14:03:52 <sgordon> #startmeeting telcowg
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14:03:59 <sgordon> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nfv-meeting-agenda
14:04:02 <sgordon> #topic roll call
14:04:10 <sgordon> apologies got held up on another meeting
14:04:17 <cloudon> hi there
14:04:17 <sgordon> anyone about for telcowg \o>
14:04:26 <serverascode> o/
14:04:30 <gjayavelu> hi
14:04:59 <sgordon> #topic updates on product wg integration
14:05:07 <sgordon> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/269874/
14:05:18 <sgordon> #info security segregation user story merged to product wg
14:05:35 <sgordon> cloudon, any luck with SBC?
14:05:43 <cloudon> well, I think I've done it...
14:05:53 <cloudon> ...but it doesn't seem to be shoeing up, which is a tad worrying
14:05:58 <cloudon> showing
14:06:16 <cloudon> Done a git add, git comit and git review - am I missing something?
14:06:41 <sgordon> git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master
14:06:43 <sgordon> probably
14:06:56 <sgordon> although i dont use the git review workflow
14:06:58 <sgordon> so lemme check
14:07:11 <cloudon> ok, ta
14:07:47 <cloudon> I checked out a branch as the docn suggested - might that be an issue?
14:08:03 <sgordon> shouldn't be
14:08:14 <sgordon> but if it's not giving you a link to a review then it hasn't pushed
14:08:24 <sgordon> i would try what i suggested above and see what happens
14:08:28 <sgordon> git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/master
14:09:04 <sgordon> look for any messages about it missing a Change-Id or something as well, that can cause it not to push
14:09:06 <cloudon> OK, more promising...
14:09:26 <sgordon> bingo
14:09:28 <cloudon> https://review.openstack.org/275712
14:09:36 <sgordon> #link https://review.openstack.org/275712
14:09:47 <sgordon> #info SBC user story submitted to product wg
14:09:55 <sgordon> if only everything was that easy ;)
14:10:04 <cloudon> I changed a bit of the text to fit the user story format and udated some of the links to remove bps that have already been done
14:10:25 <sgordon> ok, there are a few folks in product wg that are pretty proactive on reviews so will likely get some feedback in the next day or so
14:10:42 <sgordon> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/openstack-user-stories+status:open
14:10:48 <cloudon> Cool.  Is there a review meeting I should go to?
14:10:58 <sgordon> not as such
14:11:10 <sgordon> the product wg meetings are on monday afternoon est, let me grab that link
14:11:24 <sgordon> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#OpenStack_Product_WG
14:11:34 <sgordon> but most of the specific commentary will go in the review
14:11:38 <cloudon> So mainly  monitor and respond to feedback in gerrit?
14:11:49 <sgordon> we just provide a quick status in the meeting which i can cover since the time may not work for you
14:11:51 <sgordon> yup
14:12:11 <cloudon> Thanks - I'm in the air next Monday @ 9
14:13:27 <sgordon> ok, i think that gives us 3 in their repo
14:13:40 <sgordon> that is probably enough for now and we start trying to work out the next part of their process
14:13:56 <cloudon> makes sense
14:13:56 <sgordon> which is getting it in front of the cross project teams for review
14:14:02 <sgordon> i will ask about that in the meeting as well
14:14:45 <sgordon> there is some fun discussion about how that review should actually happen given the current product wg process results in the thing already being merged by then
14:14:49 <sgordon> but i digress :P
14:14:53 <sgordon> #topic other business
14:15:02 <sgordon> anything else to raise this week?
14:15:11 <sgordon> i can't recall - are any of you going to the ops mid-cycle?
14:15:18 <serverascode> I am
14:15:22 <cloudon> Not me
14:15:58 <sgordon> im not either this time
14:16:08 <sgordon> had a conflict
14:16:40 <sgordon> serverascode, i didn't get any responses on the M/L about a BOF there but i am sure you will encounter some likeminded folks in the hallway track
14:17:00 <serverascode> yeah for sure, thanks :)
14:18:06 <sgordon> alright
14:18:25 <sgordon> thanks all for your time and persistence!
14:18:50 <sgordon> #endmeeting