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14:00:34 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll call
14:00:38 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:01:42 <lvdongbing> lvdongbing
14:01:55 <devkulkarni> hi lvdongbing
14:02:04 <devkulkarni> great to see you here
14:02:16 <lvdongbing> hi, devkulkarni
14:02:19 <lvdongbing> me too
14:02:32 <devkulkarni> lets wait for few minutes to see if Ablu, zhurong, vijendar are around to join us
14:03:53 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: while we wait for folks, I would be curious to hear about your solum use case if you don't mind
14:04:52 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: btw, have you checked out solum's wiki yet? it has latest presentations and videos
14:05:18 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum
14:05:56 <devkulkarni> Under "Resources" section you will find presentation (Solum Overview) that we did at the recent Barcelona summit
14:06:29 <devkulkarni> latest demo video is under "Solum in action" bullet
14:06:31 <lvdongbing> customers of our company have requirement about application development managemet
14:08:00 <devkulkarni> ah I see.. are they wanting to go from application source code to build/test/deploy/scale apps?
14:09:03 <lvdongbing> Yes, something like that
14:09:53 <devkulkarni> cool, solum currently supports those actions (except scale, which is partially implemented)
14:10:24 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: have you tried to setup solum development environment and experimented with it?
14:10:35 <lvdongbing> buildļ¼¸test by solum, and then publish to murano
14:11:12 <devkulkarni> ah I see
14:11:36 <lvdongbing> yes, but I failed because of nova-docker issues
14:11:48 <devkulkarni> do you need to build apps in a specific format, like docker images or VMs?
14:12:21 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: so the nova-docker part only comes into play in the deployment stage
14:12:38 <lvdongbing> docker images
14:12:40 <devkulkarni> also, nova-docker is being used only in the development environment setup
14:12:49 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: ok, that is good to know
14:13:11 <devkulkarni> if you wanted apps to be VM images, that should be possible as well once patches from Ablu are merged
14:13:36 <lvdongbing> cool
14:14:05 <devkulkarni> btw, do you have stack trace of the issues that ran into in the deployment step?
14:14:52 <devkulkarni> also, specific to your use-case, you can actually get the built docker image from glance/swift (that is where it is stored -- the backend is configurable)
14:14:58 <lvdongbing> oops, it's on my office computer
14:15:25 <lvdongbing> i see
14:15:30 <devkulkarni> sure, no worries. as long as you have it, and can share it in a bug report, that is good
14:15:40 <lvdongbing> OK
14:16:22 <devkulkarni> so, what I was saying, if you are looking at murano for deployment then you can get the built app image from solum without having to worry about nova-docker issues
14:16:48 <lvdongbing> dose solum plan to support magnum or zun?
14:17:38 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: yes, we will look at both to see which one (or if both) will be good for deployment
14:18:36 <devkulkarni> if zun can deploy containers without solum having to worry about provisioning of the coe, then just using zun will be preferred option
14:18:38 <lvdongbing> so, about deployment, what the difference between solum and murano
14:18:53 <devkulkarni> good question.
14:20:30 <devkulkarni> the way I understand murano's workflow is you need to first define an application's entire life-cycle (with events and event handlers) in murano's programming language.. in solum you don't need to do that. as far as actually deployment on openstack infrastructure, both use heat behind the scenes
14:21:10 <devkulkarni> also, as you have observed, I don't think murano supports the use-case of starting from application source code.
14:21:50 <devkulkarni> the life-cycle hooks that are support by muranoPL are probably more fine-grained
14:21:51 <lvdongbing> yes
14:22:06 <devkulkarni> s/support/supported/
14:22:49 <devkulkarni> this is good discussion lvdongbing
14:23:37 <devkulkarni> Ablu: ping
14:26:18 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: I would encourage you to check out some of the videos that we have on Solum's wiki page
14:27:59 <lvdongbing> thanks, i will
14:28:04 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: towards your use-case, how are you planning to notify murano that an image has been built?
14:28:56 <devkulkarni> I see couple of approaches to do it
14:29:30 <lvdongbing> i don't know, i used to think solum will do ti
14:29:36 <lvdongbing> s/ti/it
14:29:59 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: hmm.. that was one of the approach
14:30:15 <devkulkarni> yes, solum could do it, but we don't have a murano deployer
14:30:53 <devkulkarni> if there is such a deployer then that can notify murano to deploy the built application
14:31:00 <devkulkarni> so that is one approach
14:31:13 <lvdongbing> if we can deploy app to container by solum directly, I think it will be better
14:31:46 <devkulkarni> sure.. and that is possible today
14:32:29 <devkulkarni> there are two different deployment options that support deploying app containers directly through solum
14:32:33 <lvdongbing> as for container, solum just support nova-docker now?
14:33:25 <devkulkarni> no, it also supports deploying containers on VMs as well
14:34:06 <devkulkarni> also, to docker swarm cluster
14:34:17 <lvdongbing> cool, I'll read the code
14:34:55 <lvdongbing> devstack plugin now install novadocker by default ?
14:35:16 <devkulkarni> that is correct.. on devstack, the default is nova-docker approach
14:35:36 <devkulkarni> it is easy that way for the development environment
14:36:24 <lvdongbing> but nova-docker is unsupported
14:36:56 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: yes, that is true unfortunately.. so far our devstack setup has been working with the version of nova-docker that we have been using
14:38:00 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: but eventually we do want to move our development setup to use something other than nova-docker
14:38:30 <devkulkarni> may be combination of magnum/zun
14:38:31 <lvdongbing> that will be better
14:38:42 <lvdongbing> cool
14:38:54 <lvdongbing> one question
14:39:02 <devkulkarni> or, we might make the deployment of container on VM as the default approach
14:39:06 <devkulkarni> sure, go ahead
14:42:18 <lvdongbing> IMO, solum is a promising project, but why is it not so active? forgive my straightforward :)
14:44:30 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: thanks for sharing that.. it is good to know your opinion that it is promising.. as far as activity goes, it just comes down to how does  it fit in an organization's overall roadmap to serve its customers
14:45:09 <devkulkarni> folks like you and your orgs will be the ones who will make it more active going forward
14:47:07 <devkulkarni> for other orgs that have been involved till now, they have been using it and contributing code (that is the reason we have reached this stage)
14:48:03 <devkulkarni> we also need more showcases/presentations to bring it in front of radar for folks
14:48:25 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: does that answer your question?
14:48:59 <lvdongbing> yes, thanks, I think I'll get time to do something for solum
14:49:14 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: that will be great!!
14:50:10 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: I will look forward to your contributions and provide help/assistance so that you can use it in your org to serve your customers
14:50:43 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: btw, since you are in the same time zone as zhurong, it will be good for you to catch up with him
14:50:47 <lvdongbing> thank you very much
14:50:49 <devkulkarni> also, caowei
14:51:14 <devkulkarni> both of them know quite a lot about solum internals.. zhurong is core as well
14:51:19 <lvdongbing> yes, I can contact them via wechat
14:52:12 <devkulkarni> cool. you can do that.. I would also encourage to use solum irc channel so that the chat will get logged and other solum team members can read it
14:52:15 <devkulkarni> and contribute
14:52:48 <lvdongbing> ok
14:54:25 <devkulkarni> our meeting time is almost up
14:54:51 <devkulkarni> lvdongbing: it was really nice to discuss with you about your use-case
14:55:07 <lvdongbing> thanks, me too
14:55:38 <devkulkarni> I will look forward to seeing you in solum irc channel (and to your contributions)
14:55:56 <lvdongbing> will try my best
14:56:09 <devkulkarni> hopefully, we will have more team members to join us in next week's meeting
14:56:26 <vijendar1> thanks devkulkarni  for keeping the weekly meeting up and running
14:56:37 <devkulkarni> hey vijendar1
14:56:43 <devkulkarni> good to see you
14:56:50 <devkulkarni> I was about to end the meeting
14:57:07 <devkulkarni> but now that you are here, I would like to introduce you to lvdongbing
14:57:15 <vijendar1> I was late so was being silent :)
14:57:27 <lvdongbing> hi, Looking forward to
14:57:29 <devkulkarni> you can read through the meeting logs to understand lvdongbing's use-case
14:57:39 <devkulkarni> ah, I see vijendar1 :)
14:57:40 <lvdongbing> hi, vijendar1
14:57:40 <vijendar1> BTW welcome lvdongbing to solum
14:58:11 <lvdongbing> :)
14:58:19 <vijendar1> nice to see more contributors/users for solum
14:58:55 <devkulkarni> +1 vijendar1
14:59:19 <devkulkarni> alright.. thanks to both of you for joining today.. hopefully we will have zhurong and Ablu as well next week
14:59:28 <devkulkarni> see you next week
14:59:32 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting