: spec in latest github comment...13:57
wchrisj"Free for all" ?!??!?!?!13:57
elightTime? Nah. It'll all be better after we meet in may. Taking that with a grain of salt.13:59
elightTime? That's not what I typed stupid phone13:59
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wchrisjFor any who are interested, I just updated the ruby binding/SDK page on the wiki to be a bit clearer:
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wchrisjWhen Icreated the page last week, it gave (mistaken) impression that there was a *new* ruby binding/SDK project18:31
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elightwchrisj: thanks for this. The first sentence says it all. Excellent.19:08
wchrisjyou bet!19:25
wchrisjhey elight: when you have an idea what the code will look like in that identity.rb method, cold you let me know?19:26
elightwchrisj: Certainly. Should be tomorrow unless someone says “don’t merge the fog-core minitest port"19:28
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