Wednesday, 2017-09-27

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jkilpatrdoes anyone remember the name of that etherpad we used to plan out api calls? wanted to get started on that patch today.14:49
zhipengi've got it on the ptg etherpad14:50
zhipenglet me search it14:50
crushilbtw the devstack job is passing now14:53
zhipengi guess we could just start the meeting14:54
zhipeng#startmeeting openstack-cyborg14:54
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zhipengshit where is our meetbot ?14:54
zhipengah here it is14:55
zhipengluckily it didn't catch the s word ...14:55
zhipeng#topic Official Project Application Status Report14:56
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zhipengwe have 8 TC voted =114:56
zhipengwhich means we already approached majority since there are 12 TC in total14:57
zhipengso the only thing left is technicality for the procedure14:57
zhipengagain this the recognition of the team's great work14:58
jkilpatrcool, we only have one review open right now, so I think we need to decide goals for the next sprint and get started.14:58
zhipengI think we should just stick to the plan we made in denver14:58
zhipeng#topic patch discussion:
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jkilpatrI thought that was just start api interaction work?14:59
zhipengjkilpatr for the nova integration we could just modify Roman's spec patch15:00
zhipengwe have two priorities right ?15:00
zhipengthe other one is to get generic driver working on a real backend15:00
zhipengso that we have an E2E capability for queens15:00
jkilpatrI need to review Romans patch again.15:02
zhipengyes we need to redo that15:02
zhipengi think we could focus on the nova one and crushil focus on the driver-backend thing15:02
zhipengwhile we could have other people focusing on non-priority stuff they want to contribute15:04
jkilpatrthat sounds like a plan to me, we need to plan out and then implement the nova workflow there are a couple of obvious places where nova doesn't do what we need so we need to put in specs to them.15:05
jkilpatrspecifically live addition of pci devices to the whitelist etc15:05
zhipenghotplug was the consesus back in denver I remember15:08
zhipengthat we want to support for queens15:08
zhipengwith Nova15:08
zhipengokey then15:12
zhipeng#action jkilpatr and howard will be the prime on nova integration15:12
zhipeng#action crushil will be the prime on generic driver functioning for real backend15:12
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jkilpatris crushil not around today?15:20
zhipenghe was here15:22
jkilpatrso should we just patch ontop of the cyborg nova interaction patch?15:29
zhipengjust switch the owner15:29
zhipengcrushil you still around ?15:36
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zhipengso other than the nova spec15:39
zhipengplz help review the other one on spdk support15:40
zhipeng#info spdk driver spec15:40
zhipengso the author comes from my team working on spdk15:41
zhipengthe main thing I think would be the new interfaces introduced to the generic driver15:41
zhipengthe common ones15:41
zhipengif that is ok, then the spec should be of few problems. All is left would be just implementation15:42
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zhipengcrushil_ was just talk about the spdk driver spec15:43
crushil_I know. I am connected via two devices15:44
zhipengah gr8t15:44
crushil_I have been reviewing it and will continue to review it over this week15:45
zhipenggr8t ! thx :)15:45
zhipengjkilpatr plz help review if you got time as well15:45
zhipeng#topic AoB15:49
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zhipengshall we submit forum topics for Sydney ?15:49
crushil_We can15:49
crushil_zhipeng Are you going?15:49
zhipengi plan to15:50
zhipengnot sure if I could get the visa in time is the issue15:50
zhipengi mean i get the budget15:50
crushil_Why don't you get the Visa done now?15:51
zhipengcoz i need to travel for OSS EU in mid Oct15:52
zhipengi'm waiting for the visa for that now actually15:52
zhipengthe timing is just really tricky15:52
crushil_It's online last time I saw15:52
zhipengnot for China :(15:53
zhipengwe have to prep a lot of paper works15:53
crushil_Well even for Chinese citizens living in the US, it's online I believe15:57
zhipengi habe to color photocopy my passport for some reason15:59
zhipengjust give you a sense of the obstacles i'm overcoming ...15:59
zhipengok gonna end the meeting now16:01
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