Wednesday, 2016-09-28

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openstackgerritShyama proposed openstack/nova-powervm: WIP: SSP Volume Adapter
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viclarsonThis is NOT the lssyscfg you are looking for.  This is only for compatibility with the HMC.  Try pvmctl instead.13:44
viclarsonhow to view current config of vm?13:44
seroyerviclarson, Use “pvmctl vm list”.  If you need more info, “pvmctl vm list —all-out”.  There are powerful filter and output controls you can use on pvmctl as well.13:45
seroyerpvmctl vm list help for more details13:45
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viclarsonty. I have some problem. After creating vm in nova it still stays in 'spawning' state. pvmctl shows vm as 'not activated'. After start vm with pvmctl it tries to boot from bootp. Where d I dig?13:56
seroyerSounds like it either didn’t get its disk image, or the disk image is not valid.13:57
viclarsoni dont understand connection between glance and shared storage pool. How to test it?13:58
seroyerSSP is not something I know much about.  thorst?13:59
viclarsonis it ephemeral disk  name=part5f8672c1image_cirros_011a17ca4a1689d04a7d5a6d35b10854?14:04
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viclarsonnote lpar is 'not activated',  looks like vm creation was not completed14:08
seroyerefried, Can you assist viclarson with figuring out why the VMs disk image didn’t seem to deploy (or isn’t valid) on SSP?14:08
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efriedseroyer, viclarson, sure.  Want to catch me up?14:15
seroyerVM still shows as spawning in nova, “not activated” in pvmctl.  Tried to boot it manually and there was not a valid disk image detected, so OpenFirmware tried to network boot.14:16
efriedLooks like you're using a cirros image.  Do we have one of those that actually boots on Power?14:16
seroyerAnd more specifically, on PowerVM, which has additional requirements on top of what’s needed to boot on OpenPower.14:17
efriedThe part* prefix means the driver thinks it's still uploading the image.14:18
efriedAssuming that's in fact the image associated with the instance.14:18
efriedviclarson, tag me when you want to dig in.14:18
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viclarsonwhy driver can't finish uploading?14:20
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viclarsond driver create logical unit for each vm?14:21
efriedThe driver creates a thin disk LU backed by the image LU.14:21
efriedAny VM using the same image will share the same image LU (i.e. we don't make multiple copies) - but the first time, we have to create that image LU.14:22
efriedWe upload it from glance to the SSP.14:22
efriedBecause multiple hosts can be sharing the same SSP, we coordinate that upload so that the same image only ends up there once.  Other attempts to use that image at the same time will wait until it's done.14:23
efriedHow long ago did you initiate the VM creation?14:24
viclarsony i dont see several logical units for other instances14:27
viclarsonwill nova-compute restart help?14:28
seroyerPersonally, I’d rather understand why it didn’t work, rather than rebooting and hoping the problem goes away.14:29
efriedYeah, I'd like to see your nova compute log.14:29
efriedHow big is the image?14:30
viclarsontwo cirros depended images in ssp now name=image_cirros_011a17ca4a1689d04a7d5a6d35b10854 and name=part5f8672c1image_cirros_011a17ca4a1689d04a7d5a6d35b1085414:30
viclarsoncirros ~ 20MB14:30
efriedThe one without the part* prefix just appeared?14:31
seroyerI doubt that image is bootable on PowerVM…14:32
efriedOkay, check again - the part* one ought to disappear.14:32
efriedThis just means your network connection between glance and the SSP is *really* *really* slow.14:32
efriedIf it took 1h to transfer 20MB.14:32
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viclarsonthe same hw node14:33
efriedDoesn't help you, I don't think.  Pretty sure the packets flow across the actual wire.14:34
efriedNow, the fact that you tried to boot the VM prematurely with pvmctl may cause the spawn to bounce when it tries to do the boot (not 100% sure about that) - but in any case, as seroyer says, you can't expect the VM to really boot with the cirros image.14:34
viclarsonimage without part* is image uploaded from glance and  image with part* is child?14:34
efriedthe part* one is a marker to let other hosts know we're uploading that image, so they don't try to upload another copy.14:35
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efriedthorst, please review
efriedCustomer waiting.14:44
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thorstefried: is +2/W+114:52
thorstkriskend__: ever see openvswitch die?14:55
thorstI did...that's a new nightmare for me to have...14:56
kriskend__Can't say I have14:56
thorstwell it was awful  :-)14:57
thorstbut it was a dev system.14:57
thorstso not that awful...14:57
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viclarsondoes it mean something?15:46
viclarsonpadmin@novalink:~$ pvmctl lu upload --name image_cirros_011a17ca4a1689d04a7d5a6d35b10854asdf  --data 1.txt --ssp novassp15:46
viclarsonREST000B The URL presented to the Management Console REST Web Services is not valid.REST000E Unrecognized root REST type of LogicalUnit.15:46
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viclarsond I update packages?15:58
viclarsonpadmin@novalink:~$ pip freeze | grep power15:58
viclarson-e git+
viclarson-e git+
viclarsonpadmin@novalink:~$ pip search pypowervm15:58
viclarsonpypowervm (1.0.0)  - Python binding for the PowerVM REST API15:58
viclarson  INSTALLED: 0.0.1.dev115:58
viclarson  LATEST:    1.0.015:58
viclarsonperhaps i'm interesting in version marked as 'stable/mitaka'15:59
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seroyerefried, thorst, ^^^^?16:14
seroyerthorst_ ^^^^?16:15
thorst_my comp crashed...I've lost all context16:15
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seroyerviclarson was asking about pypowervm versions.16:16
seroyerINSTALLED: 0.0.1.dev116:16
thorst_viclarson: can you post the Q again?16:16
viclarsonshould i update python packages16:23
viclarsoni see16:23
viclarsonpadmin@novalink:~$ pvmctl lu upload --name image_cirros_011a17ca4a1689d04a7d5a6d35b10854asdf  --data 1.txt --ssp novassp16:23
viclarson<viclarson> REST000B The URL presented to the Management Console REST Web Services is not valid.REST000E Unrecognized root REST type of LogicalUnit.16:23
thorst_what is the version of your nova link?  I'm surprised you have that low a level of pypowervm...  NovaLink should have installed the peer'd pypowervm16:24
thorst_did you pip install pypowervm?16:24
viclarsonno i didnt16:25
viclarsonmb changed by devstack16:26
viclarsonroot@novalink:/home/padmin# apt-cache policy  pypowervm16:26
viclarson  Installed:
viclarson  Candidate:
viclarson  Version table:16:26
viclarson *** 50016:26
viclarson        500 novalink_1.0.0/non-free ppc64el Packages16:26
viclarsonapt think it's 1.0.0 version16:27
thorst_yeah.  That's a good level...16:27
thorst_not sure where it found the 0.0.1.dev1...16:27
thorst_so that upload thing is a clbush command, let me find him.16:27
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thorstviclarson: clbush is going to join, but is in transit at the moment.  Might be a bit.16:33
viclarsonthis version come from debian package16:34
thorstyep yep, don't think its a version thing.16:34
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efriedthorst, I wanna change the API for set_vnic_back_devs.  At this point, we haven't released anything with that guy in it yet, have we?  So I should still be able to do that?17:44
thorstyes, but lets be super duper quick17:44
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kotra03@thorst, @efried, can you please review &
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efriedkotra03: How careful are we supposed to be here?18:42
efriedLike, do we have the opportunity to send these back to the translators?18:42
efried has at least one mistake, see comment.18:42
efriedBut if we don't care, I'll approve it.18:42
kotra03@efried, I am going to submit the latest files for translation again in another 10 days. I will see that it gets fixed in that drop. is that fine?18:47
efriedkotra03, Approved both.18:48
kotra03efried, thank you.18:48
kotra03@efried: there is another changeset  But the build failed. pep8 passed in my local env. I din't understand why it failed here.18:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ceilometer-powervm: Translation files for supported languages
efriedkotra03, doesn't look like a YP.  I'll submit a recheck.18:52
kotra03efried, ok thank you.18:52
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-powervm: Translation files for supported languages
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efriedthorst, made some updates to
efriedthorst, for history section, thinking it may be neat to include things like when we first shipped the oot driver (Liberty), when we stood up the CI, when it started providing non-gating votes.21:08
efriedthorst, Do we need to reference networking-powervm and/or ceilometer-powervm at all?  The former, at least, would be a dependency, no?21:08
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efriedthorst, -- responded to your comment.  Though that's totally unrelated to this change set.21:33
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thorstefried: agree on the history section21:41
thorstI got distracted when filling it in21:42
thorstthe networking-powervm isn't a hard dependency (see OVS) but would be good to cite21:42
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efriedesberglu, can you provide rough dates on those CI aspects?21:43
efriedWhen we stood up the CI env, and when we started providing votes?21:43
efriedMonth/Year is good enough.21:43
esbergluNot sure of the top of my head. Hold on I will try to find out21:45
thorstesberglu: just update with the info when you get it21:46
thorstand please review, as I cited you as someone working on it  :-)21:47
efriedI'll put in 1Q and 2Q 2016, respectively, for now.21:47
efriedCause that's about right.21:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova-powervm: Translation files for supported languages
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