Tuesday, 2017-02-28

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tonybYou guys shoudl probably only vote on nova changes in *master* voting on stable/* seem like a waste of resources01:15
tonybObviously you'll need to vote on stable/pike etc once they exist but for now ...01:16
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esberglu#startmeeting powervm_driver_meeting14:02
openstackMeeting started Tue Feb 28 14:02:06 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is esberglu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.14:02
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efried#topic In-tree change sets14:02
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esbergluLooks like all the spawn destroy changes (1 - 4) passed CI14:03
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/438119 is the bottom-most spawn/delete change set.  It is +1/+1, and ready for core reviews.  I mentioned it in #openstack-nova yesterday, and will bring it up in the meeting on Thursday.14:04
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/438598 (#2) is jenkins/CI +1, ready for in-house review.  This makes spawn/delete actually create/destroy the LPAR.  No TaskFlow, no extra_specs.14:05
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/427380/ is power on/off & reboot, now third in the chain, because why not.  It's jenkins/CI +1, ready for in-house review.14:05
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/438729/ adds TaskFlow.  Ready for in-house review.14:06
efriedhttps://review.openstack.org/#/c/391288/ adds flavor extra specs, and brings us up to where that change set was before, with one small exception: no conf.14:06
esberglu#action all: Review in-tree changesets14:07
efriedI'll continue to work on piling the rest on top.14:07
efriedNow, to smooth the way for core reviews, we got some advice that we should be reviewing their stuff too.14:08
efriedI tried to do some of that yesterday.14:08
efriedTBH, most of it is beyond me.  I can check for spelling and formatting errors, or procedural stuff, but that's usually it.14:08
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thorstsorry for joining late14:09
efriedBut I guess we learn as we go.  Thanks tonyb for the tips on reviewing stable/* - will keep that in mind.14:09
thorstefried: Honestly, even that is OK.14:09
thorstwith a comment that you just looked at code structure14:09
efriedAnd I'll pick up on some of the functionality the more I do it, which is overall a good thing.14:10
efried#action all: Do some nova reviews.14:10
esbergluAnything else in-tree?14:11
efriedNot from me.  thorst adreznec ?14:13
thorstnada (at end I'd like to propose a new topic be added to the meeting though)14:13
efriedWe got anything OOT?14:14
esbergluI don't14:14
thorstif we have new blueprints, it'd be a good time to file them.14:14
thorstthere was discussion at the PTG about new blueprints.  Some will impact us.  We need to do a review and see where we have new work to do there14:15
adreznecYeah, and at some point here we're probably going to want to look over the Pike blueprints in general14:15
thorstadreznec: were you setting something up for that?14:15
adreznecthorst: Sure, I can set something up14:15
thorstI get to play the card of, fairly soon I'll be out of here14:15
thorst(baby and all)14:15
efriedUgh, I have a moldy on my radar for SR-IOV max bandwidth.  And another for SR-IOV stats for ceilometer.14:16
efriedI fear that may exceed my max bandwidth.14:17
thorstI'd be more interested in the SR-IOV stats persionally14:17
thorstyeah, lets do a review of the Pike blueprints, because I suspect there are more important things in there.14:17
thorstLooking into ways for us to get more bw as well...14:18
esberglu#action all: Review pike blueprints14:18
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efriedDon't we normally do that by having someone (adreznec) set up a wiki page with a big table of all the blueprints, and then have a series of calls to discuss them?14:19
adreznecefried: Yeah, I'll scrape that data together again14:19
efriedThanks adreznec14:19
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esbergluAlright next topic14:21
esberglu#topic CI14:21
esbergluCI is looking good again after that bug this weekend14:22
esbergluOne of the ssp groups is down, I'm going to get that back up today14:22
efriedesberglu Gonna tell them what happened there?  ;-)14:23
adreznecesberglu: Any idea what caused it to go down? Network? SAN? VIOS just angry?14:23
efriedOh, please, can I?14:23
esbergluHaha sure14:23
* thorst curious14:24
efriedesberglu reinstalled one of the nodes, and accidentally specified the SSP repo & one of the data disks as the nvl & VIOS boot disks.14:24
thorsttotally understandable that this could happen14:25
thorstit should be brought up with Hsien in NL scrum14:25
efriedI blame the installer.14:25
thorstbecause I could see a user doing that.14:25
esbergluefried: I went through the installer again yesterday afternoon, didn't see anywhere to specify disks?14:25
efriedProblem is, how would you know if the disks are in use?14:25
thorstesberglu: That's the problem it seems.  The installer just picks the 'biggest disk'14:25
thorstand that's a super problem when it comes to SSPs.14:25
efriedWell, no, the repo disk was the smallest by far.14:25
efriedSo something else happened there.14:26
thorstmaybe its smallest disk14:26
thorstthere is some decision logic in there.14:26
thorstwe need Hsien/Minh to weigh in14:26
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efriedI thought you got the option to select disks14:26
thorstSDE mode you do14:26
efried...without actually going into that text file at the end.14:26
thorstnot standard.14:26
adreznecefried: I don't think we expose that for standard nvl14:26
efriedWow, that seems like a mistake.14:26
adreznec(against my wishes)14:26
adreznecWe should definitely revisit that14:26
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efriedIs there a decent way to identify local vs. SAN disks?14:27
efriedCause that would be a reasonable criterion too, for defaulting.  Use local disks first.  That would have avoided this problem.14:27
efriedBut regardless, we should definitely be prompting the user, I would think.14:27
efriedOkay, so14:29
efried#action esberglu to re-reinstall that node and rebuild the SSP14:29
efried#action adreznec thorst to corner @changh & @minhn about disk selection in the installer.14:29
esbergluThe other thing I wanted to do was track down the neo systems that were slated for OSA CI14:30
esbergluI think wangqwsh has neo4 and we were going to use that14:30
esbergluand the other was neo50 and I think thorst: has that?14:30
thorstesberglu: I thought that we were just adding them to our overall pool14:30
thorstand that our overall pool actually had enough capacity as is14:30
thorstso if we can keep those systems for other work...I'd like that for now14:31
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thorstif we're at capacity and need more, that's another issue14:31
adreznecI'd be interested to know what our utilization looks like14:31
adreznecespecially since we're looking at adding the OSA CI now14:31
adreznecOn top of the OOT and in-tree runs14:31
thorstso maybe lets first figure out utilization, and then see if we need another pool?14:32
esbergluOh yeah I wanted to mention that. We haven't been running ceilometer / neutron since the in-tree stuff14:32
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adreznecAt all?14:32
esbergluWe should have enough capacity for all of that once I get this SSP back up14:33
efriedWhat else?14:36
esbergluJust thinking about the OSA CI development14:36
thorstthe OVS bits there...need to dig up those notes14:36
esbergluIt will really limit us to have to share staging between OSA CI dev14:36
thorstI think we were going to do some deploy with vxlan networks14:36
esbergluAnd testing changes for the current CI14:37
thorstesberglu: I think we can maybe ask qingwu for neo4 to be part of that14:37
thorstI think its essentially free atm14:37
esberglu#action: esberglu: See if we can use neo4 for CI14:38
thorstcongrats though on the stability of the CI...I'm pretty impressed with how you've been keeping it going so well14:38
thorsttime for new topic discussion or other things to move on to?14:39
esbergluNew topic14:40
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thorstso we have nbante and Jay helping us with testing.  Which has been great.14:40
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thorstbut I think that we should add a topic around 'what new functions were added this week that could benefit from a test run from them'14:40
thorstsecond set of eyes type thing14:41
efriedFor sure.  At least those two should be involved in this meeting and we should have a topic around what they're up to and what's on their horizon.14:42
esbergluHow are they testing? Just curious14:42
efriedbjayasan is using devstack, pulling down in-tree change sets, and manually running nova CLI spawn/delete, etc.14:43
efriedHe's eventually supposed to be trying to set up and run tempest.14:43
efriedAnd looking toward potentially developing some PowerVM-specific tempest tests.14:44
thorstyeah...intention is bjayasan uses the in-tree tempest config.  nbante deploys via OSA and uses the oot tempest ci config (to give a SDE style env a go)14:44
nbanteI sucessfully setup OSA on last Friday , where I able to do some basic deploy using UI14:44
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nbanteI am exporing those options now. Next step is to configure temptest14:44
thorstnbante: we've got some experience there, so I think we'll be able to help out  :-)14:45
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nbantethat's good14:45
efriednbante Can you coordinate with esberglu and bjayasan to get that going for both of you?14:45
efriedI can help out too if esberglu is overloaded.14:45
thorstFYI - I need to drop here.  :-(14:46
thorstbut sounds like everything is in pretty good order.  :-D14:46
nbantesure, will check. Thanks14:46
efriedAre we about done?14:46
*** thorst is now known as thorst_afk14:46
esbergluI think we are wrapping up anyways14:46
esbergluAny final topics?14:46
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efriedthorst_afk adreznec Before I ask #openstack-nova, is there a Pike equivalent of https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-nova-priorities-tracking ?  I.e. somewhere I can put up-to-date status & review priorities for the PowerVM driver "subteam"?15:42
thorst_afkefried: not that I know of15:42
thorst_afkprobably just haven't gotten around to making the pike one yet.15:42
efriedk, will ask.15:42
efriedThey also need to clear the meeting agenda for Thursday.15:43
adreznecI didn't see anything about it at the PTG15:43
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thorst_afkefried: ymadhav just put up a new change on 4919.  I only call it out cause I think you put in the graphics thing17:26
thorst_afkultimately, I think that we could update that method to optionally take in an 'ignore_list', but I don't think we need to do that day 117:26
*** thorst_afk is now known as thorst17:27
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efriedthorst I was using what apearson suggested in his email.17:28
thorsthe said Graphics?17:28
thorstugh...he must know something I don't17:29
efriedYes.  And I think the major point here is that, if the installer ignores it, we should ignore it too.17:29
thorstfair enuf17:29
efriedThe point of this method, I'm led to understand, is that we want to ask if a partition can be migrated from one VIOS-less setup to another?  Or something like that?17:29
thorstI think ymadhav is using it to determine if OVS could run on the NL or something17:30
efriedSo basically, we want to say "no" if it has I/O that actually matters.17:30
thorstlike a quick first check17:30
efriedGraphics and USB don't matter.17:30
efriedadreznec esberglu thorst FYI: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/pike-nova-priorities-tracking17:47
thorstneat, even has a 'dear adreznec / thorst, please review' section17:49
efriedJust so.17:50
efriedesberglu - we should not attempt in-tree CI for newton (or before, or probably ocata either).18:08
efriedIs that something that can be switched off easily?18:08
efriedAlso note OOT failure here, looks like it may have something to do with the appdirs thing: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438650/18:09
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esbergluefried: I will put up a change for that.19:35
esbergluHere's the problem with our CI mgmt node configuration. There's no good way to trigger on specific branches19:36
esbergluYou can trigger by branch if you define your gerrit trigger in the jenkins job. But we have that defined in the zuul layout where you can't19:37
esbergluYou can run jobs on specific branches if you define your jobs in layout.yaml. We define our jobs with jenkins job builder templates, where you can't19:38
esbergluThis all goes away in zuul v3 when we can get rid of all the jenkins stuff19:38
esbergluBut I think it might be time to start migrating some of the configuration towards zuul19:39
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esbergluCI is back to full strength. It is now running ceilometer and neutron in the silent pipeline22:06
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