15:01:02 <flwang1> #startmeeting Zaqar
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15:01:32 <flwang1> #topic roll call
15:01:35 <flwang1> o/
15:01:38 <vkmc> o/
15:02:03 <njohnston> o/
15:02:10 <ryansb> o/
15:02:18 <mdnadeem1> o/
15:02:22 <Eva-i> o/
15:04:32 <flwang1> hi guys, let's start, i don't have much topics today so feel free to contribute  :)
15:04:47 <flwang1> #topic code review
15:05:13 * ryansb has been bad and owes reviews
15:05:55 * vkmc too
15:06:24 <flwang1> zaqar client is still our priority in M-2
15:06:43 <flwang1> so let me highlight the gaps currently
15:07:18 <flwang1> we only have some patches for v1 which are in the waiting-for-love status
15:07:24 <flwang1> means just need another +2
15:07:33 <flwang1> then we can complete all the v1 work
15:08:09 <flwang1> vkmc: flaper87: they especially needs yours love :D
15:08:24 <vkmc> flwang1, roger that
15:08:26 <Eva-i> especially this one https://review.openstack.org/#/c/248982/
15:10:11 <flwang1> Eva-i: yep, that one is important
15:10:35 <flwang1> for v2, we are still missing the supports for claims and subscriptions
15:10:57 <flwang1> the claims support is here https://review.openstack.org/213165
15:11:22 <flwang1> and i'm working on the subscriptions, i will submit some patches for subscriptions today soon
15:11:44 <vkmc> thanks for taking care of that
15:13:26 <flwang1> and another big progress is our UI repo
15:13:28 <flwang1> see https://review.openstack.org/255213
15:13:43 <flwang1> pls try it on your local with devstack :)
15:14:10 <flwang1> with this plugin, now we can have a new panel group named 'messaging' under 'project' dashboard
15:14:20 <mdnadeem1> cool, i ll try it
15:14:34 <flwang1> and a 'queues' panel under 'messaging'
15:15:46 <vkmc> sweet!
15:16:08 <dynarro> that's cool =)
15:16:13 <flwang1> btw, i would suggest we only focus on the queues(subscriptions) panel for Mitaka, and leave the 'pools' and 'flavors' panels to N, since they admin only actions
15:16:21 <Eva-i> mdnadeem1: I see you nicely modified claims patch :o
15:16:53 <mdnadeem1> Eva-i, just give a try :)
15:17:10 <ryansb> yeah, that'd be reasonable
15:17:23 <flwang1> vkmc: ryansb: i have talked with some horizons guys and i would like to get at least one +1 from horizon team before we merge patch for zaqar ui repo
15:17:34 <ryansb> yeah definitely
15:17:40 <flwang1> vkmc: ryansb: flaper87: are you ok with that?
15:18:03 <ryansb> sounds good
15:18:08 <flaper87> ++
15:18:12 * flaper87 <- in a call
15:18:23 <flwang1> cool
15:19:09 <flwang1> flaper87: thanks for joining us :)
15:19:33 * flaper87 misses Zaqar... A LOT!
15:19:51 <mdnadeem1> flwang1, we need to discuss about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246147/
15:20:34 <flwang1> mdnadeem1: clicking...
15:21:16 <flwang1> mdnadeem1: thanks for the heads up, i would like to put it into next topics, new stuff for Mitaka
15:21:33 <mdnadeem1> ok
15:21:48 <flwang1> anything we need to discuss against the code-review topic?
15:22:14 <ryansb> mdnadeem1: I'll put that on my to-review list
15:22:19 <flwang1> #topic new stuff in Mitaka
15:22:27 <mdnadeem1> ryansb, Thanks
15:22:40 <flwang1> HTTP PUT enhancement https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246147/
15:23:33 <ryansb> #link
15:23:36 <ryansb> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246147/
15:23:41 <flwang1> mdnadeem1: would you like to give a basic introduction?
15:24:00 <mdnadeem1> flwang1; sure
15:25:17 <mdnadeem1> currently, put operation on existing resources like queue, pool flavor
15:25:34 <mdnadeem1> update the resource attribute
15:26:38 <mdnadeem1> however, we don't want it as there is patch method to update the resources
15:27:16 <mdnadeem1> so, this spec will change the PUT operation behavior incase of existing resource
15:27:46 <mdnadeem1> Is that make sense
15:27:47 <mdnadeem1> ??
15:28:22 <flwang1> let me explain more
15:28:32 <mdnadeem1> ok
15:28:40 <flwang1> currently, we're using PUT for queue/pool/flavor to create new resources
15:29:08 <flwang1> instead of POST
15:29:35 <flwang1> that makes sense since for those resources, user know the 'name'
15:29:51 <flwang1> instead of creating by zaqar server
15:31:00 <flwang1> however, when user use the same parameter for an existing resource, or let's say user use some different parameters for an existing name
15:31:10 <flwang1> the object will be updated
15:31:32 <flwang1> that also makes sense :D
15:31:46 <flwang1> since for PUT method, it should be idempotent
15:32:19 <flwang1> however, from the user perspective, it's a little bit weird
15:32:38 <flwang1> since they may update an existing object by mistake
15:32:53 <flwang1> am I make it more clear or worse? :)
15:33:21 <dynarro> no, that was actually very clear, thanks flwang1
15:33:58 <flwang1> so after discussed with kgriffs
15:34:08 <flwang1> we proposed the solution is like this
15:35:13 <flwang1> 1. Given the PUT method is reasonable from the HTTP design perspective, so we don't need need it
15:35:29 <flwang1> 2. Add a new 'HEAD' support for those resources
15:36:05 <flwang1> 3. At zaqar client, when user intend to update resources, zaqar client call 'HEAD" firstly
15:37:26 <flwang1> 4. if there is an existing resource, just update it, otherwise, say not found
15:38:26 <flwang1> 5. when user try to 'create' a new resource, zaqar client will call 'HEAD" firstly as well, if there is one, say 'existed', otherwise, create it
15:38:40 <flwang1> mdnadeem1: am i missing anything?
15:38:54 <mdnadeem1> no, perfect :)
15:39:16 <flwang1> flaper87: ryansb: vkmc: how do you think?
15:39:42 <ryansb> that does make sense, since PUT is for new items
15:40:29 <mdnadeem1> exactly ^^
15:40:39 <vkmc> makes sense to me
15:40:58 <flwang1> awesome
15:40:59 <vkmc> still, I'm a bit hesitant of using HEAD
15:41:07 <flwang1> vkmc: why?
15:41:08 <vkmc> for one of the endpoints we decided to use PATCH
15:41:29 <vkmc> shouldn't use the same for updates?
15:42:02 <flwang1> we should use 'PATCH' for update for sure, if the endpoint support that
15:42:19 <flwang1> we can manage the logic in zaqar client side i think
15:42:23 <flwang1> let me check
15:43:22 <Eva-i> we must create a logic that forces the client implementor to do things right
15:43:26 <flwang1> `queues` doesn't support 'PATCH'
15:43:40 <flwang1> pools and flavors support 'PATCH'
15:44:35 <flwang1> anyway, we can discuss details by adding comments on that patch :)
15:44:42 <flwang1> we only have 15 mins now
15:46:08 <flwang1> ok, the new stuff i would like to do in Mitaka is https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/more-reserved-queue-attributes
15:46:36 <flwang1> to support more built-in attributes for queue, i have mentioned it in previous meetings
15:46:49 <flwang1> i will submit a new spec  this week, just FYI
15:47:16 <flwang1> vkmc: any progress for the sqlalchemy upgrade?
15:47:58 <vkmc> flwang1, no updates about that, will try to start it soon though
15:48:08 <flwang1> vkmc: nice, thanks
15:48:35 <flwang1> jasondotstar: any updates for the puppet work?
15:48:41 <jasondotstar> yep
15:48:45 <jasondotstar> I owe you guys a patch
15:48:50 <jasondotstar> about to submit it now
15:48:52 <jasondotstar> but....
15:49:00 <jasondotstar> there's more cleanup work to be done
15:49:08 <jasondotstar> still you can see the progress and try it out
15:49:14 <jasondotstar> I'm adding in the .conf settings
15:49:17 <jasondotstar> that you gave me
15:50:11 <flwang1> jasondotstar: cool, should i expect the patch this week ? ;)
15:50:36 <jasondotstar> absolutely.
15:50:44 <jasondotstar> I'll add you as a reviewer
15:50:53 <jasondotstar> that way you can see each patch i submit
15:51:22 <flwang1> jasondotstar: excellent, thanks
15:51:54 <flwang1> #topic docs
15:52:11 <flwang1> Eva-i: could you pls give a quick summary about the status of our docs?
15:52:33 <Eva-i> flwang1: yep
15:54:07 <flwang1> Eva-i: thanks
15:54:16 <flwang1> you have 6 mins :)
15:57:28 <flwang1> Eva-i: hmm... we're waiting :)
15:57:50 <Eva-i> flwang1: contributor docs are under refactoring as well as WIki. In the mid-january doc team will migrate API reference to a new format and Zaqar will create API reference in the official place (http://developer.openstack.org/api-ref.html). For now we can work on contributor docs, Wiki, configuration ref, and admin guide.
15:58:25 <flwang1> admin guide?
15:58:37 <Eva-i> Docs team will also combine "Administrator User Guide" and "Cloud Administrator Guide" soon.
15:58:49 <flwang1> ok
15:58:51 <Eva-i> And it will be called just "Administrator Guide"
15:59:04 <flwang1> but i think we don't have much bandwidth to work on the admin guide
15:59:05 <Eva-i> https://github.com/openstack/docs-specs/blob/master/specs/mitaka/user-guides-mitaka-reorg.rst here are details
15:59:16 <flwang1> ok, thanks
15:59:43 <flwang1> i was assuming the config ref and api -ref are our top priorities in Mitaka
15:59:49 <flwang1> are we on the same page?
16:00:10 <Eva-i> flwang1: yes
16:00:16 <flwang1> cool
16:00:17 <flwang1> ok
16:00:28 <flwang1> let's back to #zaqar channel :)
16:00:36 <flwang1> thank you, guys
16:00:39 <Eva-i> oki, thanks
16:00:46 <flwang1> #endmeeting