Thursday, 2018-08-09

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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/keystone master: Implement Trust Flush via keystone-manage.
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/keystone master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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mbuillbragstad, cmurphy: what tool you use to generate a PKI key pair?06:56
cmurphymbuil: for the saml metadata? I just use the openssl CLI07:00
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openstackgerritzhengliuyang proposed openstack/keystone master: More accurate explanation in api-ref:application credentials
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mbuilcmurphy: yes. I am not familiar with key generation. I used "openssl genpkey -algorithm RSA -out private_key.pem -pkeyopt rsa_keygen_bits:2048" to generate the private key and "openssl rsa -pubout -in private_key.pem -out public_key.pem" to generate the public key. Is certfile the public key and keyfile the private key?07:12
cmurphymbuil: yep07:12
mbuilcmurphy: thanks07:13
cmurphyalso i like to use this oneliner
cmurphywith -nodes07:14
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mbuilcmurphy: this generates a certificate which I should add as certfile?07:16
cmurphymbuil: it generates the certfile and keyfile in one go07:17
mbuiloh that's good! If I remember well, a certificate was a public key signed by a private key. I was wondering if with the commands I wrote you, was enough because I did not generate any certificate but a public and a private key07:18
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: Imported Translations from Zanata
mbuilcmurphy: keystone-manage does not exist. What pip package should I install? I have keystoneauth1==3.4.0 and python-keystoneclient==3.15.007:24
mbuiloh wait07:25
cmurphymbuil: keystone-manage comes from the server package, you'll need to install keystone itself07:25
mbuilcmurphy: I forgot things are installed in venvs, sorry07:25
mbuilI see it now :)07:25
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mbuilcmurphy: I need a bit of help. In my deployment, I had Keystone working under nginx. I have been following this guide to change to Apache ==> but I guess it assumes that there is a clean environment. I stopped nginx and started apache successfully but when using the openstack cli I get problems07:57
mbuilthis is what I get ==> Failed to discover available identity versions when contacting Attempting to parse version from URL. Service Unavailable (HTTP 503). I guess I am missing some config in the apache part07:58
cmurphymbuil: is there anything in the apache logs or the keystone logs that would indicate why it's returning a 503?07:59
mbuilcmurphy: in apache2 logs ==> client denied by server configuration:.... let me investigate this. thanks08:07
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mbuilcmurphy: I am stuck again and still in the nginx -> apache step :(. When trying 'openstack network list' things are ok, until it does a GET call to .../v2.0/networks, where it gets a HttpException. This are the logs in the client:
mbuilcmurphy: and this is the error I see in neutron logs ==> "DiscoveryFailure: Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin"08:49
mbuilI am using the same openrc as before... do I need to change anything there?08:49
cmurphymbuil: that looks like an issue with neutron to me, you can see on the lines before the failure that it was successful in talking to keystone08:52
cmurphyso the openrc should be fine, seems like a server error with neutron08:53
cmurphyoh sorry08:53
cmurphyyou are looking at the neutron logs08:53
cmurphyso i'd check the keystone_authtoken section in neutron.conf08:54
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cmurphyand make sure it is pointing to the right keystone endpoint and also make sure it has a user_domain_name and project_domain_name set to 'Default'08:54
mbuilcmurphy: I also get problems when listing images and glance logs give a bit more info ==>
mbuillet me check that08:57
cmurphymbuil: is your keystone listening on port 35357? we changed most of our docs to stop using that port and only use port 500008:57
mbuilcmurphy: good point. I have just realized that nginx was listening to 5000, 80 and 35357 and apache is listening to 5000 and 8009:04
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mbuilcmurphy: when using nginx I had a .../conf.d/keystone-wsgi-public.conf and a .../conf.d/keystone-wsgi-admin.conf. Now I only have .../conf.d/wsgi-keystone.conf and the content points to keystone-wsgi-public. Is that enough or should there be a config for keystone-wsgi-admin too?09:12
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cmurphymbuil: that's enough, the two different endpoints are legacy from the keystone v2 API which used different access control for each endpoint, for keystone v3 all of the access control is done in code with policy and it can all go through the one endpoint09:17
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mbuilcmurphy: I am at the step "Configure Apache to use a federation capable authentication method". Any preference between Shibboleth and Mellon? Remember I am planning to do Keystone to Keystone (perhaps that limits the option to one)09:50
cmurphymbuil: the last time I tried, mellon didn't work properly in the keystone to keystone scenario, there is some bug either in mellon or in keystone that made it unable to parse the saml response properly and i never got to the bottom of it09:52
cmurphyshibboleth is a safe bet even though it's annoying to configure09:52
mbuilcmurphy all right! thanks09:53
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mbuilcmurphy: regarding shibboleth config, I am following: I am about to add the "<Location " config but I am not sure what should I write there10:20
mbuilcmurphy: first question, should I install and configure Shibboleth in both deployments or only in the one acting as SP?10:21
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cmurphymbuil: only on the SP10:34
cmurphymbuil: the <Location /Shibboleth.sso> you can copy verbatim, for the <Location /v3/OS-FERATION/...> you can also copy it verbatim but the name of the identity provider and protocol, which is 'myidp', and 'saml2' in the example, is important and will come up later in the documentation10:36
cmurphyyou should probably keep the name of the protocol as 'saml2' but you might want to change the name of the identity provider10:36
mbuilcmurphy: ah! ok, I was wondering whether I should change myidp with what I wrote in the IdP as "idp_entity_id". Let me read further then10:37
mbuilcmurphy: BTW, there was a shib.conf that appeared in the conf.d/ directory right after installing Shibboleth. Should I leave it there?10:50
cmurphymbuil: yes10:50
mbuilcmurphy: ok. I need to stop here and focus on something different. I'll try to progress tomorrow. Thanks for the help! :)10:51
cmurphyno problem :)10:52
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lbragstadildikov: is there a specific zoom link floating around? or should we use the same one as before?12:53
ildikovlbragstad: all the relevant info is here:
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knikollajoining, now, sorry i'm late.13:12
lbragstadzzzeek: about your galera work, do you know if there was ever a spec pushed for that? i remember you brought it to a meeting once and the next steps were to document the approach a bit13:28
zzzeeklbragstad: the spec I was working on is at
lbragstadoh - great13:29
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zzzeeklbragstad: current POC is at
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ildikovknikolla: no worries, Tnx for joining13:41
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lbragstadFYI -
lbragstadi've proposed rc115:02
lbragstaddepending on the state of porting various APIs we can assess if we want an RC2 next week15:02
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lbragstadalso - i'll be traveling tomorrow and unavailable15:07
lbragstadif anything urgent comes up i should be available saturday-ish?15:08
lbragstadbut at that point i'll be on opposite timezones15:08
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openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/keystone master: Update reno for stable/rocky
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kmallocweird, i am getting a failure on policy for "get_domain_role" and i don't see why16:12
kmallocoh... i see what is happening.16:14
kmallocmissing target data because of magic stuff.16:14
kmallocgot it16:14
lbragstadi added cycle-highlights for keystone
lbragstadwould love feedback there if anyone has any16:15
gagehugolbragstad: done16:24
gagehugomy main concern is the whole case-insensitive issue we had with "Member" vs "member" when we merged the default roles16:24
gagehugothat may affect people16:24
lbragstadgagehugo: done16:27
lbragstadgagehugo: where did we put that case-sensitity statement in docs?16:28
lbragstad ah16:29
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kmalloclbragstad: interesting, role api and role_implication api is the first place i had to convert an enforcement callback. it went super easily18:32
kmalloclbragstad: fwiw, enforce_call made it almost painless.18:32
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: WIP - Add details and clarify examples on casing
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ayoungorange_julius, ever solve your problem?  Sounds like HA proxy is sending one request to each Keystone server for some reason.18:43
kmalloclbragstad: hm.19:01
kmalloclbragstad: we broke HTTP spec again in implied roles *sigh*19:01
kmalloclbragstad: we issue a NO_CONTENT for HEAD.19:01
kmallocchecking our docks.19:01
kmallocyep, we messed that one up =/19:21
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert Roles API to flask native dispatching
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert Roles API to flask native dispatching
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert Roles API to flask native dispatching
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openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert role_inferences API to flask native dispatching
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openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Set initiator id as user_id for auth events
orange_juliusayoung: no I have not yet. Trying to replicate the issue. I can lock out a user by sending a POST with curl to a backend keystone node though.. so I don't think its haproxy20:28
orange_juliussince the curl never hits haproxy20:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystone master: Imported Translations from Zanata
kmalloclbragstad: almost have role_assignments converted. the assignment subsystem is getting there.20:50
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ayoungorange_julius, so we do one bind as the use to authenticate, and the rest of the work is done as an admin user.  If there are multiple simple-bind calls from Keystone to LDAP, it should show up in the Keystone log.20:53
ayoungNeed to turn on tracing20:53
orange_juliusI can't turn that on in prod. Trying to replicate in test. Hopefully I'll have something soon20:57
ayoungorange_julius, I wonder if it is something fun like:  pooling mechanism treats a failure as a reason to retry.20:59
kmallocayoung: hm. that would be odd, but i could see ldappool having such an issue21:00
orange_juliusYup thats what the theory is. I have a bug report opened with ldappool21:00
orange_juliusJust need verification21:00
kmallocayoung: wonder if we're setting a RETRY value on the connection as well21:00
orange_juliusldappool catches ldap.LDAPError which is the superclass for all ldap errors. I'm pretty sure its happening there... line 251-268 of ldappool21:00
ayoungsimple-bind is dumb21:01
ayoungit really is an anti-pattern.  Share your password with every app....21:01
kmallochmm.. this looks suspect21:01
kmallocayoung, orange_julius:
kmalloclooks to me like what is happening is the failure is being re-tried21:06
ayoungexcept ldap.SERVER_DOWN:21:06
kmalloclooks like LDAPpool needs a bunch more logic and we need to do connect independant of simple_bind, and ensure we don't retry on a legit simple bind error21:06
ayoungyou should not get that on an auth failure, tho21:06
kmallocunless the simple_bind failure to AD maybe drops the connections?21:07
kmallocin this case21:07
kmallocwe can't discount that as a possibility21:07
orange_juliusThis is what we had been taking a look at: Is this only to establish the pool then?21:07
ayoungldap.TIMEOUT maybe?21:07
kmallocayoung: maybe as well21:07
kmalloci am guessing it is an interaction with the reconnect object and ldappool's use21:08
ayoungoh, that last one looks like a suspect21:08
kmallocah yeah that might do it21:08
ayoungthat is so not my code21:08
ayoungwho wrote that...21:09
kmallocthat is mostly inherited from mozilla21:09
orange_juliusAre you guys looking at ldappoll stuff?21:09
kmallocwhen we took over ldappool21:09
kmallocorange_julius: yeah.21:09
kmallocayoung: so, we own ldappool but it was originally a mozilla project.21:09
kmallocayoung: my guess is that is historical.21:09
ayoungI still wanna know who wrote dat21:10
kmallocayoung: git blame?21:10
ayoung5f674821 (Steve Martinelli   2016-05-12 12:16:34 -0700 255)             except ldap.LDAPError as error:21:11
ayoung5f674821 (Steve Martinelli   2016-05-12 12:16:34 -0700 256)                 exc = error21:11
ayoungDun dun DUN!21:11
ayoungnot really21:11
ayoung-            except ldap.LDAPError as exc:21:12
ayoung+            except ldap.LDAPError as error:21:12
kmallocayoung: how about
ayoungpredates this repo....21:13
kmallocso long long ago21:14
kmallocin a galaxy far away21:14
ayoungso, I wonder if an auth failure is not supposed to raise an exception21:15
ayoungexception ldap.INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS21:16
ayoungI wonder if we were not using that code before to authenitcate21:17
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kmallocwe might have been21:17
ayoung conn = self.user.get_connection(user_ref['dn'],21:19
ayoung                                            password, end_user_auth=True)21:19
ayoungI was young.  I needed the money.21:19
ayoungI'd like to state for the record that I did not do the pool thing.21:20
ayoungcommit 22b114f64724a551df5d32075b6a2d93c394b0d321:21
ayoungAuthor: Dolph Mathews <>21:21
ayoungDate:   Fri Feb 26 01:22:22 2016 +000021:21
ayoung    Enable LDAP connection pooling by default21:21
ayoungI +2ed it21:21
ayoungcourse, that was not the initial pool commit21:22
ayoungcommit ea689ff78f47ca762a4c46a726917b290c52cfef21:22
ayoungAuthor: Arun Kant <>21:22
ayoungDate:   Fri May 23 15:25:38 2014 -070021:22
ayoungI +2ed that one, too21:23
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ayoungorange_julius, you can blame me21:23
orange_juliusfire and brimstone upon you!!!21:24
ayoungIt would cool things off right now.  Heat wave in New England21:24
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert role_assignments API to flask native dispatching
ayoungI don't think that is fixable21:25
ayoungyou'd have to turn off pooling21:25
orange_juliusSo is this issue indeed with ?21:25
openstackLaunchpad bug 1785898 in ldappool "Connection Pooling Retries Failed Passwords" [Undecided,New]21:25
ayoungit sure is21:26
ayoungSwitch to Kerberos21:26
ayoungDo we still support kerberos with LDAP? Seems to me Dolph wanted to kill that21:26
orange_julius=(   What effect does turning off connection pooling have?21:27
ayoungslower connection to the LDAP server/21:27
ayoungbut you would not be turning it off21:27
ayoungjust stopping retrys21:27
ayoungwhich means poor failover semantics, I think21:28
ayoungthe hack would be to change ldappool to not retry on auth failure21:28
ayoungyou have the power to change Python code in production?21:28
orange_juliusYes but we won't be doing that =P. I think disabling retries would be fine. Does that involve just setting the retry number to 0 in the ldap options?21:29
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orange_juliusmight've replicated the issue. I can't unlock my own account though so I gotta wait =(21:56
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kmallocTurning off the pool is much slower, but this legitimately is an icky bug22:14
kmallocI'd go with slower over lockout :P22:14
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.policy master: Imported Translations from Zanata
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert role_assignments API to flask native dispatching
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert role_assignments API to flask native dispatching
openstackgerritMorgan Fainberg proposed openstack/keystone master: Convert role_assignments API to flask native dispatching

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