Saturday, 2014-01-11

sdaguefungi / jeblair: next time there is a reset event -  could use to go to the top00:00
jeblairfungi: yeah, rackspace is fairly bad at deleting nodes, so i think nodepool may need to be more aggressive about deleting them00:00
fungialso, immediately following the restart, that band of green "ready lag" which the graph was showing constantly has disappeared00:00
jeblairfungi: they hit nodepool's 10 minute timeout waiting for deletion often, which makes deleting change from a parallel to serial operation (via the cleanup thread)00:01
fungii'll review 45766 and bump it on the next reset00:01
fungisdague: ^00:01
sdaguefungi: thanks00:02
fungisdague: flashgordon: i read "multi threaded conductor" as "go more faster"00:02
sdaguefungi: yeh, basically00:03
fungiokay, hopefully that's a00:03
fungi"good" faster and not a "bad" faster00:03
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sdaguerustlebee and damnsmith both believe so00:03
sdaguelook at rustlebee's comment in there00:04
fungiokay, awesomesauce00:05
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sdagueok, I think I'm done for the night / weekend. Have a good one folks00:06
jeblairsdague: good night/weekend!00:06
sdagueI will look forward to a time when the top of queue isn't 16hrs -
fungihave a good weekend, sdague00:06
fungijeblair: if you're in the mood for other excitement, we're at about 85% full on the 300+gb root filesystem of the graphite server. basically all whisper files. is there pruning we need to be doing? also, it's got one cpu pegged solid on iowait, which seems to be driven by carbon-cache.py00:07
fungiand it's frequently having trouble serving up images00:07
flashgordonfungi: without the patches00:07
fungiflashgordon: too fun00:09
jeblairfungi: no pruning; they are fixed size00:09
fungiflashgordon: did you try tempest yet?00:09
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fungijeblair: okay, so it's a whisper file count driving the utilization then?00:09
flashgordonfungi: that failed but not sure if failure was related :/00:09
fungiflashgordon: these days, it's a coin toss on tempest fails00:09
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jeblairfungi: yes.  oh... when we do things like change job names, we could probably delete old metrics files if we don't care about them.00:10
jeblairfungi: so perhaps find to delete files older than 4 weeks or something.00:10
flashgordonI didn't see any libvirt issues so thinking it was something else00:10
fungithat makes sense. basically if the metric name/bucket changed more than a month ago, we don't care to keep it around00:11
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flashgordonone of the patches was needed to pass unit tests
fungiflashgordon: i can rerun my baseline this weekend and see if i still get the same consistent fails i was seeing before with it00:11
flashgordonfungi: that would be great00:11
jeblairfungi: aggregate graphs with lots of metrics can cause a lot of graphite load, so people need to be careful creating those00:11
flashgordonI'm hoping new libvirt will make gate more stabile and fix00:12
fungijeblair: i was wondering whether we might have an uptick in people pulling/reloading those. maybe we need some caching in front of the graphs? squid?00:12
flashgordonwhich would be a big win00:12
jeblairfungi: yeah, we should look into that.  note that graphs on the zuul status page have cache-busting parameters added to them.  we might need to think about caching holistically.00:14
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fungijeblair: the iowait seems to be mostly the kjournald thread though, so these are presumably write operations. i remounted the root filesystem with relatime just on a whim, in case reads were driving atime updates, but that ended up not helping00:16
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jeblairfungi: (i think that's because if you update a page with js, the browser won't even check whether it should reload an image at the same url)00:17
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/elastic-recheck: Fix the e-r query for bug 1258682
jeblairfungi: wow, that's exciting.  maybe we need to put them on an ssd cinder volume?00:18
fungii wouldn't think we'd really be generating *that* many statsd updates, though, in the grand scheme of things00:19
fungiwhich is why it strikes me as a little odd00:20
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jeblairfungi: i agree00:21
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fungii mean, tens a second maybe, tops. it's also possible that a process there has just worked itself into a wonky state due to some bug, and is going wild with flush calls in a loop00:24
fungidavid-lyle: zuul was just busy, but it got done00:25
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openstackgerritAaron Greengrass proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Remove hardcoded config assumptions, cleanup variables
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fungii'm promoting 45766,2 because the change at the head of the gate is getting ready to fail anyway according to the console log on its last remaining test00:30
fungiso we're bound for a 100% gate reset either way. maybe that fix will save more changes from a reverify00:31
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flashgordonfungi: sweet00:32
flashgordonwhat about the postgres patch?00:33
flashgordonis that already in00:33
fungiflashgordon: yep, all jobs getting restarted in the gate now will get a longer timeout on the postgres-full job00:33
fungiwhich should help too00:33
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flashgordon/openstack/openstack$ git log --oneline | wc -l00:35
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flashgordonnot bad for a slow gate day00:35
fungiflashgordon: so even will all this, we merged 70 changes through the integrated gate? not bad indeed00:35
david-lylefungi: I see it now, thanks for your help!00:35
david-lyleand the education00:36
fungidavid-lyle: no problem--sorry about the wait!00:36
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fungidavid-lyle: on a "good" day, it takes less than a minute from tag push to pypi availability00:36
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fungi(though there's still a 30-60 minute wait after that before it makes it into our testing mirror for jobs to make use of)00:37
david-lyleplenty fast enough00:38
fungii'd like it to be faster. maybe eventually00:38
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sdagueguess I'm not quite gone for the night. So enqueue time gets completely reset when you promote, huh?00:58
sdaguethe entire queue is now 20m00:59
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fungisdague: yeah, i guess since the queue gets reordered, thus not a strict fifo change, add time restarts01:13
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sdagueit would be nice to preserve the enqueue time if possible in zuul01:17
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jeblairsdague: yeah, it's implemented as a complete dequeue and re-queue, basically because the queue ordering logic is complicated, and that's the easiest way to re-use it.01:26
jeblairsdague: it may be possible to save those values to the side and restore them though.01:27
sdagueyeh, that would be cool01:27
sdaguebecause knowing those numbers is extremely useful in understanding where we stand, I think more so than the gate queue length01:28
jeblairsdague: can you file a zuul bug?  that's a pretty good lhf item01:28
sdaguejeblair: which tracker do you use for that?01:28
*** larrycai has joined #openstack-infra01:28
jeblairsdague: launchad/zuul; you can also target openstack-ci01:28
sdaguejeblair: where abouts in the code would you implement that?01:29
notmynamesdague: what are those timings on that link?01:29
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sdaguenotmyname: time in queue, though they get reset by priority bumping01:30
notmynamesdague: good info, especially if you can get the total time (but you're already talking to jeblair about that ;-) )01:30
jeblairsdague: probably in     def _doPromoteEvent(self, event):01:30
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notmynamesdague: "prioroty bumping" == gate flush?01:31
jeblairsdague: do you know if sergey has that change up for review yet, or is he experimenting locally?01:31
jeblairit's really cool.  :)01:32
* jeblair -> sprint01:34
sdaguejeblair: I have it up for review01:35
sdaguehe just did a test and deploy somewhere public01:36
fungigah, 45766,2 hit "Availability zone 'test_az_-tempest-2024199811' is invalid (HTTP 400)"01:40
fungireenqueue it?01:40
flashgordonfungi:  are we having fun yet?01:40
fungiflashgordon: apparently01:41
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flashgordonand yes to reenqueue01:41
* fungi sighs01:41
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fungithe failure log for that job is in case someone wants to satisfy themselves it isn't caused by that nova fix01:42
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sdaguejog0: you have an er bug for the az issue yet?01:55
sdaguethat's actually probably a tempest bug01:55
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sdagueI bet someone forgot a lock on az manip01:56
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openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: make enqueue_time durable by caching in change
sdagueok, dinner on the table02:03
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jog0sdague: there is I think02:26
jog0sdague: 126567202:27
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openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: make enqueue_time passable to addChange
sdaguejeblair: so how about that approach instead?02:37
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jeblairsdague: lovely; should it have a regression test?02:51
jeblairsdague: i think promote has a test; you could probably just check the times in that existing test02:52
sdaguejeblair: possibly, though you might need to walk me through that bit02:52
sdagueok, sure02:52
sdagueself.builds is the queue?02:53
sdaguethat will have to wait until morning02:55
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jeblairsdague: self.builds in the set of running (jenkins) builds; you'll probably either want to inspect the zuul pipeline directly, or get the status json; there are tests that do both03:01
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openstackgerritDevananda van der Veen proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Enable tempest/ironic gate tests
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openstackgerritMichael Still proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: Implement a simple mysql reporter.
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openstackgerritMichael Still proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: Implement a simple mysql reporter.
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openstackgerritMichael Still proposed a change to openstack-infra/zuul: Implement a simple mysql reporter.
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openstackgerritRuslan Kamaldinov proposed a change to openstack-infra/storyboard: [Do not review] Added tests for DB migrations
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dmsimardIs there some problems with Jenkins this morning ? Getting weird checks again.15:15
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fungidmsimard: "weird" how?15:22
fungihave an example link?15:23
*** tma996 has joined #openstack-infra15:24
dmsimardOnly have logs for 2 of the 5 checks and then we get errors that shouldn't be happening on gate-puppet-ceph-puppet-unit-3.015:25
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack-infra15:27
fungiyeah, i suspect another jenkins unit test slave has gone rogue. hunting it now15:29
dmsimardAppreciate it fungi, thanks15:29
dmsimardTough week for you guys ?15:30
fungiyes :/15:30
fungijenkins02 seems to be mostly unresponsive15:30
fungioh, it came up for me on a reload15:30
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fungiyep, precise20 was impacted by bug 1267364 now...
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1267364 in openstack-ci "Recurrent jenkins slave agent failures" [Critical,In progress]
fungii've taken it offline15:38
fungioh, actually maybe not. that's a different backtrace15:38
fungiyeah, this one failed the same way on precise20 too...
fungiand i'm getting tons of timeouts/proxy errors from the jenkins02 webui, so i'm going to put it in shutdown, delete the currently disabled slaves so that they don't get reenabled on startup, then give jenkins02 a service restart15:42
fungijenkins01/03/04 are all snappy by comparison15:44
fungiat least as snappy as the horrible jenkins webui ever gets15:44
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fungioh yeah, cpu graph for jenkins02 is fun...
dmsimardbe right back15:48
fungiand load average
*** dmsimard has quit IRC15:48
*** SergeyLukjanov is now known as _SergeyLukjanov15:48
*** dmsimard has joined #openstack-infra15:49
fungihowever, matching the cpu and load average graphs to memory consumption makes it look like maybe it was doing something to reclaim cache memory starting around the same time or just before
dmsimardI'm not familiar with the CI infra. The jenkins nodes are just dispatching to the slaves, right ?15:49
dmsimardWhy would jenkins02 be crawling then :(15:49
dmsimardOh, java, of course15:50
fungijenkins is one giant java virtual machine, and it is doing more than just dispatching jobs. it also gets dynamic slaves registered/deregistered, collects job artifacts from them, keeps track of job status and estimated run time, et cetera15:51
fungiand has tons of global locks, so doesn't scale well to our work volume. that's why zuul grew the ability to manage multiple jenkins masters (we have five now)15:52
fungijenkins itself always assumes one and only one master server, so we had to add a layer above it15:53
*** rakhmerov has joined #openstack-infra15:53
fungioh, wow, first time i've seen this message on the jenkins management page... "This Jenkins appears to have crashed. Please check the logs."15:55
*** rakhmerov has quit IRC15:55
*** rakhmerov1 has joined #openstack-infra15:55
fungioh... "Jan 6, 2014 9:07:26 PM  (4 days 18 hr ago)"15:56
fungithat's probably when we were restarting it15:56
fungiand i had to forcibly kill it15:56
fungiokay, i've placed jenkins02 in prepare for shutdown state15:58
dmsimardThink I'll have to issue another recheck comment ?15:58
fungidmsimard: no, hopefully not for this issue anyway15:59
*** dstanek has quit IRC15:59
dmsimardok if it happens again i'll link that bug16:00
fungidmsimard: oh, well, you'll need to issue *a* recheck comment (you entered "reverify" instead)16:00
dmsimardSo it's recheck, not reverify ? I could've sworn I saw a reverify work16:00
fungireverify is for changes which get approved and fail to merge to to test failuews16:01
fungirecheck is for patchsets which are still undergoing review16:01
*** gokrokve has joined #openstack-infra16:02
fungidmsimard: they're discussed briefly in the article section jenkins links in its failure comments...
dmsimardK, sent a recheck, let's wait and see16:04
*** oubiwann has joined #openstack-infra16:04
*** dmsimard has quit IRC16:07
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-infra16:10
fungijenkins02 is estimating over an hour for some currently running jobs, so i'm going to step away for a few while it winds down16:12
*** wenlock has joined #openstack-infra16:12
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fungilast job on jenkins02 is finishing up now17:00
*** gokrokve has quit IRC17:08
*** agordeev has quit IRC17:10
*** agordeev has joined #openstack-infra17:15
fungiokay, i was able to delete all slaves on jenkins02 with hung jobs from several days ago, though it took multiple tries of offlining/disconnecting to be able to delete them... centos6-{2,12,14} and precise{2,22,36}17:26
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC17:27
fungithere was also a hung gate-swift-docs job pending in the queue on jenkins02 for some reason, again dating back a couple days, which i was able to kill17:27
fungii also deleted the slaves which either we or jenkins02 offlined for connectivity problems... precise{4,10,12,18,20,26,34}17:27
fungiand deleted all nodepool nodes for jenkins02 from nodepool except for that one hung devstack-precise-hpcloud-az2-777371 which even novaclient can't seem to delete17:28
fungiand also deleted any lingering nodepool-managed nodes from the jenkins02 webui17:28
fungitried but was unable to stop the jenkins service on jenkins02 cleanly from its initscript (like earlier in the week)17:30
fungisigterm and sighup were being ignored by both the daemon process and the java subprocess. had to take the child down with sigsegv and then separately do the same to the parent since it still didn't terminate on its own (even with lots of waiting between various signals)17:35
fungiuhh, top claims the 10-minute load average is 2195.3017:36
fungithat doesn't even seem possible17:36
fungidropping rapidly, so must have been much higher17:37
fungijenkins02 is completely idle now though, so starting jenkins service on it again17:38
*** dcramer_ has joined #openstack-infra17:38
fungiit's back up, running jobs, and at least one has already succeeded17:40
*** SergeyLukjanov has quit IRC17:40
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: Zuul status: don't toggle on link click
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: provide time in queue in zuul ui
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: clean up possible js incompatibilities
openstackgerritSean Dague proposed a change to openstack-infra/config: make merge conflict changes black
sdaguefungi: is it possible to inject a periodic event?17:47
*** boris-42 has quit IRC17:48
fungisdague: not currently i don't think, but i'll try17:48
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC17:48
sdagueI was trying to fix a layout issue17:48
sdaguebut it only shows up on periodics17:49
fungiyep, see that--was in the middle of reviewing the new patchset for it17:49
fungilooks like zuul enqueue requires --change which i suspect won't take a git refname17:50 can take refs, but only has parameters for a few of the pipelines (not the periodic one)17:51
*** boris-42 has joined #openstack-infra17:51
fungiand while i think zuul-dev runs some dummy periodic changes with great frequency (or at least used to), its status.json currently isn't available apparently...
fungisdague: i believe there are some sample files in the zuul repo though, which might be fed in to test the interface?17:53
fungisample json payloads i mean17:53
sdaguefungi: yeh, so I actually think my current layout work around will be fine17:53
sdaguehonestly, I'm about to stop doing this for the day, just one more email :)17:54
fungioh, looks like the sample is missing the periodic pipeline17:55
sdaguethe fact that we're still 40 deep on Sat is not a good sign18:06
*** starmer has joined #openstack-infra18:06
*** fbo_away is now known as fbo18:07
fungiyeah, i still saw quite a few tempest jobs failing on a variety of issues, most commonly ssh timeouts though18:07
*** mozawa has quit IRC18:09
fungiyep, the tempest change which caused the last reset died on an ssh timeout in the tempest run at the end of its grenade job18:11
*** rakhmerov1 has quit IRC18:23
*** denis_makogon has quit IRC18:26
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*** CaptTofu has quit IRC19:22
fungithe 13 persistent slaves which i deleted out of jenkins02 before the reboot have been halted, hard-rebooted through the rackspace dashboard, readded to jenkins02 and i've watched each of them run and complete at least one job successfully apiece19:58
fungier, before the jenkins02 service restart (wasn't a reboot of the server)19:59
*** CaptTofu has joined #openstack-infra20:04
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*** oubiwann has joined #openstack-infra22:04
sdaguefungi: if you are still around today - and pop it to top of queue? Will be interesting to see if that clears everything out.22:16
*** olaph has quit IRC22:17
*** annegentle_ has quit IRC22:20
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack-infra22:23
fungigotta run out to dinner, but i'll do that real fast22:24
fungiback later22:25
*** senk has quit IRC22:29
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC22:36
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack-infra22:39
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openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed a change to openstack-infra/devstack-gate: Enable Neutron metering service plugin
zarofungi: i'm having trouble making a release.23:14
jeblairsdague: did you see i pasted the json with a periodic event?23:15
jeblairsdague: i was hoping that would help you debug/fix that23:16
jeblairsdague, fungi: also, 65804 wasn't designed to change anything; it just adds the knob, it doesn't turn it.23:17
jeblairsdague, fungi: turns the knob down, at the expense of increasing the runtime to 1.0-1.5 hours23:20
*** bauzas has quit IRC23:21
*** dstanek has joined #openstack-infra23:26
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack-infra/config: Zuul status: don't toggle on link click
*** erfanian has joined #openstack-infra23:34
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