Friday, 2018-04-20

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esbergluedmondsw: Some more info on the ceilometer tempest testing. I got an AIO tempest vm working with a gnocchi backend and enabled the telemetry tempest plugin14:57
esbergluI was correct in that it adds only 2 additional tempest tests14:57
esbergluBut to even have those run, we have to be running gnocchi, heat plugin, aodh plugin, and panko14:58
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esbergluHeh guess he's not really there14:59
esberglufried_rice: You here?15:14
fried_riceBut all of that was Greek to me.15:15
fried_rice(or Italian, as the case may be)15:15
fried_rice(or Old Norse?)15:15
fried_rice(or Japanese)15:15
esberglufried_rice: Different topic15:15
fried_rice(Ah, aodh is gaelic, not norse)15:16
esbergluAll CI runs are failing right now15:16
esberglu"ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '4E27E1E6-6A24-4F0A-8E7B-2BBE7B4A28BA'"15:16
esbergluFigured I would check if you had any ideas off the top of your head before I start debugging15:17
esberglufried_rice: Cool, got a review from mriedem on vscsi15:48
esberglu*tries to remember stuff about code written 3 months ago15:48
fried_riceSorry dude, I got pulled in six directions.  Let me have a glance at that error right quick...15:49
esbergluNo worries15:50
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esberglufried_rice: The pypowervm id_or_uuid util is failing15:52
esbergluWhich hasn't been touched in 3 years15:53
fried_riceyes, the only thing I can imagine is that that UUID isn't a string when we get it.15:53
fried_riceBut it doesn't look like a UUID we should be getting from openstack.  It looks like one we should be getting from powervm code.  (Because uppercase).15:53
fried_riceI imagine it's a VIOS UUID.15:54
fried_riceLPAR UUID.15:54
fried_riceIn [1]: s = '4E27E1E6-6A24-4F0A-8E7B-2BBE7B4A28BA'15:54
fried_riceIn [2]: import pypowervm.const as c15:54
fried_riceIn [3]: import pypowervm.utils.uuid as u15:54
fried_riceIn [4]: u.id_or_uuid(s)15:54
fried_riceOut[4]: (True, '4E27E1E6-6A24-4F0A-8E7B-2BBE7B4A28BA')15:54
fried_riceAny chance we're suddenly running under py3?15:55
fried_riceesberglu: Oh, good, we already require oslo.utils.  Let's twiddle that method to use oslo_utils.uuidutils.is_uuid_like and see if that fixes.15:57
fried_riceThough I can't imagine how we got here.15:57
fried_riceyes I can.15:57
fried_riceIf something clever in nova suddenly started reporting instance UUIDs via some object other than a string.15:58
fried_ricewhich they very well may have been doing all along, but a code path opened that we weren't getting before.15:59
esbergluIf that's the issue will switching to is_uuid_like still solve?16:00
fried_riceI think16:02
fried_riceBecause it's clearly responding to str() even if it's not a string.16:03
fried_riceand whatever weird object they're using, it must have the appropriate __eq__ etc.16:03
esberglufried_rice: Okay, I'm spinning up an instance to test it out on16:07
fried_riceesberglu: Code up in 30s16:07
fried_riceesberglu: 650516:08
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fried_riceesberglu: I'm out for a couple hours.  Good luck.16:09
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esberglufried_rice: Ack, thanks16:09
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openstackgerritEric Berglund proposed openstack/nova-powervm stable/queens: DNM: ci check
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: WIP: Stringify instance UUID
fried_riceesberglu: You want to open a LP bug for that UUID snafu?21:09
fried_riceesberglu: I want to see if ---^ fixes it too.  That'll be easier than having to do an emergency pypowervm release and funneling it through requirements.21:09
fried_riceesberglu: The mainline CI isn't patched up with that pypowervm fix, right?21:10
esberglufried_rice: Sure, I'm heading out in like 2 minutes but can do21:10
esbergluCI is patched up (I live fixed it since you weren't around)21:11
esbergluBut I can test ^ out for you21:11
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