02:59:44 <Jw-91> #startmeeting zun
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02:59:57 <Jw-91> #topic Roll Call
03:00:00 <hongbin> o/
03:00:16 <Jw-91> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zun#Agenda_for_2019-03-05_0300_UTC
03:00:24 <Jw-91> #topic Open Discussion
03:00:43 <Jw-91> Just wondering, will shengqin participate in the zun project update?
03:00:59 <Jw-91> If she does not participate, will you fill the application form?
03:01:01 <hongbin> i have asked her in before, she hasn't decided yet
03:01:34 <hongbin> i will check with her again, if she is not going to attend, the project update would have to be canceled
03:02:50 <Jw-91> ok , unfortunate news
03:02:57 <hongbin> i am also not sure if i can attend the summit
03:03:25 <hongbin> so, if both me and shengqin are not able to attend, then unfurtunately, the project update is canceled
03:03:50 <Jw-91> :(
03:03:59 <hongbin> but we will have a better chance to run the project update in shanghai summit in the next time
03:05:08 <hongbin> Jw-91: ^^
03:05:13 <Jw-91> Yes, the meeting in Shanghai is very convenient.
03:05:37 <hongbin> :)
03:05:44 <Jw-91> I am reviewing code, and there is nothing else to discuss on my side.
03:06:01 <hongbin> nothing else from me either
03:06:43 <Jw-91> a short meeting.......
03:07:03 <Jw-91> ok, see you next time
03:07:09 <hongbin> see you
03:07:17 <Jw-91> #endmeeting