Friday, 2014-07-25

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anteayaand will that I sign off for the night00:01
anteayaI can't spell00:01
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openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed a change to openstack-infra/storyboard: Adding Subscription Resource Hook
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jheskethclarkb: any chance you have time to babysit the osloganalyze change ( ?00:18
jheskethkrtaylor: ping00:21
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openstackgerritRamy Asselin proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Make use of unbound optional
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clarkbjhesketh: sort of I am cooking dinner00:36
clarkbjhesketh does it need a reload? I can do that00:37
clarkbif you approve I can grab laptop in a few to do that00:37
jheskethclarkb: all good, we  can do it tomorrow or another time00:39
jheskethit should only need a reload00:39
clarkbwell I am afk tomorrow so now is good00:39
clarkblets do it00:39
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jheskethokay, I'll approve00:40
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/os-loganalyze: don't double escape html
jheskethclarkb: merged ^00:44
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clarkbcool that should be getting installed about now.00:53
clarkbgoing to grab laptop in a minute00:53
clarkbjhesketh: reloaded00:56
clarkbI am going to test existing test logs not in swift00:56
clarkbjhesketh: did you want to test the index.html files for swift?00:56
clarkb seems to be happy00:57
clarkbhuh I just hit ubuntu one too00:57
clarkbjhesketh: things look good for existing00:58
clarkber existing logs00:58
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jheskethclarkb: works for me :-)
clarkbjhesketh: this is exciting01:01
clarkbjhesketh: anything else you think we should check?01:01
clarkband navigation works01:02
clarkbthis is great01:02
jheskethyep, just need to fix the rendered folder names01:02
jheskethand start to try some more complicated jobs01:03
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jheskethand figure out how to display extra information such as the tempest log descriptions01:03
jheskethclarkb: it's sadly quite slow though... I wonder if we need to address some speed concerns01:03
jhesketheg caching or better swift connections01:04
clarkbjhesketh: we might need to do the cdn thing01:04
clarkband just have apache redirect you01:04
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asselinHi, I can really use some help on this issue:
clarkbasselin: you need to remove your ipv6 interfaces01:04
clarkbor make ipv6 work01:04
jheskethclarkb: that won't help with osloganalyze formatting01:04
jheskethclarkb: we also wanted to avoid that01:05
clarkbjhesketh: oh hrm good point01:05
clarkbjhesketh: I am really happy with this step though. this proves we can make it work possible :)01:05
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asselinclarkb, any ideas how to do that? any ideas why I don't run into this issue when I do it manually?01:08
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asselinclarkb, to clarify: I removed it from the interface manully, but the job is still picking it up. And by manually, I mean, manually run git clone01:09
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asselinclarkb, nevermind different node grr01:09
jheskethclarkb: the other thing is, maybe we just don't care that it's slow?01:10
jheskethit makes jumping around annoying but maybe just open the logs in separate tabs01:10
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asselinclarkb, same error after I remove the ipv6 ip address01:13
asselinwhy would it use ipv6 when run by jenkins script and ipv4 when run manually...???01:16
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clarkbI dont know01:20
asselinclarkb, ok...thanks. I try to figure it out tomorrow.01:21
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openstackgerritK Jonathan Harker proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Move some jenkinsuser bits to openstack_project
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msabramoclarkb: > the testrepository db isnt safe across python versions — Thanks! This behavior seems recent for me? I think I used to be able to run tox and have them all work — did something change in testrepository?03:42
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openstackgerritJoshua Hesketh proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Fix no index options for zuul_swift_upload
openstackgerritJoshua Hesketh proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Fix filename in index generation for swift uploads
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openstackgerritJoshua Hesketh proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Send python-job logs to swift
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: Added to StoryBoard
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add check for comment match regex
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Allow comments after "recheck no bug"
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openstackgerritKanagaraj Manickam proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: namos - openstack infra device and service manager
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Allow comments after "recheck no bug"
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add check for comment match regex
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish specs jobs for *-specs
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish specs jobs for *-specs
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish specs jobs for *-specs
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harlowja_at_homealright, why is the gerrit launchpad login page all sorts of ubuntu one weird now :-P06:46
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mattoliverauI'm calling it a night, night all, and have a great weekend.08:04
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openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Debian and Trusty needs bundler package, not ruby-bundler
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openstackgerritNicholas Randon proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add firewall traffic on port 27410 to 27510.
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chmoueli thought ubuntu one was dead08:34
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ihrachyshkahey. I got failures for unit tests in havana due to missing libffi-devel on centos machine that is chosen for the run. is anyone aware of the issue?09:05
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kashyapihrachyshka, There was a recent patch for DevStack to add that dep as a general dependency --
kashyapBut that's only merged in git master09:59
ihrachyshkakashyap: should we backport it to all branches?10:00
kashyapihrachyshka, Afraid, I cannot say it definitively.10:01
kashyapJust thought I'd point that review that I saw pass by10:01
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kashyapafazekas can comment further I guess, as he's done that change10:03
afazekaskashyap: it was devstack change and afaik the havana centos does not runs devstack jobs10:05
afazekasihrachyshka: is the issue happens with all region and cloud provider ?10:08
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ihrachyshkayeah, it's unit tests that fail10:08
ihrachyshkaafazekas: well, how can I check?10:09
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kashyapafazekas, Thanks, didn't know that - Havana CentOS not running DevStack jobs10:11
ihrachyshkaafazekas: meaning?..10:14
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afazekasihrachyshka: I guess the package was not installed to one image template in one az and not just the periodic/stable was effected10:27
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ihrachyshkaafazekas: I'm dumb in infra issues. what's the implication?10:28
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afazekasihrachyshka: the template images are recreated on everyday, for thick images these packages expected to to be installed:
ihrachyshkawhy does it fail then?10:34
jedimikeI'm testing some heat templates on devstack, I get CREATE_FAILED, but I don't know how to find out why. Where do I look?10:36
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Ajaegerjedimike: there's a #heat channel, I suggest you ask there10:43
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afazekasihrachyshka: I wonder is the puppet multi-package install resistant to this, this together with an incomplete mirror may cause missing+undetected packages10:44
uvirtbotafazekas: Error: Could not parse XML returned by HTTP Error 404: Not Found10:44
openstackgerritJakub Libosvar proposed a change to openstack/requirements: Don't use SQLAlchemy versions 0.9.2 and 0.9.3
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ihrachyshkaafazekas: well... I'm not the one to debug the issue probably. I guess you guys have the ability to debug that, and I10:53
ihrachyshka'm a dumb newbie here when it comes to such failures :)10:53
ihrachyshkaso I just point out that periodic stable havana checks fail, but I lack any understanding of what's going on on those nodes, so..10:53
afazekasihrachyshka: I am just guessing too10:55
ihrachyshkaafazekas: should I report a bug against infra?10:55
afazekasmordred: ping ;  as I remember you mentioned something related to to libffi-dev related issue10:56
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openstackgerritafazekas proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: multi-node dg setup
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/infra-manual: Adds a Third-Party Guide to Infra-Manual
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: Add running devstack-job to the python-mistralclient repository
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/git-review: Prevent long subjects in reviews causing spurious blank lines
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/infra-manual: Remove duplicated words
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: Document use of bandersnatch for pypi mirroring
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: build tarballs and docs for barbican
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openstackgerritChristian Berendt proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Niceness checks for docs should vote
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*** adalbas has joined #openstack-infra12:18
*** mbacchi has joined #openstack-infra12:21
*** miqui has joined #openstack-infra12:22
openstackgerritDavide Guerri proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add git-upstream as new project to stackforge
*** dims has quit IRC12:23
*** rfolco has joined #openstack-infra12:24
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: add support for channel config being nested
*** dims has joined #openstack-infra12:25
*** ygbo has joined #openstack-infra12:28
*** aysyd has joined #openstack-infra12:29
*** dizquierdo has quit IRC12:29
*** jgallard has joined #openstack-infra12:32
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:32
*** adalbas has quit IRC12:34
*** luqas has quit IRC12:36
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: proposed syntax for 3rd party systems
sdagueanteaya: don't remember if you are working today, but ^^^12:38
*** adalbas has joined #openstack-infra12:38
*** chuckC has joined #openstack-infra12:40
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-infra12:40
ygbosdague: Hi, I'm the culprit for the Jenkins emails, please accept my appologies, I didn't have time to finish configuring a test job that it spamed all the horizon contributors... my bad... I just fixed this.12:40
* ygbo feels bad about it...12:41
sdagueygbo: no prob, just didn't know how to contact anyone about it :)12:41
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC12:41
sdagueglad it's fixed now12:41
anteayasdague: I'm here12:42
*** HenryG_afk is now known as HenryG12:42
* anteaya clicks12:42
anteayasdague: can I have topic:third-party, please?12:42
anteayathat is what we have been using for all the other third-party patches12:43
*** jcoufal has quit IRC12:43
sdagueanteaya: done12:43
*** luqas has joined #openstack-infra12:44
anteayaand the same in the doc, we are using third party or third-party12:44
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: proposed syntax for 3rd party systems
*** gordc has joined #openstack-infra12:45
anteayasdague: thanks, could you add an example of what you expect as well as what is to be avoided?12:45
anteayaotherwise I'm just going to have to answer that question individually12:46
anteayaand I support the direction of the patch12:46
*** dprince has joined #openstack-infra12:46
sdagueanteaya: sure, what's the official short name of the xenserver ci?12:47
anteayashort name, umm do you mean username or Full Name?12:48
anteayaFull Name is the display name you see in the comments12:48
anteayausername is what they use to sign in and people don't usually see it12:48
sdaguebut username doesn't have spaces, right?12:48
sdagueI think we need to namespace on username12:49
dguerrianteaya hello, do you have some time to spare talking about git-upstream?12:49
*** bknudson has quit IRC12:49
sdagueI just wanted the official username for the xenserver one to be correct in the example12:49
*** oomichi has quit IRC12:49
anteaya citrix_xenserver_c12:49
*** changbl has joined #openstack-infra12:50
anteayawhich isn't ideal since it uses underscores and we have moved to hyphens12:50
anteayawe use smokestack elsewhere in the doc and the username is smokestack12:50
*** russellb is now known as rustlebee12:50
anteayadguerri: hi12:51
anteayadguerri: well I am multi-tasking and I can add you12:51
anteayafire away12:51
anteayaunfortunately we don't have any great examples of usernames that work with the new naming format *sigh*12:51
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: proposed syntax for 3rd party systems
sdagueanteaya: well, that's a thing12:51
sdaguefeel free to reformat12:52
anteayakk, thanks12:52
sdagueas I'm not sure I have it right, but hopefully there is now enough to get the flavor12:52
anteayaoh and next round can the commit message be third-party too?12:52
*** chuckC has quit IRC12:52
anteayasdague: yes, I understand your point now12:53
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/reviewstats: Add taskflow library as a distinct project
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: proposed syntax for third party systems
sdagueanteaya: done12:53
dguerrianteaya so, I have added a note to clarify git-upstream relation with git-review in commit message, README file and PyPI description: the name of this tool starts with git- just because of the git subcommand naming convention.12:53
*** che-arne|2 is now known as che-arne12:54
anteayaso you and I are clear, third party folk have to implement recheck no bug on their systems to comply with our recheck syntax and they also need to have system: recheck available to trigger just a build of their system12:54
sdagueok, I'm going to run away. I'm going to be only lightly around today, need some non work time before flight Sunday for nova meetup12:54
anteayasdague: is that what you want to have happen?12:54
anteayasdague: happy running12:54
*** flaviof is now known as flaviof_zzz12:54
anteayawhy am I being redirected to ubuntu one to log into gerrit?12:55
dguerrisame here!12:55
sdagueanteaya: honestly, I don't know on the recheck no bug thing. Mostly I want the extended syntax gone12:55
anteayadguerri: okay can I get a url for that12:55
anteayasdague: okay thanks, I will collect other thoughts12:56
anteayasdague: thanks for the patch12:56
sdagueanteaya: there is a thread as well12:56
*** rwsu has joined #openstack-infra12:56
dguerrianteaya of course:  - and
anteayasdague: I'm seeing that, just skimming my email12:57
anteayadguerri: okay thanks, I"m going to have some breakfast and read the links12:58
dguerrianteaya yw12:58
*** stevemar has joined #openstack-infra12:59
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-infra12:59
*** jcoufal has quit IRC13:00
*** jcoufal has joined #openstack-infra13:00
*** dustins has joined #openstack-infra13:00
*** jp_at_hp has joined #openstack-infra13:02
*** dkehn_ is now known as dkehnx13:02
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-infra13:03
*** bnemec has joined #openstack-infra13:04
*** doug-fish has joined #openstack-infra13:05
*** mfer has joined #openstack-infra13:05
*** bknudson has joined #openstack-infra13:07
stevemarAjaeger, thanks for publishing new versions of 'publish keystone specs'!13:08
Ajaegerstevemar: sorry for taking over your patch, hope you like it this way13:08
naggappani am trying devstack gate in fedora 18. Is it supported ? when i try to run Simulating Devstack Gate Tests in read me i get error like /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml file not found and i exit. I tried to copy the file manually from modules/openstack_project/files/puppetmaster/hiera.yaml. Now it gives error in   found character that cannot start any token13:08
naggappanthe steps worked fine in ubuntu 12.0413:09
stevemarAjaeger, np at all man, i am a total noobie at infra, and i very much appreciate the help13:09
Ajaegernow we need some nice reviews from the infra team for it:
Ajaegerstevemar: good ;)13:09
Ajaegerstevemar: you did some work in the patch that I wasn't aware of, so l couldn't have done it myself either ;)13:10
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: build tarballs and docs for barbican
yolandaanteaya, is there some special need to push to openstack-infra/publications? getting this error: git push -v  -u origin ci-automation13:11
yolandaPushing to
yolandaerror: no DAV locking support on
yolandafatal: git-http-push failed13:11
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez13:12
*** derekh_ has joined #openstack-infra13:13
*** leifmadsen is now known as blitzrage13:13
*** dkliban has joined #openstack-infra13:13
anteayayolanda: why are you using git push?13:14
yolandaanteaya, i was reading the README for that project, it was saying that it needs a different branch for each doc, i thought it was some exception13:15
yolandadoes it work with git review as others?13:15
anteayayolanda: everything works with git review as far as I know13:15
anteayaif we have designed a repo that doesn't work with git review I would be extremely surprised13:15
yolandai got confused by these branches issue13:16
anteayayou should never git push in the openstack workflow13:16
anteayadoing so causes problems13:16
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed a change to openstack-infra/publications: New CI Automation doc
anteayawhich is why we wrote git review in the first place13:16
anteayayolanda: yay!!13:16
anteayadguerri: so here is an example of what I am discussing13:17
anteayaand yolanda is an experienced contributor13:17
yolandasomething on my mind told me that this was an exception :)13:17
anteayawhereas if you used git review exclusively, you probably wouldn't have had that thought in the first place13:17
yolandaanteaya, why is the reason that each publication lives on a different branch?13:18
anteayaso they are published separately13:18
anteayahave you seen where they are published?13:18
yolandahaven't looked at the way to publish13:18
dguerrianteaya I agree with you that the git-review (and in general the gerrit workflow) could be confusing... but can't see how one can be confused by git-upstream13:18
anteayayolanda: each branch is it's own url13:19
anteayadguerri: did you read the exchange between yolanda and myself ^^13:19
dguerrianteaya I probably missed something13:20
anteayapicture a new contributor from china or somewhere not in our timezone whose first language is not english13:20
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-infra13:20
anteayathey are new to openstack13:20
anteayathey might even be new to git13:21
anteayathey work through our docs13:21
anteayathe search for git review to find out what it is13:21
anteayathey find git upstream13:21
anteayathey select that tool13:21
anteayathen they get frustrated and post desperate hard-to-parse questions in channel trying to get us to help them to submit their patch13:22
anteayawhich we want to do13:22
anteayabut we don't know what they are doing13:22
anteayafor instance I never ever use git push13:22
*** daya_k has quit IRC13:23
anteayabut obviously yolanda does sometimes13:23
anteayathat creates a problem for her, or did13:23
anteayauntil she used git review13:23
yolandaanteaya, not for openstack, but yes, i'm used to git13:23
anteayaso this is the scenario I am trying to reduce13:23
anteayait can't be avoided, any time new things come into the same space there is a cost13:23
anteayaI'm trying to minimize that cost13:24
anteayaand keep in mind, I might be wrong13:24
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed a change to openstack-infra/release-tools: Check for tardiff and add site to README.
anteayawhich is why having an item on the infra agenda is my suggested way to go here13:24
dguerrianteaya I see. agreen about the meeting... I will not attend as I will be celebrating an important anniversary :)13:25
dguerrinext one13:25
anteayaI'm not saying you shouldn't share the tool, sharing is great13:25
anteayabut we have to be clear about the documentation13:25
anteayaand honestly right now the documentation is more confusing for me13:25
anteayaand I know what git review is and does13:25
*** dannyla has quit IRC13:27
dguerrianteaya yes, understood. Well, you probably are in the best position to tell that a name like git-* in openstack infra could cause confusion. I really can't argue that. :)13:27
dguerrianteaya initially I thought it was "upstream" the problem...13:28
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC13:29
dguerriso , actually there is no space fo any git subcommand in openstack-infra13:29
anteayadguerri: nope, upstream is not the problem13:29
anteayaI'm not saying that13:29
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-infra13:29
anteayaI'm saying that we need to have a discussion when the rest of infra is not at oscon13:29
*** dimtruck is now known as zz_dimtruck13:29
dguerriok, roger that13:29
*** ArxCruz has joined #openstack-infra13:31
anteayadoes anyone in channel have any info on the launchpad single sign on becoming ubuntu one?13:33
*** msabramo has joined #openstack-infra13:33
anteayabecause we are going to have to change all of our docs13:33
anteayadguerri: you know about ubuntu one?13:33
dguerrino... but I was suprised too :)13:34
*** bnemec is now known as beekneemech13:34
*** cdub has joined #openstack-infra13:34
anteayaI'm looking for someone who can give me some backgroud13:34
anteayaand a sense of if this is a temporary interface or a long term one13:34
anteayaand also why13:35
anteayaand I'm going with we didn't know this change was coming up, else I would have expected someone to have posted something to the ml13:35
anteayaalso for those keeping track at home, I'm offline for a chunk of the middle of the day, shortly before 11 my time to sometime in my afternoon13:36
*** aysyd has quit IRC13:37
*** juzuluag has quit IRC13:38
dguerrianteaya I think there is something wrong with launchpad as ubuntu one has been discontinued13:38
*** dprince has quit IRC13:39
dguerriThis makes no sense to me
yolandaanteaya, so i just filed that change to send a draft for my FOSSETCON publication. Could you take a look?13:39
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: build tarballs and docs for barbican
*** flaviof_zzz is now known as flaviof13:40
dguerrithey must be messing with some virtual hosts config :)13:42
Ajaegerdguerri: Seems they used the Ubuntu One name for a totally different purpose now...13:42
anteayadguerri: yeah, me either so if you come across any ubuntu folks that might know what actually is happening to send them this way13:42
anteayayolanda: sure13:42
*** sasik_ has joined #openstack-infra13:43
dguerriAjaeger: amazing :)13:44
*** marzif has joined #openstack-infra13:44
anteayasince we will have to change new contributor docs, but I need to know what they should say13:44
*** esker has joined #openstack-infra13:44
*** dkliban is now known as dkliban_brb13:45
*** armax has joined #openstack-infra13:45
AjaegerStrange thing is: No search gives any results, I would have expected it mentioned in some blog or so but nothing ;(13:45
*** tchaypo is now known as tchorizo13:45
anteayayolanda: you will need to update your README file for your branch13:47
anteayathat is a good example13:47
*** dkliban_brb is now known as dkliban13:47
anteayathe title in the readme file has to match the title of the talk as well as the branch name/topic name13:48
yolandamain concern is about the coverage of the presentation, topics, etc...13:48
anteayagetting there13:48
*** homeless has joined #openstack-infra13:48
anteayayolanda: slide 3 needs an update13:49
*** juzuluag has joined #openstack-infra13:49
anteayause this file for the latest info on program/project status:
anteayathat is the canonical file13:49
yolandagood to know13:49
anteayahow old is the contributor pie chart png file?13:50
anteayais that recent info?13:51
anteayaor do you know13:51
*** signed8bit has joined #openstack-infra13:51
anteaya might give you an updated pie chart image13:52
yolandaanteaya, i grabbed that one from one of the presentations there13:53
anteayaright, it looks old13:53
anteayait might be time to generate a new png file for the contributors pie chart13:53
anteayaslides 8 and 9 appear to have wide images13:53
anteayaperhaps try to hook your laptop up to a projector and see how they render13:54
anteayaalso the title on slide 8 is a bit long and wraps13:54
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: e-r query for intermittent failure in glance tests
anteayasorry the title on slide 913:54
yolandaanteaya, trying on 800x600 resolution may do the trick?13:54
anteayaI'll try13:55
*** skolekonov has quit IRC13:55
anteayaslide 16 I have to scroll down13:56
anteayaI shouldn't have to scroll to read a slide13:56
yolandai may have to divide them13:57
anteayasome of the others might be in the same situation13:57
yolandaor shrink fonts13:57
anteayaalso on 800X600 the blue text box is fine, but the text keeps going outside the text box13:57
anteayadon't shrink your fonts13:57
anteayaslides people can't read are worse that no slide at all13:57
anteayaso yes break up your slides13:58
openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed a change to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Remove query for nova MessagingTimeout unit test bug 1311778
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1311778 in nova "Unit tests fail with MessagingTimeout errors" [Critical,Fix committed]
anteayaso good idea for me to test it on 800x60013:58
anteayaI suggest you do the same13:58
anteayaso format wise, they need some addressing13:59
*** zehicle_at_dell has quit IRC14:00
anteayabut it is a good start14:00
anteayaand you are in much better shape for slides than I am14:00
anteayaI have to write some too14:01
*** jgallard has quit IRC14:01
anteayaI'm coming off of 800x600 though14:01
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-infra14:01
anteayaygbo: please reply to the email sdague sent to the infra mailing list so we have a record that this has been addressed14:04
yolandaanteaya, ok, i'll do a proper formatting14:04
yolandawhat do you think about the contents exposed?14:04
anteayaygbo: also do you have notes from what created teh problem? perhaps you can contribute to our documentation to prevent other ci systems from doing the same14:04
anteayayolanda: my first pass was for formatting14:05
anteayayolanda: the projects and pie chart caught my eye on content14:05
ygboanteaya: the issue is that I didn't receive the email from the mailing list, I subscribed to this ML when my collegues notified me about the issue...14:05
anteayathe rest didn't raise any red flags but I will take a look with new formatting14:05
anteayaygbo: so you are subscribed now and you have confirmed your subscrition?14:06
*** markwash has joined #openstack-infra14:06
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Remove query for nova MessagingTimeout unit test bug 1311778
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1311778 in nova "Unit tests fail with MessagingTimeout errors" [Critical,Fix committed]
ygboYes, I can add a new thread but can't reply unless I receive a new mail from the thread.14:06
*** markwash has quit IRC14:06
anteayaygbo: let me send a new email to the thread14:06
ygboanteaya: cool, thanks :-)14:06
yolandaanteaya, ok, i'll correct formatting when i have some time14:06
anteayaygbo: replied14:07
anteayayolanda: great, you are off to a great start14:07
*** chandan_kumar has joined #openstack-infra14:07
pelix@anteaya would be good to add the confusion explanation about git-upstream in the review as I only understood what you were referring to once I read the channel14:08
anteayapelix: what points did you understand from the channel that you didn't understand before?14:09
anteayaand then I can add that to the patch14:09
pelixanteaya: that the confusion was about git-*, rather than the idea of the tool14:09
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack-infra14:09
*** chandan_kumar has quit IRC14:10
yolandathx for the support :)14:10
anteayapelix: okay, great glad we both know what the source of the confusion is, I will add that as a comment on the patch14:10
anteayayolanda: you are welcome, you are doing great work, keep it up14:11
yolandasdague, clarkb, why are linux-headers-generic, linux-headers-virtual installed for devstack-node ? they give trouble on Debian, they don't exist14:11
yolandathere is a virtual package just called linux-headers, i may add a comparison and install that for Debian14:12
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-infra14:12
pelixanteaya: not saying I see the same confusion :p since there are already 140+ git-* commands, just that it would be good to be clear in the review14:13
*** jgallard has joined #openstack-infra14:14
openstackgerritDina Belova proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Gnocchi project changes monitoring added to the Ceilometer channel
*** msabramo has quit IRC14:14
dguerrianteaya also please consider that we are proposing git-upstream to stackforge not to openstack-infra14:15
clarkbpelix well I still assert it should be called something else as it only works with gerrit but whatever14:15
openstackgerritafazekas proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: multi-node dg setup
clarkbgit-upstream is fine with me14:15
dguerriwe certainly would like to see it in gopenstack-infra.. but it is not what we are proposing now.14:15
*** esker has quit IRC14:16
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC14:17
*** UtahDave has joined #openstack-infra14:17
*** UtahDave has left #openstack-infra14:17
pelixclarkb: it could support using either the patch-id and/or commit messages to be more generic and work outside of using the gerrit Change-Ids.14:17
*** david-lyle has joined #openstack-infra14:18
pelixtechnically it's not even tied to gerrit, just the commit-msg hook14:18
clarkbit is tied to change ids14:18
anteayapelix: at there is one git-* repo, git-review14:18
anteayadguerri: I am aware you are creating a stackforge repo14:18
anteayahonestly I really think you should bring it up at a meeting14:19
anteayaboxing me into a corner without getting input from other infra team members usually is a waste of your time14:20
dguerrianteaya sure, as agreed. But keeping to discuss would be of great help for me14:20
anteayait has been in the past anyway14:20
dguerrianteaya do you have any suggestion about the name?14:20
pelixanteaya: I agree that's the easiest place since it'll catch everyone at the same time. I've a conflict for the next two tuesday's, and I beleive davide is the same for the next one, so either 2 or 3 tuesdays from now14:20
*** julim has joined #openstack-infra14:20
*** chandankumar has quit IRC14:21
anteayalet me ask you this14:21
anteayahow much have either one of you used git review?14:21
pelixI have patches in it :p14:21
pelixis that enough14:21
dguerriI have read a lot of doc befor starting to understand how to use it properly14:22
anteayapelix: so do you use it in your daily workflow?14:22
anteayaso tell me what was the decision to create a separate tool rather than extend git review?14:22
anteayasince I don't understand the use case14:23
dguerripelix that's your call14:23
anteayanever having done what you are doing14:23
pelixbecause it solves a different problem14:23
anteayado expand14:23
anteayaclarkb: is cody around today?14:24
dguerriallow me14:24
dguerrigit-upstream is an open source Python application that can be used to keep in sync with upstream open source projects, mainly OpenStack.14:24
pelixdguerri: that doesn't really describe the difference14:24
anteayaclarkb: it would be great if I could get into my hp email today, to y'know file expense reports and stuff14:24
dguerrigit-review is a command-line tool for Git / Gerrit. It makes it easier to configure your git clone, to submit a change or to fetch an existing one.14:24
anteayaclarkb: if you see him14:24
pelixsince you could apply almost the same working to git review14:24
*** mwagner_lap has quit IRC14:25
anteayahence my inability to understand the difference14:25
anteayabut there seems to be one14:25
clarkbanteaya not sure about cody14:25
anteayaa difference that is14:25
dguerriso one is for submitting reviews to openstack repos, the other is for repositories traking14:25
anteayaclarkb: kk, thanks14:25
anteayadguerri: go on14:25
anteayaI can track repos with git review14:26
*** unicell has joined #openstack-infra14:26
anteayaI update my remotes and git pull --ff-only14:26
anteayayet this seems to be insufficeint for your needs14:26
anteayawhy is that?14:26
dguerrihey wait...14:27
*** zz_dimtruck is now known as dimtruck14:27
dguerrigit-upstream actually do use git commands14:27
dguerriit ease the process of rebasing local carried patches on top of upstream repos14:28
*** jgrimm has joined #openstack-infra14:28
dguerrinothing magic14:28
anteayahow does it ease the rebasing process?14:28
anteayaI rebase with git review14:28
anteayawhy would I need git upstream rebasing?14:28
dguerrievaluating the right sequence of git commands need to rebase local carries patches dropping duplicates14:29
anteayatry me again?14:29
pelixfrom an operational point of view we've frequently had pick a point in an upstream project to try and deploy and then to carry local fixes sometimes back-ports, sometimes security fixes, and sometimes because we needed to run something at scale just to be sure it actually worked. Rolling forward each time created a continuous, we need to pick up more fixes and can't release problem. Also still needed to keep these somewhere until we could14:29
*** james_li has joined #openstack-infra14:29
anteayaso deployment is a use case?14:29
anteayabecause I am not deploying14:29
pelixgit rebase works well for a single non-shared repository, or where you like to play which branch is the actual one we are using now14:30
dguerrifor the same reason why you would prefer coding in a hi-level language rather then assemply14:30
anteayadguerri: to abstract for this situation, let's stick to details for your use case14:30
*** dustins has quit IRC14:30
anteayadeployment use case sounds interesting14:30
*** prad has joined #openstack-infra14:30
anteayawhy are you deploying from git rather than from tarballs or packages?14:31
pelixConsider it another approach to using deb series file with patches, or rpm %patch macros, except now it uses the git repo in a packaging agnostic approach and avoids the need to review diffs14:31
anteayaor using tripleo?14:31
anteayaso a tool to allow you to deploy using git14:32
anteayawould that be accurate?14:32
dguerrianteaya if you see more trobles that benefits having a tool that automate a workflow that many people are already using... well I loose.14:32
anteayadguerri: I think you misunderstand the nature of this conversation14:32
anteayaI'm trying to understand what you are doing, and I don't yet14:32
anteayahence my questions14:33
pelixanteaya: close, but sometimes the code gets packaged up, but yes it is intended to allow use directly from git rather than managing carried fixes via a deb or rpm14:33
dguerrianteaya I don't think so. we have a balance with two weights: one is the confusion that can be generated having another git-* subcommand in OpenStack, the other is having something that can help openstack users.14:33
*** dustins has joined #openstack-infra14:34
anteayapelix: okay so how does the code get package up?14:34
*** adalbas has quit IRC14:34
anteayasomething that can help openstack users do what?14:34
openstackgerritDavanum Srinivas (dims) proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Capture logs from Sphinx Doc generation
anteayathat is the question I am trying to get an answer to14:34
dguerrianteaya talking about the actual algorithm implemented by git-upstream, that is changing the topic of the discussion14:34
anteayawhat are the openstack users doing that this tool solves their problem14:34
anteayawhat are the openstack users doing that they need this tool?14:35
rcarrillocruzi think the tool may not be used by openstack project as a whole, but it's a terrific tool for orgs using openstack itself and developing stuff around it14:35
pelixgit-upstream supports merging of a branch (that's where we stick anything under debian/ for those building debs) and then git-buildpackage is run against the result. Although we are switching more to simply using tripleo so it is also working with just deploying from git directly.14:35
dguerrianteaya so please add that to your review too... this is a point that I can actually discuss14:35
anteayarcarrillocruz: great, doing what?14:35
anteayapelix: so do you see yourself still using this tool if you move to using tripleo?14:36
pelixanteaya: yes, and it is already14:36
anteayadguerri: add what to my review?14:36
dguerriyour concern about the actual benefit that this tool will bring14:36
anteayapelix: and what is already14:37
anteayadguerri: I don't have a concern about the actual benefit this tool with bring14:37
anteayaI don't know what the benefit is14:37
pelixI'm just not directly involved with the tripleo work, but there are others in HP that are using it already with tripleo14:37
anteayanoone has been able to describe it to me14:37
*** Longgeek_ has joined #openstack-infra14:37
anteayapelix: using it how?14:37
anteayapelix: should this tool be a part of tripleo?14:38
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC14:38
pelixanteaya: it allows them to pick a point, stabilize for a few days (week maybe two), what fixes they need are contributed upstream, and git-upstream will carry any not already merged upstream automatically forward when they look to move to the latest every week14:39
anteayapelix: have you talked with the tripleo team to ask if this tool should be a part of tripleo?14:40
anteayaNg: ping14:40
Nganteaya: hey14:40
*** Longgeek has quit IRC14:40
anteayahey there14:40
*** rcarrillocruz has quit IRC14:40
anteayaI have to jet for an appointment14:40
anteayado you mind reading the backscroll and giving me your thoughts which I will read in a few hours upon my return14:41
anteayaNg: s'okay?14:41
Nganteaya: k14:41
*** e0ne has quit IRC14:41
*** rcarrillocruz has joined #openstack-infra14:42
*** eharney has joined #openstack-infra14:42
openstackgerritJakub Libosvar proposed a change to openstack/requirements: Don't use SQLAlchemy 9 version < 0.9.7
* anteaya is afk14:43
*** mflobo has quit IRC14:43
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra14:44
*** adalbas has joined #openstack-infra14:46
pelixanteaya: no I haven't, but I also don't see it specifically as something for tripleo. consider the following use case, we have an old patched version of gerrit-trigger (not all moved to zuul yet) which uses XML that is incompatible with what is being generated by the latest JJB. In order to use the latest JJB I would include a change on top of our local copy to supply the old XML which isn't going to be include upstream since JJB by defaul14:46
dguerrianteaya pelix wasn't the discussion about naming clash/confusion?14:47
pelixdguerri: also about trying to explain what the tool does and it's use case14:48
*** esker has joined #openstack-infra14:48
dguerriyup... but I wouldreally  like to see a -1 or even a -2 with concern about the lacking of docuemntation needed to undestand how git-upstream works14:48
*** IvanBerezovskiy has left #openstack-infra14:48
dguerribecasue I have spent a lot of time writing that... I would reallt like a feedback about that14:49
Ajaegerdguerri: is this the use-case: You work on a tree that contains changes that are different than master and want to create a single patch that should be applied to both master and your local tree?14:49
*** james_li has quit IRC14:49
rcarrillocruzit's just a convenience tool to keep up openstack upstream branches changes on top of local branches. i don't see a benefit for the *openstack_project*, but we do here at HP. And I am glad our colleagues are giving this back to the community, so others can contribute, enhance, etc14:49
*** naggappan has quit IRC14:50
rcarrillocruzregarding the naming: yeah, i can see it can be confusing, as it may appear is something from the git ecosystem, where in reality it's more openstack/gerrit centric14:51
pelixAjaeger: you already have the patch or two committed and you want a tool that when moving forward to the latest from upstream to be able to bring this patch forward in a way that does not result in the 'RECOVERING FROM UPSTREAM REBASE' issue in the git-rebase manpage., and at the same time removes them automatically those carried changes appear upstream14:51
rcarrillocruzi suggest asking for rename opinions in the mailing list thread14:51
dguerriAjaeger rcarrillocruz has a point. It simply ease a process that many companies are probably already implementing: you have a repo with local patches (maybe you want to contribute them but they are not ready...) and you want to stay up-to-date with upstream14:51
*** markmcclain has quit IRC14:51
dguerridefinitely not useful for small companies or for every users... so it should not be documented along with git-review which is mandatory if you want to work with the openstack source14:52
Ajaegerdguerri: are you still using git review on top of it or does it replace git review?14:53
pelixProbably also worth noting that the alternative approach is to use 'merge' and have someone that understands inside and out every patch14:53
*** rainya has joined #openstack-infra14:53
dguerrircarrillocruz changing the name, specifically removing the prefix, changes everithing.. it would no longer be a git subcommand14:53
rcarrillocruzdguerri: i'm fine with git-upstream, i just point that i can understand others may be 'meeh, what's this git thing that it only applies to gerrit workflows'14:54
Ajaegerdguerri: can't you change the repository name and still install a "git upstream" command?14:54
pelixAjaeger: using it along side git-review. Git-review handles upload for review, git-upstream handles essentially a special way of rebasing changes such that they can be re-reviewed using git-review if desired, but ensures that the rebase of a published branch issue doesn't occur.14:55
*** atiwari has joined #openstack-infra14:55
Ajaegerpelix: understood, thanks14:55
pelixrcarrillocruz: git-review only applies to gerrit workflows too :)14:55
rcarrillocruzheh, sure, but that was already there and it's not going to stackforge ;-)14:56
rcarrillocruzzero problems with the naming really14:56
rcarrillocruzand i'm glad you're pushing this back to community14:57
openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed a change to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Add query for nova unit test race bug 1348661
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1348661 in nova "nova.tests.api.ec2.test_cloud.CloudTestCase.test_terminate_instances_two_instances race fails with UnexpectedDeletingTaskStateError" [Undecided,New]
pelixIn any case a search on the cgit page will always pick git-review first since it is in openstack-infra and alphabetically before it.14:57
pelixanyways, figure myself and/or dguerri will plan to join one of the openstack-infra meetings over the next 3 weeks. I'm out for the next two, so might have to wait a while.14:58
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-infra14:58
pelixdguerri: thoughts? ^^14:58
*** david-ly_ has joined #openstack-infra14:58
pelixwant to plan joining the meeting for the 12th August?14:58
pelixAlso gives people time to ask enough questions to have a good handle on what git-upstream does rather than trying to rush to a decision.14:59
*** david-lyle has quit IRC14:59
rcarrillocruzpelix: in the end, the tool is going to stackforge, and those projects are not officially endorsed by Openstack15:01
dguerriAjaeger yep, good point15:01
rcarrillocruzin my opinion, we can land (getting a consensus on naming) and then work further15:01
dguerriAjaeger yes repo name can be definitely changes15:02
dguerrifor the next meeting... need to ask my wife permission... no kidding..15:02
Ajaegerdguerri: Yeah, infra meetings are at a bad time for Europeans ;(15:03
dguerrithe problem is that I got an anniversary15:03
rcarrillocruzinfra meetings mean europeans work 14h a day :D15:03
Ajaegerrcarrillocruz: only 14? ;)15:04
pelixdguerri: geeze don't do that, the pain would not be worth it!15:04
*** thedodd has joined #openstack-infra15:05
Ajaegerit's 17:05 for me on a Friday - time to call it a weekend ;-) Have fun and bye!15:05
dguerriAjaeger have a good one15:06
*** Ajaeger has quit IRC15:06
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-infra15:06
rcarrillocruzAjaeger: heh, indeed15:06
*** dguerri is now known as _dguerri15:07
*** doddstack has joined #openstack-infra15:07
*** dkehn_ has joined #openstack-infra15:10
*** cnesa4 has quit IRC15:10
*** thedodd has quit IRC15:10
*** _dguerri is now known as dguerri15:11
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*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-infra15:15
*** moted has joined #openstack-infra15:19
*** chandankumar has joined #openstack-infra15:21
*** radez is now known as radez_g0n315:23
BobBallsdague: Looks fine to me.  FYI I've already fixed XS CI15:24
sdagueBobBall: cool, thanks for jumping on that15:24
*** arnaud has joined #openstack-infra15:25
*** markwash has joined #openstack-infra15:26
BobBallsdague: I'm planning to continue to trigger on 'recheck xenserver' even though I now tell people to use 'xenserver: recheck' as I figure anyone who is using the reason starting with "xenserver" should recheck anyway.15:27
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC15:27
sdagueBobBall: sure, I think that's fine15:27
yolandahere, i have a silly question but i need some advice15:28
*** moted has quit IRC15:28
yolandain Debian, there is no linux-headers-generic package, but something like15:28
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-infra15:28
sdaguerealistically the requirement will probably just be that 'recheck' always rechecks regardless, and then 'xenserver: xxxxxxxxxx' only gets routed by you15:28
yolandalinux-headers-$(uname -r)15:28
yolanda is needed15:28
yolandabut i'm trying to integrate that into nodepool, in the install of devstack nodes15:28
yolandaif i use uname -r it gets the data from my system, not for the spinned node15:29
yolandaany workaround for it?15:29
*** dustins has quit IRC15:30
sdagueyolanda: I don't think so, you could parse contents in /boot instead of using uname -r15:30
BobBallI hope not sdague - I think recheck should only check infra's CI15:30
*** jgallard has quit IRC15:30
sdagueyolanda: or, better yet, ls /lib/modules15:30
*** stevemar has quit IRC15:30
BobBallrecheck shouldn't need to check _everyone_ - if xen/hyperv/whatever passes then there is no need to recheck it if one of the 17 jenkins jobs fails15:30
sdagueBobBall: the doc already says it's supposed to15:30
BobBallI'd suggest we change that15:31
*** stevemar has joined #openstack-infra15:31
yolandasdague, no easier way to install proper version of linux-headers on Debian?15:31
BobBall(I was doing that fwiw but I just disabled that because it didn't make sense)15:31
sdagueyolanda: I don't know, my debian fu is weak15:31
*** dustins has joined #openstack-infra15:31
*** arnaud__ has joined #openstack-infra15:32
yolandasdague, could we move that from dib-elements to puppet configuration?15:32
sdagueyolanda: honestly, I know very little about dib :)15:33
*** chandankumar has quit IRC15:33
yolandaso, i need feedback from more people, maybe mordred or clarkb ^15:33
*** rlandy has quit IRC15:33
yolandai'm thinking in the way we do exceptions for debian, ruby-bundler, etc... linux-headers could be the same15:33
Nganteaya: so we just had some in-room discussion about git-upstream here at the tripleo sprint. I don't think it's a tool specific enough to be part of tripleo, I think it's generically useful to anyone with a long-lived local branch of some upstream thing, not just tripleo, but it should be somewhere and referred to as a way to do product branches of15:35
Ngupstream things15:35
*** sasik_ has quit IRC15:35
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC15:36
lukegoJust a thought: is there any tooling for helping to track OpenStack meetings? e.g. RSS feeds that serve up agendas/minutes for meetings so that one could easily stay on top of 10+ meetings (know what is discussed, participate based on agenda)?15:36
*** james_li has joined #openstack-infra15:36
*** ihrachyshka has joined #openstack-infra15:37
*** gangil has joined #openstack-infra15:38
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*** ramashri has joined #openstack-infra15:46
*** vermarah_ has joined #openstack-infra15:46
*** tongli has joined #openstack-infra15:46
tonglihi, can anyone please review this to add our channel to be logged?15:46
tongliand also making it connect with gerrit?15:47
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Add refresh command
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Support (most of) gerrit search syntax
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Add account table
*** Evgeny has joined #openstack-infra15:47
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Use account table in search
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Add an example gertty.yaml for OpenStack
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Allow the default project change list query to be customized
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Add a command to return to the change list
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed a change to stackforge/gertty: Add commands to go to the prev/next change in the list
*** dguerri is now known as _dguerri15:47
*** cdub has quit IRC15:48
jeblairlifeless: ^ you can change the default change list query now15:48
jeblairmordred: ^ prev/next/up commands15:48
jeblairclarkb: ^ refresh15:48
lifelessjeblair: thank you15:48
jeblairbut heads up about the db migration15:49
*** SumitNaiksatam has quit IRC15:49
jeblairi did not write a downgrade script, and it will sync a little bit of extra data for every change in the db15:49
jeblair(it's going back to get data we are not currently collecting)15:50
jeblairlifeless: one more ping just to make sure you see that warning ^ :)15:50
lifelessjeblair: I see it, I won't upgrade till I'm home15:51
jeblairfor me it took about 15 mins to sync ~1k items on oscon wifi15:52
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk15:52
* jeblair disappears15:53
*** _dguerri is now known as dguerri15:53
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Gather Apache2 error log
*** dhellman_ has joined #openstack-infra16:22
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/nodepool: Revert "Track last allocations to ensure forward-progress"
*** dhellman_ has quit IRC16:25
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Fix and update query for bug 1295808
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1295808 in tempest "paramiko EOFError in test_security_groups_basic_ops" [Undecided,New]
*** yamahata has quit IRC17:30
*** Ajaeger has joined #openstack-infra17:33
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*** dencaval has joined #openstack-infra17:36
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-infra17:36
Ajaegerinfra team, is this patch now good for publishing of the specs repositories or do we need to do some more?
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-infra17:40
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC17:40
*** rwsu has quit IRC17:41
*** ZZelle has joined #openstack-infra17:42
mesteryanteaya: If you're around, I'm wondering what is the easiest way to map 3rd party CI accounts to gerrit accounts so I can get a quick summary of what they are reviewing.17:44
mesteryanteaya: Thanks for the help when you have a moment!17:44
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra17:45
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-infra17:45
kashyapmestery, If it might help, from an unrelated wiki page (Gerrymander - a Gerrit  CLI query/manipulation tool), there's a list of all "bot" (CI systems) gerrit user names --
kashyapJust grep for 'bot', and see the names there.17:47
kashyapmestery, If I misunderstood you, and that's not what you were looking for, disregard me :-)17:47
mesterykashyap: Thanks, I think this may be it! I'm looking now, much appreciated!17:48
*** e0ne has quit IRC17:48
openstackgerritEdgar Magana proposed a change to openstack-infra/infra-specs: Multinode spec for Neutron DVR testing
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra17:56
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*** dmsimard has joined #openstack-infra18:44
dmsimardHey guys. Any idea why this build failed ?
dmsimardRelevant review:
Kialldmsimard: has the logs for the failure18:46
KiallSome of the tempest tests failed, not sure if there relevant to your change or if it was just a dud run though..18:46
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra18:47
dmsimardIt looks like timeout issues18:47
dmsimardLooking at tracebacks
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish remaining specs repositories
*** Longgeek_ has quit IRC18:51
*** andreykurilin has joined #openstack-infra18:51
dmsimardHmm, I'll check if there are any bugs opened along these lines18:52
*** morganfainberg is now known as morganfainberg_Z18:53
*** Ajaeger has quit IRC18:53
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC18:53
*** _dguerri is now known as dguerri18:54
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1348204 in nova "test_encrypted_cinder_volumes_cryptsetup times out waiting for volume to be available" [Undecided,New]18:56
*** emagana has joined #openstack-infra18:56
dmsimardYup, that's what I'm hitting18:56
dmsimardCouldn't find it, thanks18:57
*** luqas has quit IRC18:57
openstackgerritNicholas Randon proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add firewall traffic on port 27410 to 27510.
dmsimardSo a lot of tempest tests are failing now ? :(18:57
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC18:58
*** dkliban has quit IRC18:58
mtreinishdmsimard: yep, is a list of all the known bugs we're tracking in the gate18:59
mtreinishand there are probably a bunch missing too18:59
*** james_li has quit IRC18:59
dmsimardAh so there's too.19:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1273292 in nova ""Timed out waiting for thing ... to become in-use" causes tempest-dsvm-* failures (dup-of: 1270608)" [Critical,Confirmed]19:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1270608 in cinder "n-cpu 'iSCSI device not found' log causes gate-tempest-dsvm-*-full to fail" [Critical,Fix released]19:00
*** emagana has quit IRC19:00
*** msabramo has joined #openstack-infra19:00
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*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:06
anteayamestery: hi just going through backscroll19:06
*** bknudson has quit IRC19:06
anteayamestery: I ususally go to People > List Groups > Third Party CI gerrit group and go from there19:07
anteayaI click on one account which takes me to owner:account name19:07
*** marcoemorais has quit IRC19:07
anteayawhich gets me nothing, since these accounts don't generate patches19:08
*** dkranz has quit IRC19:08
anteayaI change owner: to reviewer:19:08
anteayaand get the list of patches these accounts have commented on19:08
*** comstud is now known as bearhands19:08
anteayamestery: does that help as a start?19:08
anteayathen we can refine the gerrit query19:08
*** dkranz has joined #openstack-infra19:10
*** homeless has quit IRC19:10
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:10
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-infra19:10
anteayamestery: then we have something like this, created by sdague I do believe:
anteayause it in chrome19:10
*** homeless has joined #openstack-infra19:11
openstackgerritAishwarya Thangappa proposed a change to openstack-infra/storyboard: Adding Subscription Resource Hook
*** msabramo has quit IRC19:11
*** marcoemorais has joined #openstack-infra19:11
*** marcoemorais has quit IRC19:11
*** marcoemorais has joined #openstack-infra19:11
anteayacody-somerville: hey are you around?19:14
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:14
anteayaNg: thanks for the input, glad to hear you know about it19:15
anteayalukego: logs for meetings and channels are here: scrape to suit your needs19:16
*** james_li has joined #openstack-infra19:18
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:18
pcm__dhellmann: ping19:18
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Add query for cinder timeout bug 1348204
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1348204 in nova "test_encrypted_cinder_volumes_cryptsetup times out waiting for volume to be available" [Undecided,New]
*** emagana has quit IRC19:20
*** bknudson has joined #openstack-infra19:20
*** emagana has joined #openstack-infra19:21
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish specs jobs for *-specs
openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Publish additional specs repositories
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:22
pcm__Infra folks... wondering about the status of
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:22
asselinanyone know how to configure zuul/gearman to delete nodepool nodes when they're done? clarkb you told me a long time ago, but I can't find my note.19:23
clarkbasselin see infra/config/modules/openstack_project/files/zuul/openstack_functions.py19:24
clarkbthere is a flag to set to offline nodes19:25
clarkbthen nodepool deletes when job is done19:25
asselinclarkb, thanks19:25
hasharhey awesome folks.  Are you aware of Jenkins gearman plugin suddenly discarding all Gearman functions in Zuul ?19:25
hasharMy debug command:   echo status|nc -q 3 localhost 4730  yields nothing :-(19:25
hasharshould list all jenkins jobs19:25
*** emagana has quit IRC19:26
clarkbpcm__ basically centos had to be hit with a hammer. I think mordred got it all working now19:26
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:26
clarkbhashar if it disconnects from the gear server that may happen19:26
*** rainya has quit IRC19:26
pcm__clarkb: Do you know if it is resolved and the is in requirements yet?19:26
hasharclarkb: and it is not smart enough to reconnect? :-(19:26
clarkbpcm I dont19:27
clarkbpcm that change merged19:27
clarkbbyt not 100% sure if it works in projects19:27
clarkbhashar it should19:27
hasharclarkb: I am not sure whether that is an issue withJenkins oplugin or zuul itself19:27
*** dkranz has quit IRC19:27
*** dkranz has joined #openstack-infra19:28
clarkbhashar I would check network connectivity from jenkins to gearman server19:28
pcm__clarkb: Last I heard it was working for py2.7, but not 2.6 (I think in gate).19:28
*** gokrokve has quit IRC19:28
*** ihrachyshka has quit IRC19:29
*** jcoufal has quit IRC19:29
pcm__clarkb: Neutron is still using 1.3.0, AFAIK.19:29
hasharclarkb: yeah. I would need to find a way to reproduce the issue.  Disconnecting / reconnecting in Jenkins solves the issue apparently :]19:29
hasharclarkb: thank you19:30
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: Teach pbr about post versioned dev versions.
*** pblaho has joined #openstack-infra19:30
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: Raise an error if preversion versions are too low
clarkbpcm I believe that is fixed19:30
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: Look for and process sem-ver pseudo headers in git
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: Refactor oneline changelog walking.
openstackgerritlifeless proposed a change to openstack-dev/pbr: Introduce a SemanticVersion object
clarkbpcm it is easy enough to test, just recheck the requirements update change19:31
pcm__clarkb: checking...19:31
pcm__clarkb: OK. So looks like is in global-requirements.19:33
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:33
pcm__clarkb: What do I need to do, to then make that available to Neutron? DO a similar change to requirements.txt in /opt/stack/neutron?19:33
*** dustins has quit IRC19:34
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-infra19:34
*** pblaho has quit IRC19:35
*** lukego has quit IRC19:36
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:36
anteayaso I am going to take another stab at trying to understand what git-upstream is: it is a tool to help keep a local git repository (containing a subset of projects from which has active contributions, in sync with review.openstack.org19:37
clarkbpcm__: yes, you will need to update the neutron requirements with the new dep version19:37
clarkbpcm__: a bot should propose that change automatically to neutron so there may be a change to do that already19:37
anteayaso the usecase is for people doing active contributions to the repository that is not hosted at, with the intention that the contribution will be submitting to at some point19:38
clarkbanteaya: ya basically if you are running a public cloud and want to follow master but still have local changes git-upstream is intended on making that easy19:38
clarkbanteaya: yup19:38
*** msabramo has joined #openstack-infra19:38
anteayaso now we just need to docs around that project to state that19:38
anteayaso new contributors won't possibly get confused19:39
pcm__clarkb: Let me double check Neutron.19:39
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:41
pcm__clarkb: Neutron is still at 1.3.0. Any way to tell if something is already in progress to update requirements in Neutron?19:42
clarkbpcm__: you can search for that change in gerrit. they should have a consistent topic of 'openstack/requirements'19:43
clarkbthough the changes that search pulls up aren't for oslo19:44
*** lukego has joined #openstack-infra19:44
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra19:44
*** dguerri is now known as _dguerri19:45
*** rfolco has quit IRC19:45
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC19:46
pcm__The latest one with that topic, for neutron, has 1.3.0 for oslo.messaging.19:46
anteayaI'm still coming down off of anesthetic, I'm headed off for a walk, back later19:46
kevinbentonthis new version of gerrit seems to be detecting merge conflicts that I can’t reproduce19:48
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC19:49
kevinbentoni can checkout that change and rebase it against the target branch without any conflicts19:49
clarkbkevinbenton: gerrit uses jgit which has different conflict scenarios19:49
*** james_li has quit IRC19:49
clarkbkevinbenton: so basically regular git may be fine but gerrit won't be19:50
pcm__clarkb: Do you think I should manually do a commit/review to update oslo.messaging for neutron?19:50
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:50
kevinbentonclarkb: sad, so i just have to rebase then and lose my approvals19:50
clarkbpcm__: sure, that will test it too19:50
clarkbkevinbenton: ya19:50
kevinbentonclarkb: so is there now now way to have whole series of dependent patches approved?19:50
kevinbentonnow no*19:51
pcm__clarkb: thanks. I'll give it a try.19:51
clarkbkevinbenton: I don't understand the question19:51
clarkbkevinbenton: you can approve dependent patches19:51
kevinbentonclarkb: this was the second in a series of 3 patches that were dependent on each other19:52
kevinbentonclarkb: the first one merged and then this failed because of this invisible conflic19:52
clarkbkevinbenton: I think the conflict would be with tip of the proposed branch and not have to do with there being a patch series19:53
kevinbentonclarkb: the tip of the proposed is based off of the previous proposed patch that merged okay19:55
clarkbfungi: sdague
clarkbkevinbenton: right but did eg master move while they were in review?19:58
*** Evgeny has quit IRC19:59
asselinclarkb, I'm going through the code, but confused on how to set it for my env. something like this?
kevinbentonclarkb: not to the files this patch is affecting20:00
kevinbentonclarkb: the only thing that changed was of course the patch this one was depending on20:00
kevinbentonclarkb: it got merged20:00
dhellmannpcm__: you're probably waiting for to merge20:02
*** david-ly_ has quit IRC20:02
dhellmannpcm__: at which point the bot will propose the change you want in neutron20:02
dhellmannclarkb: ^^20:02
*** marcoemorais has quit IRC20:03
dhellmannpcm__: because the master version of global-requirements has oslo.messaging>=1.3.020:03
pcm__dhellmann: I just created a commit and pushed for review to request in neutron requirements.txt20:03
*** dencaval has quit IRC20:04
* pcm__ now thoroughly confused20:04
dhellmannpcm__: the current version of global-requirements.txt does not support the alpha:
kevinbentonclarkb: that’s why i suspect a bug in the conflict detection with patches with dependencies20:04
dhellmannpcm__: the alpha is > 1.3.0, but as a pre-release it isn't included automatically by pip unless you enable a flag20:05
dhellmannpcm__: or specify that a pre-release is allowed20:05
clarkbkevinbenton: its possible that jgit did get confused20:05
kevinbentonclarkb: i can’t figure out any merge conflicts20:05
*** julim has joined #openstack-infra20:05
clarkbkevinbenton: we do know that there are cases where it will find conflicts that cgit wont20:05
clarkber C git20:05
pcm__dhellmann: Right. Had done a request several weeks ago for (and then changed to a3)20:05
*** marcoemorais has joined #openstack-infra20:05
pcm__dhellmann: I pulled master from requirements project and it has
kevinbentonclarkb: are they real?20:06
dhellmannpcm__: yes, we had to remove the alphas from global requirements because of some infrastructure issues, and I'm working on adding them back now20:06
kevinbentonclarkb: like is the bug there with cgit or jgit20:06
dhellmannpcm__: what git revision are you looking at?20:06
clarkbkevinbenton: probably jgit20:06
pcm__dhellmann: I just did 'git fetch origin' and then checked the file.20:07
dhellmannpcm__: git pull20:07
pcm__dhellmann: and then did a rebase20:07
dhellmannpcm__: a rebase?20:07
kevinbentonclarkb: ok. i just rebased to make it happy but unfortunately it loses the approval so i will have to bug core reviewers again20:08
kevinbentonand do it again for the 3rd in the series20:08
pcm__dhellmann: In my local repo... 'git fetch origin',  'git rebase -i origin/master'20:08
*** cnesa4 has quit IRC20:08
dhellmannpcm__: I never use fetch, does that update your remote?20:08
dhellmannpcm__: in any case, the git server does not show the version you see in your copy20:09
clarkbasselin: you want to put the offline node after use flag in your function20:09
clarkbasselin: so in the .py file you do that and not in the yaml file. you only specify the function in the .yaml20:09
*** james_li has joined #openstack-infra20:09
dhellmannpcm__: I have to step out for a while, or I would help you debug your local git stuff, but I think you're either not up to date or you've dragged an extra change into your master branch somehow20:10
*** _nadya_ has joined #openstack-infra20:10
pcm__dhellmann: OK. so bottom line is that global is still not using and once that is done, Neutron will be automatically updated?20:10
*** juzuluag_ has quit IRC20:11
dhellmannpcm__: the change to update neutron will be proposed automatically, but the cores still have to approve it20:11
pcm__dhellmann: gotcha. I checked, my repo does have 1.3.020:11
pcm__dhellmann: Before you go. any idea on when the alpha release will be avail?20:12
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-infra20:19
*** _nadya_ has quit IRC20:19
*** dims has quit IRC20:20
*** emagana has joined #openstack-infra20:21
*** dims has joined #openstack-infra20:21
*** changbl has quit IRC20:23
*** melwitt has joined #openstack-infra20:25
*** marcoemorais has quit IRC20:28
*** timrc is now known as timrc-afk20:28
notmynamewow. the LP openID login just got a drastic makeover20:29
*** marcoemorais has joined #openstack-infra20:29
notmynameI assume ubuntu one is the same thing as launchpad now?20:30
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra20:31
*** banix has joined #openstack-infra20:31
clarkbI thought ubuntu one was their dead cloud data service but I guess not20:31
anteayaI'm trying to find someone who knows20:32
anteayasince if this is permanent we need to change our docs20:32
banixHad a question regarding using local.conf and zuul. Is my understanding that localrc and not local.conf is used in zuul correct?20:33
clarkbbanix: sort of. zuul doesn't actually know anything about devstack20:34
mesteryanteaya: Tahnks!20:34
mesteryanteaya: It does help!20:34
clarkbbanix: devstack-gate is the thing that sets up devstack for us and it uses localrc20:34
anteayapcm__: have you seen this?
anteayamestery: awesome20:36
banixclarkb: thanks for answering; so the issue we have run into is that in our CI system we need to set a couple of config options and those are not supported by our devstack script (for our Neutron plugin)20:37
*** dmsimard is now known as dmsimard_away20:37
banixclarkb: I had earlier tried to add those config params to our devstack script but dtroyer mentioned I can use local.conf which made sense20:37
pcm__anteaya: No, I have not. Thanks! I usually do a pull for master, or if it's a branch I'm working, I do a fetch/rebase.20:38
banixclarkb: but now in our zuul based CI system we cannot use local.conf . So I am wondering what is the best way of dealing with this20:38
pcm__anteaya: Good to know other techniques.20:38
*** dmsimard_away is now known as dmsimard20:38
banixclarkb: here is the oearlier patch that I abondoned based on review by dtroyer :
anteayapcm__: well what I linked to is our supported workflow20:39
anteayapcm__: had you come across other documentation that suggested a different workflow?20:39
anteayapcm__: if so, I will ammend said docs20:39
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-infra20:40
clarkbbanix: you can use local.conf with zuul. nothing prevents that20:40
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC20:40
pcm__anteaya: Actually, i have seen that. I pretty much follow that.20:41
*** dmsimard is now known as dmsimard_away20:41
anteayapcm__: ah okay good20:41
pcm__anteaya: Only difference is that for a brand new environment, I would have cloned, and just do a git pull (didn't know about the --ff-only)20:42
anteayayes the --ff-only is important20:42
anteayait prevents local merges20:42
pcm__anteaya: For an existing repo, I do a fetch + rebase.20:42
anteayawhich can't be submitted upstream20:42
anteayayeah, don't do that20:42
anteayafollow the workflow20:42
pcm__anteaya: ?20:43
pcm__anteaya: I am.20:43
anteayaour workflow doesn't have fetch in it20:43
anteayagit remote update20:43
anteayagit checkout master20:43
banixclarkb: so we should be able to have our config parameters set in a local.conf, have it where devstack is and have them picked up when is run? (Sorry if I am a bit unclear as I am not the person who has done teh CI setup.)20:43
anteayagit pull --ff-only origin master20:44
anteayano fetch + rebase20:44
pcm__anteaya: understood.20:44
anteayasaves you problems20:44
clarkbbanix: yes. zuul knows nothing about devstack20:44
pcm__anteaya: But, I wasn't in a new repo. I was in a repo where I had previously made a commit.20:44
clarkbbanix: so the fact that you use zuul isn't an issue. There may be an issue if you use devstack-gate20:45
anteayapcm__: so you make a commit to a local branch and submit, then checkout master20:45
pcm__anteaya: I thought, that in that case, if you want to bring your branch (I was not on master)20:45
anteayawhy would you not be on master other than for one commit?20:45
pcm__up to date, you would fetch and then do a rebase of origin/master to your branch.20:45
anteayaeach commit is its own branch, then back to master20:46
pcm__I don't go back to master20:46
anteayawhy are you on a branch for more than one commit20:46
pcm__I'm not.20:46
anteayayou should always go back to master after every commit20:46
pcm__I use a separate branch for each commit.20:46
banixclarkb: thanks for the info. Will have those with more info follow up. Is this the correct place to ask questions regarding devstack0gate as well>20:46
anteayamake a branch, one commit, back to master, update, make a new branch, one commit20:47
anteayapcm__: right, good20:47
banixclarkb: meant devstack-gate20:47
anteayado you branch from master for each commit?20:47
clarkbbanix: yup20:47
banixclarkb: thanks again.20:47
pcm__I create each branch from master, so that it is up to date.20:47
pcm__If I need to commit a second time, I use --amend and I first fetch and rebase to master.20:48
anteayaso after you move back to master, git remote update, git pull --ff-only origin master, make a new branch20:48
anteayayou don't have to rebase for every --amend20:48
pcm__Otherwise, I could push a stale version up.20:48
*** timrc-afk is now known as timrc20:48
anteayaand you don't have to fetch if your master is up to date20:49
pcm__Sorry, but that is not exactly how I work.20:49
clarkbgit review does its best to rebase you only if the reabse is necessary20:49
clarkbso you should be able to rely on git review for that particular rebase need20:49
pcm__Here's what I do...20:49
pcm__git pull master20:49
pcm__git checkout -b pcm/bug/12345620:50
pcm__do all the commit and push for review.20:50
*** beekneemech has quit IRC20:50
pcm__if after days, I need to update the commit. I don't go back to master20:50
pcm__I do a fetch and rebase to master and then modify and commit --amend.20:50
anteayaand as clarkb says git review does its best to rebase only if the rebase is necessary20:52
*** hashar has quit IRC20:52
anteayaso you don't have to rebase every time you amend a patch20:52
pcm__I don't, but it depends how long the commit was out for review.20:52
pcm__if it's been a while, I rebase to bring the branch up to date.20:53
anteayaI still suggest using --ff-only with git pull to avoid possible local merges20:54
anteayasince upstream won't take them20:54
pcm__anteaya: But if you are updating an existing commit, do you do the move to master, pull, new branch, review -d...?20:55
*** masayukig has quit IRC20:56
openstackgerritAtin Ruia proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Adding feature to specify the user id for jenkins user credentials
*** SumitNaiksatam has quit IRC20:56
pcm__anteaya: IOW, how do you update an existing commit? Seems like fetch/rebase is the easiest way to me.20:56
anteayaif I have the branch locally I checkout the branch, make the commit and git review, if I need to rebase I will be told and I rebase20:59
*** lukego has quit IRC20:59
anteayaby moving to master, git remote update, git pull --ff-only origin master20:59
anteayathen checkout the commit branch and then git rebase -i master21:00
anteayaand rebase21:00
anteayaif not, I don't rebase21:00
*** andreykurilin has quit IRC21:00
anteayaor I do git review -d patch,patch-number21:00
anteayaand may still have to rebase21:00
*** masayukig has joined #openstack-infra21:01
*** andreykurilin has joined #openstack-infra21:01
anteayabut I don't rebase unless I am told I have to21:01
anteayaby git review21:01
pcm__anteaya: interesting. I'll have to try to rely on git review for rebase indication. Will save some time.21:02
*** dims has quit IRC21:03
pcm__Seems to me, the difference I see from my and your workflow is that you do "git remote update" and then pull with --ff-only, whereas I do fetch and pull.21:04
pcm__Since I never commit from master, it always FFs21:04
pcm__I take it that the 'git remote update' would update all remotes vs just origin, like fetch does?21:05
anteayaI'm looking at
clarkbya remote update updates all remotes21:06
clarkbso its a simply way to tell people how to get all the latest refs21:06
banixclarkb: had a quick look at the devstack-gate scripts; Looks like there a localrc is built before is run and in order to have/use a local.conf, one need to change the devstack-gate scripts. Does that sound right? If I m not making sense, please ignore.21:07
*** esker has quit IRC21:08
clarkbbanix: yes if you want devstack-gate to use a local.conf instead of a localrc that will potentially be a large rewrite21:08
*** cnesa4 has joined #openstack-infra21:08
clarkbbanix: also keep in mind that devstack-gate master branch runs against openstack stable branches too which is the reason we stuck with localrc initially iirc21:08
clarkbwe may be at a point where we can switch to local.conf now21:09
pcm__anteaya: clarkb: Thanks. Good to know about other git commands.21:09
*** mfer has quit IRC21:10
banixclarkb: does it make sense then to try to have our devstack script updated to include the config param we want to have? Would that be a reasonable solution to our problem in your opinion?21:10
clarkbthat may be a reasonable place to start but dtroyer and sdague would be the best people to ask21:11
clarkbpossibly also jeblair21:11
banixclarkb: thank you; will do that.21:12
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:14
*** SumitNaiksatam has joined #openstack-infra21:15
asselinbanix, not sure exactly what the issue is, but does use both localrc and local.conf for some of its configurations21:15
*** marcoemorais1 has joined #openstack-infra21:15
*** marcoemorais1 has quit IRC21:16
banixasselin: i think the issue is that using devstack-gate scripts we do not have any way of adding/setting up our local.conf before we start the job21:16
asselinbanix, I think you can...hold on...21:17
*** marcoemorais1 has joined #openstack-infra21:17
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra21:18
*** marcoemorais has quit IRC21:18
asselinbanix, you can use the pre_test_hook. Here's what I'm using:
*** doug-fish has left #openstack-infra21:20
*** yamamoto has quit IRC21:22
banixasselin: that sounds like a solution that could solve our problem. Thanks! Will pass it to our CI person.21:22
Kiallclarkb: about?21:22
clarkbKiall: sort of21:22
banixasselin: yeah looks like that should do it, will give us a chance to copy a local.conf to the devstack directory21:22
Kiallclarkb: time for a real quick review? tiny change to a designate JJB template :)21:22
KiallLiterally about 5 lines :)21:23
banixasselin: thanks.21:23
asselinbanix, welcome21:23
clarkbKiall: done21:23
anteayapcm__: are you familiar with using the gerrit gui to view differences between patchsets?21:24
clarkbKiall: while you are around can you test designate unittests with tox 1.7.221:24
Kiallcool :)21:24
clarkbKiall: they may fail due to random PYTHONHASHSEED value21:24
Kiallclarkb: my understanding is they blow up21:24
Kiallsomeone mentioned it to me yesterday21:24
openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed a change to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Add query for cinder DBDeadlock bug 1343274
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1343274 in cinder "DB Deadlock creating volume" [High,Confirmed]
clarkbKiall: right I am trying to fix that :)21:24
anteayapcm__: for instance if you are looking at a file with more than one patcset, on the left side of the split screen there are numbers at the top21:24
clarkbKiall: should be mail to list soonish21:24
anteayapcm__: clicking a number other than base shows you the diffs between patchsets for that file21:24
Kiallclarkb: nice, anything you need from me? Other than verifying if it blows up or not? :)21:24
anteayapcm__: unless the patch has been rebased21:25
anteayapcm__: then it includes the rebase21:25
clarkbKiall: you can test the fix, see 109700 for the fix as implemented for nova21:25
*** mmitchell has quit IRC21:25
KiallSure. I'll test now21:25
*** flaviof is now known as flaviof_zzz21:25
pcm__yes I am familar with it and use it frequently.21:26
*** mmitchell has joined #openstack-infra21:27
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:27
*** emagana has quit IRC21:28
anteayapcm__: great21:28
anteayapcm__: wasn't sure, but glad you are21:28
pcm__anteaya: yeah works well, except when I then comment on the rebase changes which aren't in the patchset :)21:29
pcm__anteaya: Usually switch between last version I reviewed, and base to make sure.21:29
pcm__anteaya: Gotta go... dinner. ttyl21:30
*** mmaglana has joined #openstack-infra21:31
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra21:31
Kiallclarkb: we fail with 1.7.2, pass with 1.7.0 and PYTHONHASHSEED=0. I have a review up for Designate here:
Kiallclarkb: we fail with 1.7.2, pass with 1.7.2 and PYTHONHASHSEED=0. I have a review up for Designate here:
*** emagana_ has joined #openstack-infra21:33
*** Evgeny has joined #openstack-infra21:34
*** eharney_ has joined #openstack-infra21:35
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: Add a gate_hook to gate-designate-devstack-dsvm
clarkbKiall: cool, note you will also need to backport to stable branches fi you have those21:35
clarkbKiall: I am sending mail to list in just a minute21:35
KiallYep, already on it :)21:36
*** eharney has quit IRC21:36
*** eharney_ is now known as eharney21:36
*** prad has quit IRC21:36
*** gokrokve has quit IRC21:38
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:38
clarkbKiall: mail sent if you want all the details21:38
KiallThanks, reading it now :)21:41
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra21:42
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:45
anteayaclarkb: would it be worth while to ask folks to use a common topic for gerrit so these changes can be reviewed enmass?21:47
anteayalike this for instance?,n,z21:47
*** aysyd has quit IRC21:47
clarkbanteaya: I don't feel that strongly about it. Mostly want to get the word out and let it happen naturally. Then make the switch infra side which will force stragglers to clean up21:47
clarkbit won't hurt to use a topic though21:48
anteayaup to you21:48
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-infra21:48
anteayaif I could find them all I could review them21:48
*** mriedem has quit IRC21:48
anteayaI could search for changes to tox.ini21:48
anteayathat might do21:48
anteayathis is a start:*+message:seed,n,z21:50
*** doddstack has quit IRC21:52
openstackgerritAtin Ruia proposed a change to openstack-infra/jenkins-job-builder: Adding feature to specify the user id for jenkins user credentials
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openstackgerritChingWei Chang proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: new project puppet-n1k-vsm creation
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clarkbwoo horizon looks good on the hash seed front22:21
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kevinbentonis this openstack/neutron job that has been running for 66 hours known about?22:26
kevinbentontop left of
*** mmaglana has joined #openstack-infra22:27
kevinbentonpatch 104152,622:27
clarkbkevinbenton: ya I think I suggested yesterday or day before that someone push a new patchset22:27
clarkbI think it got caught in jenkins restart of doom a few days ago. oter fix would be for us to restart zuul22:27
kevinbentonclarkb: do you think maybe just a recheck no bug might clear it?22:27
clarkbbut with so many cores traveling and conferencing i Haven't been up to that22:27
clarkbkevinbenton: no that won't clear it22:27
kevinbentonclarkb: ok. unfortunately I don’t know this contributor’s IRC handle22:28
kevinbentonclarkb: I’ll leave a note on the patch review22:28
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sdagueclarkb: can you take a look at -
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clarkbsdague: stack lgtm22:35
sdagueso if we land just - - then we can progress the rest of the ER changes in22:35
clarkbsdague: because its user facing it would be good to get a second core to read it too22:36
sdagueoh, I guess the config stack is actually coupled22:36
sdagueyeh, agreed22:36
sdagueit just occured to me that I actually had the new semantics in the message catalog22:36
sdagueok, next week if we get other reviewers we can probably land both sides all at once22:37
vishysdague: this is odd
vishymaybe some weird concurrency race?22:38
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clarkbtrove, swift, and horizon look clean for hash seed randomization22:39
sdaguevishy: it's messaging, so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a race. I'd look to see what the test is doing22:40
vishyalso i have no idea how to debug that22:40
sdaguewhich is Bug 133127422:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1331274 in grenade "Services not starting on new side of Grenade" [Undecided,New]
sdaguewhich... requires some work to gut the screen stuff out of grenade22:41
sdagueand is next on my list22:41
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vishysdague: i don’t comprehend why that test is starting up a conductor and using a scheduler at all22:43
* vishy is very confused22:43
sdaguevishy: the unit tests? yeh, no ideas there22:43
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-infra22:45
_dguerrianteaya clarkb I have just read your comments about git-upstream. I would like to add the following to the description and readme files:22:45
_dguerriThe main usecase for this tool is for people who are doing active contributions to repositories that are mirrors of OpenStack repositories, with the intention that most of those contributions will be submitted to at some point.22:45
_dguerriIf you are running a public cloud based on OpenStack, having local changes needed to use it in your environment, you can use git-upstream to stay up to date with the upstream master in a easier  way (with respect to using raw git commands).22:45
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_dguerrianteaya clarkb what do you think about that?22:46
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vishysdague: I just ran the test manually and there is nothing like that stuff in the logs22:47
*** dguerri is now known as _dguerri22:47
*** _dguerri is now known as dguerri22:47
sdaguevishy: so if it's actually starting a conductor and a scheduler, is it doing so in such a way that another test might interact with it?22:48
sdaguethat is also starting them22:48
sdaguethat would be my arm chair qb guess22:48
vishyit looks like ERROR [nova.scheduler.driver] Exception during scheduler.run_instance22:48
sdaguegiven that we're running 8 workers22:48
vishyrun_instance is getting called somehow22:48
sdagueright, so some other test happens to call it22:48
sdagueand because this started a messaging stack in some way that was globally accessible, it leaked in22:49
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sdagueanyway, that's all guessing22:49
sdagueand it's about time for guests to show up22:49
sdagueso I need to call it a night22:49
sdaguebut maybe it helps dive on things22:49
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vishysdague ah i think i see something22:50
vishy242         self.stubs.Set(self.compute, 'scheduler_rpcapi', fake_rpcapi)22:50
anteayadguerri: that certainly differenciates it from git review22:50
vishysomehow that is getting unset22:50
*** emagana has joined #openstack-infra22:50
dguerrianteaya actually your (and clarkb's) words, so.. thank you :)22:51
*** xianghuihui has joined #openstack-infra22:51
dguerrii think it is a very good and brief description.. I will but it on top of the readme file22:52
anteayadguerri: sounds good, thank you22:53
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openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Update version of puppetlabs-stdlib in
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anteayaclarkb: glance stable/havana failed jenkins:
anteayadoc failure: error: 'source_dir' must be a directory name (got `/home/jenkins/workspace/gate-glance-docs/doc/source`)23:13
anteayathe py27 tests failed on 3 TestRegistryV2Client tests23:13
vishyis there any way to see which worker ran a test in a unit test run and what other tests it ran first?23:13
anteayawhich worker meaning which vm?23:14
*** otherwiseguy has joined #openstack-infra23:15
asselinclarkb, my nodes are offline now, but not deleted, nor new ones created...?23:15
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-infra23:18
openstackgerritDavide Guerri proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Add git-upstream as new project to stackforge
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clarkbvishy yes the subunit log captures that23:50
*** eharney has joined #openstack-infra23:51
clarkbit tells you which worker ran each test and they are ordered by timestamp23:51
*** morganfainberg is now known as morganfainberg_Z23:51
mtreinishvishy: using might be helpful to parse that easily23:52
mtreinishsubunit output isn't the prettiest thing to read through23:52
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