Monday, 2018-05-14

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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Quota usage support in Cyborg
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Quota usage support in Cyborg
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openstackgerritShangXiao proposed openstack/cyborg master: Add documentation links to README
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Quota usage support in Cyborg
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/cyborg master: Introduce Cyborg Resource Quota -- Usage Part
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/cyborg master: Add doc8 to pep8 check for cyborg project
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shaohe_feng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg-driver14:01
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shaohe_feng#topic Roll Call14:01
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shaohe_feng#info shaohe14:02
xinran__#info xinran__14:02
Helloway#info Helloway14:02
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Li_Liu#info Li_Liu14:02
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sundar_#info Sundar14:03
shaohe_fengsundar_: morning.14:03
sundar_Good eve, Shaohe14:03
shaohe_fengI have create a wiki for driver meeting.14:03
shaohe_fengsundar_: :)14:03
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sundar_shaohe: Sounds good. Are HPTS drivers still in plan?14:05
shaohe_fengsundar_: not sure. need to check with yumeng14:05
shaohe_fengsundar_: will rodrigo will join this meeting?14:06
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sundar_Who is working on VGPU support in Rocky?14:06
sundar_shaohe: I'll ask him14:06
shaohe_fengsundar_: need to Volunteer for VGPU14:07
wangzhhI'm working on VGPU support. But just cut-through.14:07
shaohe_fengsundar_: the meeting frequency, weekly or biweekly? which do you prefer?14:07
shaohe_fengwangzhh: good, thanks.14:08
sundar_shaohe: Either is fine by me. Probably depends on the work involved. Perhaps we should start with weekly calls, and then move to biweekly14:08
wangzhhAgree with sundar_.14:09
shaohe_fengOK.  so let start with weekly first.14:09
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sundar_shaohe: Can you ask folks to review the agent-driver spec?14:10
dolpherNext week is the summit time, I guess we need to skip that one?14:10
shaohe_fengsundar_: yes. can you put the the link here?14:10
shaohe_fengdolpher:  agree.14:10
dolpherBTW, who else is attending this meeting? I see Sundar, shaohe, wangzhh14:10
Li_LiuWho will go to the summit?14:10
Li_Liu<--- me14:11
sundar_#link Cyborg agent/driver API spec. Please review14:11
dolphersee ya :)14:11
sundar_I'll be there too14:11
wangzhhI will attend with Jinghua Gao.14:11
sundar_rorojo: Rodrigo, you may want to say '#info rorojo' :)14:12
rorojo#info rorojo14:12
shaohe_fengwelcome rorojo14:12
shaohe_fengrorojo is an Intel FPGA experts.14:13
dolpher@info dolpher14:13
dolpher#info dolpher14:13
shaohe_fengOK, let's start our topic.14:13
shaohe_feng#topic current status of drivers14:13
*** openstack changes topic to "current status of drivers (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg-driver)"14:13
shaohe_fengNow cyborg support two drivers at present. Intel's FPGA, and SPDK14:14
shaohe_fengSo cyborg need to support more drivers.14:15
shaohe_feng#action wangzhh will help to work on VGPU driver.14:15
Li_Liuare there any xilinx folks here?14:16
shaohe_fengYes. any xilinx folks?14:16
shaohe_fengthey can help on xilinx FPGA driver.14:17
Li_LiuI remember chuck and Dutch was attending our regular meetings14:17
Li_LiuI will send email to them14:17
shaohe_fengthanks Li_Liu14:17
shaohe_feng#action Li_Liu will send an email to chuck and Dutch for xilinx FPGA drivers.14:18
shaohe_fengfor other drivers14:18
shaohe_fengany one is working work smart nic, QAT etc?14:18
shaohe_fengfor intel FPGA driver, rorojo can help to improve it by OPEA API14:20
sundar_shaohe: We will be working on enabling a NIC14:20
shaohe_fengGreat, thanks sundar_14:20
sundar_shaohe: rorojo: It will be good to structure our work to go in paralle. Can the OPAE Pyhton API integration go in parallel to driver/agent API changes?14:21
sundar_I will help rorojo set up an environment and get started14:21
shaohe_feng#action rorojo will improve intel FPGA driver.14:21
rorojoYes, I plan to ramp up on OpenStack this week14:22
shaohe_fenggreat, any problem you an get help here.14:22
rorojothanks :)14:23
sundar_shaohe:  Is anybody working on driver/agent API changes?14:23
shaohe_fengsundar_: not at present.14:24
shaohe_fengsundar_: we need a volunteer there.14:24
Li_Liuwhat's the coresponding spec on that?14:24
shaohe_fengsundar_: Li_Liu: maybe we need to list all specs, here.  And let's others volunteer to take some task.14:26
sundar_#link All specs14:26
shaohe_fengsundar_: you have 3 specs, will you code for all these specs´╝č14:27
rorojosundar: I believe then can go in parallel and they probably should14:28
shaohe_fengrorojo: can you give a brief introduce for OPEA API?14:28
sundar_shaohe: The os-acc needs Nova changes. Just spoke to Nova folks for their review14:28
sundar_For agent/driver API, yes, I can do that14:28
shaohe_fengrorojo: The status14:28
shaohe_fengIs it ready for cyborg intel fpga driver?14:29
sundar_Nova/Cyborg scheduling: I can contribute, but I suspect multiple people will be involved14:29
rorojoThere is a pull request on github that describes the API14:29
Li_Liulet me know if you need help. I prob will be focusing on the spec I wrote first14:30
shaohe_fengrorojo: thanks.14:30
sundar_shaohe and all: it may help to define some milestones, right? Shall we say that the first step is just discovery and assignment, which will help us get a basic VM up and running?14:31
shaohe_fengsundar_: yes. agree.14:32
shaohe_fengzhipengh[m]: ping.14:33
shaohe_fengLi_Liu: do you know the code dead line?14:33
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Li_Liubetter ask zhipengh..14:33
sundar_shaohe: Good. So, there are three parallel tasks as I see it: driver/agent API changes, invoke update_provider_tree() to publish resources, and enhancements (like OPAE integration, anythine else?)14:34
Li_LiuJun 04 - Jun 08 is when ms 2 ends14:34
Li_Liuwhich is 3 weeks from now14:35
sundar_Yes, the specs need to be approved by then, IIUC14:35
Li_Liucan we as least get the discovery working?14:35
Li_LiuI thought the spec should be done by ms1 already14:35
shaohe_fengLet do more reviews on spec first.14:36
sundar_Li_Liu: I was told that MS-2 is when specs freeze. That  is true for other projects at least14:37
shaohe_fengJul 23 - Jul 27is Feature freeze.14:37
Li_LiuI see14:37
Li_Liubut feature freeze doesn't mean spec freeze tho14:37
Li_Liuwe should start implementation way before that14:38
Li_Liuthere's only 1 month between feature freeze and Rocky official release...14:38
sundar_Li_Liu: Agreed. If we can aim to get discovery done by MS-2, as you suggested, that would be good14:38
Li_Liusince unlike scheduling, which involves nova folks, discovery should be totally self contained14:39
sundar_Even scheduling can start a bit earlier: we can update the Nova provider tree without waiting for nRP support14:40
Li_Liuyes, agree14:40
shaohe_fengHelloway: are you here?14:41
shaohe_fengyou have contributed a spdk driver.14:42
shaohe_fengcan you give us some introduce about it.14:42
shaohe_feng^ Helloway:14:45
Hellowayspdk driver can help cyborg to discovery the  resources  about spdk_based app(like nvmf_tgt, iscsi_target)14:45
sundar_helloway: Is there any specific hardware for this?14:46
shaohe_fengDoes it need a REST API?14:46
Hellowayinclude the nvme device and subsystems..and more14:47
sundar_helloway: So, is the expectation that Cyborg will discover the NVMe device as a PCIe device, and publish its properties as traits in Nova?14:49
Hellowaycurrently It does not have rest api?14:51
Hellowaycurrently It does not have rest api.14:51
shaohe_fengwill it report NVME device to placement?14:52
Hellowaysundar: not local pcie device, maybe it is more like nvme over fabric14:53
sundar_My understanding is, SPDK drivers are bit like DPDK poll mode drivers that run in user space. Something else needs to discover the PCI device. Helloway, please confirm if what you have is a user mode SPDK driver14:53
jiapeiI guess Helloway means something over fabric, through REST API14:55
jiapeiI'm also interested in this14:55
sundar_jiapei: I thought helloway said earlier that there is no REST API for this.14:56
sundar_Helloway: Appreciate if you can give us a writeup with some description of what you have and what you want14:56
shaohe_fenglet start next topic?14:58
sundar_What is the conclusion on SPDK and NVMe -- is it in plan for Rocky?14:59
shaohe_feng#action improvement on driver14:59
shaohe_fengHelloway: any play for Rocky?14:59
Hellowayok, sorry I type slowly. I will write something for you guys through the email15:00
sundar_I need to join my next call. I'll try to keep an eye on this page.15:00
shaohe_fengHelloway: good, thanks.15:01
shaohe_fengsundar_: OK.15:01
Hellowaythanks :)15:01
wangzhhHelloway: Thanks.15:01
shaohe_fengnow we will support more and more drivers. maybe we need a schema check for different drivers's report info.15:02
shaohe_fengAnd currently we lookup the cyborg specific module path for multi-driver.15:03
shaohe_fengshould we change it to entry points?15:04
shaohe_fengand another improvement for the current drivers?15:05
shaohe_fengLi_Liu: oh, we should leverage your new pf/vf implementation to report accelerators info to conductor.15:06
Li_LiuIt should be ready to use15:07
shaohe_fengGood. Let's start to change it.15:07
shaohe_fengOk, next topic.15:07
shaohe_feng#topic code review15:08
*** openstack changes topic to "code review (Meeting topic: openstack-cyborg-driver)"15:08
shaohe_fengPending patch:
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shaohe_feng_something wrong with my network?15:12
shaohe_feng_I rejoin15:12
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shaohe_feng_okey meeting adjourned15:14
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openstackMinutes (text):
shaohe_feng_have a good night, Chinese guys.15:15
shaohe_feng_And have good day, Li_Liu, sundar_ and rorojo15:15
Hellowaygood night, everyone15:16
Li_Liugood night guys15:16
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ildikovLi_Liu: hi19:18
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