Monday, 2017-02-27

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efriedthorst adreznec FYI esberglu reports community problems with CI are resolved; we've merged my swapout of the change set we patch in for the in-tree CI; and we're running on now.14:40
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adreznecefried: Awesome, hopefully everything starts coming back positive14:45
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esbergluefried: Passed CI15:15
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thorstefried: see my latest here:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1665407 in nova-powervm "unable to migrate vm with attached volumes" [Undecided,New]15:36
thorstI'm not 100% sure we should have that conf option...probably need to talk to apearson about that.15:37
efriedthorst Seems like we need to root-cause why their UDID is changing.15:39
efriedThe conf option is a pretty invasive workaround for something that shouldn't be a problem.15:39
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thorstefried: yeah.  gfm didn't think that the UDID should change.  But it pretty clearly is.15:47
thorstwithout access to the env though...15:47
efriedDo we know what kind of storage they're using?15:48
efriedIs it something we have tested with in-house?15:48
thorstshould be.15:48
thorstnbante: Does your OSA env have a cinder driver running with it?15:48
thorstwell, he's not doing fiber...15:49
nbantehow to verify?15:49
thorstnbante: I don't think you have an env to replicate that test15:49
thorstso nm...15:49
nbanteOn Friday..I tried basic deploy15:50
thorstnbante: does Jay's env have VIO or LIO?15:50
nbanteI don't think so..I think Jay was struggling with some devstack configuration15:50
thorstefried: do you remember?15:51
nbantelet me quick check with him..He is online15:51
efriedthorst I think LIO - but he was nowhere close to being able to test network or storage yet.15:52
efriedHe was just getting the initial spawn/delete change set running.15:52
thorstefried: wondering if we can refactor his env to do this test15:55
thorstnbante: can you check with him if he's actively using that env?15:55
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nbanteJay has to finish some S2 test cases so he needs his environment.15:59
nbantehe is facing some issue to connect IRC16:00
thorstOK - we should probably make this a priority for him to test next since we do have an active bug on it and need a recreate.  But we should discuss.16:01
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efriedesberglu thorst adreznec Looks like we passed CI.  I'm raising the banner in #openstack-nova16:36
efriedesberglu thorst adreznec Need your reviews on and
thorstefried: I did -116:49
efriedthorst fixed.16:52
thorst-1'd other16:54
thorstefried: also spending some time on other nova reviews will help get reviewer bandwidth for ours  :-D16:56
thorstthat was more feedback I was given at PTG.16:57
efriedRoger that.  Any particular methodology I should use for deciding which to review?16:57
thorstI think just looking through the priority review etherpad.  (Should also add these new ones in there)16:58
thorstif the review is over your head (ex. I have no clue how to review a hyper-v patch for instance), you can either look for a review you understand or do a basic review (does the formatting look right in messages for instance)16:58
thorstand worst case, could just review some longer standing reviews with a query16:59
thorst  <--- go down a couple pages here and find some that appear to be in a wait state16:59
efriedRoger that.17:00
thorstyou rock.17:00
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openstackLaunchpad bug 1580880 in neutron "[RFE] Distributed Portbinding for all port types" [Wishlist,In progress] - Assigned to Anindita Das (anindita-das)20:23
thorstlooks like pike20:23
adreznecthorst: Awesome20:25
thorstyeah...just didn't make the ocata cut20:26
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm master: Add support for File I/O Driver
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openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm master: [WIP] Add support for file-backed ephemeral disk
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