Wednesday, 2018-05-02

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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Enable Foreign keys for sql backend unit test
openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Enable foreign keys for test_v3_catalog
openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Enable foreign keys for unit test
openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: [DNM] Enable FK for unit tests by default
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openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Do not return all the limits for POST request.
openstackgerritwangxiyuan proposed openstack/keystone master: Unified limit update APIs Refactor
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yankcrimethanks lbragstad - i'll take a look now08:46
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rabelhi there. can anyone explain role inheritance in openstack to me or provide a link where i could read it up?10:27
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andreykurilinhi folks! I have a strange case. I'm trying to create a role 'Foo', keystone returns 409 error - 'duplicate entry found '.  But I cannot find role "Foo" while listing all roles. How this can be fixed? Any ideas?12:30
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lbragstadandreykurilin: is there a domain-specific role named 'Foo'?12:36
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lbragstadrabel: role inheritance useful when you have projects in a tree structure of some kind12:36
lbragstadrabel: you can give users a role on one project, and have it inherit down the tree, so they get consistent authorization elsewhere in the tree wrt the node in the tree that has the assignment12:38
andreykurilinlbragstad: yes. "default" domain.12:41
andreykurilinlbragstad: `if "Foo" not in keystone.roles.list(domain="default"): keystone.roles.create(name="Foo", domain="default")` something like this12:43
lbragstadandreykurilin: checking to see if I can recreate12:43
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andreykurilinlbragstad: domains.list gives just one default domain12:45
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lbragstadthat's odd12:45
lbragstaddo you see a trace from the sql transaction in the logs?12:47
andreykurilinnot sure that I have access to them :(12:49
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lbragstadandreykurilin: interesting, i double checked the unique constraint13:00
lbragstadi suspected having a role named 'foo' in another domain might be affect it when it shouldn't13:00
lbragstadbut - turns out that's not the case, i was able to create a role named 'foo' in a domain and a role named 'foo' without a domain13:01
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andreykurilinlbragstad: `keystone.roles.list(domain=None)` doesn't show "Foo"  either13:03
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lbragstadit looks like you're using keystoneclient?13:17
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usr2033i have encountered something on deleting domain and i don't know if it is a bug. says "When you delete a domain, this call also deletes all entities owned by it, such as users, groups, and projects, and any credentials and granted roles that relate to those entities." but when i delete domain with "openstack domain delete <domain-id>" role assignment of user to deleted13:18
usr2033domain resides. Does anybody know something about this? Am i doing something wrong?13:18
rabellbragstad: how would i do this? can i assign the role to the user for the root project and set "inherited=True" and the user has the same permissions for the subprojects automatically?13:19
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lbragstadusr2033: i just tested locally13:26
lbragstadusr2033: i set up a new domain, created a user and project within it, then granted the user a role on the project13:26
lbragstadi disabled the domain, then deleted it13:27
lbragstadthe domain, user, project, and role assignment were all deleted13:27
lbragstadusr2033: are you using something differently that results in different behavior?13:27
lbragstadrabel: yeah - i think so, but i believe we have docs13:28
lbragstadrabel: not sure if you've seen that yet13:28
rabellbragstad: thanks. i will play around with that a little bit13:30
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andreykurilinlbragstad: yes. it is keystoneclient13:32
usr2033@lbragstad i set only domain admin role to user13:35
usr2033lbragstad i use keystone version 8 with v3 api13:37
lbragstad hmm13:39
lbragstadusr2033: here is what i did locally -
lbragstadusr2033: so you're on liberty?13:40
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lbragstadkmalloc: i went through and updated all the stable reviews I've +1'd to +213:46
lbragstadand kicked a couple that you've +2'd through13:46
usr2033lbragstad, yes i am in liberty13:56
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usr2033lbragstad, my issue is already created user. my user already has default domain and project role. i grant new role in new domain.13:59
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usr2033lbragstad, in your case i got success too13:59
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lbragstadso - the user in the domain you're deleting has roles in other domains?14:01
lbragstadand those aren't being cleaned up?14:01
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Implement enforcement model logic in Manager
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Expose endpoint to return enforcement model
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usr2033lbragstad, yes user has roles in other domains, all roles of user stays14:08
usr2033after deleting domain14:08
kmalloclbragstad: awesome14:10
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lbragstadusr2033: ok - let me recreate with that case then14:10
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usr2033lbragstad: :+1:14:19
mordredkmalloc, lbragstad: ok. the devstack fix for the block-storage endpoint has merged. what additional would y'all like for landing ?14:23
kmallocI'm good with it as is honestly.14:24
kmallocI want to help get a doc published (docs.o.o) or similar for the mapping of aliases and links in ksa.14:24
lbragstadusr2033: same thing -
kmallocBut that can come post landing this.14:25
kmallocmordred: reviewing the code now btw.14:25
lbragstadusr2033: but i added the user to a project in two different domains, and it looks like the role assignments were clean up for both14:25
kmalloclbragstad: yay a second stable reviewer14:25
lbragstadkmalloc: ++14:25
mordredkmalloc: thanks! and yes, I agree about doc14:26
kmallocmordred: and I said I'd help with the doc job, I just need to get the ick out of my sinuses (yay springtime) to see straight :P. Much better today with heavy allergy meds.14:28
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mordredkmalloc: springtime sinuses are the worst14:29
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usr2033lbragstad: i will try with project role too.14:33
lbragstadi can retry with a domain role14:34
lbragstadi forgot about that14:34
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usr2033lbragstad, thanks for your attention14:35
hrybackicmurphy: have you come across anyone that has an example of using app creds that live in an rc file by chance?14:35
lbragstadusr2033: same result -
lbragstadeverything gets cleaned up14:39
lbragstadat least with master14:39
cmurphyhrybacki: are you looking for a real world example? I can show you a demo example but I haven't encountered anyone using it in real life yet14:39
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hrybackicmurphy: a demo example would be fine :)14:40
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cmurphyhrybacki: something like
cmurphyalso if you stand up horizon on master you can download an RC file with app creds14:50
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lbragstadcmurphy: oh - that's neat14:58
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lbragstadkmalloc: ayoung curious if you'd like to review
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ayounglbragstad, I'd take jamielennox 's comments as canon15:03
usr2033lbragstad, all roles you set in same domain as i understand :(15:03
ayoungDictionary is strange15:04
ayounghmm thought I reviewed I have a bunch of drafts15:04
hrybackithanks a bunch cmurphy !15:04
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lbragstadayoung: yeah - the dictionary bit is weird15:04
ayounglbragstad, that makes the contract Python specific.15:05
lbragstadi guess i'm trying to figure out a way to make it so that we can pass that information in the header while keeping it open for expansion later15:05
lbragstadbecause we might do something more interesting in the future15:05
lbragstadinstead of 'system': {'all': True}15:05
usr2033lbragstad, i already have an user_z with domain admin role in domain domain_a, i created new domain named domain_b and i gave domain admin role to user_z on domain_b.15:05
usr2033lbragstad, my new domain has no project.15:06
lbragstadwe could do 'system': {'service': '4d52512c24ec433b8f57dcfebf97c692'} or what-not15:06
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lbragstadusr2033: what domain does uesr_z belong to?15:09
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lbragstadayoung: about the X- header bit, kmalloc had input against that in a previous patch set15:12
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openstackgerritKen Giusti proposed openstack/oslo.policy master: Remove stale pip-missing-reqs tox test
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kmalloclbragstad: yep15:47
kmallocayoung: we need to stop proliferating more x- prefixed headers15:47
kmallocso future headers should be descriptive and prefixed with OS, OpenStack, os-keystone, os-identity, etc (or whatever we want to use)15:48
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kmallocmordred:  ok i reviewed most of it, but looks like a bunch of patches might need rebases.15:59
kmalloclbragstad: commented16:02
lbragstadkmalloc: thanks - i'll check here in a minute once i push a few limit patches16:03
kmalloclbragstad: mostly just said the same thing else where (re X- prefix).16:04
kmalloci am inclined to dislike the 'system': {'all': True}16:04
kmallocto be "more" HTTP like, you could make it: 'system-all' or a list (comma delimited, future) of allowed16:05
kmallocit also allows adding OPENSTACK-System-Scope header multiple times to make it automatically concatenated with commas (HTTP standard) works16:05
kmallocayoung: ^16:05
* ayoung read mordred as Murdered.16:08
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nkindercmurphy: do you know of any examples of using application credentials in RC files?16:13
cmurphynkinder: :)
nkindercmurphy: the documentation shows a middleware configuration example, but not RC usage16:14
cmurphythe RC file would be basically the same but with the options uppercased and prefixed with OS_16:15
nkindercmurphy, Thanks!  I figured as much, but wanted to be sure :)16:15
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth master: Trivial: Update pypi url to new url
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Use Status variables in tests
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/keystoneauth master: Reference class variable in Status
mordredkmalloc: I think that should take care of the rebase needs16:21
mordredwasn't as bad as I thought16:21
kmallocmordred: cool.16:21
kmallocyeah it looks ghood, just needed that so we can land it all :)16:21
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Add policy for limit model protection
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Implement enforcement model logic in Manager
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone master: Expose endpoint to return enforcement model
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lbragstadkmalloc: yeah - passing a dictionary in a header seems odd16:26
kmalloclbragstad: so. what are we trying to pass in16:27
lbragstadbut with the addition of more service scoped stuff in the future16:27
lbragstadi wanted to avoid having to add more headers16:27
kmallocok, so lets use a list of values16:27
kmallocopenstack-system-scope: <type>, <type>, <type>16:27
kmallocand the default can be system-all (today)?16:27
lbragstadwhat is type?16:27
kmallocinstead of system: all16:28
lbragstadif 'scope': 'system': {'all': True} is in a token16:28
lbragstadwhat does that look like in the header?16:28
lbragstadtranslated to the header*16:28
kmallocopenstack-system-scope: system-all16:28
lbragstadso 'system-all' would be special16:29
kmallocsince headers can be comma delimited16:29
kmallocexample could be (future)16:29
kmallocopenstack-system-scope: nova-all, glance-all16:29
lbragstadso if we did something like 'scope': {'system': {'service': '30e0dcd33bf543f69a099c5228d2ad59'}16:29
kmallocopenstack-system-scope: system-<id> ?16:30
kmallocor service-id16:30
lbragstadwhere ID would be the service id?16:30
kmalloci mean...16:30
kmallocis it always going to be :system:16:30
kmallocbecause then we can do: openstack-system-scope: all16:30
lbragstadright - that can probably be inferred from the header name16:30
kmallocor openstack-system-scope: 30e0dcd33bf543f69a099c5228d2ad5916:31
lbragstadit would be like saying x-project-id: project-id16:31
kmallocwhere "all" is magic16:31
kmallocand remember, we can have it concatentated16:31
kmallocif you want multiple services16:31
lbragstadwouldn't that be like scoping to multiple projects?16:31
kmalloce.g.: openstack-system-scope: 30e0dcd33bf543f69a099c5228d2ad59, deadbeef1, deadbeef216:31
kmallocit would, i was just explaining how it could work if we wanted that16:32
lbragstadok - that makes sense16:32
lbragstadwe only support all today anyway16:32
kmallocso, lets dump the dict in the header, no reason to do that16:32
lbragstadok - i can respin that patch to take the key of the system scope and put that in the header instead16:32
kmallocand we make "all" the default (current) and can add specific services (eityher via alias e.g.: nova / nova-all / etc, or by id16:32
lbragstad^ righ?16:32
kmallocthat would be what i would do16:33
kmallocit simplifies it a lot16:33
kmallocand it makes it more generic16:33
lbragstadi agree16:33
lbragstadcc jamielennox ayoung ^16:33
lbragstadthanks kmalloc16:33
lbragstadkmalloc: fwiw - the limit model patch should be ready for some reviews16:33
mordredkmalloc: you missed one
hrybackilbragstad: no bites on my default roles pitch for the policy meeting :P16:57
lbragstadhrybacki: :( yeah - we need to start knocking on doors17:01
lbragstadi can make a point to do that this weke17:01
* lbragstad goes to run a couple errands over lunch17:01
hrybackilbragstad: yeah, I'm gonna bring your original post to our internal list -- hopefully drum up some support there17:01
hrybackiayoung: ^^17:01
lbragstadi'm usually not a fan of asking for reviews on the mailing list - but since it involved several parts of the community it might need that visibility17:02
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kmallocmordred: yeah reviewing that now17:05
hrybackilbragstad: precisely. My fear is we approach M2 and then someone decides to jump in and bike-shed pass the deadline17:07
kmallocmordred: looks good to me17:09
kmallochrybacki: if it is in our code base, lbragstad can step in and say "uh, bike shed elsewhere"17:09
*** felipemonteiro_ has joined #openstack-keystone17:10
kmallochrybacki: if it is important to land, we should land it -- M2 is the deadline and if people engage 1 minute to midnight, they're in the wrong (imo) if they're bikeshedding17:10
hrybackikmalloc: well, it is an openstack-spec (that we hope will turn into a community goal in the next release) 'there be dragons'17:10
hrybackibut I agree with that wholeheartedly. I want to at least be able to point to several direct asks for input should that scenario arise17:11
ayoungI'm easy on this.  Just that jamielennox spent a lot of time on Context, so I take his opinion fairly seriously.17:11
*** panbalag has joined #openstack-keystone17:11
kmalloccan't say much besides push back on bikeshedding at the last minute by saying "where were you before when I asked, <here>, <here>, <here>"17:11
kmallocayoung: yeah the rest of the context comments weren't hard to see where he was coming from17:11
kmallocthe header bit, that one I get his confusion, but we're trying to adhere to the RFCs going forward (as we should)17:12
kmallochrybacki: i would probably highligh (not "hey review this") but engage the idea via the ML17:12
kmallocthis isn't asking for reviews17:12
mordredkmalloc: RFCs ... more like RFskeez17:12
kmallocit is asking for feedback17:12
kmallocmordred: lol17:13
*** germs has quit IRC17:14
kmallochrybacki: this is making sure you have mindshare on the direction of the spec/goal17:14
*** felipemonteiro has quit IRC17:15
* hrybacki nods17:15
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*** germs has joined #openstack-keystone17:19
lbragstad[m]++ well put kmalloc17:29
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*** panbalag has left #openstack-keystone17:46
ayoungkmalloc, hrybacki after taking the dog for a walk, and thinking about this, I think we should 1. Add a new header IAW the old style and 2. Add a brand new set of headers as a follow on patch that matches the RFC.17:46
ayoung1 is to get things moving, and to not have a one off.  2 is for the long term direction.17:46
kmallocayoung: no, don't add the old style at all17:48
kmallocdon't proliferate x- style headers for new headers.17:48
ayoungkmalloc, no, really, add the old style.17:48
ayoungIt does not matter.17:48
kmallocit does.17:48
ayoungIt is the current pattern.  A deliberate change of the pattern should occur.  And I would not hold this up for the new pattern17:48
kmallocthe general direction of openstack is to eliminate x- prefixed headers17:49
kmallocwe shouldn't add another x-prefixed header17:49
kmallocand support it forever17:49
kmallocbecause if we add it, we support it forever17:49
ayoungYes we should.17:49
kmallocabsolutely not17:50
ayoungBecause otherwise it is a one off, and that will mess people up more.17:50
ayoungWe can then convert the whole set of headers over en mass17:50
kmallocno, document it, we use openstack-blah headers for microversions and have a bad migration for that too17:50
kmallocplease please please do not add more x- prefixed headers for new functionality17:51
kmalloci wont -2 this.17:51
kmallocbut i will -1 it every time if it has a x- prefix17:51
kmallocwith the same comment.17:51
ayoungkmalloc, so, I don't really have a dog in the fight.  This is just my opinion on the way to do it with out messing up the users, but I will not hold it up either way.17:51
ayoungThe hill is yours.17:52
kmallocit wont mess up the users -- this is behind the scenes ksm/ksa stuff17:52
kmalloca user will never send openstack-system-scope header17:52
kmallocor should never17:52
kmallocthis is how we communicate to the services what scope, similar to x-project-id17:53
lbragstadthings would remain backwards compat it we didn't add the new x-style header, wouldn't they?18:18
lbragstadit would just force users to use the new style header for the new authorization?18:19
ayounglbragstad, yes...this is just nit picking.  It would probably be fine either way, and if kmalloc cares so strongly, lets just do it his way.18:25
lbragstadayoung: kmalloc ok - i have another context question18:37
lbragstadthe context object has a system attribute right?18:37
lbragstadand that should technically represent the token's system scope18:38
lbragstadwhen we call things like,unified@296 should it be18:38
kmalloco tjoml sp/18:39
kmalloci think so*18:39
lbragstadctx.system = {'all': True}18:39
lbragstador should it be ctx.system = 'all'18:39
kmallocwhy are we doing "all": true18:39
kmalloci think it should jsut be "all"18:39
kmallocnot sure what benefit the dict adds18:39
kmallocif we only ever support one type of system code18:39
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-keystone18:39
openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth master: fix a typo in
lbragstadi thought we were checking the dictionary values more strictly in oslo.policy18:40
kmallocwe can transform it if needed18:41
kmallocgo with what is needed to work correctly18:42
lbragstadso should context expect to be passed the system scope from the token? or should it be called like ctx = context.RequestContext(system='all')18:44
kmalloci am not sure.18:45
kmalloci think either works?18:45
lbragstadok - i had the wrong idea18:55
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lbragstadi was thinking that oslo.context was going to handle that18:55
lbragstadbut actually that's up to ksm18:55
lbragstadi had my wires crossed18:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-keystoneclient master: Trivial: Update pypi url to new url
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kmallocits all good man19:02
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystonemiddleware master: Introduce new header for system-scoped tokens
lbragstadmmk ^19:15
lbragstadthat should do it19:15
openstackgerritGage Hugo proposed openstack/keystone master: Add LDAP user-backed functional testing gate
lbragstadoslo.context patch -
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lbragstadcc jamielennox ^19:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystonemiddleware master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/keystone-specs master: Add scenarios to strict hierarchy enforcement model
lbragstadwxy: ^ that should be good to review, let me know what you think21:55
lbragstadjohnthetubaguy: yankcrime ^21:56
lbragstadrevised a lot of it, but attempted to keep as much of the CERN case there as possible21:57
lbragstadalso tried to pull some stuff into bugs instead of keeping it in the spec21:57
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