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19:00:41 <SotK> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/StoryBoard#Agenda_for_next_meeting Agenda
19:00:55 <SotK> I've not got round to updating that but I don't think much has changed
19:01:01 <SotK> #topic Announcements
19:01:14 <SotK> I think there is nothing today
19:01:21 <SotK> #topic Urgent Items
19:01:26 <SotK> Again, nothing today
19:01:34 <SotK> #topic In Progress Work
19:01:56 * SotK has sadly failed to do much useful this week, it was Easter and I took a break for the most part
19:02:13 <zara_the_lemur__> same. I got a little done before Easter.
19:02:32 <zara_the_lemur__> I tested 3 of the 6 migrations I wanted to test and updated the story
19:02:59 <zara_the_lemur__> watcher and octavia imported fine, though I didn't test against the production db
19:03:08 <zara_the_lemur__> the import for Charms failed
19:03:22 <zara_the_lemur__> it tried to import a user whose name started with a tilde
19:03:28 <zara_the_lemur__> and the script couldn't handle it
19:04:05 <SotK> interesting, I wonder if what data type we use for user names
19:04:05 <zara_the_lemur__> 'importing user 'https://launchpad.net/~landscape-builder'
19:04:27 <SotK> huh, isn't that tilde just how launchpad urls work?
19:04:31 <zara_the_lemur__> I think it was the tilde, anyway
19:04:41 <zara_the_lemur__> maybe that wasn't the issue
19:04:46 <SotK> as in https://launchpad.net/~adam-coldrick
19:04:54 <zara_the_lemur__> if so, then hah, it's not that
19:05:09 <zara_the_lemur__> I've put the full traceback in the story, hang on
19:05:21 <zara_the_lemur__> I only had time to glance at it
19:05:41 <zara_the_lemur__> (we can also debug it after the meeting if that makes more sense, but might as well link it now)
19:06:16 <SotK> both of those statements make sense to me
19:06:25 <SotK> I did basically none of the things I said I would
19:06:43 <SotK> I had a look at the project name patches but held off merging until I would be somewhat around
19:07:06 <diablo_rojo_phon> I'm on my phone at docker con so I'm only half paying attention
19:07:10 <zara_the_lemur__> ah, I wondered about that, thanks for holding off in that situation
19:07:12 <SotK> so I will actually do that after the meeting this week
19:07:23 <zara_the_lemur__> (also thanks for chairing; it's totally my turn again)
19:08:23 <SotK> yw :)
19:08:50 <zara_the_lemur__> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000876
19:08:52 <zara_the_lemur__> is the story
19:09:12 <zara_the_lemur__> and
19:09:17 <zara_the_lemur__> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/607044/
19:09:19 <zara_the_lemur__> is the traceback
19:09:23 <zara_the_lemur__> for the failed import
19:09:41 <zara_the_lemur__> if it makes you feel any better, I got round to testing exactly 0 of the boards speedups patches
19:10:06 <zara_the_lemur__> but I have > 6 million points on rocksmith
19:12:12 * SotK will look closely after
19:12:57 <SotK> that seems like a decent trade for holiday time :)
19:13:11 <zara_the_lemur__> :)
19:13:14 <zara_the_lemur__> I will aim to review at least one boards patch tonight
19:13:24 <zara_the_lemur__> and I'm running another project import now
19:13:34 <zara_the_lemur__> oh it finished successfully, neat
19:13:52 <SotK> \o/
19:14:10 <SotK> oh I will sort out getting the db dump to folks tonight or tomorrow
19:14:13 <SotK> thanks fungi for that
19:14:26 <zara_the_lemur__> +1
19:14:56 <zara_the_lemur__> I think diablo_rojo_phon has updated her branches patch
19:15:38 <zara_the_lemur__> ah yes, pep8 is angry for some reason
19:15:57 <SotK> oh excellent, I'll look over that today too
19:16:00 <SotK> thanks diablo_rojo_phon
19:16:36 <zara_the_lemur__> yes, thanks!
19:17:40 <zara_the_lemur__> my webclient update is still awaiting review, but I'd rather prioritise fabien boucher's patches for projects and project groups above that if people are stretched for time
19:17:45 <zara_the_lemur__> since those have been waiting longer
19:17:59 * SotK will try to find time for both
19:18:09 <diablo_rojo_phon> I have updated that patch.
19:20:27 <SotK> Anything else in progress?
19:21:21 <zara_the_lemur__> I haven't spotted anything in review
19:21:45 <zara_the_lemur__> I saw diablo_rojo_phon had sent a patch to add storyboard to the training guides, nice!
19:22:10 <diablo_rojo_phon> Yep :)
19:22:24 <diablo_rojo_phon> Figured it was time to start educating the newbies
19:22:30 <SotK> \o/ nice
19:22:36 <SotK> that seems like a good plan
19:23:03 <diablo_rojo_phon> Still teaching lp right now, but also sb now
19:23:45 <zara_the_lemur__> yeah, it's a good step! :)
19:23:55 <zara_the_lemur__> well of course I'd say that
19:24:15 <zara_the_lemur__> I haven't reviewed it since I thought I'd just be like '10/10 what an excellent patch'
19:24:51 <zara_the_lemur__> and you'd get more sensible feedback with people more involved in the training
19:24:55 <zara_the_lemur__> but I'm happy to see it
19:28:06 * SotK too
19:28:14 <SotK> lets move onto discussion
19:28:22 <SotK> #topic Open Discussion
19:28:45 <zara_the_lemur__> something something talk in boston storyboard panic something
19:28:54 <jpmaxman> lol
19:29:06 <zara_the_lemur__> :)
19:29:35 <jpmaxman> I have some general questions - we've been reviewing StoryBoard a bit more in depth since Barcelona
19:29:53 <diablo_rojo_phon> Yeah we should do the slides.
19:30:16 <jpmaxman> We have a version up that uses OpenStackID for auth - pretty simple switch
19:30:30 <SotK> jpmaxman: nice!
19:31:15 <clarkb> biggest thing for us is likely going to be mapping all existing openids to new openid?
19:31:25 <clarkb> and update the db accordingly
19:31:56 <jpmaxman> yeah I think the first step would be to simply allow the user to use either
19:32:16 <jpmaxman> you can technically associate multiple logins with one account
19:32:42 <SotK> yup, I think that would be a sensible first step
19:32:58 <jpmaxman> not sure it is entirely necessary to completely remove launchpad unless you just wanted to
19:33:21 <SotK> unless my brain is totally asleep we'll need a bit of work in storyboard to support multiple openids per user
19:33:43 <jpmaxman> oh yeah not out of the box as is :)
19:34:04 <jpmaxman> I'll dig into it a bit
19:34:15 <jpmaxman> but the main thing I wanted to bring up here
19:34:38 <jpmaxman> is a feature we'd really like to build / contribute to story board would be one of time tracking
19:34:52 <jpmaxman> I'm not sure how valuable anyone else but, maybe me, would find that
19:35:10 <jpmaxman> but I thought I'd get a temp reading and see
19:36:38 * SotK expects it would be useful to some folk
19:36:47 <SotK> do you have an idea of how you see it working?
19:37:46 <jpmaxman> well that was my next question - I'm fairly familiar with the gerrit code review process
19:38:00 <jpmaxman> but if we were to comp up some visual screens for how something like that might look / work
19:38:17 <jpmaxman> how is that circulated / reviewed / commented on?
19:38:47 <SotK> in the past we've just done it fairly ad-hocly in channel
19:38:57 <zara_the_lemur__> in the past we've either mocked it up in CSS directly, or used a mix of things (even asciiflow or imgur, haha)
19:39:17 <jpmaxman> ok so its sort of whatever tool works then?
19:39:20 <SotK> a somewhat more permanent process would be to upload mockups somewhere (jsfiddle, imgur, or such) and link them in a story
19:39:25 <SotK> yeah, basically
19:39:28 <zara_the_lemur__> yeah, if it's linked in a story then people can find it later
19:39:53 <zara_the_lemur__> the main thing is to get it somewhere it can be found by interested people
19:41:01 <jpmaxman> ok cool - well I think it can be valuable - even if it doesn't really matter how long something actually takes, it's nice to know a general idea of how much effort things would take when analyzing priorities
19:42:01 <jpmaxman> ok then - we'll start by sketching something up and getting some feedback if that makes sense
19:42:06 <zara_the_lemur__> I don't have the data on whether time-tracking in task-trackers leads to more accurate estimates or not, so I can't comment really, but best thing is to put it before an audience who have more knowledge than I do
19:42:47 <SotK> I don't know whether it leads to more accuracy, but I feel like it can make things somewhat smoother if done right
19:42:56 <jpmaxman> in my experience with most task trackers I've seen it is done as an after thought
19:43:08 * SotK has the same experience
19:43:22 <jpmaxman> right SotK I think it would be valuable if done right :)
19:43:56 <SotK> its probably worth bearing in mind the way storyboard handles priority these days
19:44:23 <SotK> (as in, with orderable worklists allowing complex priority, rather than a global field)
19:44:43 <jpmaxman> yeah I do really like that
19:46:04 * SotK is glad :)
19:46:15 <SotK> I look forward to seeing what you come up with then, thanks!
19:47:10 <jpmaxman> yeah cool - looking forward to it... I really want to adopt it as the tool for all the various projects we work on
19:47:22 <diablo_rojo_phon> I might missed it, but how is testing of various projects going?
19:47:24 <jpmaxman> so I'm very excited to start getting more involved here
19:48:49 <zara_the_lemur__> diablo_rojo_phon: the lp imports? I've been running some just now, on 5/6 at this point
19:48:52 <zara_the_lemur__> 2/5 have failed
19:49:00 <zara_the_lemur__> updating a story now
19:49:08 <SotK> diablo_rojo_phon: I didn't manage to get any of mine tested I'm afraid, but will do soon
19:49:12 <zara_the_lemur__> the latest traceback is.. exciting
19:49:19 <SotK> jpmaxman: that would be excellent :)
19:57:08 <SotK> anyone got anything else?
19:58:16 <zara_the_lemur__> I'm good
19:58:43 <SotK> if anything comes up, we can always be found in #storyboard!
19:58:47 <SotK> thanks for coming all
19:58:50 <SotK> #endmeeting