15:01:54 <flwang> #startmeeting zaqar
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15:02:06 <flwang> #topic roll call
15:02:07 <vkmc> o/
15:02:39 <ryansb> hey folks
15:02:59 <flwang> ryansb: hey there
15:03:01 <flwang> o/
15:03:05 <exploreshaifali> \o
15:03:19 <flwang> we still miss our ex-PTL
15:03:26 <vkmc> we all do
15:03:46 <jasondotstar> o/
15:03:50 <flwang> he is enjoying the Glance PTL to much i think :)
15:04:00 <flwang> s/to/too
15:04:36 <exploreshaifali> yea seems like he is!
15:04:36 <vkmc> flaper87, come baaaaaaack
15:04:53 <exploreshaifali> flaper87, come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
15:04:55 <exploreshaifali> :D
15:04:59 <Eva-i> hello
15:05:10 <exploreshaifali> hey Eva-i :)
15:05:15 <flwang> ok, let's start
15:05:38 <flwang> #topic code review
15:06:08 <flwang> as you may know, we're heavily working on the client side
15:06:30 <flwang> so many(don't ask me define 'many') patches are coming
15:06:40 <flwang> please, please review them
15:07:56 <flwang> because based on our plan, we would like to complete the zaqar client work in Mitaka-1 and there are only 2 weeks
15:08:08 <flwang> see https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Mitaka_Release_Schedule
15:09:46 <flwang> pls review this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242287/ which is blocking the py34 gate job
15:09:56 <ryansb> you mean client as in zaqarclient, not browser-client, right?
15:10:51 <flwang> ryansb: yep, sorry for the confusion
15:10:58 <exploreshaifali> what is browser client?
15:11:11 <ryansb> I mean the horizon dashboard as a "client"
15:11:21 <exploreshaifali> okay :)
15:11:26 <exploreshaifali> Thanks!
15:11:52 <flwang> ryansb: that's another topic on today agenda :)
15:11:52 <ryansb> flwang: ok, just wanted to make sure I was thinking right.
15:11:52 <flwang> ryansb: yep, thanks
15:13:14 <flwang> #topic task assignments
15:13:44 <flwang> now we're using this etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-zaqar-assignment to track the assignments for Mitaka to avoid any duplicate work
15:14:13 <flwang> so please put your name on that or pick a task from it
15:14:39 <ryansb> flwang: what exactly is "zaqar ui" - is that a horizon plugin, or a standalone?
15:14:52 <flwang> ryansb: it's the horizon plugin
15:15:08 <flwang> ryansb: but it's a standalone git repo/project
15:15:12 <flwang> under openstack
15:15:13 <ryansb> yeah, gotcha
15:15:33 <flwang> for that one, we still need to follow the normal process to create a new project
15:16:25 <Eva-i> I'll try to get familiar with python zaqar client soon, so I can code review it.
15:16:56 <flwang> Eva-i: it would be awesome
15:17:21 <flwang> btw, if anybody want to go through the zaqar-ui creating, you can follow this one http://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/creators.html
15:18:07 <flwang> otherwise, i have to take it :0)
15:18:27 <exploreshaifali> oh! that link contain all details to creat a new repo under openstack
15:18:38 <flwang> exploreshaifali: yes
15:18:45 <exploreshaifali> Awesome!
15:18:56 <exploreshaifali> thanks flwang I will look into it!
15:18:59 <flwang> exploreshaifali: do you want to take it?
15:19:07 <exploreshaifali> yes yes :D
15:19:24 <flwang> exploreshaifali: if so, pls replace my name with your name on the etherpad
15:19:34 <flwang> and a big thanks from me :)
15:19:43 <exploreshaifali> flwang, I have added my name there just after you
15:19:58 <flwang> exploreshaifali: ok, we can work together
15:20:05 <exploreshaifali> Great
15:21:05 <flwang> therve: hello
15:21:11 <therve> Hey
15:21:34 <flwang> seems you're busy recently :)
15:21:48 <flwang> much work in heat?
15:21:59 <therve> Enough for sure :)
15:22:05 <flwang> ok, anything we should talk about task assignment?
15:22:19 <Eva-i> what is "Sqlalchemy DB migration" in etherpad?
15:22:48 <flwang> Eva-i: we support sqlalchemy as the control plane driver
15:22:55 <therve> flwang, Not that I know. If you need help on something let me know, I'll see what I can do
15:22:59 <flwang> but we don't support db migration for that
15:23:30 <vkmc> yeah, that's a big one in the todo list
15:23:31 <flwang> therve: i will take your rest bandwidth for sure :)
15:23:53 <flwang> vkmc: +1
15:24:39 <flwang> vkmc: the good news is it shouldn't be very hard since we just need to follow the normal way as the other projects did
15:24:46 <vkmc> indeed!
15:25:10 <exploreshaifali> db migrations means migrating from  one storage to another like from sqlalchemy to mongo?
15:25:23 <vkmc> exploreshaifali, nope
15:25:51 <vkmc> schema's migrations
15:25:57 <flwang> guys, if you found i didn't reply more than 5 mins, then i must have slept :)
15:26:07 <flwang> now it's 4:25 am in NZ
15:26:22 <vkmc> flwang, whaaaaaaaa? I should chair this meeting next time
15:26:29 <vkmc> you should be sleepin
15:26:29 <vkmc> g
15:26:32 <exploreshaifali> vkmc, ok, but I think zaqar database is fixed
15:26:41 <exploreshaifali> why one will need migrations?
15:26:42 <flwang> exploreshaifali: no
15:26:44 <ryansb> exploreshaifali: no, just the between versions of sqlalchemy schemas
15:26:44 <flwang> no fixed
15:26:57 <ryansb> exploreshaifali: between versions we may add/remove fields
15:27:17 <ryansb> so we need to enable operators/users to upgrade their storage and keep all their existing data
15:27:30 <ryansb> while becoming compatible with whatever new features we added
15:28:11 <exploreshaifali> okay! Make sense :)
15:28:12 <Eva-i> is something like this implemented for mongodb?
15:28:19 <exploreshaifali> Thanks!
15:28:28 <vkmc> nosql databases don't require this
15:28:35 <Eva-i> yeah oka
15:28:36 <flwang> Eva-i: not really, since mongodb is nosql
15:29:13 <flwang> if there is anybody want to take this big job, it would be super awesome
15:29:29 <flwang> and who will get 2 big NZ chocolates for sure
15:30:04 <vkmc> I was supposed to work on client v2, but since mdnadeem took that job, I can take this one
15:30:07 <vkmc> :)
15:30:27 <flwang> vkmc: i love you
15:30:42 <vkmc> flwang, love you too <3
15:31:03 <flwang> vkmc: just let me know if you need a hand
15:31:16 <vkmc> flwang, will do
15:31:24 <vkmc> we want this for m-1, right?
15:31:27 <vkmc> two weeks from now
15:31:40 <flwang> vkmc: now i owe you some chocolates
15:31:44 <flwang> vkmc: not really
15:31:57 <flwang> i don't think it's an urgent work
15:32:07 <vkmc> that chocolates you have... damn they are good
15:32:21 <vkmc> you don't owe me anything though :D haha
15:32:21 <flwang> personally, i would target it for m-2 and leave 1 milestone to test it
15:32:32 <vkmc> it's my pleasure to contribute to Zaqar
15:32:35 <vkmc> great
15:32:37 <vkmc> let's do that then
15:32:48 <flwang> vkmc: awesome awesome
15:33:03 <vkmc> flwang++
15:33:29 <flwang> jasondotstar: around?
15:34:06 <jasondotstar> here
15:34:54 <flwang> jasondotstar: i saw your updates on the etherpad
15:34:55 <jasondotstar> flwang: status on the puppet zaqar module..... still in progress. I got the info I needed from zigo
15:35:06 <flwang> jasondotstar: awesome
15:35:08 <jasondotstar> and I'm updating the etherpad with what we need....
15:35:35 <flwang> jasondotstar: so is there any outlook/target for a workable version?
15:35:50 <flwang> not pushy, just wondering :)
15:36:02 <jasondotstar> the next day should yield the debian automation stuff
15:36:25 <jasondotstar> then we need to tackle what conf options
15:36:29 <jasondotstar> we want to expose
15:36:50 <flwang> jasondotstar: cool, i can help on the reference conf options
15:37:00 <jasondotstar> i think we talked a little bit about exposing a few items but I'll need some help on that
15:37:06 <jasondotstar> flwang: +1
15:37:07 <flwang> jasondotstar: just ping me
15:37:13 <jasondotstar> I'll add that to the etherpad as a line item too
15:37:17 <jasondotstar> flwang: ack.
15:37:23 <flwang> jasondotstar: haha, cool
15:37:43 <ryansb> (just grabbed the presigned URL item)
15:38:15 <flwang> ryansb: that's my favorite ;)
15:38:43 <flwang> since that's the key for sahara integration
15:38:54 <ryansb> and heat (for swconfig)
15:39:09 <flwang> ryansb: cool, thanks for taking that one
15:40:11 <flwang> ok, anything we need to talk as for this topic?
15:40:45 <flwang> i don't have more topic today
15:40:55 <flwang> anything you guys want to discuss?
15:41:06 <flwang> #topic open discussion
15:41:53 <flwang> nope?
15:42:08 <ryansb> oh, I have one thing
15:42:27 <flwang> ryansb: yes?
15:42:29 <ryansb> I discovered that the new client plugin seems to fail when the OS_AUTH_URL is missing a version
15:42:46 <ryansb> I was going to raise a bug/submit a fix
15:42:52 <ryansb> but has anyone else seen this?
15:43:11 <flwang> ryansb: md and me are working on the client authorized issue
15:43:25 <flwang> not sure if they're related, but we can work together
15:43:44 <flwang> ryansb: feel free file a bug anyway
15:43:47 <ryansb> ok, cool
15:43:55 <flwang> ryansb: great
15:44:12 <Eva-i> Are email subscriptions working in Zaqar?
15:44:21 <flwang> Eva-i: yes, why?
15:44:58 <Eva-i> flwang: just tried it and for me it didn't worked, okay, we can discuss it later
15:45:05 <flwang> Eva-i: cool
15:45:18 <flwang> we can talk it later, just ping me
15:45:27 <flwang> ok, i'm sleepy, TBH
15:45:43 <flwang> anything we need to talk today?
15:45:52 <ryansb> nothing else from me
15:46:00 <flwang> otherwise, we already have a great meeting today
15:46:00 <Eva-i> I'll just remind you to review this little patch today: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242287/ Also maybe we should make exception message more informative? See my comment in the code.
15:46:12 <Eva-i> nothing else from me too
15:46:24 <flwang> Eva-i: thanks, will take a look
15:46:28 <flwang> #endmeeting