20:59:37 <flwang> #startmeeting zaqar
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20:59:56 <flwang> i'm wondering if we have enough people for the meeting :)
20:59:58 <Eva-i> Hello
21:00:10 <flwang> Eva-i: i guess just you and me :)
21:00:26 <Eva-i> flwang: let's wait a bit
21:00:32 <flwang> Eva-i: yep, sure
21:02:22 <vkmc> o/
21:02:26 <vkmc> hey hey
21:03:11 <flwang> vkmc: hey
21:03:19 <flwang> glad to see you can join :)
21:05:19 <flwang> should we start now?
21:05:27 <Eva-i> flwang: okay
21:05:28 <flwang> #topic roll call
21:05:32 <flwang> o/
21:05:55 <vkmc> o/
21:06:32 <Eva-i> o/
21:06:48 <flwang> cool
21:07:20 <flwang> #topic zaqar client
21:07:31 <flwang> it's still in progress
21:07:57 <flwang> unfortunately, we're still missing the full support for claim in v1
21:08:05 <flwang> and missing the support for subscription for v2
21:08:29 <flwang> vkmc: it would be nice if you can help review those patches
21:08:40 <flwang> we really really need to get them done in M-2
21:08:50 <vkmc> yeah, sorry for my constant delays
21:10:09 <flwang> vkmc: that's not your fault, we're a tiny team, so we just depend on your guys too much :D
21:10:24 <Eva-i> flwang: I can review them too after submitting config-ref patch
21:10:32 <Eva-i> flwang: it will be soon
21:10:32 <flwang> everybody may up and down for the review performance, it's totally ok
21:10:43 <flwang> Eva-i: it would be awesome
21:11:00 <vkmc> flwang, I know yeah, still it feels bad to see you working so much and I putting fires down somewhere else
21:11:52 <flwang> vkmc: no worries, that's my duty :)
21:12:09 <flwang> #topic zaqar UI
21:12:37 <flwang> unfortunately, we didn't get any +1 from horizon team, it's understandable given the xmas holiday is coming
21:13:11 <flwang> i'm still working on adding the zaqar api into the plugin and get it work
21:13:46 <flwang> however, i have to admit the angular JS is not really straightforward or I"m just not a good frontend developer :(
21:14:17 <flwang> i'm stuck now and i'm looking for some help from horizon team and my internal team
21:14:18 <vkmc> oh it's not straightforward :/
21:14:49 <flwang> vkmc: that's my justification :D
21:15:02 <flwang> excuse i mean ;)
21:15:21 <Eva-i> flwang: recently I tried to run Magnum UI recently to inspect how angular.js things are working there, so I can implement them in Zaqar UI. But it wasn't working.
21:15:23 <flwang> anyway, if you guys have time, just play it and fix it
21:15:41 <Eva-i> flwang: I talked to a guy in Magnum team, he said he will fix the bug.
21:15:47 <flwang> Eva-i: yep, that's not surprise
21:16:07 <flwang> Eva-i: did you open a bug for the problem you saw?
21:16:09 <flwang> link?
21:17:36 <Eva-i> No, the guy thanked me about the provided logs and said he will open bug report it. Also it's actually not a bug in Magnum UI, but in Horizon. I'm sorry, I forgot the person's name.
21:18:09 <flwang> Eva-i: ok, it's fine.
21:18:27 <flwang> Eva-i: so at least the basic UI framework works for you, right?
21:18:35 <flwang> if so, would you mind +1 for that patch?
21:19:17 <Eva-i> flwang: okay, will +1, though I haven't inspected the code...
21:19:38 <Eva-i> *work fine
21:20:43 <flwang> Eva-i: it's ok, we just need to know if it's ok, and given it's a start point, so there must be some bugs, but we can fix them later ;)
21:20:51 <Eva-i> flwang: alright
21:21:01 <flwang> ok, anything we need to talk about the UI?
21:21:11 <Eva-i> flwang: I have no questions now
21:21:20 <flwang> #topic docs
21:21:51 <flwang> Eva-i: would you mind giving a summary about the docs? I think you're the lead of this work :)
21:22:02 <Eva-i> flwang: okay
21:25:41 <Eva-i> 1. Contributor docs are awaiting patch approval, then some other patches will be created for it.
21:25:41 <Eva-i> 2. Fei Long took API-ref and "User Guide" work, and it seems like everything will be fine
21:25:41 <Eva-i> 3. I took config-ref and writing it. It will be done very soon, maybe in the end of today. There are some questions I wanted to ask before I submit the patch.
21:25:41 <Eva-i> 4. Main wiki page is refactored more, and I want Fei Long to check "Key features" section.
21:26:39 <flwang> sounds good
21:26:57 <flwang> i will review the #1 patch, though it's a little big for me :)
21:27:06 <Eva-i> I'll ask questions about config-ref in Zaqar chat.
21:27:27 <flwang> as for #2, i'm not really sure if i can get it done in M-2, maybe slip to M-3 based on my currrent bandwidth
21:27:27 <Eva-i> flwang: I'm thinkin to splitting this patch to style changes and content changes
21:27:41 <Eva-i> flwang: sure
21:28:00 <flwang> i will review #4 if i can get a link ;)
21:28:31 <Eva-i> flwang: here #4 link: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Zaqar
21:29:50 <flwang> Eva-i: it would nice lovely if you can add the subscription part for the key features
21:29:52 <Eva-i> flwang: I'm just wondering if I made a mistake for splitting HTTP API and Websocket API.
21:30:07 <Eva-i> flwang: oki, I'll surely add it.
21:30:40 <flwang> Eva-i: no, it's ok to describe them separately. but as for this line 'This feature is currently in development. '
21:30:42 <Eva-i> flwang: also I can refactor some of sub-pages in Wiki, but will consult first.
21:30:46 <flwang> it's not really accurate
21:30:51 <vkmc> Eva-i, why you think so about splitting the API?
21:30:54 <flwang> i think we should remove it
21:31:24 <flwang> vkmc: i think she means she describe the two transport layers separately
21:31:30 <Eva-i> flwang: alright, I'll remove 'in development' line.
21:31:38 <flwang> not splitting in zaqar source code
21:31:40 <flwang> Eva-i: right?
21:31:46 <Eva-i> flwang: yes
21:32:11 <Eva-i> flwang: I just noticed Zaqar team prefer to talk only about one API and call it "Zaqar API".
21:32:42 <Eva-i> flwang: what I did in wiki - I splitted this term to websocket one and http one.
21:32:48 <vkmc> oh yes
21:32:50 <vkmc> but it's ok
21:32:51 <flwang> Eva-i: not really, that's because most of the other openstack projects only has the rest api
21:33:11 <flwang> so generally, when we talking about zaqar api, we mean the rest api
21:33:11 <vkmc> I mean, it's confusing to talk about one API being the way of interacting with both of them so different
21:33:22 <vkmc> being that*
21:33:28 <flwang> but that doesn't mean we don't care about the websocket, in reverse, it's very important
21:34:56 <flwang> vkmc: did you mean you prefer to describe the transport layer in high level instead of talking them separately?
21:34:59 <Eva-i> flwang: I think in the future we should split "Zaqar API" term to "Zaqar Websocket API" and "Zaqar HTTP REST API" in our documentation. And also write separate websocket API reference.
21:35:21 <vkmc> flwang, oh no, I rather to have them splitted
21:35:31 <vkmc> I rather have them*
21:36:07 <flwang> vkmc: ok, cool
21:37:02 <flwang> anything we need to discuss for this topic?
21:37:14 <flwang> anything more i mean
21:37:23 <Eva-i> flwang: no, I think
21:38:57 <flwang> #topic new features
21:40:04 <flwang> i have submitted a spec for more reserved queue attributes https://review.openstack.org/#/c/257622/
21:40:13 <flwang> vkmc: flaper87: pls review it
21:40:34 <vkmc> flwang, k, thanks
21:40:36 <Eva-i> flwang: I saw this blueprint, but don't have enough knowledge to discuss it.
21:40:54 <flwang> i would like to add the delay queue support in Mitaka, but I'm afraid i don't have much bandwidth
21:41:41 <flwang> vkmc: as for the sql migration, if you are not really interested in it, maybe you can take a look the delay queue
21:42:08 <vkmc> flwang, oh, I'm interested in the mysql migration one
21:42:21 <vkmc> flwang, what is the delay queue one about?
21:42:24 <flwang> personally, given the sqlachemy is not zaqar's recommned production db, so it's not really urgent for the migration work, how do you think?
21:43:01 <flwang> vkmc: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSSimpleQueueService/latest/SQSDeveloperGuide/sqs-delay-queues.html
21:43:12 <vkmc> nice
21:43:29 <vkmc> flwang, I could check on the delay queues thing if you consider is more urgent
21:44:25 <flwang> vkmc: personally, i think the delay queue is a good feature and has a higher priority than the sql migration
21:44:34 <flwang> but depends on your interest
21:44:57 <vkmc> it actually seems more interesting
21:45:04 <vkmc> but well, we have to implement them both anyways
21:47:23 <flwang> vkmc: yep, we would like to have them both
21:47:37 <flwang> but we don't have much bandwidth, IMO
21:47:43 <Eva-i> we have so much to do in Zaqar, we can only control priorities now.
21:48:04 <flwang> vkmc: so if you have started the sql migration work
21:48:05 <vkmc> exactly yes
21:48:07 <flwang> just go for it
21:48:11 <vkmc> ok
21:48:49 <flwang> i will try to submit at least the spec of delay queue in Mitaka and so that we can get it done in the early of N
21:52:28 <flwang> ok, any other feature we need to talk at here?
21:52:58 <flwang> #topic open discussion
21:53:27 <flwang> vkmc: i will take vacation from 25 Dec to 4 Jan, back to work on 5 Jan
21:53:42 <flwang> but i will work in the vacation for email things and code review
21:53:42 <vkmc> flwang, that's great!
21:53:52 <flwang> vkmc: what's your plan?
21:53:54 <vkmc> I saw that meetings will be canceled for those two weeks
21:54:05 <vkmc> which is good for me since we also have several holidays on those weeks
21:54:07 <flwang> vkmc: yep, that's one thing i need to confirm with you guys
21:54:12 <flwang> are you happy with that?
21:54:17 <flwang> cancel the next 2 meetings
21:54:29 <flwang> vkmc: cool
21:54:31 <vkmc> yeah, I think it's the wise thing to do
21:54:50 <vkmc> I'll add that to the wiki
21:54:55 <vkmc> meetings wiki
21:54:55 <Eva-i> flwang: I'm okay with canceled meetings
21:55:30 <flwang> vkmc: cool. thanks
21:55:36 <Eva-i> vkmc: can I take a "holiday" from Dec 30 to Jan 3?
21:55:56 <vkmc> Eva-i, of course
21:56:07 <Eva-i> vkmc: thanks
21:59:55 <flwang> ok, anything else?
22:00:12 <flwang> otherwise, let close the meeting and see you guys next year :D
22:00:16 <flwang> at here
22:00:23 <flwang> #endmeeting