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14:00:48 <vijendar> o/
14:01:12 <devkulkarni> hi vijendar
14:01:22 <zhurong> 0/
14:01:39 <devkulkarni> hi zhurong
14:01:55 <zhurong> hi devkulkarni vijendar
14:02:11 <devkulkarni> hopefully Ablu will join us as well soon
14:02:20 <Ablu> hi
14:02:22 <Ablu> I am there
14:02:28 <devkulkarni> ah nice :)
14:02:39 <devkulkarni> we can get started then
14:02:42 <Ablu> Only was fiddeling with my plugin...
14:02:53 <devkulkarni> here is the agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-10-12_1400_UTC
14:03:03 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
14:03:11 <devkulkarni> 1)  Zhu Rong has become Solum core
14:03:36 <devkulkarni> zhurong: you have now +2 privileges .
14:03:41 <devkulkarni> congratulations :)
14:03:47 <zhurong> thanks devkulkarni vijendar and Ablu
14:04:02 <devkulkarni> happy to have you part of the core team zhurong
14:04:31 <Ablu> zhurong: i did nothing :P
14:04:31 <devkulkarni> second announcement is about Barcelona summit
14:04:38 <Ablu> but congratulations
14:04:50 <devkulkarni> Zhu will be representing our team at the summit
14:05:04 <devkulkarni> we have one fishbowl session
14:05:09 <devkulkarni> it is on Thursday
14:05:26 <devkulkarni> zhurong: have you had a chance to check out the summit details?
14:06:22 <zhurong> I install the summit app, but I haven't check the schedual
14:07:23 <devkulkarni> okay.. once you have a look, we can discuss if there are any other sessions as well that you can attend that would be beneficial for our team
14:07:49 <devkulkarni> zhurong: when do you leave for Barcelona btw?
14:09:00 <zhurong> next Saturday late night, 10.22 in beijing time
14:09:37 <devkulkarni> alright.. so we should plan on finalizing everything by next Wednesday/Thursday latest
14:10:05 <devkulkarni> should be doable
14:10:17 <devkulkarni> we need to prepare the presentation and a screencast
14:10:48 <devkulkarni> as you were mentioning zhurong, in case you are not able to record a screencast, we can use one of the previous ones
14:11:35 <devkulkarni> we can stitch together a video combining screencasts provided by caowei and pt_15
14:12:04 <zhurong> yep, I think this is a doable way
14:12:08 <devkulkarni> Ablu: quick question for you.. is your environment in a condition where you can record a screencast of your workflow demonstrating packer
14:12:15 <Ablu> devkulkarni: sure...
14:12:24 <Ablu> devkulkarni: i am nearly 100% done for submitting for a review
14:12:42 <devkulkarni> Ablu: awesome!! and would you be able to record a screencast in next couple of days?
14:13:13 <Ablu> well I cannot show the heat plugin at the moment. But I can deploy wordpress
14:13:13 <devkulkarni> I am thinking that we can create a combined video showing following capabilities:
14:13:17 <Ablu> with a database server
14:13:34 <Ablu> I might be able to get around it tomorrow or friday...
14:13:36 <devkulkarni> Ablu: that is awesome actually
14:13:58 <devkulkarni> Ablu: if you can have it before the weekend, that would be really good
14:14:22 <devkulkarni> I am banking on this weekend to get the presentation and the video ready
14:14:22 <Ablu> devkulkarni: should it only contain the user view? or also the setup?
14:14:41 <Ablu> well tomorrow I am working, but I hope to have some time in the evening
14:15:07 <devkulkarni> so ideally it should bring out the fact that a VM is being built and the wordpress being deployed is on a VM instance
14:15:23 <devkulkarni> for that, if we need to show some part of setup, that is fine
14:15:36 <Ablu> only the appfile for that
14:15:45 <devkulkarni> if the user view can show that, then we can only go with that
14:15:50 <devkulkarni> ah I see
14:16:00 <devkulkarni> in that case we can only go with the user view
14:16:07 <Ablu> but I currently have no dashboard on my test env
14:16:13 <Ablu> at least no solum dashboard
14:16:13 <devkulkarni> that should not be an issue
14:16:26 <devkulkarni> because your part does not need to demo dashboard
14:16:30 <Ablu> ok. would be cool if someone could tell me how to install one though :)
14:16:47 <Ablu> but thats not time critical for me now
14:16:51 <zhurong> I can tell you Ablu
14:16:57 <devkulkarni> zhurong is expert in dashboard be able to tell you that
14:16:59 <zhurong> install a dashboard is so easy
14:17:00 <devkulkarni> +1
14:17:03 <Ablu> great
14:17:17 <Ablu> zhurong: do you have time today after the meeting?
14:17:34 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yes, I would suggest you don't have to spend time on dashboard if you are short on time
14:17:35 <Ablu> devkulkarni: i will write a small plot and send it to you
14:17:42 <zhurong> OK, I have
14:17:44 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yeah, that would be good
14:17:50 <Ablu> devkulkarni: well i need it for my demo anyway...
14:18:10 <Ablu> I need to submit my thesis by the end of next week
14:18:13 <devkulkarni> sure, in that case zhurong and you can figure out how to get the dashboard in your steup
14:18:23 <devkulkarni> Ablu: oh I see
14:18:31 <zhurong> About five minute will done
14:18:33 <Ablu> but well it is not that critical
14:18:34 <devkulkarni> Ablu: almost done
14:18:36 <Ablu> ok
14:18:39 <Ablu> zhurong: i will quote you on that
14:18:45 <devkulkarni> ha ha
14:18:53 <Ablu> devkulkarni: well development can exceed the thesis time
14:19:02 <Ablu> but the paper stuff needs to be handed in
14:19:06 <Ablu> hi tgtanya_
14:19:16 <devkulkarni> Ablu: I see.
14:19:20 <devkulkarni> hi tgtanya_
14:19:56 <devkulkarni> ok, so going back to the contents of the demo video.. we should show-case all the important things that we have accomplished in this cycle. these include
14:20:05 <zhurong> Ablu you can clone horizon and solum-dashboard now, levave there clone
14:20:23 <Ablu> zhurong: well it is not that easy. lets talk later
14:20:31 <devkulkarni> 1) building VMs and deploying those (here we have Ablu's approach and caowei's approach)
14:20:53 <devkulkarni> 2) solum dashboard
14:21:21 <devkulkarni> 3) end-to-end deployments triggered via git trigger
14:22:11 <devkulkarni> am I missing anything?
14:22:26 <zhurong> 1) Use solum-dashboard to create lp, create and deploy app
14:22:26 <zhurong> 2) Use solum-dashboard/cli to create and deploy app that is built as a VM (for this we should use the work done by caowei)
14:22:26 <zhurong> 3) Show integration with github (push to github -> web trigger -> deployed application)
14:22:26 <zhurong> 4) Show app logs (this can be combined with one of the above 3)
14:22:51 <zhurong> This is the checklist you send last time
14:23:02 <devkulkarni> zhurong: nice !! I like that checklist
14:23:17 <devkulkarni> let me create an etherpad and put it there
14:24:18 <devkulkarni> zhurong: to above list we should add Ablu's approach to number 2
14:24:40 <Ablu> oh right... uploading logs is still not working for vms...
14:24:47 <Ablu> But well my build wont fail :->
14:25:07 <devkulkarni> Ablu: :D
14:25:23 <devkulkarni> Ablu: we don't have to showcase every feature with every deployment option..
14:25:33 <devkulkarni> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/solum-barcelona-summit
14:25:36 <Ablu> yeah but i forgot about it and just remembered it
14:26:15 <devkulkarni> ah okay
14:28:49 <devkulkarni> Ablu: so if you can get screencast in next couple of days that would be good
14:29:05 <Ablu> devkulkarni: i will try to do it tomorrow
14:29:13 <devkulkarni> see if you are able to use horizon, but that is not a requirement
14:29:34 <devkulkarni> so for number 2 in that list, it could be cli
14:30:15 <devkulkarni> anything else the any you have on mind about the summit?
14:30:37 <devkulkarni> I think once we have a video and a presentation, we are set
14:31:01 <zhurong> This is my first summit, So I have no experience about this. :(
14:31:14 <devkulkarni> zhurong: lets try to get these items over this weekend so that you will enough time to practice
14:31:32 <devkulkarni> zhurong: it is actually a great experience. you will definitely enjoy it
14:32:08 <zhurong> And I check the schedule, our session is 5:30pm-6:10pm
14:32:10 <devkulkarni> you will get to see and meet lot of people that you have only met virtually
14:32:23 <devkulkarni> zhurong: yep, it is the last session on that day
14:32:52 <zhurong> yep
14:33:04 <devkulkarni> zhurong: everyday of the summit, there will be lots of interesting talks
14:33:23 <devkulkarni> also, the fact that our session is in the later part of the summit will help as well
14:33:48 <devkulkarni> you can attend other teams' fishbowl sessions and get a feel for how these sessions go
14:34:01 <devkulkarni> it is no different than usual presentation
14:34:31 <devkulkarni> I don't know how many attendees will be there.. in Austin, we had about 25/30 folks
14:34:32 <zhurong> yep, hope I can do it well
14:35:03 <devkulkarni> zhurong: I am confident you will be able to do it well.. just be yourself and practice
14:35:17 <devkulkarni> it will go fine.
14:35:31 <devkulkarni> hi vijendar
14:36:19 <zhurong> Thx devkulkarni
14:36:22 <devkulkarni> zhurong: we should touch base everyday till you leave
14:36:50 <zhurong> OK devkulkarni
14:36:55 <devkulkarni> cool
14:37:15 <devkulkarni> so next item on agenda is about cutting newton branches
14:37:30 <devkulkarni> I have submitted a patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/382527/
14:37:40 <devkulkarni> but it is failing on tox check
14:38:02 <devkulkarni> zhurong, vijendar1: any ideas why this is failing?
14:38:24 <devkulkarni> I was not able to figure out by looking at the output
14:38:34 <zhurong> No idea about this
14:39:23 <devkulkarni> hmm.. I noticed there is a extra blank line in one of the files
14:39:35 <devkulkarni> I am wondering if that is causing the failure
14:39:42 <devkulkarni> let me remove it and re-submit
14:40:01 <devkulkarni> hopefully we will have newton branches this week
14:41:10 <zhurong> But seems the commit statistics in Ocata
14:41:20 <tgtanya_> Hey devkulkarni, sorry for joining in late. will go through the logs!
14:41:30 <devkulkarni> btw, I have updated our wiki (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum) with information on how to do openstack related things
14:41:37 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_: sure
14:41:55 <devkulkarni> zhurong: what do you mean?
14:42:18 <devkulkarni> Ablu: I just remembered about the bug that you had filed earlier this week
14:42:25 <devkulkarni> do you have the bug link handy?
14:42:28 <zhurong> http://stackalytics.com/
14:43:17 <Ablu> devkulkarni: hm i can look for it
14:43:57 <devkulkarni> zhurong: you mean that the recent commits are actually part of ocata, so that is what is causing the error?
14:44:01 <Ablu> devkulkarni: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1631729
14:44:01 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1631729 in Solum "Vagrant setup fails to configure neutron and thus fails" [Undecided,New]
14:44:07 <devkulkarni> thanks Ablu
14:44:35 <devkulkarni> zhurong: have you encountered this issue in your vagrant setup?
14:45:40 <zhurong> I have never met
14:46:13 <zhurong> recently i install devstack many time, but there no error with neutron
14:46:26 <zhurong> s/time/times
14:47:10 <devkulkarni> zhurong: I see.. are you using latest devstack, or some earlier commit of devstack?
14:47:34 <devkulkarni> if you are using latest devstack then that is good news
14:47:46 <zhurong> I am using the latest devstack, but without solum
14:48:22 <devkulkarni> zhurong: ah I see. although, I don't think this particular error is from solum
14:49:06 <devkulkarni> zhurong: if you are planning to setup devstack again then can you include solum in it? that way we will know if there is still an issue or not
14:49:15 <zhurong> yep, our gate also using devstack, all is normal
14:50:03 <zhurong> The issue I face with solum is the nova-docker with nova
14:50:18 <Ablu> well the gate uses specific git revisions for the certain services
14:51:27 <devkulkarni> what issue are you facing with nova-docker and nova? if you are using the commits of nova that we are pinning to (mentioned in setting up dev environment wiki page), then that should work
14:52:08 <devkulkarni> Ablu: actually, gate uses all the latest things.. it is in our development environment that we pin to specific versions of nova and neutron
14:52:16 <Ablu> ah ok...
14:52:20 <devkulkarni> also, fyi, on gate we are not using nova-docker
14:52:23 <Ablu> what revisions did i copy then?
14:52:26 <zhurong> yep, It can only using the specific commit, can not all using the master
14:52:27 <devkulkarni> we are using libvirt
14:52:48 <tgtanya_> devkulkarni, the bug with vagrant setup comes up with devstack on a Linux VM as well. It's the same one I was stuck with initially
14:53:14 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_: yes, Ablu and I did discuss that
14:53:46 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_, Ablu: can you confirm if you were using the commits of nova and neutron that we have listed on the dev setup environment page?
14:54:34 <devkulkarni> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum/solum-development-setup
14:54:39 <tgtanya_> Yes, I used those commits but did not work fine
14:55:02 <tgtanya_> So, I tried again without them and a few changes to make them work
14:55:06 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_: ok.. and if I remember correctly, you had then changed your devstack commit
14:55:41 <tgtanya_> Yes, but later I found a way to work with the latest commit as well
14:55:48 <Ablu> devkulkarni: I used the vagrant setup
14:55:53 <Ablu> doesnt that do it automatically?
14:56:02 <devkulkarni> Ablu: yes, that will do it automatically
14:56:03 <Ablu> well i switched to some commits later and it worked
14:56:12 <Ablu> but no idea which ones and where
14:56:18 <Ablu> i think i copied them from the file you send me
14:57:29 <devkulkarni> Ablu, tgtanya_: so looks like both of you tried using latest commits of nova and neutron, and tgtanya_ you used latest commit of devstack as well and made few other changes and then got a working environment?
14:57:53 <tgtanya_> devkulkarni, yes.
14:58:17 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_: do you remember the changes that you made? can you document them?
14:59:00 <devkulkarni> the reason is for the summit we should have a good documentation of how to get a working environment.. if things as documented today are not working then we should update that
14:59:08 <devkulkarni> alright, we have one minute left
14:59:19 <tgtanya_> I do not remember exactly, but I guess I can work it out
14:59:23 <devkulkarni> lets continue chatting for few minutes afterwards
14:59:37 <devkulkarni> tgtanya_: thanks, that will be helpful
14:59:53 <tgtanya_> devkulkarni, Sure.
15:00:00 <devkulkarni> anything else any of you have on mind?
15:00:09 <devkulkarni> time is up though
15:00:20 <devkulkarni> thanks zhurong, Ablu, tgtanya_, vijendar for joining today
15:00:23 <devkulkarni> see you next week
15:00:28 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting