13:06:50 <ndipanov_> #startmeeting sriov
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13:07:02 <ndipanov_> awesome
13:07:30 <ndipanov_> ok so I thought we should talk about pending patches
13:07:45 <ndipanov_> and any bugs that are bad enough we wanna try and get them in for Mitaka
13:07:59 <ndipanov_> I thought we could use https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sriov_meeting_agenda
13:08:19 <ndipanov_> to list the reviews that might be pending
13:08:41 <ndipanov_> I don't think a lot of bugfixes are going to realistically get merged this week
13:08:43 <lbeliveau> I have two pending, let me put them on the etherpad
13:08:44 <ndipanov_> as it's FF week
13:08:49 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, please do
13:09:40 <lbeliveau> the first one is and easy one, you put +2 on it, I guess it just need another core to double check
13:10:28 <ndipanov_> yeah so let me re-arrange that :)
13:12:27 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, ok I remember the first one - I know johnthetubaguy has looked at it before so we'll ping him once the FF craze is over
13:12:47 <lbeliveau> perfect thanks
13:15:12 <ndipanov_> anything else on the pending patches front?
13:15:33 <lbeliveau> I'm good
13:16:03 <vladikr> I have one
13:16:06 <vladikr> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/283198/4
13:16:19 <ndipanov_> vladikr, yeah I saw it - will try to review that one today as well
13:16:30 <vladikr> great, thanks
13:16:56 <ndipanov_> so there is also this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242087/
13:17:11 <ndipanov_> I've seen this refactoring before, and jaypipes mentioned it as well
13:17:12 <lbeliveau> vladikr: have you see my comment about if the fix needs to be applied anywhere else in the compute manager for cleanup ?
13:17:22 <ndipanov_> but haven't really looked at it
13:17:50 <vladikr> lbeliveau, oh, yes, sorry..
13:18:04 <lbeliveau> vladdikr: just a question. no worries :)
13:18:20 <vladikr> lbeliveau, I was trying to look into that, but I don't see any other places where this would apply
13:18:20 <ndipanov_> anyone else looked at that?
13:18:35 <lbeliveau> I looked at it
13:19:52 <ndipanov_> ok lbeliveau I see you commented quite recently
13:20:17 <ndipanov_> is that one on track for FF?
13:20:45 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, do you have any thoughts?
13:20:53 <ndipanov_> that you would like to share :)
13:22:13 <lbeliveau> Should ask jay pipes, I think this patch is part of multiple patches for remove pci stats, dunno if it's finished or not
13:22:41 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, right, but what is your take on the work?
13:22:50 * ndipanov_ hasn't really looked at it tbh
13:23:48 <lbeliveau> I think it makes senses just to keep pci devices and get away from pci stats
13:24:17 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, but won't that make us query ALL the pci devices ever in the scheduler
13:24:26 <ndipanov_> which is potentially 10s of thousands of rows?
13:25:27 <ndipanov_> I guess I should look at the series
13:26:37 <lbeliveau> it's part of the blueprint for uniform resource provides, haven't follow that closely and wasn't part of the discussions
13:27:59 <ndipanov_> ok I'll try to wrap my head around it today
13:28:29 <ndipanov_> I see that there is a bug that it fixes too - will look at that as well
13:29:34 <ndipanov_> just looking at the list of bugs there seems to be nothing critical other than resize which we know doesn't work
13:29:58 <lbeliveau> ndipanov: what do you want to do about this one https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242573, if you have more comments I can work on it today
13:30:05 <ndipanov_> I was going to look at it if I get a chance after I'm done with some live migration stuff I am trying to figure out
13:30:24 <lbeliveau> great
13:30:41 <ndipanov_> lbeliveau, yeah I have that on my list - I think I was happy with it mostly but it's a big patch so I didn't vote :(
13:30:55 <ndipanov_> moshele, https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1400574 <- can we mark that one as incomplete?
13:30:55 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1400574 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Create VMs sometimes failure when use mellonax nic as SR-IOV" [Low,Confirmed] - Assigned to KaiLin (linkai3)
13:30:57 <lbeliveau> I understand, let me know
13:31:21 <moshele> yes
13:32:18 <moshele> ndipanov_: he didn't respond to  my question
13:32:23 <ndipanov_> moshele, yeah
13:32:27 <ndipanov_> so I was looking at this
13:32:29 <ndipanov_> http://bit.ly/1QjJuVf
13:32:40 <ndipanov_> this is basically a search for pci in nova bugs
13:32:54 <ndipanov_> but that might not get all the bugs we care about
13:33:24 <ndipanov_> for example neutron integration
13:33:43 <jaypipes> lbeliveau: in progress
13:34:02 <ndipanov_> so if there are some bugs that you are aware of  that we should bump in priority and try to get fixed in M -  that would be awesome
13:34:10 <moshele> so here are all neutron sr-iov bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.tag=sriov-pci-pt
13:36:30 <moshele> ndipanov_: we should fix the migration issue so I guess lbeliveau https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242573  is important
13:37:07 <lbeliveau> right, after it get merged, I proposed myself to look at the resize issue
13:37:08 <ndipanov_> moshele, yeah I guess so - it's really annoying that it's there
13:38:42 <ndipanov> ok well if that's all we have
13:39:12 <ndipanov> let's get back to reviewing/coding and hopefully get these in soon
13:39:49 <ndipanov> we could add an sriov tag to bugs
13:39:55 <ndipanov> to make it easier to track
13:40:05 <ndipanov> I might do that and go back and tag useful bugs with it
13:40:44 <vladikr> ndipanov, looks like that series  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242087/
13:41:00 <ndipanov> vladikr, yeah
13:41:03 <vladikr> ndipanov, completely removes all of the vf-pf stuff
13:41:08 <vladikr> :)
13:41:13 <ndipanov> lol nice
13:41:24 <ndipanov> back to the drawing board
13:41:31 <lbeliveau> jeez
13:41:40 <vladikr> yeah, going to look at this closely today
13:41:50 <ndipanov> vladikr, please do - I will too
13:41:57 <vladikr> maybe I'm missing something
13:42:34 <lbeliveau> I couldn't follow your work on that (was busy on prodcut stuff), but let me know if I can help
13:43:39 <ndipanov> lbeliveau, well the main drawback of that approach is that it's not used in consume_requests which means there will be races
13:43:48 <ndipanov> that approach = vladik's series
13:44:00 <ndipanov> otherwise it's very contained
13:44:05 <ndipanov> and straightforward
13:44:27 <ndipanov> lbeliveau, but please if you get a chance take a look at it and even take it for a spin
13:44:33 <ndipanov> and report any bugs that you find
13:45:02 <lbeliveau> vladikr: what is your series in question ?
13:45:12 <ndipanov> lbeliveau, it's merged already
13:45:34 <vladikr> lbeliveau, I should have a link somewhere.. sec
13:45:54 <ndipanov> but I think gerrit doesn't keep links  between patches once they merge
13:46:11 <ndipanov> vladikr, but if you have all the links...
13:46:38 <vladikr> ndipanov, yeah, it's messed up
13:46:51 <vladikr> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:pf-neutron-port
13:47:40 <lbeliveau> thanks, will have a look, will be helpful to get perspective for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/242087/
13:48:05 <vladikr> lbeliveau, thanks
13:49:44 <ndipanov> ok cool - let's give ourselves 10 min back
13:50:20 <ndipanov> chat in 2 weeks - I am assuming the topic will be the same - so keep an eye out for bugs :)
13:50:31 <ndipanov> bye folks
13:50:34 <vladikr> ndipanov, thanks
13:50:36 <lbeliveau> bye guys
13:50:42 <vladikr> bye
13:51:00 <ndipanov> #endmeeting sriov
13:51:26 <ndipanov> err..
13:52:07 <ndipanov> that didn't work
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