13:05:45 <moshele> #startmeeting sriov
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13:05:58 <moshele> hi everyone
13:06:03 <saneax> o/
13:06:04 <lbeliveau> hi
13:06:05 <skramaja> hello
13:06:18 <moshele> #topic Improving SR-IOV/PCI Passthrough CI
13:06:27 <lennyb> hi
13:06:52 <moshele> so we have a few patches with no tempest core review :(
13:07:14 <moshele> I will try to ping them in infra today
13:07:32 <lbeliveau> we should ping mriedem about it, hopefully he has some contacts there
13:07:36 <lennyb> I was trying to catch gmann or jordanP, but got no answer from them
13:08:24 <moshele> mellanox multinode ci comment on the pci allocation patch
13:08:26 <moshele>
13:08:50 <moshele> and the migration test passed which is cool
13:09:13 <moshele>
13:09:47 <moshele> #topic bug fixes
13:10:09 <moshele> so jaypipes review the migration revert and the pci allocation
13:10:27 <lbeliveau> working on addressing the comments
13:11:02 <moshele> lbeliveau: so you are splitting the migration revert patch to 2 patches?
13:11:18 <moshele> do you need help with some of the work?
13:11:45 <lbeliveau> moshele: yes that's the plan, but working on moving the unit test for pci allocation (which is painful for some reason)
13:12:01 <lbeliveau> moshele: will ping you if I need helpm thanks
13:12:20 <moshele> ok cool
13:12:56 <moshele> anything else on bug fixes?
13:13:37 <lbeliveau> not from me
13:13:45 <moshele> #topic specs for review
13:14:29 <moshele> this is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/342001/ the Support SR-IOV and PCI statistics through Nova API
13:14:43 <moshele> we should review it again
13:14:45 <lbeliveau> need to review the latest version ...
13:14:53 <moshele> yes
13:15:09 <moshele> we can use it for the future to improve migration testing
13:16:06 <moshele> anyone have any other spec/issue to
13:16:09 <skramaja> an update on the ironic spec related to setting kernel args to grub - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/331564/
13:16:36 <skramaja> this proposal has been turned down as ironic should not change the image files..
13:16:48 <skramaja> we are looking at other options to set the kernel args..
13:16:57 <skramaja> like using the user_data from tripleo..
13:17:12 <skramaja> this is related to SR-IOV tripleo spec.
13:17:26 <skramaja> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/313872/
13:17:36 <jaypipes> lbeliveau: just lemme know when you push the split patches and I will review ASAP.
13:18:16 <lbeliveau> jaypipes: will do, struggling to move the pci allocation unit test atm
13:18:24 <moshele> jaypipes: thank :)
13:18:53 <moshele> lbeliveau: if you want I can do the split
13:19:07 <jaypipes> lbeliveau: there is already an existing one in test_tracker.py I believe. You should just be able to copy/paste a new specialized one or adapt the existing one for your needs.
13:19:26 <lbeliveau> moshele: will ping you after the meeting
13:19:42 <moshele> lbeliveau: ok
13:19:59 <moshele> skramaja: what about the vendor_id/product_id port info for ironic
13:20:11 <lbeliveau> jaypipes: yes, I clone the pci test you did and trying to adapt it to migration
13:20:26 <moshele> skramaja: do you have a spec for this ?
13:20:47 <jaypipes> lbeliveau: gotcha. well, if you're stuck, feel free to just push up what you have and I can take a looksie.
13:21:00 <skramaja> i guess it is part of your review.. right?
13:21:26 <lbeliveau> jaypipes: awesome, thanks !  mock is acting weird on me with this ut
13:21:31 <skramaja> which spec? for triploe spec or ironic spec?
13:21:42 <jaypipes> lbeliveau: yeah, understood. it's complex to be sure.
13:22:21 <moshele> skramaja: I mean this rfe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic-python-agent/+bug/1594196
13:22:21 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1594201 in ironic-python-agent "duplicate for #1594196 [RFE] Update Port's extra field with vendor data" [Wishlist,Incomplete] - Assigned to yogananth subramanian (anantyog-o)
13:23:16 <skramaja> we are not writing spec.. since it was merged into ur review, we dont need to..
13:23:37 <skramaja> *we thought, we dont need to do
13:24:18 <moshele> skramaja: ok I will ping you later about this
13:24:24 <skramaja> ok.. sure..
13:24:29 <skramaja> thanks moshele
13:24:34 <moshele> anything else regarding SR-IOV spec
13:24:55 <skramaja> nothing from us as of now..
13:25:08 <moshele> #endmeeting