01:00:07 <fungi> #startmeeting tc
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01:00:16 <fungi> #topic Office Hour
01:00:18 <cdent> oh weird, I'm here. and it's daylight
01:00:24 <fungi> #chair cdent
01:00:25 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent fungi
01:04:24 <mnaser> o/
01:06:06 <cdent> #chair mnaser
01:06:07 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent fungi mnaser
01:06:32 <mnaser> For what it’s worth, on my side on the items I’m tracking, starlingx first step of imports is now official: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569562/
01:06:47 <mnaser> That covers only open sourced non forked code for now.
01:06:50 <cdent> Were either or both of you at the board meeting? There was a thing in dhellmann's summary mesage I wanted to get additional flavor about.
01:07:07 <mnaser> I was there for the most part. I had to leave for rehearsals at some point.
01:07:50 <fungi> yeah, i was there the entire time
01:09:38 <cdent> I'm wonderinng if there is more context to the assertion from AT&T about platinum membership costs:
01:09:42 <cdent> a) they want them lower
01:09:51 <cdent> b) they think they have a lot of contributors?
01:09:53 <cdent> EOF
01:10:20 <mnaser> I think I missed that part because I had to leave for rehearsals. Sorry. I hope fungi can fill you in on that.
01:20:44 <fungi> there was no more context. it was, like, one sentence
01:21:03 <cdent> ah. shame. it seems very "huh?"
01:21:27 <fungi> i have to wonder if there was some prior discussion happening on the private board ml
01:21:52 <fungi> no idea really
01:22:43 <fungi> also, most of the tc (myself included) was distracted with irc discussion in here about starlingx at the same time
01:23:07 <clarkb> my interpretation of it was like wishing gasoline was cheaper before taking a roadtrio
01:23:13 <fungi> derailed our ability to actually participate effectively in the in-person meeting
01:28:27 <openstackgerrit> Jeremy Stanley proposed openstack/governance master: Castellan-compatible key store is a base service  https://review.openstack.org/572656
01:29:36 * dtroyer peeks in quickly…
01:29:55 * cdent waves and prepares to leave
01:29:56 <dtroyer> mnaser: thanks for the review & merge on the repos.
01:30:04 <fungi> #chair dtroyer
01:30:05 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent dtroyer fungi mnaser
01:30:05 <dtroyer> cdent: toodles!
01:30:36 * dtroyer glares at fungi…didn't know the 'ex-' title doesn't protect him
01:30:37 <fungi> it's not been a super active office hour
01:30:44 <fungi> heh
01:30:53 <fungi> oh, right, you stepped down ;)
01:31:00 <mnaser> fungi: yeah, maybe next time we can set the channels to +m :p
01:31:25 <dtroyer> mnaser & all:  I'm working on getting something set up for tracking the upstream work we have…
01:31:39 <fungi> the burndown chart idea?
01:31:47 <dtroyer> ultimately, yes
01:32:08 <mnaser> That would be the ideal next step yes, so we can review that together.  Please do let me know if you need any help :)
01:33:00 <dtroyer> I want a master list of 'stuff' from which we can point to reviews and whatnot… I think storyboard should work, will start playing with it soon now that we have a space...
01:33:48 <mnaser> Yeah. That way we can track the progress and communicate what’s going on
01:34:55 * dtroyer makes like cdent and splits
01:35:16 <fungi> #info dtroyer is working on a plan for tracking reviews and similar work related to upstream contributions extracted from starlingx downstream divergence
01:40:23 <mnaser> pretty slow today :(
01:46:02 <fungi> #info initial starlingx original projects (no forks of anything) are now hosted on review.openstack.org and storyboard.openstack.org
01:46:54 <fungi> #link castellan-compatible key store addition to base services proposed via https://review.openstack.org/572656
01:49:59 <mnaser> I guess the other thing to cover on y side is organizational diversity tags. There is a lot of discussion and different ideas but nothing out of it yet. I am going to send an email summarizing where we are so far and proposing a few solutions to gather feedback on what is best
01:51:05 <mnaser> I had some ideas of possibly checking those tags during release time, so that a project can can get its organizational diversity tag for the rocky release if the project met the requirements
01:51:27 <mnaser> That gives us a longer cycle to determine the realistic state of a project
01:51:36 <mnaser> It’s just an idea though.
01:51:41 <fungi> yeah, if we could characterize the diversity of activity over the course of a release cycle, that might be useful
01:53:48 <mnaser> Yep. It can easily tie in the existing automation we use to assert those tags and have members of tc approve them
01:54:21 <mnaser> Could also tie it into the releases and have the job run every release in OpenStack/releases
01:54:36 <mnaser> That way it won’t be flapping and if a project doesn’t release anything then it’ll just stay as is
01:55:17 <mnaser> And usually I guess we have a fair amount of commits between releases to determine the current state so far in the cycle, and we can throw this in post
01:55:29 <mnaser> (post pipeline of releases that is)
02:00:15 <fungi> #endmeeting