Thursday, 2020-03-19

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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Deployable V2 API implementation
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SundarHello all o/03:01
xinranwangHi all03:01
s_shogoHi all03:02
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:02
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Sundar#topic Roll call03:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Roll call (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:02
Sundar#info SUndar03:02
brinzhang_#info brinzhang03:03
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:03
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:03
SundarDo we have a qorum to discuss the doc subject? May be we can wait a minute for chenke and Yumeng?03:04
Sundarchenke needs a bit more time03:07
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Sundarbrinzhang_: Do you want to get started on the docs?03:07
brinzhang_chenke has a disagree point with
SundarReference to previous doc disucssion:
brinzhang_I think I should wait him, we can start other topic, and then talked this03:09
brinzhang_Sundar, thanks send the privous ideas, I will resend it03:10
chenke#info chenke03:10
brinzhang_I would like to improve the cyborg docs, such as the
brinzhang_I would like to improve the cyborg docs, such as the
brinzhang_I would like to improve the cyborg docs, such as the
brinzhang_Sundar, start now, chenke coming03:11
chenkeSorry, late.03:12
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SundarNP, chenke. Sure, let's get started03:12
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:12
YumengHi all, sorry for late.03:12
brinzhang_Hi all, let talking about this docs change, any suggestions?03:13
brinzhang_chenke, I donot know another perfact tittle to change "Writing to the API"03:14
brinzhang_if someone can give a good idea, I will be appreviate03:14
chenkeHow about Docs related API03:15
SundarHow about: "Using the API"?03:15
brinzhang_And is there others link should I add in the latest page?03:15
chenkeUsing the API  +103:15
brinzhang_If I add the api_microversion_history to the index page, it sound not good yet03:16
SundarLine 89,90: Who knows what genondex and modindex do?03:16
brinzhang_but Using the API is ok for me03:16
brinzhang_Sundar, I dont know what is and I dont why we need Line 89,9003:17
chenkeI think we can remove03:17
chenkeLIne 89,90 just a link to the useless link.:
SundarAnything else on this subject?03:20
Yumengagree both. using the API is good for understanding. remove useless doc also makes it cleaer.03:20
brinzhang_If anything need to add this, I think it's ok03:21
SundarOK Sounds good.03:21
s_shogoUsing the API seems to be natural,agree.03:21
SundarOn Nova status, I have been off for a few days for personal reasons, but hope to get back to it soon.03:22
SundarAny other topic to discuss?03:23
brinzhang_xinranwang: do we need to talked of the microversion change?03:23
xinranwangThanks Brin03:25
xinranwangNow we only support 2.0 version03:25
brinzhang_My mainly concern is, I think we should use completed version nubmer to help Cyborg control the microversion change03:26
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add Cyborg API Reference to Cyborg index
Sundar I suggest we follow the precedent of placement or nova. Should we get cdent or somebody to review this?03:29
xinranwangyes, Cyborg also use completed version number03:29
xinranwangwhich locate L29 L30 in version.py03:29
xinranwangIt is not the same framework,  maybe ironic and watcher is more similiar03:30
brinzhang_xinranwang: yeah, for my comments, do we need L24 and L26?03:30
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  it is easy for recording every microversion history03:30
brinzhang_xinranwang: And I think we need to change the _MIN_VERSION_STRING to _MIN_API_VERSION03:30
xinranwangbrinzhang_:  how03:31
brinzhang_xinranwang: If we will change microversion to 3.0, this way seems not easy to convert, right?03:32
brinzhang_xinranwag: maybe it will be have a long time03:32
xinranwangthe version 3 will be implemented in v3 repo, not here03:32
xinranwangand in controller/v3 repo, it will has its own file03:33
brinzhang_xinranwang: Ok, if so, threre is just some nits inline for me, just the defined parameters ^^03:33
xinranwangThis is pecan specific, which is diffirent from nova ;)03:35
brinzhang_I know, just want to have a good way to maintain ^^03:35
xinranwangYes, so do we all agree to maintain like this?03:36
brinzhang_aree, but I would like you can change the defined parameter name (also just a nit)03:37
xinranwangOk, thanks03:38
brinzhang_Sundar, chenke, Yumeng, s_shogo, do you all have some idea of this ?03:38
SundarFor me too, it is just those minor points about variable names.03:38
chenke@xinran Overall LGTM. I will. review it again.03:39
Yumengyes. features are good enough.03:40
brinzhang_thanks xinranwang and all03:40
brinzhang_Sundar, pls do next agenda03:40
xinranwangThere are other projects naming with release name. If you guys prefer other ways like ADD_X_PARAM, I will update it.  It is flexible.03:40
xinranwangbtw, please review deployabel API patch when you got time, I think it is almost ready.03:41
SundarI don't have any specific next agenda item.03:41
chenkehow about your nova patches?03:42
brinzhang_xinranwang: just need change  _MIN_VERSION_STRING to _MIN_API_VERSION, and use current_api_version or thers you thinks instead of "Version.sting"03:42
Sundarxinranwang: Could you add a pointer to those projects's code that uses release names? If there is any precedent code that I can look at, for microversions in general, that would be useful.03:42
xinranwangsure, let me find it.03:43
Sundarchenke: I have got some review comments on Novapatches. I was off for a few days but will resume again.03:43
Sundarxinranwang: You can provide those references in Gerrit.03:45
SundarAnything else, folks?03:45
s_shogoMere Reporting , the client topic mentioned in the last IRC :  the cyborg client from pip doesn't include sdk implementation now.(That doesn't be released yet.)03:45
brinzhang_pls review this change, I think it's ready to go03:46
xinranwangSundar:  ok03:47
brinzhang_s_shogo: so cyborgclinet can support "pip install" and the "SDK" doesnot, right?03:47
brinzhang_I have used pip install to install the cyborgclient, but not try to test SDK yet03:48
s_shogobrinzhang_ sdk is ok , but client is not yet.03:48
s_shogo(by pip)03:49
brinzhang_s_shogo: get it, but I can install python-cyborgclinet to my local env (devstack). I will check the client version again03:50
s_shogobrinzhang_ thanks .The client installed pip is probably old one,without sdk version.03:51
brinzhang_root@ubuntu-OpenStack:~# cyborg --version03:51
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brinzhang_Ah, 1.0.003:52
Sundarbrinzhang_: I think needs to be updated, because the top patches are based on PS 4/6 of the bottom patch, instead of the latest 6/6.03:52
brinzhang_Sundar, it's not any impact03:53
brinzhang_the base patch just update the json data03:53
brinzhang_Sundar: Thanks03:55
SundarAny thoughts or reviews of ?03:56
SundarOh, I see some comments, but no -1. WIll respond to the comments03:57
brinzhang_Sundar I left some comments inline^^03:57
YumengI was reviewing it yesterday. but not finished.03:58
SundarThanks, brinzhang_03:58
YumengI will review it today.03:58
SundarYumeng, I'll wait, no rush03:58
Yumeng^^ ok03:58
SundarAnything else, folks?03:58
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add description column to device_profiles db
Yumengnope from my side.03:59
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add 'description' field to the device profile object
Yumengops. need final review.03:59
brinzhang_Sundar: About, I was rebased on the latest change, pls see again04:00
brinzhang_nothing else04:00
brinzhang_Yumeng: Will review at afternoon04:01
YumengThank you Brin.04:01
SundarThanks everybody. Have a good week.04:01
*** openstack changes topic to "Pending patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"04:01
openstackMeeting ended Thu Mar 19 04:01:37 2020 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)04:01
openstackMinutes (text):
xinranwangYumeng: LGTM04:01
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brinzhang_Sundar: pls see the base patch, the latest patch depend on the base patch ^04:02
openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add Cyborg API Reference to Cyborg index
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chenkewhy brin still not have +2 ?06:02
brinzhang_chenke, maybe tomorrow? We can go to wechat ask Sundar ^^06:03
brinzhang_he seems not in irc06:04
chenkeoh. I think he need to add you to core group06:04
brinzhang_chenke, thanks06:04
chenkeI remind him in wechat.06:05
brinzhang_chenke: yeah, thanks again :)06:05
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Fix GPU's improper cpid_type allowed value and attach_handle_type value
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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add Cyborg API Reference to Cyborg index page
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Sundardansmith, sean-k-moone, gibi: I've been away for a few days. Starting today, I intend to make one final push to get the Cyborg series done. I have roughly a week to wrap things up in my current role and move on. It is good to see that every patch got some review.16:35
dansmithSundar: great thanks16:35
Sundardansmith: Thanks for your reviews. I am looking to include most of them.16:37
SundarRegarding your comment about not including a comment :):
Sundarfirst: ithe comment serves to explain what the term ARQ stands for, which will point the reader towards Cyborg.16:38
Sundarsecond: I see that comments will less info have been approved :);f=nova/compute/;hb=refs/changes/35/673735/45#l119316:39
dansmithSundar: I figured you'd know by now, but that argument holds no weight with me16:39
SundarEven if you are the one that did the approving? :)16:40
SundarAnyways, I think it is worth retaining some comments that expand the term ARQ, at least one in each major code path16:40
SundarRe. the IRC discussion, yes, I have tested the XML generated with real devices. Not only by looking at the xml, but also by running  a sample application within the VM that interacts with the FPGA.16:46
Sundardansmith, sean-k-mooney: ^16:47
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sean-k-mooneySundar: do you have any write up on how to do that16:48
sean-k-mooneyor where to get the sample code16:48
sean-k-mooneythere is a host that i should be able to get acess too if needed.16:48
sean-k-mooneyif i need to take over some of the nova work from you or someone else does knowing how to test it with real hardware would be useful16:49
sean-k-mooneywe have some openvino sampel applciation but i was hoping there was a simpelr hello world16:49
sean-k-mooneySundar: by the way does the nivida pgpu driver work. because i also have nvida gpus at home so i can also try testign with that. i dont have ones that support ther vgpu/nvida grid feature but this is just for standard physical gpu passhtough anyway16:54
sean-k-mooneyif i can test with real hardware while also not needing to deal with fpga programming that might be a win win since from a nova point of view it will be exactly the same16:55
Sundarsean-k-mooney: The OPAE SDK comes with some sample bitstreams (they are under the hw/ dir, IIRC, which can be a bit confusing). They are the Native Loopback (nlb) apps, so they are named like nlb-0.gbs and nlb-3.gbs. There are corresponding testing apps named nlb0 and nlb3, On the host, the nlb-N.gbs needs to be programmed into the device, either17:10
Sundarwith Cyborg or by hand. The OPAE stack also needs to be installed in the VM. Then you can the testing apps like nlbN inside the VM.17:10
sean-k-mooneySundar: that is good to know17:11
Sundarsean-k-mooney: I can send more detailed notes if needed. Re. GPUs, I think some Cyborg community folks from Lenovo tested one type of Nvidia GPU. They have not been active this cycle.17:12
SundarI'll ask others if they have tested with GPUs this cycle.17:13
sean-k-mooneyi need to reinsally my desktop that i use for dev which has some nvida gpus in it so i might give it a try. that my project for the weekend however17:14
sean-k-mooneyfor somereason after the latest bios update it nolonger supprot booting form optane...17:14
dansmithSundar: to be clear, are you good through the end of next week or this week?17:34
Sundardansmith: through next week (till March 27). A few days here or there is fine.17:37
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