14:00:15 <zhurong> #startmeeting Solum Team Meeting
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14:00:31 <zhurong> #topic Roll call
14:00:42 <zhurong> Hi Ablu
14:00:50 <Ablu> hi
14:01:01 <zhurong> seems only two of us
14:01:20 <Ablu> zhurong: hm. there is nothing from my side...
14:01:30 <zhurong> here is the agenda for today's meeting: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum
14:01:34 <Ablu> I try to fix my dev environment by reinstalling it
14:01:48 <Ablu> otherwise I will try to fix the tests on my changesets tomorrow
14:02:03 <zhurong> OK, good luck to you to solve your environment
14:02:27 <zhurong> #topic Discussion
14:04:21 <zhurong> I will wait 10 more mins, if no one shows up with topics to discuss — would end the meeting soon
14:08:35 <Ablu> zhurong: thanks
14:08:59 <zhurong> Ablu :}
14:14:58 <zhurong> Ablu thanks for joinging ;)
14:15:07 <zhurong> #endmeeting