Friday, 2020-06-05

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xiaolinkashyap: gibi: thanks for the help. It works! The error "unexpected host-model" disappear, but I got a new error "Instance failed to spawn: UEFINotSupported: UEFI is not supported".  In order to successfully run the VM on my host with MIPS architecture,  I made a patch for nova/virt/libvirt/ Need I report the bug?02:29
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bauzasgood morning Nova07:27
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alex_xubauzas: good morning07:34
bauzasalex_xu: hope you're all good after 2 days of very late meetings07:35
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alex_xubauzas: thanks, totally better than long flight :)07:37
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aarentsHi nova07:50
aarentsbauzas: can we flag this abondonned: i'm not sure I can do it myself07:51
bauzasaarents: ack, looking07:51
bauzasaarents: I can't either07:52
bauzasit's a blueprint07:52
bauzasjust leave a comment07:52
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kashyapxiaolin: Hi08:35
kashyapxiaolin: I don't think anyone ever tested Nova with MIPS arch, nor is it officially supported.  I'm surprised you've got this far.  For the UEFI bits - need to dig more08:35
kashyapxiaolin: Does your patch to libvirt/ fix it?  Are you able to boot an instance?08:36
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xiaolinkashyap: Yes, it fixed, I can boot an instance.08:41
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gibixiaolin: please file bug an publish the patch connected to that bug if possible08:49
xiaolinMany people around me use hosts with MIPS architecture. I hope the official can add support for MIPS and We can maintain it.  Is there a plan?08:49
kashyapxiaolin: Yeah, please do file a bug08:51
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CeeMacmelwitt: So i did some experimenting with the nova os-simple-tenant-usage api and this pulls back pretty much the exact same usage information as horizon project usage08:53
CeeMacso, sadly, it looks like regardless of if an instance is shelved or not, it still consumes resources :(08:53
kashyapxiaolin: Hmm, for MIPS, the issue is maintainers that will stick around and address the issues :-)08:53
kashyapxiaolin: It's easy to "add initial support" (and let it rot) :-(08:54
kashyapxiaolin: But go ahead and file a bug as gibi suggests, and attach your patch as a comment08:54
CeeMacmelwitt: I also don't see any image/snapshot for the shelved instance, should that be visible?08:57
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xiaolingibi: kashyap: Thanks for the help. We will stick, as our company produce machines with MIPS architecture, and we believe our company will not go bankrupt :-)09:00
aarentsgibi Thanks for this bug confirmation
openstackLaunchpad bug 1881881 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "nova api return HTTP 500 error when interface attach failed due to lack of instance PCI slots" [Undecided,New]09:03
aarentsgibi So according the thread you're reffering, we can extend the number of pluggable interface by adding pci-bridge, is nova able to do it now? or should we implement something like hw:pci-bridge=2  in order to ask libvirt to add 2 pci-brigde when defining instance.09:03
kashyapxiaolin: :-) Would also be nice to start a discussion on 'openstack-discuss' list -- do you mind starting a thread?09:05
kashyapxiaolin: Put a subject like "[nova][libvirt] Support for MIPS architecture?"  or something like that09:05
xiaolinkashyap: It would be nice, but I don`t know how to start a discussion temporarily09:13
kashyapxiaolin: I'm on a call; but it's a mailing list09:13
kashyapI'll link you shortly, unless someone beats me to it09:14
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fricklerxiaolin: , just send a mail with the subject above. you may want to subscribe before to avoid your mail being held in moderation09:25
gibiaarents: I don't think nova can add pci-bridges today. If the limit can be avoided by the q35 machine type then I would take that direction instead09:26
bauzasI do agree with gibi09:28
bauzasthe 'pc' machine type is old09:28
bauzasvery old, even09:28
bauzasand we shouldn't modify nova because of it09:28
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xiaolinfrickler: Thanks, I got it  :-)09:33
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aarentsbauzas: gibi oh by simply switch from pc to q35 increase slot availiable? I was thinking we need to 'declare' add some pci-bridge device into root-brigde before have benefit of mode slots, maybe libvirt do it magicly will do some test09:38
bauzasaarents: try with this machine type09:39
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slaweqgibi: hi09:55
gibislaweq: hi!09:56
slaweqgibi: do You want to meet today in Nova or Neutron's room?09:56
gibislaweq: let's use the nova room. some of the folks had problem with jitsi so we are using zoom09:56
slaweqgibi: works for me09:56
gibicool, thanks09:56
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kashyapfrickler: Thanks! :)10:23
stephenfinsean-k-mooney: Look what I just found
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sean-k-mooney wait what does that even do11:42
sean-k-mooneydo we return 0 on kernel 4.x and 5.x?11:43
sean-k-mooneystephenfin: i assume we are just going to nuke that code from orbit and pretend it was never there11:44
sean-k-mooneyoh its based on the linux kernel version used to build the python package11:46
sean-k-mooneythat even worse11:46
gibibauzas: left feedback on
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sean-k-mooneystephenfin: i guess we technically could do sys.platform.startswith('linux') but since we only support linux for the libvirt dirver we should just remove that code. good find11:52
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bauzasgibi: ack, thanks12:26
gibithanks for starting the spec12:26
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gibinova PTG will continue in less than 30 minutes in the Juno Zoom room with neutron-nova cross project session first and the with cyborg topics12:33
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openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/nova master: Correct reported system memory
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bauzasman, a cross-project session on a Friday late afternoon and discussing about placement workflows, what did I made wrong to have such punishment ? :)14:14
* bauzas just kidding but his attention honestly sunsetted14:14
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gibibauzas: I'm sorry. I owe you a free beer next time we have a face to face PTG14:27
bauzasnah, I have a beer machine at home, I can fix this issue14:27
gibithen we should have the next PTG at your place :D14:27
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gibiand then free beer for everybody14:28
dansmithbauzas: I was going to ask if your wife realizes that you're broadcasting her jamming out on her earphones to the world..14:29
bauzasyou did hear her ?14:29
bauzaswell, it's encrypted14:29
dansmithno, but we see her14:30
bauzaswe call this specific encryption 'French'14:30
bauzasthis way, we're sure nobody can understand us14:30
dansmithhmm, that was some encryption we just heard14:31
dansmithmy ciphertext analysis leads to a general message of "No, get out of here, I'm on a call!"14:31
bauzasLOL, yeah, our door doesn't lock unfortunately14:33
* bauzas was considering a Ring doorbell FTW14:33
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sean-k-mooneyalso sorry to monoplise the cross project so much15:21
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johnthetubaguysorry I missed you all for today, I was in keystone land, and got stuck there15:21
gibisean-k-mooney: thank you for providing input for all these discussions.15:22
sean-k-mooneymy brain is slightly hurting after it all15:22
gibijohnthetubaguy: no worries I think we had proper nova representation on the session15:23
TheJuliarandom question, are there any thoughts regarding letting a compute driver throttling such that we don't have timeout failures ? Thinking once in a blue moon someone trying to create a 1000 physical machine deployments in ironic and they just want to batch them all up at once.15:23
johnthetubaguygibi: all good :)15:23
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sean-k-mooneyTheJulia: there is a config option you can set that kind of does that15:24
sean-k-mooneyTheJulia: not sure if it works with ironic15:25
sean-k-mooneymax concurent builds15:25
sean-k-mooneyits a compute agent config15:25
johnthetubaguyuntil recent releases, the scheduler used to fall over first though, in theory better now, but hope to be testing that more soon15:26
sean-k-mooneyso you could set that per ironic conpute service15:26
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: multi create still sucks15:26
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: it has less races with plamcnet15:26
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sean-k-mooneybut unless we change how retires work anti affingity server groups break things15:27
TheJuliasean-k-mooney: I feel like it works, but I'm wondering if someone has that set to like 100...15:27
TheJuliaI guess I need more information15:27
sean-k-mooneyTheJulia: in the ironic case there  is going to be one hell of a power spike too15:28
sean-k-mooney1000 servers booting at once15:28
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TheJuliasean-k-mooney: some people have the power for this15:29
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sean-k-mooneyTheJulia: yep but i once rebooted half the server on a rack and triped its local breaker15:33
sean-k-mooneythat was fun...15:33
TheJuliaBeen there, I really overengineered power for every rack I built15:34
sean-k-mooneythat was when we discover the electian that install it connected it to the wrong ups and it was signifcaly more over subsribed then the lab team tought15:34
sean-k-mooneythe 3 new rack were all on the old ups not the new one in the room next door15:35
sean-k-mooneyas a result i was not allowed to power them back on until we got someone in to swap them15:35
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TheJuliaI'm suddenly reminded of the one time I literally burned out a breaker16:08
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johnthetubaguysean-k-mooney: yeah, anti affinity totally breaks things still, +1 that16:08
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sean-k-mooneyits because we calusate the alternitive host up front so once one thing files and retire it can cause another thing to fail16:09
johnthetubaguyit gets worse with PCI passthrough16:09
johnthetubaguyor seems to16:09
sean-k-mooneyso unless we call the sculder again instead when we do the retry your screwed16:09
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: yes it will16:10
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sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: that just because we dont track the pci device in placment so when we claim the new candiate we dont calim the pci device and that can cause a reschdule16:10
sean-k-mooneyjohnthetubaguy: we dont need placement to fix that we could allocate the deivce in the conductor be we dont today16:11
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sean-k-mooneythe pci devices table has 3 states available allocated and claimed i think and the difference between the last too is one is a reservation for a vm that has not yet been created on the host and the other is for when the vm is actully using it16:12
johnthetubaguyoh my... custom resources using the provider yaml totally helps with those races, I think16:12
sean-k-mooneyit could16:13
sean-k-mooneybut we have no way to associate the RPs with the pci devcices16:13
sean-k-mooneyso its close but wont work16:13
sean-k-mooneyat least not today16:13
johnthetubaguybecause we pick the specific one too early?16:13
sean-k-mooneyno we pick the specific on on the compute node but that code has no knolage of placment16:14
sean-k-mooneyso it would not pick form the device claimed in palcment16:14
sean-k-mooneyit would pick form all devices on the host16:14
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johnthetubaguyanyways, I think it fixes a case I am worried about, but we haven't merged that feature (must review that again soon)16:15
sean-k-mooneyit will fix it for anything that is not manage by nova direclty16:17
sean-k-mooneylike cache allocation16:17
sean-k-mooneyor power/termal based scudling16:17
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