Wednesday, 2019-05-29

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ikuo_Hi Sundar.03:00
Sundar__Hi ikuo_03:00
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Sundar__Wait a min for others to join?03:00
Coco_gaostart now ?03:01
ikuo_let's wait a min03:01
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wangzhhHi all.03:02
Sundar__Hi Coco_gao, wangzhh03:02
ikuo_Hi wangzhh03:03
Coco_gaoHi Sundar and ikuo_03:03
Sundar__May be time to get started03:03
Sundar__#startmeeting openstack-cyborg03:03
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Sundar__#topic Roll call03:03
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Sundar__#info Sundar03:04
wangzhh#info wangzhh03:04
ikuo_#info ikuo_03:04
Sundar__#topic Agenda03:04
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Coco_gao#info Coco_gao03:04
Sundar__Anything to add to this agenda?03:05
Sundar__#topic Nova spec update03:05
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ikuo_It's good03:05
Sundar__There was a feedback to move the Cyborg binding to Nova compute manager. I implemented it and made some measurements on 1 2-node system, but that doesn't predict scaling impact03:06
Sundar__Meanwhile, several folks gave that feedback. SO, I have changed the spec to match that03:07
Sundar__Does anybody have any concerns or comments?03:07
Sundar__The spec is close to finish, so please provide your comments soon03:08
ikuo_Where do you mean in the spec?03:08
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Sundar__,unified Line 24003:09
wangzhhFine with me.03:10
Sundar__Lines 240-26303:10
Sundar__#topic python cyborg client03:10
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Sundar__Thanks to ikuo_ for starting
yikun#info yikun03:10
Sundar__Hope you all had a chance to catch up03:11
Coco_gaostill need to some time to catch up, sorry.03:11
Sundar__Coico_gao, NP. I'll try to summarize.03:11
Sundar__python-cyborgclient should be rewritten as an OSC plugin or a new repo should be created for that:
Sundar__Dean tTroyer ( suggests we could write a plugin to OSC, as part of OSC repo itself.03:13
Li_Liu#info Li_Liu03:13
Coco_gaoThanks for the summay~03:13
ikuo_So we should rewrite the whole cyborgclient.. In fact, I cannot imagine the impact.03:14
Sundar__Either way, it is good for Cyborg to implement OpenStack SDK, so that the client can use it to call the API03:14
Sundar__First, do we all agree that we should use the OpenStack SDK (independent of other options)?03:14
xinranwang#info xinranwang03:15
xinranwangHi all, sorry for late03:15
ikuo_Is it other thing but OSC plugin?03:15
Sundar__ikuo_ : It seems like a large impact. In practice, current client is mostly v1. So its objects either don't exist (like accelerators) or have changed a lot (like deployables). Plus, there are new pones like device profiles03:16
Sundar__So, I suspect anyway it will be a big change03:16
wangzhhSundar, if we rewrite cyborgclient  as an OSC plugin, who guys are responsible for the milestone?03:16
Coco_gaoAgree to use openstack sdk first.03:17
Li_Liuis this a train target?03:17
Sundar__wangzhh: Good question, I don't know :). It means we are not in control, as Dean says. Or, we could write our own plugin from scratch -- more work but more control.03:17
Sundar__Li_Liu: Yes03:17
Sundar__ikuo_: "Is it other thing but OSC plugin?" <-- OpenStack SDK and OSC plugin are 2 different things03:18
Sundar__SDK is a way for other services (or cyborg client) to call CYborg API03:18
ikuo_OK, I agree Use openstack sdk03:19
Sundar__Whereas OSC plugin is a way to implement the client using standard mechanisms03:19
Sundar__Coco_gao, ikuo_: Thanks for voting on SDK. Anybody disagrees?03:19
wangzhhAgree SDK +103:20
Li_Liusounds good03:20
Sundar__Great :) I like consensus :)03:20
ikuo_But rewriting for OSC plugin by only NTT, it is difficult, I think.03:22
Sundar__ikuo_: I understand03:22
Sundar__Now, for the difficult question -- should we write a separate osc plugin (like many other projects have done) or try to make this a part of osc repo? Dean says: "if Cyborg were completely backed by the SDK we would consider adding its commands directly to the OSC repo."03:23
Sundar__Once we adopt the SDK, may be it gets easier? Plus, I agree others should support NTT03:23
wangzhhikuo, can u help to split the task on storyboard?03:24
Sundar__I suspect there will be less UT and functional tests if we use the OSC repo. If there is concern about dependence and timelines, I could ask Dean.03:24
Sundar__(Or any of you could respond on the ML.)03:24
ikuo_Wangzhh: so we should split our cyborgclient task to 1) use openstacksdk and 2) OSC plugin /repo?03:26
Coco_gaoMaybe more smaller tasks.03:27
wangzhhCoco, Yep.  So that others can take part of them to support NTT.03:28
ikuo_I got it.03:28
Coco_gaoI will first finish my part and then join you to finish other tasks.03:29
wangzhhThx. ikuo_.03:29
ikuo_All right. thanks.03:29
Sundar__Sounds like a plan. Should I ask on the ML what is the risk to timeline from using osc repo?03:30
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ikuo_Yes, please!03:30
Sundar__Will do03:30
Sundar__#agreed Cyborg will implement OpenStack SDK. The client will call the API through that03:31
Sundar__#action Sundar: gets pros and cons of using the osc repo, vs. writing a plugin03:31
Coco_gaoBTW, does engineering meeting still exist?03:31
Sundar__#action: ikuo_  will create storyboard tasks03:31
Sundar__Coco_gao: We can convene it any time if there is a need. IMHO, it is good to keep it as a placeholder. The networked FPGA stuff is still open03:32
Sundar__What do you all think?03:33
Coco_gaoSounds good for me.03:33
ikuo_Yes, we should talk when we need.03:33
Sundar__OK, thanks03:33
Sundar__#topic Communication updates03:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Communication updates (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:33
Li_LiuI am still working on the nova's external_event_api patch03:34
Sundar__As you may know, there are some restrictions on communication, and some of us have been asked not to use WeChat by default03:34
Coco_gaoWhat do you suggest?03:35
ikuo_Yes, my colleague cannot use WeChat. Thank you for proposing the topic.03:35
Sundar__It would be good to use IRC and ML by default. For IRC, does it make sense to have a window of time where we all login? For example, it could be morning 9-12 am by CHina time?03:35
Li_LiuI think irc is our only option now03:35
Sundar__Li_Liu and all: yes03:36
Li_Liucan we still talk in zoom meetings?03:36
xinranwangSundar__:  Hi Sundar, I have pull your pilot branch in local, and find some bugs, for example, we cannot delete extended_arq when deleting vm, and some other. I have done some bug-fix. Do you want me to leave comments where bug occurs , or I can co-author with you if you want. Which way you prefer?03:36
Sundar__Li_Liu: My guidelines are that public meetings are ok. I have put the Zoom URL in wiki along with the times. SO it is open to all03:36
ikuo_That's sounds good staying 9-12 am.03:37
Sundar__ikuo_: Thanks. Others ok with that time?03:37
Li_Liuyup, I will be on irc all the time now03:38
Sundar__xinranwang_: The Cyborg code to delete ARQs exists. Bu the Nova code to call the DELETE for ARQs is not done yet. If you want to take that up, NP. But please be aware that this will be on the critical path.03:39
Sundar__If you want to leave comments, that is also fine03:40
Sundar__Or you cold make it a patch on top of this patch series, kinda like what Li_Liu plans to do03:40
Sundar__xinranwang: ^03:41
xinranwangOk, it's fine for me to submit  patch on your patch series.03:42
Sundar__Thanks, xinranwang.03:42
xinranwangNP :)03:42
Coco_gao9-12am every day?03:42
Sundar__Coco_gao: :) As much as we can. Or perhaps you post on IRC and ping the other person on WeChat03:43
ikuo_I think it is not mandatory. Sundar's plan +103:43
Sundar__This is just to facilitate communication -- not meant to be a binding rule03:43
Coco_gaogot that03:44
xinranwang9-12am sounds good03:44
Sundar__Li_Liu: For developing patches in a series, please look at
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Li_LiuThanks a lit03:44
xinranwangSundar__:  got it, thanks03:44
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Sundar__Sorry that the pilot code is still not merged. I feel like I should write more UT and implement all comments. That has been a stretch. But I'll make it a priority03:45
xinranwangI remember there is a tools that can run irc background all the time, which nova guys usually use. I will check it03:46
Sundar__irccloud can notify when offline, but only in paid version, right?03:46
Coco_gaoI see, 5$ for permanet use.03:47
xinranwangI am not sure, cause i didn't pay for it. lol03:47
ikuo_I want to know such a tool, if possible, for free :)03:47
xinranwangI think the tools i mentioned before is a kind of extension03:47
xinranwangikuo_: I will let you know if I find it :)03:48
ikuo_Thanks, xinranwang!03:48
Sundar__xinranwang: Please share after you find out about this. Thanks!03:48
Li_LiuI paid for Irccloud03:49
Sundar__#topic Cyborg patches03:49
*** openstack changes topic to "Cyborg patches (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:49
Li_Liuit works great so far03:49
Sundar__ -- xinranwang, can you rewrite this to use our own placement calling code?03:49
ikuo_I see. thanks Li_Liu!03:50
xinranwangSundar__:  Yes, will do it. I am working on a cyborg DEMO which required by customers recently, and do not have much time on this.  I will update it ASAP.03:51
Sundar__I have provided some comments on other specs and patches03:54
Sundar__Any questions or comments on specs or patches?03:55
ikuo_I post some comments and questions to the spec yesterday, pls see them.03:55
ikuo_in here:
Sundar__Thanks, ikuo_ and all. Yes, I'll respond and fix them as much as practical.03:57
Sundar__#topic AoB03:57
*** openstack changes topic to "AoB (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg)"03:57
Sundar__Anything else for today?03:57
ikuo_fine. thanks.03:58
Sundar__Have a good day (or night), everybody!03:58
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openstackMinutes (text):
Li_LiuHave a good night Sundar03:59
ikuo_Bye, Sundar and all03:59
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xinranwangHi guys, I have asked about the IRC tools. It's called ZNC. Here is the tutorial:
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Li_LiuWanna ask a CI/CD related question, do we have plan to have dummy device drivers for CI/CD?06:46
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edleafeI was reading the minutes from the meeting last night (well, last night for me), and xinranwang asked about a tool for continuous IRC. These are called "bouncers", and There is a free tool called 'znc' that works great. You set it up on a machine that's always on. It connects to IRC, and your IRC client connects to the znc instance. It will play back any messages you missed while disconnected.12:22
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