14:00:59 <devkulkarni> #startmeeting Solum Team Meeting
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14:01:25 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll Call
14:01:30 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:02:07 <devkulkarni> Here is agenda for today's meeting https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-12-07_1400_UTC
14:08:37 <vijendar> devkulkarni: hi
14:08:48 <devkulkarni> hey hi vijendar
14:08:54 <devkulkarni> good morning
14:09:04 <devkulkarni> I just started our weekly irc meeting
14:09:16 <vijendar> any one else joined today's meeting?
14:09:54 <devkulkarni> not yet.. lets see if zhurong, caowei, Ablu join
14:10:00 <vijendar> sure
14:10:14 <devkulkarni> btw, here is today's agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-12-07_1400_UTC
14:10:15 <Ablu> eh
14:10:18 <Ablu> still on the wrong timezone...
14:10:26 <devkulkarni> Ablu: great to see you
14:10:27 <Ablu> i need to fix my calender entry
14:10:29 <Ablu> hi :)
14:10:37 <devkulkarni> :)
14:10:58 <devkulkarni> I guess we can get started..
14:11:19 <devkulkarni> #topic Discussion
14:11:33 <devkulkarni> 1) Looks like our Devstack gate on Ubuntu Xenial is broken
14:11:41 <devkulkarni> #link Looks like our Devstack gate on Ubuntu Xenial is broken
14:12:09 <devkulkarni> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/406254/2
14:12:46 <devkulkarni> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-November/106906.html
14:12:56 <vijendar> looking at the change
14:13:15 <devkulkarni> basically, this is openstack-wide effort to move ubuntu gates from trusty to xenial
14:13:57 <devkulkarni> infra team was going to do the switch on December 6th. so looks like yesterday that happened
14:14:10 <vijendar> I see
14:14:26 <devkulkarni> vijendar: yeah
14:14:33 <devkulkarni> vijendar: here is the failure link http://logs.openstack.org/54/406254/3/check/gate-solum-devstack-dsvm-ubuntu-xenial/d06a54f/
14:15:09 <devkulkarni> that email on openstack-dev list outlines the steps for testing/fixing it
14:15:31 <devkulkarni> so till the time we fix the gate, lets not approve any patches
14:16:11 <vijendar> make sense
14:16:16 <devkulkarni> cool
14:16:53 <devkulkarni> Second update is that solum-infra-guestagent has been official removed from solum governance
14:17:08 <devkulkarni> here is the ml discussion about it http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-October/106387.html
14:17:30 <devkulkarni> and here is the patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/401990/
14:17:35 <devkulkarni> this was merged yesterday
14:18:19 <devkulkarni> so now we have three main repos: solum, python-solumclient, solum-dashboard
14:19:13 <devkulkarni> those were the main two topics that I wanted to discuss today
14:19:19 <vijendar> one less repo is good
14:19:24 <devkulkarni> yep
14:19:32 <devkulkarni> vijendar: agree
14:19:51 <devkulkarni> Ablu: how are your patches coming along?
14:24:15 <devkulkarni> looks like Ablu got disconnected
14:24:37 <vijendar> yeah
14:24:45 <devkulkarni> Ablu: lets catch up in solum irc channel later today and discuss about your patches
14:25:02 <devkulkarni> anything else that we should discuss today?
14:25:28 <vijendar> nothing from me
14:25:37 <devkulkarni> ok
14:25:47 <devkulkarni> I guess we can end the meeting then
14:25:57 <devkulkarni> thanks vijendar Ablu for joining today
14:26:07 <devkulkarni> see you in solum irc channel
14:26:19 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting