Thursday, 2019-11-28

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SundarHi chenke02:17
chenkeHi Sundar.02:17
chenkeYou expect the return status code of get_all to be 423, right?02:18
SundarIf one or more ARQS is still being bound02:23
Sundari.e. not successful or BindFailed02:23
chenkelike BindStarted?02:26
chenkeNow It return 200.02:28
SundarI think so.02:32
chenkeOk. I am debugging it.02:34
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SundarHello all03:00
Sundar#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:01
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s_shogoHi all03:01
Sundar#topic Agenda and status03:01
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SundarHi s_shogo, may be we can wait a couple of min.03:02
chenkeHi all03:02
s_shogoHi Sundar , OK,NP03:02
xinranwangHi all03:03
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Coco_gao_Hi all03:03
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Yumeng#info Yumeng03:03
Yumenghi all03:03
chenke#info chenke03:04
SundarHi all03:04
s_shogo#info s_shogo03:04
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:04
SundarLooks like we got a quorum. Agenda:
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SundarAnything to add?03:05
Coco_gao_#info Coco_gao03:05
shaohe_feng#info shaohe_feng03:05
shaohe_fengmorning Coco_gao03:05
shaohe_fengevening Sundar03:06
xinranwangSundar:  no from me, please go ahead03:06
Sundar#topic v1 API03:06
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SundarInteresting discussion in
SundarI was thinking that we deprecated v1 API in Train and so we can remove it in Ussuri. There could be other opinions. Should we keep it or drop it?03:07
SundarYumeng, chenke, xinranwang, s_shogo, shaohe_feng Coco_gao_: ^03:10
shaohe_fengHow many users are using V1?03:11
Coco_gao_According to Openstack rules, it's OK to deprecate v1 API in Ussuri, right?03:12
SundarProbably nobody in production. Maybe a few users like s_shogo could be using it in a lab?03:12
s_shogoI'm using v2 API. v2 API covers v1's role, removing is OK, IMO.03:12
SundarCoco_gao_: we already deprecated it in Train. Are you asking can we leave it in deprecated state in Ussuri?03:13
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:13
xinranwangThe v1 definition of deployable and accelerator may confused people who wanna look into cyborg,03:13
Sundarxinranwang: good point, agree03:13
s_shogoxinranwang  +103:13
xinranwangI have got such kind of confusion from others.03:13
Coco_gao_V1 and V2 are so different. I prefer to remove v1 in Ussuri.03:15
SundarAnybody against removing v1 API in Ussuri?03:16
chenkeremove +1.03:16
xinranwangCause v2 API is not complete yet, we should at least let other know that there is no need to look into V1 and get a wrong picture.03:17
SundarYumeng: since you had a different opinion, please let me know if we have missed some point or alternative view to consider.03:17
Yumengok. we don't want cause confusions. Since that, I can remove api-ref v1 and not keep it as deprecated status. and move deployable to v203:17
Coco_gao_Let's focus on V203:18
SundarGood, it is also less work, because we don't need to document v1 API.03:18
Sundar#agreed Remove v1 API in Usuri.03:18
Yumengmove deployable to v2 and delete v1 accelerator03:18
s_shogoI'll modify the python-client, to remove the v1 implementation. (correspondly to the controller patch)03:18
SundarThanks, s_shogo and all03:18
Sundar#topic Programming API proposal review03:18
*** openstack changes topic to "Programming API proposal review (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:18
SundarDid anybody have a chance to review this?03:19
SundarIf not, we can schedule it for next week.03:20
SundarI suspect people are reading it now. :)03:21
Coco_gao_reading now03:21
SundarCool, Please comment in the etherpad and we can revisit next week.03:22
Sundar#topic Functional tests update03:22
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xinranwangAs the programming API (device layer) will be seperated from other general device API, i will remove firmware upgrade part from my device API spec .03:22
Li_LiuI took a quick look on the functional test part03:22
Li_LiuI am drafting a test plan for that03:23
SundarLi_Liu: Great. Good to know that. Will that be in an etherpad?03:23
Sundarxinranwang: Ok03:24
Li_LiuI will put it on etherpad03:25
SundarThanks, Li_Liu03:26
Sundar#topic Storyboard review and update03:26
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SundarI put in the major Ussuri goals from the PTG, and cleaned up some of the old ones. Please feel free to add or update the entries.03:27
SundarBut, if you want to delete something, please check with the group first.03:28
SundarMany of them are still open.03:28
SundarPlease take a look and update the ones with your name as you go along.03:30
Sundar#topic Status of patches03:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Status of patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:30
Coco_gao_Have someone taken some of the tasks?03:31
s_shogopython-client :v2/sdk patches are still under review,  pls review this :) )03:31
Sundarshaohe_feng: Do you want to update us on multi-host devstack setup? Or do you need input from us on the config table?03:32
shaohe_fengI will update a new patch for program as you comments in the patch03:32
SundarSome tasks have assignees. if a task has no owner assigned to it, it is open.03:33
shaohe_fengfor the storyboard just list 2 issues.03:33
Sundarshaoehe_feng: You mean a patch to improve the fake driver for programming?03:33
shaohe_fengthe patch just cover the storyborad.03:34
shaohe_fengwe should not mix many issues in one patches.03:34
SundarOK. If you want to spli them into different patches, that's fine. May be one for the conf settings, one for fake driver?03:35
YumengCoco_gao_: some are taken, there are still tasks left not taken by people. --.--03:36
shaohe_fengone for the current storyboard03:36
shaohe_fenganother for the left maybe.03:36
Li_LiuSundar, regarding this one
Li_Liudo you want me to add UT in the same patch or a different one?03:36
Sundarshaohe_feng: You can expand!/story/2006618 into different tasks and do them one at a time, if that's what you mean.03:38
shaohe_fengOK´╝îlet me think it over03:39
SundarLi_Liu: I'll leave the decision to you. Generally, folks from other projects notice the lack of UT in our patches, so it may be better to add something here. But, if you feel that there is a lot to do, you could make that into a patch series.03:40
SundarAll, here's a good doc for developing in a patch series:
Li_Liui see. I will add the ut in the same patch then03:41
Coco_gao_Good tutorial for me, aha~03:42
Sundars_shogo: Thanks for the client patch :)03:42
SundarI'll try to get some openstacksdk folks to review this.03:43
s_shogoSundar  sorry for interruption.. and thanks to pick up03:43
SundarDoes anybody want to discuss any specific patch?03:44
Sundar#topic Nova status03:45
*** openstack changes topic to "Nova status (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:45
SundarI'll try to give updates on the Nova side as we go along. If most of you think it is not productive, please LMK.03:46
SundarThe pace of review is picking up again, as we get sustained attention from nova cores now. The discussions we had in PTG seem to be paying off.03:46
Li_LiuSounds great03:47
SundarThe biggest change in the last week is that we are doing a partial U-turn :)  A long time ago, around March 2019, we used to create and kick off the ARQ binding in the Nova conductor, and poll for the completion in Nova virt driver (part of the Nova compute manager).03:48
SundarIn the Train PTG, it was decided that Cyborg should notify Nova, not have Nova poll Cyborg.03:48
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SundarBut, if we start the binding first  and then wait for the notification, the notification event gets lost, because Cyborg responds quickly.03:49
SundarSO I changed it to start the wait and then call Cyborg to kick off the binding -- no event loss, but this means the binding is started in Nova compute manager in the compute node, not the controller.03:50
SundarThis is what we had in Train. The spec was updated and approved to reflect that.03:51
SundarAny questions so far?03:51
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shaohe_fengsomething wrong with my IRC network.03:52
SundarOk. The latest discussion observes that we lose some concurrency by starting the bind so late. So, we are moving the start of the binding back to the conductor, But a new patch has been proposed in Nova to address he potential loss fof the event:
SundarThis means I can start the wait in compute manager, call Cyborg once to check if the binding is done and, if it is done, quit he wait.03:54
SundarI am still trying out this change. There are tons of other changes suggested, and I am working on them too.03:55
SundarOther patches have also been proposed in Nova to help CYborg-Nova integ:
SundarAny comments or questions?03:56
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Sundar#topic AoB03:59
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Coco_gao_seems like I have a lot to catch up03:59
SundarCoco_gao_: Yes, the pace has picked up. Any of us will be happy to help you catch up.04:01
Coco_gao_I will try to review the patches first.04:01
SundarAlright, I'll try to post the agenda for the next call early on. It will include Programming APIs, functional tests and the multi-node env.04:02
xinranwangForget to mention04:02
xinranwangI am working on microversion04:03
xinranwangI find the cyborg does not really support microverison04:03
xinranwangjust have some definition of min, max version etc.04:04
Sundarxinranwang: Yes, but we have the basics for that, right? I mean, /v2 URL returns min, max. We ned to add support for X-OpenStack-API-version. Right?04:05
xinranwangI think we should implement microversion and control it  by decorator.04:05
SundarOK. Do you think it requires a spec or etherpad for discussion? Or can be put in a patch directly?04:05
xinranwangIf you run `openstack versions show`, you will see that cyborg does not really support microversion.04:06
xinranwangI think one patch is ok, just want to confirm one thing04:06
xinranwangif we add device/deployable APIs, it will be 2.1 microversion, right?04:07
SundarSince these are the very first version, yes, I think it will be 2.1.04:07
SundarWe should probably add the same for device_profile and ARQ APis too.04:07
xinranwangI was thinking that device_profile, arq should be 2.004:08
SundarI see. then shouldn't /devices be 2.0 too?04:09
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SundarWe have run over time, sorry about that.04:10
SundarWe can resume this next time, xinranwang, if you don;t mind.04:10
SundarFinal point: while we are pushing on Nova integ, we can also deliver value for Cyborg as a stand-alone service: to list/manage accelerators/devices, to update device firmware or program FPGAs offline, etc. So, all the topics I listed for next meeting are important.04:11
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Li_LiuI put the functional test plan in07:55
Li_LiuStill filling it up07:56
Li_Liufeel free to provide more inputs07:56
openstackgerritchenker proposed openstack/cyborg master: (WIP)Set ARQ get_all return 423 when any ARQ for vm is not resolved
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openstackgerritchenker proposed openstack/cyborg master: Set ARQ get_all return 423 when any ARQ for vm is not resolved
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