03:01:08 <Jw-91> #startmeeting zun
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03:01:19 <hongbin> yeah
03:02:08 <Jw-91> some commands are not remembered....
03:02:39 <hongbin> haha
03:02:49 <Jw-91> #topic Bugs
03:03:14 <Jw-91> 1. Skip healing container on missing container_id
03:03:22 <Jw-91> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/627876/
03:04:08 <Jw-91> There is no problem with the bug itself, but this part of the code is a bit dissent
03:04:30 <Jw-91> line 513
03:04:42 <hongbin> yes, i saw you left a comment there
03:04:50 <Jw-91> Is there a hidden problem with calling the api excuses on the driver side?
03:05:41 <hongbin> i am not sure exactly, but potentially, it could lead to problems
03:06:07 <hongbin> not sure why the code was written like this, need to track back to the original commit and figure it out
03:06:17 <hongbin> if it is not correct, let's fix it
03:06:18 <Jw-91> I am worried that the compute  node does not have the api side code installed, which will cause problems here.
03:07:15 <hongbin> yes, it might
03:08:12 <hongbin> #link https://github.com/openstack/zun/commit/9f9ea6e950b6640ef435462c724334c346556631
03:08:14 <Jw-91> Ok, this I will track , it seems to be the code submitted by the keyou.
03:08:23 <hongbin> shengqin write this commit, let me ask her about that
03:08:46 <hongbin> sorry, weikeyou wrote this code
03:08:51 <hongbin> you are right :)
03:08:51 <Jw-91> :)
03:09:21 <Jw-91> Let's start next
03:09:35 <Jw-91> 2.Support entrypoint option
03:09:43 <Jw-91> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/zun/+bug/1810003
03:09:44 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1810003 in Zun "Support entrypoint option" [Medium,Triaged]
03:10:06 <hongbin> yes, i reported this bug
03:10:15 <Jw-91> Looks more like a bp :)
03:10:26 <hongbin> sure, we can change it as a BP
03:10:48 <hongbin> i can do it later
03:11:41 <Jw-91> Great
03:11:56 <hongbin> the implementation should be straightforward though
03:13:15 <Jw-91> I looked at the description of the bug, like supporting the docker's --entrypoint parameter.
03:13:47 <hongbin> yes, so basically, we need a way to pass the --entrypoint option to docker
03:14:39 <hongbin> this is because users might want to override the entrypoint on running the container, and it is better to support that
03:16:25 <Jw-91> Very well modified, it complements our support for docker native features
03:16:54 <Jw-91> #topic OpenDiscussion
03:17:18 <hongbin> i don't have anything specific to discuss
03:17:25 <hongbin> you have anything to bring up?
03:17:29 <Jw-91> I have no doubts here.
03:17:53 <hongbin> ok
03:18:04 <Jw-91> Happy new year :)
03:18:28 <hongbin> yes, you too :)
03:18:36 <hongbin> see you next time
03:18:44 <Jw-91> bye see you next time
03:18:55 <Jw-91> #endmeeting