20:59:25 <flwang> #startmeeting zaqar
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20:59:35 <flwang> #topic roll call :)
20:59:38 <Eva-i> Hello
20:59:44 <flwang> Eva-i: hi
20:59:49 <flwang> what's your time now?
21:00:40 <flwang> Eva-i: if there is only you and me, this could be a short meeting :)
21:00:59 <Eva-i> my time is 00:00
21:01:02 <flwang> ryansb: o/
21:01:05 <ryansb> hey folks
21:01:12 <flwang> Eva-i: oh, thanks for joining
21:01:16 <Eva-i> But I'm awake till 06:00
21:01:17 <flwang> ryansb: thanks for joining
21:01:18 <Eva-i> =)
21:02:01 <flwang> Eva-i: you must be young, i can't do that after 30 :)
21:03:11 <Eva-i> flwang: yep
21:03:17 <flwang> ok, let's start, i will miss vkmc and kick flaper87
21:03:37 <flwang> #topic code review
21:04:02 <flwang> we made a great progress in Mitaka-1
21:04:29 <flwang> thank you very much for everyone, especiall ryansb, vkmc, Eva-i and MD
21:04:30 <ryansb> not quite code review, but we have lots of patches in merge conflict
21:04:37 <flwang> ryansb: haha
21:04:52 <flwang> ryansb: and gate failure :)
21:05:11 <ryansb> yeah, I haven't had a chance to look at that yet
21:05:17 <flwang> but we made it, though we still have some patches in the air
21:06:07 <flwang> now the v1 client support is almost 'done', still missing the flavor list and create, pls blame /me
21:06:11 <ryansb> my point was, if you have patches out, please rebase them
21:06:24 <flwang> ryansb: sorry, yep
21:06:43 <flwang> ryansb: yep, i know you did a lot rebase for MD's patches
21:06:56 <ryansb> hey, no worries. You made *tons* of progress anyways
21:07:31 <Eva-i> flwang: thank you too, you are MVP
21:07:38 <Eva-i> IMO
21:07:39 <flwang> ryansb: i hope we can complete the client work in this week
21:08:26 <flwang> i will upload new patchset for flavor list/create and v2 subscription/claim
21:08:33 <flwang> pls review them :)
21:09:01 * vkmc is attending another meeting
21:09:04 <ryansb> will do
21:09:05 * vkmc waves to the zaqar team
21:09:12 <flwang> vkmc: i miss you
21:10:09 <flwang> anything we need to highlight for code review?
21:10:35 <flwang> #topic  docs
21:10:42 <ryansb> I'd like to highlight https://review.openstack.org/#/c/253731/
21:11:06 <ryansb> basically want feedback on how folks expect the CLI to be used for signedurls
21:11:19 <ryansb> (flwang and Eva-i, thanks for your feedback so far)
21:11:38 * ryansb stops trampling over the docs topic with code review stuff
21:11:40 <flwang> ryansb: i think for now
21:11:54 <flwang> what we can do is print all the information to end user
21:12:07 <ryansb> makes sense
21:12:13 <flwang> and we can improve it if we can any feedback
21:12:19 <ryansb> cool
21:12:21 <Eva-i> okay
21:12:47 <flwang> ryansb: if user has the permission to see it, show it
21:14:07 <flwang> ok, cool
21:14:12 <flwang> let's talk about the docs
21:14:21 <flwang> now the spec of config ref has been merged
21:14:35 <flwang> so we can start to contribute the config ref for zaqar
21:14:48 <flwang> it's great
21:15:03 <ryansb> yeah, so what's the format for the API ref, will we be able to use swagger?
21:16:15 <flwang> for the api ref, we need to contribute to here https://github.com/openstack/api-site/blob/master/api-ref
21:16:44 <flwang> anne is proposing to use swagger, but i think it's not now
21:16:56 <flwang> for now, we still need to follow the common way, like ^
21:17:15 <flwang> if anybody can take it, it would be super awesome
21:17:26 <flwang> since the rest api of zaqar is the critical part
21:17:57 <Eva-i> I think I can take it as well
21:18:10 <flwang> Eva-i: are you sure you have enough bandwidth?
21:19:05 <flwang> Eva-i: based on my discussion with lana, we(zaqar) are allowed only focus on one doc
21:19:19 <flwang> means one of config ref, api ref and user guide
21:19:26 <Eva-i> flwang: yes, I'm sure. I have a proposal
21:19:55 <flwang> but i'm always greedy, i want to do 2 or more
21:20:18 <flwang> i would like to see config doc for sure, and i will do that
21:20:18 <Eva-i> flwang: only on one doc? Let me do config ref then.
21:20:27 <flwang> haha
21:20:35 <flwang> we can argue with docs team
21:20:48 <flwang> i think they just worry about the reviewing
21:20:51 <Eva-i> flwang: also https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/zaqar-user-guide is too wide. We should narrow it to one type of all guide types.
21:21:15 <flwang> if we prepare everything and just need a +2 from them, then i think it shouldn't be too hard for them
21:21:52 <flwang> Eva-i: then how about let's focus on ap-ref in M-2
21:22:05 <flwang> and we can work together in M-3 for user guide
21:22:22 <flwang> IMO, ap-ref needs a big effort
21:22:26 <Eva-i> M-2 just started, right?
21:22:28 <ryansb> yeah
21:22:32 <ryansb> well, last week
21:23:52 <Eva-i> flwang: what about config ref that is already created?
21:24:09 <Eva-i> *spec approved
21:24:50 <flwang> Eva-i: what did you mean?
21:25:09 <flwang> Eva-i: i mean i will take care the config ref
21:25:29 <flwang> and if you want, i think ap-ref has a higher priority than user guide
21:25:58 <Eva-i> flwang: alright, lets argue with doc team and based on the result we'll be working on config ref only or on both config ref and api ref.
21:26:02 <flwang> ryansb: how do you think?
21:26:29 <flwang> Eva-i: i would suggest, write a spec and submit it, and meanwhile, start to coding/writing the api-ref
21:26:41 <Eva-i> flwang: okay
21:26:43 <flwang> don't wait for the result from doc team
21:27:04 <ryansb> yeah, you can always write it and submit it later
21:27:21 <flwang> so even we can't make it happen in Mitaka, at least it will be merged at early of N
21:27:26 <Eva-i> flwang: I'll start coding api-ref then. I'll convert existing api-ref into appropriate format and add new things.
21:28:12 <flwang> Eva-i: awesome, before that, i think we just need to confirm with doc team if we still need to follow current way, like https://github.com/openstack/api-site/blob/master/api-ref
21:30:15 <Eva-i> flwang: yes
21:31:16 <flwang> Eva-i: awesome, thanks
21:31:32 <flwang> anything else under this topic?
21:32:04 <flwang> #topic UI
21:32:06 <Eva-i> flwang: so what to do with https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/zaqar-user-guide ? Doc team doesn't understand what type of user guide this mean
21:32:23 <flwang> Eva-i: that's the feedback from doc team?
21:32:34 <Eva-i> flwang: yes.
21:32:37 <flwang> then i will leave a comments on that blueprint
21:32:48 <flwang> and figure out
21:33:18 <Eva-i> flwang: it should be either api-ref or something. Or "admin-guide-cloud". We have to use their terminology.
21:33:37 <flwang> personally, i would like to see the most important one, but i'm not sure if we have the resource, and i'm not a native english speaker :(
21:33:49 <flwang> admin-guide-cloud
21:34:14 <flwang> but i need to figure out the workload and our bandwidth
21:34:20 <flwang> we can discuss it offline
21:34:29 <Eva-i> okay
21:34:31 <flwang> i know it's complex
21:34:44 <flwang> really appreciate for your effort on this domain
21:35:14 <flwang> as for UI, now we have a repo and my goal is having a queue panel in M-2
21:35:46 <flwang> and complete the pool (and flavor?) panel in M-3
21:36:28 <flwang> or the subscription/notification panel for M-3
21:37:04 <flwang> given the pool and flavor are admin only actions
21:37:14 <flwang> not used too much
21:37:16 <flwang> any comments?
21:37:33 <Eva-i> I remember exploreshafali was working on pool and flavor design
21:37:51 <Eva-i> Did she worked on queue desing?
21:37:57 <Eva-i> *design
21:38:20 <flwang> Eva-i: shafali is busy now, she won't work on the UI
21:39:05 <flwang> i will try to make a basic shape of UI project and any help is welcome
21:39:58 <flwang> that's basically my plan
21:40:33 <Eva-i> flwang: I know she's busy, I was just asking if she might already invented something for queue panel
21:41:02 <flwang> Eva-i: i'm afraid no
21:41:14 <flwang> given there is no repo :)
21:41:20 <flwang> there was
21:41:37 <Eva-i> flwang: she made some sketches
21:41:49 <flwang> anyway, when I propose the first commit for zaqar ui, i will add you guys as reviewer
21:42:02 <Eva-i> flwang: okay
21:42:09 <flwang> Eva-i: the sketches is some graph design, not code
21:42:17 <flwang> we have reviewed it on tokyo summit
21:43:05 <Eva-i> flwang: so we already have graph designs?
21:43:41 <flwang> Eva-i: you can say that :)
21:43:48 <flwang> it's very simple i would say
21:44:16 <Eva-i> okay =)
21:45:38 <flwang> Eva-i: but we also don't need a very complex UI
21:45:50 <flwang> it's a normal panel just like images :)
21:46:12 <Eva-i> flwang: yep
21:46:21 <flwang> #topic integration with other projects
21:46:26 <flwang> 1. Sahara
21:47:02 <flwang> i just checked with ethan from sahara team, seems sahara team is not keen to use zaqar for their agent, at least for now
21:47:14 <flwang> so we shouldn't expect to see the integration in Mitaka
21:47:45 <flwang> 2. Searchlights
21:48:01 <flwang> the integration with searchlight is in progress, see https://review.openstack.org/246220
21:48:28 <flwang> 3. Horizon
21:48:50 <flwang> the integration of horizon may depend on the integration with searchlight
21:49:11 <flwang> since we need to get the notifications/messages into zaqar queues, then notify horizon to refresh panels
21:49:58 <flwang> here is the PoC if you're interested in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/246009/
21:50:18 <flwang> i have talked with mrunge, but haven't get any feedback yet
21:50:23 <flwang> any comments?
21:51:25 <flwang> so my plan is supporting searchlight team to get a good integration, and workable version by the end of M-2
21:52:15 <flwang> meanwhile, interlock with horizon team to see how to leverage that work for horizon
21:52:29 <flwang> not sure if we can make it happen in Mitaka
21:52:45 <flwang> sometimes, something out of control
21:55:03 <Eva-i> your plan is good
21:55:37 <Eva-i> so far I saw no one from searchlight team asking for help in zaqar chat
21:55:43 <flwang> Eva-i: haha, plan is always good, progress is always surprising :)
21:56:01 <flwang> Eva-i: lei-zhi1 is the guys from searchlight team
21:56:12 <flwang> i have some talks with him
21:56:32 <flwang> he is a chinese, so we talked in Chinese in private channel, sorry about that
21:56:53 <flwang> i just want to make it faster
21:57:11 <flwang> i will ask him speak up in zaqar channel next time :)
21:57:18 <flwang> in Chinese
21:57:54 <flwang> ok, 2 mins left
21:58:03 <flwang> anything we need to discuss?
21:58:13 <ryansb> I don't think so
21:58:16 <flwang> otherwise, let's back to our channel and rock on :)
21:58:18 <flwang> cool
21:58:18 <Eva-i> yes, I want
21:58:31 <flwang> Eva-i: ok, listening...
21:59:05 <Eva-i> I'd like this to implement during mitaka https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/websocket-binary-support
21:59:20 <Eva-i> It'll be great if you check it out.
21:59:25 <Eva-i> Thanks
21:59:45 <flwang> ok, sure
21:59:49 <flwang> #endmeeting