13:01:37 <moshele> #startmeeting sriov
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13:01:59 <moshele> hi every one
13:02:04 <edand> hi
13:02:05 <skramaja> hello
13:02:08 <saneax> o/
13:02:19 <moshele> #topic agenda
13:02:37 <moshele> #topic  Improving SR-IOV/PCI Passthrough CI
13:03:37 <moshele> ok so we have  some changes to tempest for enabling tempst with direct vnic_type port
13:05:02 <moshele> this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/343294/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/335447/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/339230/
13:05:08 <moshele> please review them
13:05:44 <lennyb> also https://review.openstack.org/#/c/343294/
13:06:09 <moshele> it will allow as to test  pci migration in tempest
13:06:46 <moshele> lennyb: it the first on on the list :)
13:07:33 <saneax> folks, just wanted to know for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/331496 what is spec dimitry is talking about
13:07:34 <moshele> anyone have something to add regarding CI?
13:09:13 <moshele> saneax: I think you need a spec for ironic on how to expose port vendor_id and porduct_id in ironic
13:09:37 <saneax> hmm, we have the tripleo spec, would that not be enough?
13:10:02 <moshele> saneax: I  guess not
13:10:14 <saneax> ok moshele
13:10:19 <moshele> saneax: you can ask him on the ironic channel
13:10:27 <saneax> sure moshele
13:10:30 <saneax> thanks
13:11:05 <saneax> moshele, we also are looking forward to have this merged - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/279940/
13:11:55 <moshele> saneax: I know :)
13:12:35 <saneax> :)
13:12:53 <moshele> #topic Bug Fixes
13:13:25 <moshele> so lbeliveau is on PTO
13:13:41 <moshele> and I am working on all the comments in the migration patches
13:14:31 <moshele> I would like to get some of the patches merged by the end of the month
13:15:02 <moshele> any PCI/SR-IOV bug I am not aware?
13:15:49 <moshele> ok let move one
13:16:20 <moshele> #topic Open Discussion
13:16:51 <moshele> anyone have an issue that they want to raise ?
13:17:22 <saneax> moshele, yes
13:18:08 <saneax> We would like to get a bit more details into the sriov testing
13:18:25 <moshele> saneax: like what?
13:18:48 <saneax> functional testing of sriov automatically via tempest maybe
13:19:12 <saneax> I am not really sure, but one of the areas we havent thought yet is testing sriov functionality on tripleo
13:20:08 <moshele> so for SR-IOV Mellanox CI is running tempest netwroking scenarios  with vnic_type direct
13:20:40 <saneax> ok moshele
13:20:45 <moshele> see https://github.com/openstack/tempest/blob/f11e225b0c1f31e0c74d618af33ab80df6cb8ffb/tempest/scenario/manager.py#L180
13:20:53 <saneax> thanks
13:21:26 <moshele> you will need also an  guest image that has SR-IOV driver of the NIC you are using
13:21:42 <saneax> ok moshele
13:22:17 <saneax> will take a look and maybe then ping you for help, further
13:22:19 <moshele> our CI is running on physical servers, if you need help or to do knowledge sharing leenyb can help you
13:22:28 <moshele> lenyb
13:22:32 <moshele> lennyb
13:22:32 <saneax> ok that will be great
13:22:51 <saneax> we do want to set up a CI for sriov in tripleo
13:23:05 <saneax> will ping lennyb
13:23:43 <moshele> we can help you we our experience on the Mellanox SR-IOV CI
13:24:04 <saneax> thanks moshele that will be of great help
13:24:07 <moshele> anything else?
13:24:14 <saneax> none from me
13:24:44 <moshele> thanks everyone
13:24:45 <moshele> #endmeeting