Friday, 2017-01-06

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edmondswthorst_ see what rodrigods just answered in #openstack-keystone13:31
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edmondswthorst_ I don't see us doing that in what you sent, but that may or may not be the problem... I doubt it would have just stopped working if we'd never done that13:33
edmondswwell... I take that back... he says this is new in ocata13:34
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thorst_edmondsw: I'll have to go on eavesdrop...I don't sit in openstack-keystone13:39
edmondswthorst_ but that hasn't caught up yet13:40
edmondswI'll paste to you in slack13:40
thorst_edmondsw: think they'd be willing to look at the logs and see if that was the same error as the tempest bug from yesterday?13:45
edmondswthorst_ yes13:46
edmondswthorst_ the keystone guys are generally very helpful13:46
thorst_joining the chat...13:46
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thorst_efried adreznec: apparently the CI failures around keystone are known, and are fixed.13:52
thorst_rerunning the patch now13:52
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thorst_adreznec: I can actually see from the nova patches that we're passing except for that power off thing...14:50
thorst_*power on14:50
thorst_so...I'm hopeful14:50
adreznecHmm ok14:51
adreznecyeah the keystone issue definitely isn't in there anymore14:51
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adreznecthorst_: Looks like your recheck failed 1 test14:58
adreznecHTTP URL /0.3.1/cirros-0.3.1-x86_64-uec.tar.gz returned a 503 status code14:58
adreznecSeems unrelated to our driver though14:59
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thorst_adreznec: and the nova tests were failing with 415:02
thorst_so the 1 new one and 3 from the power on async crap15:02
thorst_new test or new code...15:02
adreznecWhich your sync patch passed15:03
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adreznecCould just be network issues reaching cirros-cloud15:04
thorst_it downloaded for me locally15:05
adreznecWell I mean it's getting a 503 back when trying to download the cirros image from
adreznecSeems the most likely15:05
thorst_I just hopped on downloads now15:07
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thorst_yeah, I just need a recheck15:09
adreznecGuess we'll check back in 90 minutes again15:10
thorst_can't catch a freaking win15:10
thorst_but at least that power on issue is basically resolved...lot of burn in on that now15:11
adreznecMhm, making it synchronous seems to have solved the issue15:11
efriedthorst_, we'll be wanting to sync that into the in-tree change sets.15:17
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thorst_adreznec: pvmci-cache will have Ubuntu installed in about 20 min...15:33
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thorst_in case you're just sitting and waiting for it to be ready15:33
adreznecOkay, I'll resume twiddling my thumbs for the next 20 minutes thorst_!15:34
adreznecUbuntu 16.04?15:34
thorst_yeah, I marked that it will be used as a DNS some config for that should be done out of the box15:34
thorst_maybe I should set this as my DNS that when it goes down its immediately evident to me15:35
thorst_ugh, that'd be awful in retrospect (that ping time)15:36
adreznecHa, yeah15:36
adreznecMaybe you should make esberglu do that instead15:37
thorst_you got 2 cpus and 4 gb memory...assume that's enough for simple file servings and dns15:39
thorst_hopefully more than enough.15:39
thorst_also....can we take a moment to recognize that the SSP has been alive this entire time (guess what we can expect to lose next)15:41
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thorst_you're booted.15:43
thorst_standard ci creds15:43
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thorst_efried adreznec: Success!17:03
thorst_+2 now plz17:04
thorst_Cherry picked to stable/newton17:04
adreznecAnd now we wait for stable/newton CI17:05
adreznecBut yay17:05
thorst_adreznec: in a couple hours, we should turn back on our publishing for nova patches.17:06
adreznecOnce that drops, I'll flip nova back on17:06
openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Switch to synchronous power on
efriedthat was quick17:11
thorst_that was master branch17:12
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thorst_adreznec: nova's starting to go green18:47
thorst_and you know comment at the beginning of the week about how good esberglu did setting up CI still stands.  This found a legit bug.18:47
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thorst_adreznec: can you turn it back on?  Looks like we had 5 nova successes19:05
openstackgerritTaylor Jakobson proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP: First pass at imagecache
adreznecthorst_: Sure, I'll turn it back on in a bit19:24
adreznecAnd yeah, the CI has definitely started to produce real results (other than all the bugs we hit trying to set it up...)19:25
thorst_any luck with the DNS server thing?  I can try to move the CI over to that new one this weekend if it looks like it'd be ready19:34
adreznecWas at lunch, so just getting back to it19:37
adreznecPretty much done with the playbook, just need figure out some of the group templating19:38
adreznecthorst_: switched nova back over to the check pipeline19:40
thorst_now to keep an eye on
efriedthorst_, do we use/support digital signing of our glance images?20:41
thorst_I think we'd need to do that thing where we decompress as part of the stream20:42
thorst_something you didn't like because it would have glance run through that func and you wanted to move away from that20:43
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