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01:00:14 <EmilienM> hellow
01:00:19 <fungi> #topic Office hour
01:00:41 <fungi> #chair EmilienM
01:00:42 <openstack> Current chairs: EmilienM fungi
01:00:54 <EmilienM> I think it's my last time on this timezone
01:01:15 <EmilienM> but other office hours (that I missed because of $tz) will be better back on east coast
01:01:16 <fungi> it's a little late for me in my tz, so i'm not in a headspace for any deep topics
01:01:29 <fungi> but don't let that stop others from coming up with discussion topics
01:10:59 <mnaser> Hoping in a little but late
01:11:08 <fungi> #chair mnaser
01:11:09 <openstack> Current chairs: EmilienM fungi mnaser
01:12:03 <mnaser> In other cool news, we’re going to bring keystone to queens shortly and all other components are at Queens already. Keystone dropped V2 so it was our last upgrade
01:12:17 <mnaser> The upgrades were flawless and extremely easy so wonderful job by teams !
01:12:44 <fungi> that's surprising news compared to what i used to hear operators say about our upgrades ;)
01:14:39 <mnaser> yep, so that's why i wanted to bring up how much progress we've done
01:14:52 <mnaser> it was one of the most painless upgrades overall
01:18:04 <EmilienM> mnaser: how do you upgrade? what tools? are they upstream deployment tools?
01:18:08 <EmilienM> you don't have to answer :D
01:19:14 <mnaser> EmilienM: it's no secret that i'm much more involved in openstack-ansible so a lot of it is with that, 100% upstream, no secret sauce
01:19:29 <mnaser> though i like the tripleo-standalone work that was done and i'm trying to see how we can bridge two communities somehow
01:20:19 <smcginnis> Oh, it's office hour. Howdy.
01:20:22 <EmilienM> it's a very good news to hear that upgrades work fine
01:20:43 <mnaser> #chair smcginnis
01:20:44 <openstack> Current chairs: EmilienM fungi mnaser smcginnis
01:20:46 <EmilienM> mnaser: standalone work is mostly to solve the edge computing use case, and also developers use case (devstack)
01:21:20 <mnaser> edge is super interesting, we're seeing an increasing amount of that type of architecture
01:21:36 <mnaser> in a lot of cases, moving off other iaas platforms :)
01:21:59 <smcginnis> I'm a little surprised. My perception of edge was that it needed to be somewhat specialized.
01:22:15 <smcginnis> Most likely "private cloud" to be customized to specific needs.
01:22:55 <mnaser> well, we deploy private clouds too :)
01:22:55 <smcginnis> mnaser: Or was the "we are seeing" meaning the community or Vexxhost?
01:23:03 <mnaser> sorry, i should clarify that vexxhost
01:23:16 <smcginnis> Oh, so you do public cloud and managed private cloud?
01:23:22 <mnaser> yep
01:23:35 <smcginnis> Ah, awesome. I wasn't aware of that.
01:23:56 <mnaser> and consulting, we're pretty much all-openstack and it's great
01:24:25 <mnaser> but yeah, i try to bridge what i see from potential users and current users and their use cases to here
01:24:44 <mnaser> ex: adoption of barbican and octavia is climbing, a lot!
01:24:58 <smcginnis> That's very good to hear. Love it when we can get better feedback loops.
01:26:12 * EmilienM knew mnaser always brings good news :P
01:26:20 <mnaser> at this point we pretty much taking all of our dev and pushing upstream, and because we work with newer versions, we can all the stuff backported too
01:26:30 <mnaser> another advantage of working with upstream
01:26:54 * mnaser should do a "how to run your cloud with upstream-first way"
01:27:32 <smcginnis> You really should. I think a lot of people would be interested in that.
01:27:39 <smcginnis> And a lot of people could be proven wrong by it too.
01:29:39 <mnaser> yep, hope it would help others
01:30:51 <smcginnis> I actually can't stick around, but just a mention of the Stein goals selection.
01:31:24 <smcginnis> That thread has taken a few tangents.
01:32:36 <smcginnis> Still not sure if upgrade checkers vs cold upgrades is a better initial goal, but still happy with the python 3 first/default idea.
01:33:08 <smcginnis> I wonder if the next step would be to write up these as official proposals and let things get sorted out in the reviews.
01:33:59 <smcginnis> Anyway, just wanted to mention that to keep it on everyone's radar. Going to have to step away now. o/
01:34:05 <mnaser> later smcginnis !
01:34:21 <fungi> thanks!
01:50:11 <dims> a bit late o/
01:50:12 <dims> :)
01:51:09 <fungi> #chair dims
01:51:10 <openstack> Current chairs: EmilienM dims fungi mnaser smcginnis
01:52:07 <fungi> discussion seems to be winding down
01:52:25 <dims> ack fungi
01:52:43 <dims> fungi are you planning to update the castellan one later in the week?
01:53:03 <fungi> yep, just trying to see what feedback people still had
01:53:51 <fungi> i haven't seen a bunch more new input, so maybe tomorrow will be a good time for a second patchset
02:00:00 <fungi> thanks everyone!
02:00:02 <fungi> #endmeeting