19:24:59 <SotK> #startmeeting storyboard
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19:25:31 <SotK> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/StoryBoard Agenda
19:25:44 <SotK> somewhat outdated because I failed to update it just now
19:25:57 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:26:33 <SotK> I sent a patch to replace marked with markdown-it, since the latter is actually maintained
19:26:59 <SotK> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/518625/
19:27:06 <Zara> oh no I was typing the link! :D
19:27:22 <Zara> yes that is on my todo list for reviewing this week, please poke me if I don't get to it by fri
19:27:37 <SotK> ok then, thanks
19:27:57 <Zara> I was going to check the js draft build, but that's currently broken, SotK sent a patch to fix the issue:
19:28:00 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/518626/
19:28:16 <Zara> in general that will make it quicker to review webclient patches again
19:28:23 <Zara> i've definitely been slow on those
19:28:28 <SotK> thanks for the review fungi :)
19:28:32 <SotK> I'll reply on gerrit later
19:29:22 <Zara> this is still hovering:
19:29:25 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/506812/
19:30:05 <Zara> my current position is that I want it merged in some form before the next team is ready to migrate, even though I'd rather a cgit link
19:30:29 <Zara> since I think their need for the info will outweigh the other considerations there
19:31:23 * SotK agrees with fungi's comment, but can see the need to have it merged in some form soon
19:31:57 <Zara> yeah, I haven't seen a lot of movement on it in the release team, though I agree that'd be best
19:32:07 <Zara> not sure who the best person would be to ask about that
19:32:26 <fungi> well, also relevant is smcginnis's comment, wherein he points out that the releases repo readme is not intended as a reference
19:33:12 <fungi> so sort of like calling private methods in a library, it's subject to being broken at a moment's notice
19:34:13 <fungi> i'm inclined to consider heavily any comment from the release ptl stating that the releases repo readme isn't a reference
19:35:01 <fungi> it would probably help to follow up and find out whether that section should be relocated to something published to the releases site or the project teams guide
19:36:18 <Zara> sure, it would be better if we could get it documented somewhere more permanent
19:36:26 <SotK> that seems likely to be the best way to making it into something mergable I think
19:36:53 <SotK> to be clear, I can see the need to have it merged, but I don't want to merge it as-is
19:37:03 <Zara> I still generally lean toward preferring a liable-to-break reference over none, but I don't want to cause trouble for the releases team
19:37:25 <Zara> if the worry is that people will complain to them should it get broken when they didn't make a guarantee of supporting it
19:38:15 <fungi> i'm mostly just not keen to have official documentation linking to something the release managers don't want linked as documentation
19:38:57 <fungi> if for no other reason than it's best not to get on their bad side ;)
19:39:35 <smcginnis> Hey, just reading scrollback and trying to remember that patch...
19:39:36 <Zara> oh sure, I don't want to tread on toes. :D I just foresee us ending up making some other even more unofficial documentation otherwise
19:40:13 <smcginnis> So I'm OK with linking to the README. Just think it might be good if we documented that somewhere better.
19:40:26 <Zara> (we already have a bad habit of leaving doclike things in paste.openstack.org too long)
19:40:49 <smcginnis> To be fair, the README isn't likely to change, so it would be safe enough.
19:41:09 <Zara> if there's a better option I could make a patch for it, not sure where would be best?
19:41:45 <smcginnis> Zara: I think it might be best to add a section to the release-management section of the project team guide.
19:42:02 <Zara> okay :)
19:42:50 <Zara> it's partly been stuck so long because I've been pretty distracted so I think it's on me to get it moving
19:43:31 <fungi> right, the other (related) concern with 506812 is that if the sb docs _do_ link to the readme then what's actually desired is linking to a section heading of an html-rendered version of the wiki, and the proposed patch attempts to abuse github's interface to that end
19:43:56 <fungi> er, s/wiki/readme/
19:44:12 * fungi has wikibrain at the moment apparently
19:44:16 <Zara> :D
19:45:18 <Zara> my brain is fried, sorry. I see now that that doesn't seem to have section headings yet? (the project team guide)
19:45:23 <Zara> well, linkable ones
19:45:23 <fungi> at any rate, i similarly don't want to be linking to gh copies of openstack repos, nor treating it as a makeshift documentation publishing platform
19:45:59 <Zara> +1
19:46:01 <fungi> Zara: which page are you looking at?
19:46:55 <fungi> if you hover over a subheading in a page you should see a paragraph mark appear to the right which is clickable
19:46:57 <Zara> oh I was failing to use dashes instead of underscores
19:47:05 <Zara> I didn't see the paragraph mark but they do have ids
19:47:22 <Zara> I was looking at: https://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/release-management.html
19:47:32 <Zara> and saw no paragraph mark, but source suggests it has ids so ignore me
19:47:46 <SotK> hm, I see the paragraph mark on that page
19:48:07 <fungi> you have to hover to the immediate right of the end of the heading for the ΒΆ to appear
19:48:37 <fungi> basically a hidden character that changes to a visible color on hover
19:48:49 <Zara> aha my mouse was too far to the right
19:49:07 <fungi> secret sphinx features ;)
19:49:36 <SotK> :)
19:50:00 <Zara> either I've used it before somewhere but with a wider area or I'm imagining that
19:50:18 <SotK> anyway, I will be happy to +2 a patch which links to the needed content on that page
19:51:08 <Zara> cool
19:51:21 <SotK> but likely will not +2 a patch which links to github in the meantime, since I don't want to forget about it
19:51:34 <fungi> similarly, i'll be happy to +2 the corresponding addition to the project team guide
19:52:26 <SotK> \o/
19:52:27 <Zara> thanks
19:52:36 <Zara> now I just have to do things
19:52:40 <SotK> thanks fungi and Zara
19:52:48 <SotK> (and smcginnis)
19:52:53 <fungi> so many things
19:53:47 <SotK> anything else in progress that needs discussion?
19:54:43 <SotK> #topic Open Discussion
19:57:56 <Zara> oh, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/510669/ is still in review
19:57:59 <Zara> I completely forgot about that
19:58:11 <Zara> (docs on manually upgrading a sb instance)
19:58:36 <SotK> heh, me too
19:58:41 <Zara> :D
19:58:44 <SotK> do you have time to add that to your list?
20:00:03 <SotK> -> #storyboard
20:00:05 <SotK> #endmeeting