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14:16:13 <caowei> Hi Dev
14:16:23 <devkulkarni> hi caowei
14:16:31 <devkulkarni> great to see you
14:16:42 <devkulkarni> how is it going?
14:17:00 <devkulkarni> here is agenda for today's meeting: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum
14:17:11 <caowei> you too, very busy recently
14:17:23 <devkulkarni> ah I see.. I thought so :)
14:18:07 <caowei> doing projects now
14:18:18 <devkulkarni> oh I see
14:18:34 <devkulkarni> we can keep the meeting short
14:18:51 <devkulkarni> I have two things to discuss
14:19:20 <devkulkarni> first is about your patches for adding solum support kolla
14:19:47 <devkulkarni> I was wondering if you had a chance to update our README about how to consume/use solum's kolla containers
14:20:56 <devkulkarni> I believe your patches are going to really help in setting up solum's devstack environment. so it will be really helpful for users to have that information in the README
14:22:34 <devkulkarni> if you get some time, I would encourage you to update the README
14:22:44 <caowei> The patche need continue to perform, couldn't be used now.
14:23:16 <caowei> yes, I will
14:23:29 <devkulkarni> you mean there are still some things remaining to be added to kolla patches for it to become useful?
14:23:56 <caowei> yes
14:24:01 <devkulkarni> oh okay
14:24:44 <devkulkarni> in that case we can hold off on updating the README (and update it once those patches have been submitted and merged)
14:25:47 <devkulkarni> but if you think we can still update the docs with some information about kolla's solum containers then that would be useful as well
14:26:52 <devkulkarni> caowei: second thing I wanted to discuss was about our devstack-xenial gate for solum
14:27:18 <devkulkarni> it is currently failing
14:27:38 <devkulkarni> zhurong and I discussed about it last week
14:27:54 <devkulkarni> zhurong thought that reverting to previous commit of devstack might help
14:28:04 <devkulkarni> and he had submitted a patch for that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/409587/
14:28:24 <devkulkarni> but as you can see, that patch is failing in the Jenkins gate
14:30:11 <devkulkarni> caowei: the main issue seems like nova's cell feature was made unconditional in devstack
14:30:36 <devkulkarni> and that is somehow causing one of the nova services to not get started
14:30:55 <devkulkarni> which is causing solum services to not start, leading to gate failure
14:32:13 <devkulkarni> caowei: if you have some time, can you take a look at the failure logs with fresh eyes..zhurong and I have also looked at it.. if you also look at it, we all will have context of the failure and can then discuss strategies to fix the gate
14:34:34 <caowei> Ok, I have to check later.
14:35:27 <devkulkarni> caowei: cool, thanks .. it will just help the discussion as there might be different ideas on how to resolve the issue
14:36:02 <devkulkarni> we can sync up later this week if you and zhu have some time
14:37:23 <devkulkarni> caowei: apart from these two topics, one another topic is that of the python 3.5 support
14:37:41 <devkulkarni> this is being proposed as one of the community-wide goals for the upcoming Pike cycle
14:40:39 <devkulkarni> caowei: I will have more details about the goal in next meeting
14:41:12 <caowei> yes
14:41:18 <devkulkarni> there is patch about it on the governance repo. I have skimmed through it. will read it before the next meeting
14:42:04 <devkulkarni> we can have more discussion about what needs to be done to satisfy the goal after that
14:42:40 <devkulkarni> caowei: cool
14:42:57 <devkulkarni> caowei: anything that you have on mind that we should discuss?
14:43:45 <caowei> no
14:44:04 <devkulkarni> caowei: alright, in that case we can end today's meeting
14:44:27 <caowei> ok
14:44:36 <devkulkarni> caowei: I will send email to you and zhu to setup a time for us to discuss about the gate issue
14:44:48 <devkulkarni> caowei: thanks for joining the meeting today
14:44:58 <devkulkarni> see you next time :)
14:45:09 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting