Thursday, 2020-03-12

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SundarHello all02:11
SundarHi brinzhang. Anybody else here?02:12
brinzhangI think they are waiting 3:00UTC, right?02:13
brinzhangFew people joined irc02:13
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SundarOh yes, with daylight savings, my meeting time has shifted again02:14
brinzhangah, nothing, wait 45min later02:16
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chenkebrinzhang need your reply.02:20
brinzhangchenke: will check02:21
chenkeok. thanks.02:22
Sundarchenke, brinzhnag: I addressed your comments in
Sundarbrinzhang: ^02:26
chenkeYe. I reply you. seems UT passed.02:26
brinzhangSundar: hi02:29
brinzhangSundar: thanks add that test case of bound exception, that what I want ^^02:31
openstackgerritchenker proposed openstack/cyborg master: Bugfix: Set the appropriate status code for ServiceUnavailable
Sundarbrinzhang: That's what I was mentioning yesterday. If I apply the UT to self.Patch_json, it would fail. I solved it by factoring out _check_if_bound, and applying UT to it separately.02:33
SundarWe still need to solve the problem of handling the HTTP error for exception test cases for post/patch etc.02:34
chenkeYour latest approach is appropriate, UT should only test this function.02:34
Sundarchenke, brinzhang: You may want to read the new commit message. I added lots more info in there.02:34
brinzhangSundar: I will check again your latest patch at afternoon.02:35
SundarSure, np02:35
brinzhang"We still need to solve the problem of handling the HTTP error for exception test cases for post/patch etc.", I hasn't concern this issue, in future, I think I will meet02:36
brinzhangIf anyone can get this clearly, can push a commit that we can check together02:37
chenkeSundar cool. The latest commit message is clear.02:37
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix GPU's improper cpid_type allowed value and attach_handle_type value
openstackgerritYumengBao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Fix GPU's improper cpid_type allowed value and attach_handle_type value
brinzhangSundar, chenke, xinranwang, Yumeng, I want to start use launchpad, do you think all?02:39
Sundarbrinzhang: launchpad for blueprints?02:40
brinzhangI think it's easier to manager bug,blueprint, as I know cinder,nova,neutron all use it02:40
SundarI have no objection either way. But we would need to migrate all stories in Storyboard to launchpad.02:41
brinzhangAny tools can do?02:42
Sundarbrb in 10 min02:49
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chenkeDidn't it have been discussed in the email before? According to the opinions of community leaders, cyborg has already used storyborad, so there is no need to change it back. I think storyborad is good.02:51
brinzhangchenke: I removed -1 from that patch, but I think Sundar's concern is right, how about change the fpga_program_v2 to fpga_program in this patch?02:59
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:00
chenkeOk. thanks. I replied, in my opinion, that's not what this patch should do. I think the theme should be consistent.03:00
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Sundaro/ Sundar03:00
chenke#info chenke03:01
xinranwangHi all03:01
Yumeng#info Yumeng03:01
brinzhang#info brinzhang03:01
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:01
s_shogoHi all03:01
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:01
SundarFirst off, I am happy t o propose s_shogo and brinzhang as core reviewers:
SundarIt will take effect next Friday (March 20) barring any objection.03:03
brinzhangSundar: It's my honor, thanks, thanks all03:03
Sundarbrinzhang: welcome, you have earned it.03:04
chenkeCongratulations Brin, Shogo.03:04
Yumengcongrats! brinzhang,and s_shogo03:04
s_shogoThanks all!03:04
brinzhangThanks Sundar, chenke, Yumeng, xinranwang, s_shogo ^^03:06
SundarSecondly, we should take stock of our progress in the U release.03:06
SundarHere's the U release planning etherpad:
SundarNova integration03:08
SundarNova integration is making good progress, still hope to finish it by March.03:08
SundarCyborg client: OpenStackSDK part is done. Hereafter it is incremental improvement, right?03:09
Sundars_shogo, all: ^03:09
s_shogoYes, I'll implement filter function and so on >> client03:11
SundarWould the client be mostly done by Ussuri? Or do you think it'll go to V release?03:12
s_shogoThe SDK including cyborg part was released yesterday. Thus that could be released in U release,IMO.03:13
s_shogo( SDK's release cycle is independent  from OpenStack's one)03:13
SundarThe reason I am asking is, the Cyborg client has been released midcycle. If most functionality is in, we could consider an end-of-cycle release instead of waiting for V.03:13
xinranwangclient is based on v2 API, I think we don't have v2 deployable API now, right ?03:15
s_shogoOK I got it. Release in U could be chosen03:15
s_shogoYes >> xinranwang03:15
brinzhangThe SDK cannot match Cyborg API now?03:16
s_shogobrinzhang No, the Latest SDK supports many Cyborg API, but that is not perfect like xinranwang mentioned.03:17
brinzhangI know the v2 microversion in progress, if so, the SDK/cyborgclient maybe cannot works good, rirht?03:17
brinzhangs_shogo: Ok, later, while I am free, I will test in my evn ^^03:18
xinranwangs_shogo:  got it.03:18
s_shogobrinzhang thanks:)03:18
xinranwangbrinzhang:  yes, we should support microversion in client side too03:18
Sundarbrinzhang: The microversion support in the API server side means that the client must specific headers with the microversion number. That is probably the next big infrastructure in the client. Right, s_shogo?03:18
brinzhangxinranwang: necessary. in clinet we must support microversion to request the Cyborg api03:19
Sundar*must send03:19
xinranwangbrinzhang:  yes, exactly03:19
brinzhangs_shogo: I installed cyborgclient by "pip install python-cyborgclient", is that ok by this way?03:20
s_shogoYes >>Sundar , xinranwang and me start to investigate a method of supporting them with sdk's functions.03:20
SundarGreat. Thanks, s_shogo03:20
Sundarxinranwang: Support for deployables in the client is an incremental feature. That brings me to the 2nd item above. /v2/devices API for inventory is done. But /v2/deployables for programming is open.03:21
brinzhangs_shogo: we should add --os-cyborg-api-version <cyborg-api-ver> in your client implemation03:21
SundarSo, our top 3 priorities for U are still the same as above: Nova integration03:21
SundarThe last one includes microversion support.03:22
xinranwangSundar:  yes, device API is done except upgrade firmware, and deployable v2 is missing03:22
s_shogobrinzhang Sorry , recently  I don't have test the "pip install python-cyborg client" , so I'll test that.  I've checked "pip install openstacksdk" includes Cyborg part , yesterday.03:23
brinzhangs_shogo: ok, hoping get your feedback03:24
Yumengs_shogo: so , for now we should install from source code, right?03:25
s_shogoYumeng That is certain way, now.03:26
brinzhangYumeng: I think pip install is ok, but I think s_shogo should check whether it works fine for all cli03:26
Yumengs_shogo: Alright. got it.03:27
s_shogoI'll check the latest pip status and report that.03:27
Yumenggreat.! thanks03:28
SundarSo, our top 3 priorities for U are still the same as above: Nova integration03:30
SundarAll agree?03:30
brinzhanghow about default policy refresh?03:30
xinranwangwhat is the other 2?03:30
brinzhangnova-cyborg-interaction, v2 microversion, policy-default-refresh?03:31
Sundarbrinzhang: Policy refresh is important. I suppose we should add that as 4th03:32
xinranwangI think completing v2 API is also important03:32
brinzhangI think anther is SDK/cyborgclient03:32
Sundarxinranwang: Other 2 are: Add /v2/devices API for inventory and /v2/deployables for programming03:32
SundarAs i said above, and also in Ussuri etherpad03:33
SundarWe should add policy refresh because that is important for security.03:33
SundarActivities like improving UT are important too. However, when we publish our cycle highlights, it is usually features03:33
xinranwangwhat about microversion, the spec is already merged.03:34
xinranwangand it is listed in etherpad too.03:34
xinranwangI think s_shogo  is working on other v2 APIs03:35
SundarI effectively included that in the API enhancements above. Adding/changing APIs requires microversion support.03:35
SundarMay be I should make it explicit.03:35
s_shogoI'm working on "programming in deployable" and "enable/disable in device"03:36
Yumengpolicy-default-refresh is based on v2 API. maybe not enough time for all APIs to be implemented in U. but we can implement some, I mean, at least one sample API policy check.03:36
YumengAnd its spec has been merged.03:36
xinranwangs_shogo:  Oh, do you want me to help on list/show APIs, or you will do it together? I think we can just implement them based on v1 code03:37
SundarLet me restate the priorities like this: Nova integration03:38
s_shogoxinranwang oh,Thanks! could you implement them is OK? >  list/show APIs. Now, I'm simply copy them from v1 code in my env.03:38
xinranwangs_shogo:  I think we just need adapt v1 code to v2 model ;)03:39
xinranwangI can help on that if needed03:40
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s_shogoxinranwang: May I ask your help that? It may be simple.03:41
xinranwangs_shogo:  sure, I am willing to help.03:42
s_shogoThanks , xinranwang03:44
SundarGreat. Anything else, folks?03:44
xinranwangyes,  please review microversion patch if you got time03:45
xinranwangThanks all03:45
Sundar#topic AoB03:45
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Sundarxinrnwang: Do you need review from outside, like from cdent or Nova folks?03:45
xinranwangI think we can start review internally03:46
xinranwangbecause cyborg use pecan which is different from nova03:46
SundarAnything else?03:47
SundarYes, brinzhang?03:48
brinzhangI would like to improve the cyborg docs, such as the
brinzhangMany mainly links mostly hard to found, such as the api reference03:49
brinzhangI think many people cannot remember the all links, so I would like to make it perfect03:49
brinzhangI mainly add the api reference here, if there are anything else that I missing, please point and leave comments03:50
SundarMaybe we should have some blueprint, story or doc that describes all the doc changes needed? if we do it one at a time, it may get confusing or we may miss something.03:51
brinzhang blueprint, story links maybe should in README03:52
brinzhangof course, maybe we should add a document about how to contribute to Cyborg such as nova03:52
brinzhanglike this one:
brinzhangbut looks like Cyborg doesnot have these thing need to be record03:54
brinzhangsuggestion step by step to do, after all, we lack so many docs03:54
SundarCould we resume this discussion next week? I need to leave a bit early today.03:55
brinzhangyeah, nothing else ^^03:55
SundarAdded this to next week's agenda:
SundarThanks a lot, everybody. Good progress so far in U. Let's keep it up! Have a good day.03:56
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