01:00:01 <fungi> #startmeeting tc
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01:00:08 <fungi> #topic Office Hour
01:00:13 <fungi> tc-members and community at large: now is the when we say things
01:00:19 <fungi> or more often we don't
01:00:25 <fungi> your choice, i don't judge
01:00:58 <zaneb> coincidentally I am here
01:01:02 <TheJulia> The time window doesn't seem ideal for regular discussion
01:01:12 <zaneb> after an unscheduled trip to the doctor
01:01:19 <TheJulia> zaneb: hope everything is okay
01:01:19 <fungi> eek
01:01:30 <zaneb> pro tip: if you drop a chef's knife, don't try to catch it
01:01:38 <TheJulia> owie
01:01:43 <fungi> committing that one to memory
01:01:57 <zaneb> (not me, my wife)
01:02:47 <fungi> hope all's well
01:03:08 <zaneb> yeah, all good. just a few stitches
01:09:22 <zaneb> looks like cdent is getting his wish for that discussion thread to blow up
01:10:32 <zaneb> I've spent all day working on an epic reply and now there are like 4 new messages that I'm sure will all warrant similar discussion :)
01:12:27 <fungi> i made and then deleted two starts at a straw man for "abolishing the project walls"
01:19:38 <zaneb> I'd be interested to hear from Nova/Cinder/Neutron folks what they think about the nodelet idea
01:19:51 <zaneb> I'm definitely stealing that name from ttx
01:20:51 <zaneb> obviously they're gonna hate it, but I want to know what are the things that'd make it difficult specifically
01:25:41 <fungi> heh
02:01:53 <notmyname> fungi: abolishing project walls. like just one big ol' code repo for everything? we all just check it out and go to town wherever we need improvements made?
02:02:18 <fungi> notmyname: sounds great, right? ;)
02:03:05 <zaneb> notmyname: that's why I've been trying to steer it more in the direction of 'abolish walls between projects *on the compute node*'
02:03:09 <fungi> kept heading toward reductio ad absurdum
02:04:00 <zaneb> I think the idea is more to stop people from installing OpenStack piecemeal (and thus denying critical mass to a bunch of important bits)
02:04:02 <notmyname> what are the walls that need abolishing? code repos? gerrit reviewers? irc channels?
02:04:19 <notmyname> ah. so back to the co-installability debate
02:04:24 <fungi> "abolishing project walls" was a specific phrase in kfox1111's recommendations
02:04:40 <fungi> it initially came without much context
02:05:28 <zaneb> I don't actually think this is the way forward in general - there are actually some benefits to separate projects as far as the control plane is concerned - but I do get kfox1111's point
02:06:35 <fungi> yeah, i had assumed originally that he meant socially (get rid of separate teams, no more ptls, one flat megagroup of core reviewers across all the code, et cetera)
02:09:21 <fungi> so that's our hour done (and some change). thanks all!
02:09:28 <fungi> #endmeeting