Thursday, 2016-09-29

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thorstviclarson: hey - did clbush get back to you?12:33
viclarsonwhere powervm compatible image of ubuntu can be downloaded?12:33
viclarsondidnt see him12:34
thorstso PowerVM compatible images aren't available at the moment.  What you do is the following...12:34
thorst1) create a VM with pvmctl.  Get your VEA and storage set up...12:34
thorst2) Attach the Ubuntu vOpt12:34
thorst3) mkvterm to the VM and run the install12:34
thorst4) Then you stream the bytes of the image off.12:34
thorstbut I don't think Ubuntu has one for PowerVM on their public website12:35
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thorstefried: think we could throw one of our ubuntu 16.04 images up on box?12:39
thorstlet viclarson download it?12:40
efriedI don't know from box, but there's nothing confidential about our Ubuntu images, is there?12:40
thorstwe don't put anything in there...its just ubuntu and rsct (for the DLPAR stuff).  All public stuff.12:40
efriedI say go for it.12:41
thorstviclarson: would that work for you?12:41
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thorstesberglu: Can you do me a favor?  Can you upload our CI image to a public box location13:06
thorstI think viclarson (and I just got an e-mail request for the same) needs it13:07
esbergluI had to rebuild the 16.04 one last night, the wrong one was up on gsa. I’m testing it right now13:09
esbergluUnless you are talking about the 14.04 one13:09
thorstesberglu: lets start with the 14.04 for now13:10
thorstand then we can upload the 16.04 once that is done13:10
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efriedthorst, am I allowed to import nova-powervm from networking-powervm?14:06
thorstnot at all14:06
thorstnever ever ever14:06
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viclarsonabout freeze at vm creation14:39
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viclarsonperhaps reason image was in qcow format14:40
viclarson upload_f = th.submit(vio_file.adapter.upload_file,14:42
viclarson                                     vio_file.element, EmptyReader())14:42
viclarson                # Create a function that streams to the FIFO pipe14:42
viclarson                out_stream = open(vio_file.asset_file, 'a+b', 0)14:42
viclarsonfreezed in this thread14:43
esbergluviclarson: The 14.04 CI image has been uploaded if you still wanted it14:48
viclarsonty, yes still waiting14:48
viclarsonwhere it can be downloaded?14:49
viclarsonhave you also aix images?14:49
kotra03@efried, @thorst, can you please review
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thorst_afkviclarson: PowerVM doesn't support qcow atm.15:27
thorst_afkjust fyi15:27
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thorstefried: kotra03's change sets look fine to me as they're just cherry picks.  I'll +2, but figure since you did the others you may want to do a quick glance?15:29
efriedthorst, nah, merge 'em.15:29
thorstefried: thx15:29
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thorstneed a bit...trying to figure out someones sriov issues15:49
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apearsonviclarson - do you still need to get that pvmctl lu upload working?  We have a fix for that in our upcoming code that we could cherrypick back and make available if it would help you...16:00
thorstefried1: +216:18
efried1thorst, thanks - newton cherry-pick:
thorstesberglu: any ETA on when we'll get the stable/newton CI running?16:48
esbergluIdk if any stable/newton runs have gone through yet today. But I put in a live change for it last night that should have been picked up in the image build.16:49
esbergluHmm looks like it didn’t get picked up from the results of that run. Hold on16:51
esbergluI kicked off another image build so it should be in once the current ready nodes are used and deleted16:53
thorstesberglu: thx!16:57
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: PlugVifs only provides CNAs
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thorstefried1 kriskend__: should we document 1922 as being a required FW level for SR-IOV in our read the docs?18:35
efried1You mean in usage.rst/README.rst in networking-powervm?18:36
efried1thorst ^^?18:37
kriskend__is it possible to do sriov on a level that won't have it?18:37
kriskend__will you allow sriov on 860.0 ?18:37
thorstefried1: networking-powervm would be good18:37
thorstkriskend__: no, but we should still doc it anyway18:37
kriskend__phyp does not support vNic before 860.118:37
thorstI don't think the code throws an exception18:37
thorstwhich may be another thing we want to see if we can add...some capability check18:38
efried1We'll need a bug18:38
thorstI can file18:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1629074 in networking-powervm "No documentation on what FW level is required for SR-IOV" [Undecided,New]18:42
openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/nova-powervm: Send custom vif plug/unplug event
kriskend__FYI the full firmware version string is
kriskend__that is adapter firmware19:02
thorstany conntrack experts here?  :-)19:03
thorstI think I have confirmed that conntrack config is screwing up my security group19:03
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openstackgerritEric Fried proposed openstack/networking-powervm: [WIP] Refactor, consolidate, and clean up agents
thorstTIL: having the right kernel modules loaded for conntrack to work is not a guarantee19:56
thorstkriskend__: FYI...19:56
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thorstesberglu: what is the name of the networks that we define in tempest?20:40
esberglufixed_network_name = private20:45
esbergluWe don’t define the floating_network_name20:47
thorstesberglu: I ask because it looks like the test case defined the network itself21:08
thorstsomething named "test network"21:09
thorstI wonder if there are multiple tests doing that.21:09
thorstand if so, do we want to pre-define it (which the logs seem to indicate as a possibility)21:09
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