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14:00:59 <devkulkarni> #topic Roll call
14:01:05 <devkulkarni> Devdatta Kulkarni
14:01:16 <zhurong> ZhuRong
14:01:30 <devkulkarni> hi zhurong
14:01:44 <caowei> hi
14:01:53 <zhurong> hi, devkulkarni caowei
14:01:58 <devkulkarni> hi caowei
14:02:33 <caowei> hi devkulkarni,zhurong
14:02:38 <tgtanya> Hey
14:02:46 <devkulkarni> hi tgtanya
14:02:57 <tgtanya> Tanya Goel
14:03:06 <devkulkarni> Ablu had mentioned yesterday on our channel that he won't be able to attend today
14:03:20 <devkulkarni> and I don't see vijendar yet.
14:03:30 <devkulkarni> we can start
14:03:45 <devkulkarni> here is the agenda for today's meeting: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Solum#Agenda_for_2016-09-28_1400_UTC
14:04:02 <devkulkarni> #topic Announcements
14:04:10 <devkulkarni> 1) PTL elections
14:04:29 <Ablu> I am still at work. But I will read
14:04:30 <devkulkarni> So this past sunday, the voting for PTL positions for various projects ended.
14:04:34 <devkulkarni> Ablu: ack
14:04:53 <devkulkarni> for our project there was no election as we had only one entry
14:05:14 <devkulkarni> there were 5 or 6 projects for which there were elections
14:05:41 <zhurong> PTL is a hard work
14:05:50 <devkulkarni> I can share with you the list of elected PTLs in a bit (there is a page that lists that somewhere)
14:06:27 <devkulkarni> zhurong: yes and no .. the main work is two fold.. one needs to keep looped into the whole openstack and also keep involved into your own project
14:06:54 <devkulkarni> keeping track of what is happening in the wider openstack definitely needs some getting used to
14:07:28 <devkulkarni> for our project I will be continuing as PTL for this cycle
14:08:33 <devkulkarni> 2)  Nominating Zhu Rong for Solum core
14:08:53 <devkulkarni> I just sent email to openstack-dev mailing list proposing zhurong to become solum core
14:09:11 <devkulkarni> I don't anticipate any problems with your nomination zhurong
14:09:29 <devkulkarni> hopefully we will get positive votes soon and no objections
14:09:33 <zhurong> thanks devkulkarni
14:09:51 <devkulkarni> once that happens we will move forward with granting you core privileges
14:11:13 <devkulkarni> third announcement (which is a repeat of last time)
14:11:31 <devkulkarni> 3) Welcome to new contributor: tgtanya
14:11:49 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: saw your activity on irc channel
14:12:00 <tgtanya> Thanks again devkulkarni
14:12:01 <devkulkarni> good to see that
14:12:19 <devkulkarni> alright. so those were the announcements that I had prepared
14:12:21 <zhurong> welcome tgtanya again
14:12:35 <tgtanya> zhurong :)
14:12:36 <devkulkarni> are there any announcements from any of you?
14:13:07 <zhurong> np
14:13:13 <tgtanya> no
14:13:27 <devkulkarni> alright
14:13:34 <caowei> cool
14:13:36 <devkulkarni> in that case, lets move to the next topic
14:13:44 <devkulkarni> #topic Discussion
14:14:21 <devkulkarni> Lets talk about the issues that tgtanya you were facing
14:14:50 <devkulkarni> can you give a brief update on what all things you have tried so far..
14:15:08 <devkulkarni> we can then discuss/brainstorm next steps that you can try
14:15:30 <tgtanya> I had various errors when trying to setup devstack, for some of which I could find solution in troubleshooting and online forums
14:16:01 <tgtanya> The one I was stuck on was some bug with oslo-config for neutron in the recent release
14:16:58 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: were you able to touch base with folks from devstack? I had suggested that on irc when probably you were not around
14:17:34 <tgtanya> I read the irc logs today, though that's exactly what I did
14:17:46 <zhurong> agree with devkulkarni
14:18:04 <devkulkarni> I see.. did you get any suggestions/answers from devstack team?
14:18:26 <tgtanya> had been a bit preoccupied with my university exams, so couldn't be around much
14:18:38 <devkulkarni> sure, no worries
14:19:03 <tgtanya> And the issue was something related to the proxy server I was using and they told it's being worked upon
14:19:13 <tgtanya> and hence suggested using an earlier version
14:19:49 <tgtanya> So, now I could successfully run the stable/mitaka version of devstack (without solum though)
14:19:59 <devkulkarni> ah okay.
14:20:04 <tgtanya> Will try the patch submitted by zhurong next
14:20:38 <devkulkarni> actually before trying that patch, you can try something else
14:21:14 <devkulkarni> since you have a working devstack, you can try to use that (the stable/mitaka branch) of devstack and add solum services to it
14:21:34 <devkulkarni> in zhurong's patch, the devstack commit is probably not the stable/mitaka commit
14:21:42 <devkulkarni> it is from his working environment
14:21:53 <tgtanya> does enabling the solum service in local.conf do the needful or is there some other way?
14:22:03 <devkulkarni> let me check if we have some instructions on how to add solum to devstack
14:23:06 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: from here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum/solum-development-setup
14:23:16 <devkulkarni> if you try the Devstack setup
14:23:34 <devkulkarni> with devstack branch stable/mitaka, that should be enough
14:24:12 <devkulkarni> also one more thing, while you are at it, can you also check what happens if you go with latest nova and latest neutron?.
14:24:33 <tgtanya> sure, would do
14:24:58 <tgtanya> Though I highly doubt that the latest neutron would run fine
14:24:59 <devkulkarni> we haven't tested that in a while, so it will be good
14:25:04 <tgtanya> I will test and confirm
14:25:23 <zhurong> maybe have some wrong, since nova-docker had been deprecated
14:25:23 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: probably. you might want to try with latest nova first
14:25:44 <tgtanya> yeah, that's what I plan
14:25:50 <devkulkarni> zhurong: I don't think that should matter as the repository is still available on github for nova-docker
14:26:02 <devkulkarni> as long as we are able to pull it, it should work
14:26:09 <devkulkarni> tgtanya: cool
14:26:13 <devkulkarni> sounds like a good plan
14:26:45 <devkulkarni> if you run into any issues, post the question on solum irc channel. include logs (pastebin)
14:27:08 <tgtanya> definitely devkulkarni
14:27:18 <devkulkarni> zhurong/caowei are in a closer time-zone to you, so you guys might be able to discuss/collaborate more
14:27:39 <devkulkarni> I am in central us timezone
14:27:55 <zhurong> sure, we will
14:28:29 <devkulkarni> thanks zhurong!
14:28:44 <caowei> yes
14:29:03 <devkulkarni> ok, lets move to next topic
14:29:03 <caowei> I have something to do , see you. zhurong , congratulations.
14:29:14 <devkulkarni> caowei: see you around
14:29:49 <devkulkarni> next item is preparing for barcelona summit
14:30:07 <devkulkarni> for the summit we need following:
14:30:24 <devkulkarni> 1) working devstack environment (with solum cli and solum-dashboard)
14:30:45 <devkulkarni> 2) presentation for the solum fishbowl session
14:31:05 <devkulkarni> 3) a screen-case showing the various features/capabilities
14:31:18 <devkulkarni> s/screen-case/screen-cast/
14:32:03 <devkulkarni> zhurong: since you have a working devstack environment, I would recommend that you be the point person for number 3
14:32:29 <devkulkarni> I will start on number 2 soon and then zhurong, you and I can collaborate on it
14:33:23 <zhurong> just some screen snapshot?
14:33:41 <devkulkarni> as for number 1, tgtanya your investigation will be crucial. if you find that devstack with stable/mitaka and nova and neutron pinned to the commits that we have listed on our getting-started page is the only option working, then we will need to update our docs accordingly
14:34:13 <tgtanya> Already on it, devkulkarni
14:34:22 <devkulkarni> zhurong: no, not screen snapshot, but screen capture (video) demonstrating the capabilities
14:34:30 <devkulkarni> zhurong: for example,
14:35:06 <devkulkarni> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKR8GInzz3A
14:35:07 <zhurong> Do there have internet in the fishbowl´╝č
14:35:35 <devkulkarni> zhurong: yes, there will be Internet. in fact the entire conference venue will have Internet
14:35:38 <devkulkarni> wifi
14:36:10 <devkulkarni> zhurong: once we have the video we will upload that to Solum wiki
14:36:34 <devkulkarni> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Solum
14:37:55 <devkulkarni> the summit is in the last week of October.. we should plan on being ready with all the above latest by third week of October
14:38:38 <devkulkarni> zhurong: once we have the presentation, you can practice and prepare so that the fishbowl session will go smoothly
14:39:14 <devkulkarni> any thoughts/comments?
14:39:25 <zhurong> seems time is a little tight, we will have the  National Day from 10.1-10.7
14:40:32 <devkulkarni> ah I see
14:41:00 <devkulkarni> in that case we should plan to get most of it before 10.1 and then pick up after 10.7
14:41:14 <devkulkarni> zhurong: will you and caowei be on vacation during that period?
14:42:06 <zhurong> yep, we will have the vacation
14:42:31 <zhurong> but we can do some work in evening, hope can works better
14:43:17 <devkulkarni> ok.. we will see how it goes
14:43:38 <devkulkarni> so essentially it is next week
14:43:54 <devkulkarni> another option is we pick everything up directly after 10.7
14:44:11 <devkulkarni> by 10.7, I will have first cut of presentation
14:44:36 <devkulkarni> hopefully, tgtanya will also have figured out the best approach for devstack setup
14:45:06 <devkulkarni> then we all can convene on 10.7 and plan and execute the next steps
14:45:54 <devkulkarni> what do you guys think? is that a reasonable plan?
14:46:04 <zhurong> devkulkarni Can you give me the features/capabilities list what need in the demonstrating?
14:46:28 <devkulkarni> zhurong: sure. here is the list
14:46:57 <devkulkarni> 1) Use solum-dashboard to create lp, create and deploy app
14:47:18 <zhurong> 10.7 - 10.20 , i think it is enough
14:47:35 <devkulkarni> 2) Use solum-dashboard/cli to create and deploy app that is built as a VM (for this we should use the work done by caowei)
14:48:19 <devkulkarni> 3) Show integration with github (push to github -> web trigger -> deployed application)
14:48:52 <devkulkarni> 4) Show app logs (this can be combined with one of the above 3)
14:49:31 <devkulkarni> zhurong: demo videos of these 3 features are available currently on the Solum wiki
14:49:39 <devkulkarni> but they are separate videos
14:49:56 <devkulkarni> it will be nice to have a single video that combines them all
14:50:13 <devkulkarni> you want to restrict the video length to approx. 5 minutes
14:50:46 <devkulkarni> zhurong: agree that 10.7 - 10.20 is ample time
14:51:00 <devkulkarni> zhurong: when will you be leaving for barcelona?
14:51:15 <zhurong> 10.22
14:51:42 <devkulkarni> ok
14:52:00 <devkulkarni> our fishbowl session is on thursday in the afternoon
14:52:59 <zhurong> Do I need some explain for this?
14:54:01 <devkulkarni> you can just go to the room and do the presentation.. on the presentation first slide we will put both of ours names so it won't be any issue
14:54:54 <devkulkarni> you can explain that I was not able to make it to the summit and so you are doing the presentation (and also that you are solum core -- you will be core by then definitely :))
14:55:13 <zhurong> I am worry about my pool english
14:56:14 <devkulkarni> I would suggest not to get bogged down by that. also, you can/should practice the presentation several times so that you are comfortable with it
14:56:38 <devkulkarni> that's why it will be important to have the presentation ready soon so that you will get ample time to practice
14:57:14 <devkulkarni> at the end of the day what matters is you understand the project and able to explain where we are with it to the audience
14:57:29 <devkulkarni> In my view, you will be able to do that just fine
14:57:54 <zhurong> I will try my best
14:58:11 <devkulkarni> I know you will :) I trust you on that
14:58:28 <devkulkarni> alright, 2 minute warning
14:58:44 <devkulkarni> tgtanya, zhurong: any other topics that we should discuss in the meeting time?
14:58:53 <zhurong> np
14:59:09 <tgtanya> No
14:59:14 <devkulkarni> ok then
14:59:22 <tgtanya> All the best and congrats zhurong
14:59:37 <devkulkarni> yep, congrats zhurong
14:59:49 <devkulkarni> thanks for joining today tgtanya zhurong
14:59:55 <zhurong> thanks all
15:00:02 <devkulkarni> I will see you next week (and in solum irc channel in the mean time)
15:00:05 <devkulkarni> #endmeeting