15:01:17 <Zara> #startmeeting storyboard
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15:01:35 <Zara> #topic Announcements
15:01:38 <Zara> none from me
15:01:41 <Zara> none on agenda
15:01:43 <Zara> moving on!
15:01:49 <Zara> #topic Urgent Items
15:02:01 <Zara> nothing disastrous has happened this week, so this is also empty, yay!
15:02:08 <Zara> #topic In-Progress Work
15:02:33 <Zara> I have a few things listed; will start with mine to give others some time to get here...
15:02:48 <Zara> I've been updating the python client!
15:03:19 <Zara> this should make it easier to interact with storyboard with scripts
15:03:35 <Zara> I'm also planning to put a command-line interface on it, for those who prefer to interact with things that way
15:03:47 <Zara> first I need to learn how to actually do that.
15:04:12 <Zara> anyway, yeah, some misc patches in review here:
15:04:15 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack-infra/python-storyboardclient
15:04:41 <Zara> and a visual representation of what's covered here:
15:04:45 <Zara> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000542
15:05:26 <Zara> as you can see, I've left all the trickier bits 'til the end. but it's getting there. :)
15:05:57 <Zara> and the things people do more frequently are already covered (thanks again, nikitakonovalov :))
15:06:29 <Zara> next thing is 'page to view all boards'-- I'm stuck as the search typeahead would *not* behave for me; SotK has offered to help when he gets a minute
15:06:40 <SotK> oops hi
15:06:47 <Zara> HI THERE
15:07:18 <Zara> SotK: any in-progress things you'd like to mention?
15:07:37 <SotK> I'm still working on the events timeline for boards/worklists
15:07:50 <SotK> I have lots of lovely events in my database now
15:08:04 <Zara> ooooh
15:08:51 <SotK> I said I'd rework the complex priorities before now
15:09:02 <SotK> I guess I'll do that after the meeting
15:09:13 <Zara> hahaha
15:09:35 <Zara> okay, I'll get ready to review
15:09:47 <Zara> other things...
15:10:11 <Zara> gerrit integration patches are still in review
15:10:16 <Zara> I was about to link but my internet is slow
15:10:36 <Zara> here we go
15:10:40 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:+its-storyboard
15:10:57 <Zara> steadily, we're getting there!
15:11:01 <SotK> \o/
15:11:08 * SotK is looking forward to that stuff being merged
15:11:21 <Zara> if you're interested in storyboard updating tasks automatically from gerrit, that is the place to go
15:11:24 <Zara> yes, me too
15:11:33 <Zara> I may have mentioned it just a few thousand times
15:12:06 <Zara> :D
15:12:50 <Zara> and we still have some API docs waiting from anteaya
15:13:12 * SotK will try to get around to reviewing them soon
15:13:16 <Zara> I've held off commenting on the worklists and boards things recently, since I'm looking at those in the client and I'll probably be able to post something more helpful after that
15:13:19 <betherly> o/
15:13:42 <Zara> hi betherly!
15:13:56 <SotK> hey betherly
15:14:00 <Zara> since atm we can merge with 'TODO's, or I can learn more about POSTs and PUTs and put some more useful commands in those spaces.
15:14:41 <Zara> and since that's what I'm doing right now anyway, it's on my list for after
15:15:18 <Zara> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack-infra/storyboard+branch:master+topic:expand-api-docs
15:15:39 <Zara> are the relevant patches. also spent this morning checking branches and milestones things, so hopefully have some comments up on those soon
15:16:10 <Zara> any other in-progress things?
15:16:32 * SotK doesn't have any
15:17:32 <Zara> no discussion topics, so...
15:17:37 <Zara> #topic Open Discussion
15:17:40 <Zara> DISCUSS, DISCUSS
15:19:03 <Zara> I had a question that I can't remember
15:19:08 <Zara> this happens literally every week
15:20:02 <Zara> I guess I'll mention that I'm onto the bit I'm less familiar with with python client things, so I may be asking a bunch of questions about syntax for things
15:20:11 <Zara> hopefully once I've got the answers once, I won't have to keep asking
15:20:15 <Zara> but there's a warning!
15:21:03 <Zara> we also just discussed docs for js things a bit in the js meeting, so I'm going to try to keep up with those discussions so we can have some sort of sensible webclient docs situation
15:22:21 <SotK> seems like a good idea
15:23:25 <Zara> I think it'd be good to coordinate; I think some of the discussions we've had are going to crop up anywhere a tool has a more... visual? interface
15:23:38 <Zara> so yay for consistency
15:23:50 <Zara> well, that's all I can remember, anyone with anything else?
15:23:55 <Zara> otherwise I'll end the meeting in a few
15:24:46 <Zara> 10
15:24:50 <Zara> 9
15:24:55 <Zara> 8
15:24:59 <Zara> 7
15:25:03 <Zara> 6
15:25:08 <Zara> 5
15:25:11 <Zara> 4
15:25:15 <Zara> 3
15:25:19 <Zara> 2
15:25:23 <Zara> 1
15:25:27 <Zara> IT'S ALL OVER
15:25:30 <Zara> #endmeeting