19:00:28 <sgordon> #startmeeting telcowg
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19:00:54 <sgordon> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nfv-meeting-agenda
19:01:00 <iben_> #info Iben Rodriguez from spirent
19:01:03 <iben_> are we needing to info in?
19:01:35 <sgordon> #info if you are here for the QoS meeting then you are in the wrong place (and possibly time)
19:01:56 <sgordon> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-April/061580.html
19:02:03 <sgordon> ^ for those hunting for the qos meeting
19:02:18 <sgordon> #topic vancouver summit
19:02:24 <sgordon> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR-ops-meetup
19:02:29 <sgordon> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2015-April/006730.html
19:02:40 <sgordon> draft operators summit track is now available for comment at the second link above
19:03:30 <sgordon> #info draft operators summit schedule has telco session wednesday from 9:00am to 10:30
19:03:51 <sgordon> if anyone sees a burning clash with that please advise!
19:04:57 <sgordon> silence is taken as a noooo
19:05:00 <ian_ott> hi...not for me
19:05:12 <sgordon> #topic opnfv day
19:05:23 <sgordon> HKirksey, any updates w.r.t. planning for this?
19:05:44 <ian_ott> looking at the topics, for working group, we talked about OPNFV interactions, could be topic
19:05:52 <HKirksey> #info No significant updates; we’re a bit heads down working on our release
19:06:31 <HKirksey> #info there was a request last week in this meeting to have a session on actionable gaps for existing use cases to prioritze features — I added that to our Wiki and haven’t gotten any negative feedback
19:06:46 <HKirksey> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Vancouver_OpenStack
19:06:59 <HKirksey> That’s our Etherpad for planning; feel free to add
19:07:39 <ian_ott> ok thx, didn't realize the two sessions
19:07:40 <HKirksey> ian_ott, could you provide a little more detail on what you’d like to see on OPNFV interactions?  Or just a general info sharing/discussion topic?
19:08:04 <sgordon> ian_ott, that is certainly something i am wary of
19:08:10 <ian_ott> looking at your etherpad now, looks very detailed
19:08:25 <sgordon> whether or not there is necessarily value in having both the ops track and opnfv space
19:08:53 <sgordon> probably depends who you ask ;)
19:10:09 <sgordon> HKirksey, i think this comes back to how much time can be allocated on the monday for this
19:10:27 <HKirksey> My opinion (which is probably of little value given my newness to the situation) is that having both probably isn’t a bad idea, since there’s some precedence for the Telco session in the Ops group — perhaps we can post mortem afterwards and see which format seemed to work better for which purposes?
19:10:44 <sgordon> yeah
19:11:07 <sgordon> my only concern is w.r.t. timing in that the wednesday morning session will be overlapping with the start of the majority of the design session tracks
19:11:13 <HKirksey> I think as OPNFV we’d like some time to spend on our projects that we see upstreaming to OS — both those w/ blueprints for Vancouver and those just getting started who may want some OS feedback as they kick off and do their intiial work
19:11:17 <HKirksey> Ah
19:13:02 <sgordon> my suspicion is that the overlap in participants i big enough that we might be repeating basically the same session
19:13:08 <sgordon> but i need to put some more thought into that
19:13:40 <sgordon> let's move on for now
19:13:43 <HKirksey> Ok.
19:13:46 <sgordon> #topic use cases
19:13:52 <sgordon> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/telcowg-usecases,n,z
19:14:17 <sgordon> #link http://git.openstack.org/cgit/stackforge/telcowg-usecases/tree/usecases/sec_segregation.rst
19:14:37 <sgordon> #info security segregation use case merged, need next steps (gap extraction, solution design)
19:15:04 <sgordon> #info BGPVPN use case with feedback requiring action
19:15:13 <sgordon> #info vIMS use case with feedback requiring action
19:15:27 <sgordon> #info service chaining use case requires review (no negative feedback)
19:16:15 <sgordon> ideally we'd like to see more reviews on these
19:16:53 <sgordon> (i'd also like to expand the core reviewer pool a bit if we see people pick this up)
19:17:54 <sgordon> ok, short agenda this week
19:18:01 <ian_ott> i'll take a look at service chaining by friday
19:18:08 <sgordon> i have lots to do to clean up that vIMS use case into the new format
19:19:36 <sgordon> #topic other business
19:19:46 <sgordon> does anyone have another item they would like to raise?
19:20:05 <sgordon> i will try and frame an email around the summit session issue to work out what we need on the openstack side
19:20:23 <sgordon> #action sgordon email operators-list about telco session agenda for ops summit
19:21:24 <sgordon> ok, thanks all
19:21:28 <sgordon> have 40 minutes back!
19:21:31 <sgordon> #endmeeting